Spurs Face Expiring Time and Contracts


Leaving the All-Star weekend, perhaps no theme encapsulated the Spurs more perfectly nor enemy loomed so big–well, maybe the Laker’s frontline–as time.

And not just time, as in the amount of time left in their stars’ careers, but timing. Timing is everything.

Had they held onto their trade assets just a little longer into the summer perhaps Stephen Jackson would be rejuvenating the Spurs instead of the Bobcats. Or if they did nothing perhaps the theme of this article is the time remaining until the 2010 free agency period.

As it stands now, two Texas teams have made similar moves for All-Star caliber small forwards and a solid, double-double big man. Only one team still remains enthused by said move.

I bring this point up because the Spurs time is running out on several fronts. The largest of course is the time remaining in their window of championship contention, which is tied directly into the time left in Tim Duncan’s legs. There’s the time left before Manu Ginobili’s contract expires, and of course the CBA negotiations remain a ticking time bomb.

But the most pressing countdown for the Spurs are the few days left before the trade deadline.

Not too long ago I made the argument that the Spurs could afford to keep their roster as is. I now believe it is imperative that the Spurs make a move, and not just because the Mavericks trade, but because of timing.

Over the summer the Blazers signed Andre Miller, an obvious poor fit, because past the summer the Blazers contract extensions kicked in and their cap space vanished. At worst, they now have another asset to make a more significant move.

The Spurs currently hold several contracts that are potentially more valuable as trade assets than the production those players are offering on the court this season. But those contracts expire as assets when the trade deadline passes because they will not, as believed before the Jefferson trade, turn into a trove of cap space.

The only other option is to wait until Jefferson and Parker’s contracts expire and rebuild after next season as my colleague suggested, but holding onto assets too long can leave teams with nothing to show for them, as ESPN’s John Hollinger pointed out in his assessment of the Nets’ horrible season:

The Nets clung to the remnants of their two-time Eastern Conference champions too long rather than start the rebuilding process, which is why the current edition is so painful to watch. New Jersey got Harris for Kidd; a year earlier they might have been able to get Andrew Bynum. They waited until Richard Jefferson was on the downside of his career before sending him to Milwaukee for the least-productive starting forward combo in memory, Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons. Ditto for Vince Carter, who went to Orlando in a deal that returned only Lee (a decent rotation player),Tony Battie and Alston, who was later waived and signed by Miami. Not a terrible haul, but hardly the pieces they could have had a year earlier.

And who is to say the Spurs will ever find themselves in such a favorable market again? Right now, depending on your perspective, there is a perfect storm of teams reeling from a poor economy, teams clearing cap room for Lebron James and teams shedding weight before the new CBA kicks in.

The Mavericks aren’t the only team currently ahead of the Spurs that are looking to improve. In fact, Mark Cuban and company might not even be done dealing  yet. With Brendan Haywood on board, Erik Dampier and his sizable expiring contract are now available to make another serious upgrade.

Couple that with the fact that we have no idea how Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili will hold up over the second half of the season, let alone the next two years, and the time to act is now.

Make no mistake, it’s an arms race out there. And with an Air Force background and a degree in Soviet Studies, Gregg Popovich should have an extensive working knowledge of what a proliferation of arms can do to a country without the resources to sustain it.

Timing is everything. And time is running out. Right now the Spurs have the assets and opportunity to capitalize on it, they just can’t let their assets expire along with their valuable contracts.

  • SAJKinBigD

    I’m not usually a proponent of trades as “kick-in-the-butt”, but I really think those expiring contracts do need to be used at the deadline because they won’t be worth as much in the off-season. The biggest trouble I see is whom do the Spurs target that would be a quality addition to the team (in every way that can be construed) as well as giving the team that infusion of hunger and kick to jumpstart the end of the season run.
    I think the primary rotation players can heat up on both ends of the court, but the urgency of an in-season trade could be the boost that pushes them over the top.

  • Cory Clay

    This info from Chris Sheridan’s chat today on espn.com made me come up with the following scenario:


    Wizards get: Roger Mason, Matt Bonner, and Keith Bogans

    Spurs get: Mike Miller

    This trade automatically saves the Wizards $1.9 million in salary difference and buying out Bonner could potentially get them under the Luxury Tax line.

    What do you guys think???

  • Cory Clay

    I’m sorry I didnt include the info from the Sheridan Chat:

    Chris Sheridan (3:32 PM)

    Allen’s expiring deal and a No. 1 is not enough for Jamison and Miller. But if Boston also took back Mike James and gave up Glen Davis, that would re-load the Celts and get the Wizards under the tax line. By he way, it has been understated how much Miller is in play as a guy the Wizards would take back little in return for if it got them under the tax line of $69.9 million.


    Of all the trade talk going on….which trade scenerio seems to you to make the most sense for teams to pull off?

    Chris Sheridan (3:53 PM)

    There will be a couple headscratchers that don’t make basketball sense but make financial sense. The Wizards ($2.6 million over), Rockets ($2.6 million over) and Heat ($2.34 million over) are the closest to becoming non-taxpayers through salary dump trades.

  • Cory Clay

    In relation to this post and the probability of bringing over Stephen Jackson I feel the need to point out two things.

    First the contracts we sent the Bucks were so valuable b/c the Oberto and Bowen contracts were able to be erased as long as they were waived before the deadline which had passed by the time that Stephen Jackson made it known he wanted to be traded.

    Secondly I think with the inside information that Peter Holt has on these CBA negotiations I dont think Holt is going to take a contract like Jacksons or Maggette’s that goes multiple years into the new CBA due to the possibility of a Hard Cap and Max contracts being much lower than they are now.

  • Gary

    anything that lets me get rid of bogans and bonner makes me an happier man

  • LukeDawg

    I mentioned mike miller as a guy the spurs should trade for a few weeks ago. I believed he’s is exactly the undervalued team chemistry type guy that would thrive in the spurs system. Even when he isnt scoring(and he does have one of the smoothest strokes in the league) he still affects the game with his knowledge of the game and hustle stats unlike RJ which makes him less of a risk. Miller could fit in seamlessly anywhere..

  • LukeDawg

    You can also add Finley to the deal and potentially receive blatche in return, along with miller. This trade checks out as well, giving the wizards another expiring contract and the spurs another talented young big man. When brendan Haywood was out blatche showed he can be very productive with starters minutes..

  • TJ

    I say trade two 2nd round picks for Ben Wallace. then trade Manu Ginobili, Roger Mason JR. and a first round pick for T-Mac.

    Tony Parker
    Ben Wallace
    Richard Jefferson
    Tim Duncan

  • John

    I don’t think Mike Miller is any better than Roger Mason, Cory.

    I agree that the Spurs should make a move, but Chris Mannix at SI.com says, “San Antonio is expected to stand pat and hope the chemistry between the still-adjusting Richard Jefferson (averaging 12.1 points, lowest since his rookie season) and the rest of the team comes together by April.” And really, with the Lakers and Cavs looking so unstoppable right now and how his last big move turned out, can you blame Peter Holt for
    being hesitant? The harsh reality may be that the Spurs are simply more than another solid role player or two away from seriously challenging either of those teams; I mean, if the Spurs are actually a solid role player, Tony Parker’s ankle, a confident Richard Jefferson, and a 2007 Manu away from contending, what good does it do to go out and get the role player?

    I’m sure the Spurs will continue in “due diligence” to look at possible trades out there. If they can get a true impact player like Iguodala, I’m sure they’ll think long and hard about going after it. But making a desperation move and lighting Peter Holt’s money on fire for no reason simply makes doesn’t make sense.

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    Hey guys, a little info on the Erick Dampier mention that Jesse had. Dampier actually has two years left on his contract. However, after July 10, he can be released at no penalty to his team. So he’s sort of like an expiring contract. Kind of.

    DallasBasketball.com has an excellent rundown of how the DUST chip actually works: http://bit.ly/3zPEcz

  • junierizzle

    @Cory Clay. I’ve always thought the SPurs should go after Mike Miller, even before this season.

    I wouldn’t mind having Mike Miller at all. He can definetly spread the floor. Plus he would also be in his contract year so he would play harder. I like his ability to put it on the floor too. ANd he just seems to fit the Spurs organization.

    Personally I’d rather hold on to Bonner and RMJ. They’re the Spurs two best shooters. But if POP is going to keep them on the bench like he’s been doing, then I say pull the trigger for Mike Miller.

  • zainn

    spurs get: andre iguodala and mareese speights, thaddeus young
    philly gets: richard jefferson, mahinmi, ratliff

    gives philly much cap relief, and spurs get center speights who has a 20.4 per and iguodala who is much more consistent and athletic than rj. We might also have to trade mahinmi or maybe even (hopefully not) blair to get it done, but it would put us on top of the mavs, and maybe even the lakers.

  • Cory Clay

    @John, the Mike Miller move would come with little risk and in my opinion Miller is much more versatile than Mason. Miller rebounds and passes well, while Mason has gotten better at distubuting the ball he still is not at Miller’s level.

    The player I like most has always been Battier due to his versatility, his basketball IQ, and the fact that his contract expires at the same time as Parker, Jefferson, etc. If the Rockets move T-Mac’s contract for a player than I’m sure they will hold on to Battier but if they decide to be player in Free Agent market I think they would give up Battier to clear more cap space and get under the Luxury Tax line.

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Jesse Blanchard

    @ John: It doesn’t have to be just another role player. Mason is still young enough that I doubt he settles for a one-year deal. As is Bonner. And Finley might retire.

    Sometimes it’s just about trading some assets for future ones. Even if it’s just similar role players with contracts that expire a year later, then you can make another big move with Jefferson’s contract as the centerpiece if he doesn’t workout by next season.

  • John

    Lol. We’re not getting the Sixers’ 3 best young players for our mistake and a couple of rejects. They can do a LOT better than moderate cap relief (especially when the cap relief wouldn’t really come until next season when Jefferson’s deal expires).

    Cory, even if Mike Miller’s a little bit better than Mason, I don’t think he’s so much better that we want to also give away Bonner. For all of his flaws as a player, he does fit in out system, and for us to trade him away and not get a big man back would leave us with really only 3 big capable big men on our roster (Timmy, McDyess, Blair).

  • zainn

    RJ and ian mahinmi for antawn jamison and randy foye. The problem is how we would sort out minutes between blair, mcdyess, and jamison. G. hill would take much of rj’s minutes and randy foye would take up the rest. wizards pay only 29 mil in 2 years rather than paying 36 million in 3 years. It also helps to start the rebuilding process faster for the wizards. gives us the scoring big who does plays decent defense, but pop can fix that. randy foye is good for us too.

  • junierizzle

    My gut tells me that the SPurs aren’t going to make any moves. If they do at all, they might go after Tyrus Thomas. I bring him up only because that is the only person I have heard the “experts” mention regarding the Spurs.

    I think they will just roll with what they’ve got.
    I don’t think POP will pull the trigger on a trade with Manu. Let’s face it, the Spurs don’t look like they are going to resign him. So they are going to see what happens the rest of the year.
    An average Manu is better than a lot of players.
    Mcdeezy is a vet and has been pacing himself for a long season. He’s gonna be a lot better in the second half of the season and playoffs.
    Bonner and RMJ have shot it pretty good the last few games. It’s up to POP to give them the playing time.
    TP is still great even with the injury.

    The biggest question is if RJ can be consistent.

    I know we’ve been saying this all season but they still have time to get into a groove.

    Chemistry is no longer the problem. Its about execution and plain old making shots.

    Just look at the Denver game.
    I know the Nuggs didn’t have the best game but the Spurs still had to execute.

    One play that comes to mind is a play in the 3rd quarter. The nuggs went on a mini-run and cut it to 7. Spurs come down and RMJ hits a 3. It pushed the lead back to 10 and killed the Nuggs momentum. How many times have the SPurs missed that wide open 3 this season? Only to see the other team get the rebound and run it back and continue to cut the lead.

    They just have to execute!!!!!!

  • Cory Clay

    @junierizzle in my proposal Bonner would be bought out in order for the Wizards to get under the Luxury Tax line with Bonner likely coming back to the Spurs.

    @Zainn Iggy would be great on the Spurs but I really dont think the Spurs take on any contract that goes past Timmy’s deal. Before I thought they wouldn’t take on any money that went past the current CBA, but I recently either heard in a podcast or read in an article that owners from various teams probably wouldn’t have any issue with taking on a contract that did go 1 year past the current CBA b/c due to the likely lockout all of that money won’t be paid anyway.

  • John

    @Jesse: I totally understand what you’re saying, and yes, in the abstract, from a purely competitive standpoint what you’re saying makes sense. It would be interesting to see what we could do armed with a ton of expiring deals next season.

    That said, I shudder at the thought of what Peter Holt must be losing this season. I think it’s an awfully hard sell to ask Peter to take on the salaries of essentially interchangeable role players for another season, risk losing just as much money, just so that MAYBE we can try and trade them away again next year.

    If we can’t find something that works out for this season, then yes, making a deal for similar players with similar contracts that expire next year instead of this year probably increases our chances of pulling back up to contender status. But if the increase in chances is very small… at what point do you, as Peter Holt, just have to cut your losses, let the expiring contracts slide off, and get some financial relief?

  • John

    @zainn: Nobody wants to take RJ off our hands. We are stuck with him, at least for this season. The fact that his contract expires after next season is irrlevant; if those teams really want cap relief, there is no shortage of teams that would happily give them contracts that expire THIS year for guys like Jamison and Iggy.

  • Hobson13

    Spurs need to just stick dynamite under this team and blow it up. The season’s lost at this point so Pop might as well just develop young talent by letting them play serious minutes. Spurs should just let Manu (unless he is willing to come back for a much reduced price) Mason, Bonner, Ratlif, and Finley go after this season and hope to get a decent player or two in the draft.

    Spurs MUST bring over Splitter and it would be nice to trade RJ for some decent young talent/draft picks. The FO really tried to make it work this year, but the basketball gods were against us with Tony’s ankle and Jefferson’s nonexistance.

  • Hobson13

    The only realistic trade possibility that I read about was one that would send Parker and Gonner to the Warriors for Ellis, Randolf, and Brandon Wright. That would be a great trade for the future, but wouldn’t win big this year.

  • Hobson13

    I meant Bonner not Gonner…

  • John

    I like the Warriors trade possibility and think it’s a little more realistic, but I think that’s still undervaluing Randolph and overvaluing Parker a little bit. I don’t think the Warriors are so desperate to get out from under Ellis’ deal that they’ll just give away a potential 8-10 time all-star talent like Randolph.

  • John

    Honestly, I feel like in order to make a deal, one of two things has to happen.

    One option, we could use our expiring deals to go after a player that isn’t working out where he is right now but might work out in a different situation. I’ve been touting Tayshaun Prince for a few weeks, but I know the guys who run the site here think he’s washed up–and I understand that. I just think you’re not going to find a team willing to give us a slam dunk player for nothing except expiring deals–see Cleveland being forced to throw Hickson into the Amare or Jamison deal even when they have such a huge chip like Ilgauskas. The fact is that EVERYONE has some expiring deals to throw around, what’s going to get a MAJOR deal done is someone willing to step up to the plate and include another young player or an asset like a draft pick.

    Which brings me to the second option: if we’re going to find a trade partner that brings in a major impact player, we’re going to need to include either Blair or Parker. You don’t just get something for nothing in this league.

  • Bushka

    Theres not going to be a trade this year.

    As was mentioned in the original post, Peter Holt is not going to burn money for the sake of it, and RJ is not going anywhere.

    We’re not taking on Salary past the expiring CBA, and just about everyone out there that’s being shopped right now goes past it.

    RJ’s only value is going to come as an expiring, we just have to eat it this year and hope the chemistry comes back together.

    Your not going to get value for Tony until he proves he can be fit and healthy again because he isn’t an expiring and he can’t help a team this year until he gets extended rest.

    A role player doesn’t get it done. So why risk what little salary relief is coming our way.

  • Cory Clay

    @Everyone, how depressing! Walking out of the home opener after watching the Spurs thrash the Hornets their is no way I would believe that a few short months later Spurs fans would feel the way that we do.

    I keep hoping we can turn it around about just something about RJ bugs me. Bill Simmons always rates players on if they would be fun to play with and after looking at all of the cry baby faces and horrible body language from RJ, he is not someone I would want to play with.

  • sj_papi

    There will be no deals made this year.

  • junierizzle

    After game 1 against the Hornets, I remember saying (jokingly) ” I hope the Spurs didn’t win because the Hornets just suck”.

  • John

    @Cory: So true!

    Let’s remember that we DO have one of the best front offices in the league. Nobody saw the Jefferson coming either. I’m sure if there IS a deal available out there, they will find it.

    And if there isn’t a deal out there to be made, and it does wind up being a disappointing season, then I’m sure the front office will do everything possible to try and prop the door open next year with another deal, or at least set us up to rebuild as quickly as possible. Honestly, after 4 titles built on the back of Tim Duncan’s brilliance, savvy draft choices (Manu, Parker, Hill, Blair) and underrated free agent pickups (Stephen Jackson, Bowen)… we have little to complain about. Our franchise has truly been overwhelmingly fortunate over the last decade+, and if our era is finally coming to a close… it was a heck of a run, and at least we still have the same front office in place to set us up for the next chapter in Spurs history :)

  • Cory Clay
  • John

    Interesting. I guess we will see a trade happen after all, we’ll just have to see what kind of piece we get back.

  • Bushka

    I don’t know that RMJ going somewhere really gives us any impetus for real change.

  • -SONofSAN-

    I say spurs go all out and take advantage of these expiring contracts! bonner, mason, finley, bogans, mahinmi, for carlos boozer! money wise its just about equal! (if utah will bite) Start looking to the future with splitter coming next year! boozer still help us now and in the future if he decides to stay!I hope we can resign manu! he and tony are the only ones who can create and run the offense! tim and boozer at the front splitter coming off the bench and going under tims wing. then eventually, splitter and boozer!

  • Bushka

    Boozer isn’t a shot blocking good D big, which is what we need, if we trade for him, we can’t afford to resign him without sacrificing our cap space, and it kills any chance of Manu staying because he’ll be costing double his salary in Luxury tax.

    I like your verve and energy, your enthusiasm, I just don’t see Boozer as much of an answer.

  • cheeto

    I say trade Tony to the Lakers for Bynum. We need another great big and the Lakers need a better point. We can let George Hill run the point for us. He plays DEFENSE and is scoring like Tony aaaaaannnndddd he knows how to get the rest of the guys involved, unlike Tony. Keep Manu and bring him off the bench with Jefferson and Blair. When Jefferson came off the bench with Manu in the beginning of the season, he was producing and we were winning.

  • Josh

    It doesn’t make sense for the Spurs to make a deal unless they can get an athletic PF that can immediately fit into their system. Tyrus Thomas is the only guy who’s name is being thrown around at the 4 spot that could really help, but he must be coachable or Pop will hate him. If he can be coached, I think they have to get him b/c they are doomed if they don’t upgrade their athleticism at PF. Blair is a fine rookie and gives good mins off the bench, but the Spurs need someone who can bolster their D by protecting the rim and can get easy baskets on the fast break. Also, Ty could potentially be the long, ahtletic defender we need to match up against Dirk, Melo, and Odom/Gasol.

    If Ty can’t be had, then it probably makes sense to stand pat – it takes time to fit into Pop’s system and it could be that the Spurs begin to gel these last 30 games. However, even if they do, they won’t beat the Lakers or Mavs w/o a PF upgrade.

  • John

    Also, I don’t see why Utah would make that deal; they don’t need to turn their expiring contract into more expiring contracts, they want to trade him to get an asset in return so that he doesn’t just walk for nothing after this season.

  • td4life

    The RMj story is not a game-changer, the FO is saying they want to get back a vet off-guard… so what! As mentioned by many, swapping out role-players does nothing for us. Nothing! For that matter guys like Jamison don’t make us an elite team either… nor will we be getting star talent in exchange for our scrubs.
    Even a Ty Thomas is getting better offers for Chicago than what the Spurs seem to be looking to move. I would like to give a guy like that a chance however, to bet on the coming years… if he can be mentored/coached into being half of the 1999-2008 Kevin Garnett (the defensive half) than you’ve got yourself a REAL asset, an all NBA defensive team big man.
    But Chicago has better offers… if Splitter signs we’re gonna live or die with Duncan-Splitter-Blair up front with McD as insurance. I think we give up on the Bonner experiment going forward.

  • td4life

    As for trades, the spurs either try to move RJ by packaging him with TP, or (I hope not) Manu, and get something real back at least for the future, or a trade doesn’t matter.

    I’m MUCH MORE INTERESTED in trying to build a classic spurs defensive juggernaut than trying to get Monta Ellis, Jamison, Boozer or even an Iggy Hops… a Speights can not be had via trade, probably not Anthony Randolf either (although Don Nelson is flaming moron, so who knows).

  • td4life

    I’m praying to get the next great defensive big man, and pair him with a Nicalos Batum on the wing, and out, or passes and defends, or passes, scores, and captains… as for additional scoring we can go hunting for a scorer once our defensive squad is worthy of the Spurs brand. I’d love to see this happen NOW with Captain manu as the PG, and Blair giving us some additional dirty points.

    Is everybody realizing that we may not see the Big 3 next year? I hope it Tony who is shipped out, but the big 3 is playing their encore right now, either way.

    As for this year I’d rather just ride a shorter rotation including heavier doses of Manu, RMj, and Hill. And Blair. If this is Manu’s last year as a spur, let’s go all in with him during April, if he gets hurt again, so what, we’re not contenders anyway.

  • td4life

    I’m praying to get the next great defensive big man, and pair him with a Nicalos Batum on the wing, and out, or passes and defends, or passes, scores, and captains… as for additional scoring we can go hunting for a scorer once our defensive squad is worthy of the Spurs brand. I’d love to see this happen NOW with Captain manu as the PG, and Blair giving us some additional dirty points.

    Is everybody realizing that we may not see the Big 3 next year? I hope it Tony who is shipped out, but the big 3 is playing their encore right now, either way.

    As for this year I’d rather just ride a shorter rotation including heavier doses of Manu, RMj, and Hill. And Blair. If this is Manu’s last year as a spur, let’s go all in with him during April, if he gets sprained again, so what, we’re not contenders anyway.

  • td4life

    SORRY FOR THE (twice published!) TYPO ABOVE. I’m blaming windows vista, but apologize sincerely! It should have read:

    “… Batum on the wing , and a true point guard who passes and shoots lights out, or passes and defends, or passes…” all of this to underscore that I think we upgrade over Tony if we can, he was fun when we had a top notch defense and a dominant Tim/Manu to run the offense, but offers us nothing but diminishing returns from here on out… there are GMs out there who will bite.

  • Jim Henderson

    Looks like Spurs missed out on another guy (in addition to the Haywood miss) they could have used to make a run this year.


    Most of the other moves that would be worth anything for both teams involve longer-term commitments. I don’t think the Spurs are ready for that. I say they’ll probably stay pat at this point. If they could work out a deal for Miller AND Blatche from Wiz I’d be open to that. I just don’t see how they make that work financially.

  • Bushka

    The infatuation you guys have with a half a good season from George Hill astounds me.

    George is great. George is all potential. Your ready to dump the franchise point guard because you have extrapolated from the numbers you have at the moment, a baseline figure that you decide is going to only go up up up.

    This insensible love affair the fans of this team (and the entire league) have with youth and potential, vs proven ability and outstanding record, never ceases to amaze.

    Tony is not diminishing returns. He is not past 30. He is injured. He is a first quality guard, with a brilliant cheap contract.

    George is not that. He may be, in the future, he may well be. He could also be at his ceiling right now. You don’t know this. I don’t know this.

    Your ready to mortgage the teams soul because the grass is greener on the other side of the hill. Thankfully the Spurs front office is not so misguided.

  • td4life

    @ Bushka
    funny that you mistake the statement “we need to upgrade over Tony Parker” for being on G Hill bandwagon. LOL. Parker’s game is built on quickness, he’s basically one dimensional… he’s ineffective on defense, he’s not a smart playmaker, and he’s a mediocre shooter… if he was great at any one of those 3 things, then he’d be legit PG worth keeping.
    That said, Hill may prove to be a little better on defense and as an all-around scorer who can give you on-court value with or without the ball in his hands. Not bad for a back-up combo guard, maybe even an upgrade in our starting backcourt.

    TP is over-rated, we won b/c Tim and Manu did the crunch-time quarterbacking against our toughest opponets, and Bowen locked up the likes of Nash, Billups, etc. Don’t be one of those team loyalists who mistake Tony Parker’s buckets with superstardom.

  • cheeto

    td4life is on the same page as i am about tony P. Lets part ways with him now, he still has some speed in him and his age is descent. obviously as he gets older, and his speed declines, we won’t get a good deal for him. what happened to his mid range jumper we thought he developed last season…… i always thought point guards pass first then shoot…not shoot then pass a’ la tony parker.

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