Fabricio Oberto, Cool Guy


Ole is running a short but fun interview with Fabricio Oberto, newest member of the Washington Wizards. The most important take away from the article is that Oberto is fully recovered from the atrial fibrillation which caused him to miss games last season. The fun stuff is a portrait of Fabricio as a tourist, his mission to smarten up the squad, and Oberto’s choice to wear number 21 next season. 21 is his birth date. It’s also the number of a certain ex-teammate for whom he’d like to show a little love.

  • TDzilla

    Good luck, Fab!

  • CGD

    One of my favorite Spurs. Good luck, Fab!

  • Ryan

    All the best Fab! We’ll miss your tip-outs to restart the shot clock. Such a headdy player. He’ll love to play with Arenas. Arenas is a bad man too….

  • Jose

    Good luck Fab. Humble, professional, and smart basketball player. I wish you the best.

  • zack

    fabricio! im glade you walk away with a championship ring you played hard, and smart.
    we wish you the best here in s.a!!!

  • idahospur

    I look forward to seeing him continue to develop. A great member of the Spurs extended family.

  • DanielB

    Good luck Oberto!

  • Robby

    Good luck Fabby! one of my favorite Spurs… knows his skill limitations, is a banger and has a high basketball IQ. Wizards are lucky to have him.

  • ThatBigGuy

    Thanks Fabby! You’re proof positive that one needn’t be an All Star to be an integral part of a team and a loved member of the community. Good luck with your new team, and be nice when we play ya!

  • Cory Clay

    Fab, oh Fab, of Fab, what can I say about you that hasn’t been said.

    It seems like just yesterday I started realizing how many extra possessions you got my team with your tip outs, and I think it was that day or the next that I started getting frustrated that it seemed like you only tipped balls out without even the thought of getting an easy two points with a quick putback.

    I remember how my mouth would drop when you played the two man game with Manu or Timmy, oh how I remember those bounce passes you would throw to player cutting to the basket.

    But unfortunately I also remember how embarrassed I would feel when other teams started realizing that you were allergic to dunking and then made it their mission to block your soft layups near the rim since they knew their was no chance you were going up strong.

    All of those passes from Tony that should have been assists that took you a little to long to catch so you would then have throw the ball out to have the offense restarted.

    I wrote this half joking, I do realize what an important piece Fab was to my favorite team, he served his role well and I wish him well.

  • Bentley

    Fab was great for our team, and I believe had he played on another team he wouldn’t have had much of a role. But I feel that as he played for the Spurs, he was best able to use the skill set that he naturally brings to the game of basketball-whether it was tip-outs, good passing, rebounding, cutting, and overall court awareness. I think Fab is an example of how the Spurs turn what seems to be nothing into something. So that makes me even more excited for our upcoming season with all our new pieces.

    I am gonna get a little sad when we play the Wiz next year.

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