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  • grego

    Can’t complain. They went down fighting (following TP’s aggression). The effort was there. They just didn’t have it from a lot of their big guys (Manu, Hill).

    Suns just hit some amazing shots (like Jrich’s last second 3) and got some 50/50 calls (the Hill blocking foul). They just went down.

  • Wes

    Gotta tip my hats to the Suns, we didn’t hand them the series so much as they took it. I’ll be rooting for them the rest of the way.

  • Rey


    It was a good game. The Suns had the bigger heart this time. No excuses. No justifications. No finger-pointing and blame game.

    It was a great season though. Nobody believed that we would go through the Playoffs. And nobody believed that we would pass the Mavs. But we all proved them wrong.

    In a certain sick, perverted way, I had fun laughing at the so-called “experts” we have proven wrong – and the Suns had proven wrong that they would lose in six games. Congrats to Nash & Co., and even if I’m not their fan, I’d be rooting for them in case they face the Lakers in the West Finals and whichever team comes out from the East in the NBA Finals.

    I’m looking forward to a better lineup this coming season. While I’m wanting Splitter to be there, I’m still not counting the eggs ’til they hatch, but I’ll be holding my breath for the 20th pick.

    Cheer up guys. We lost, but we gave a real good fight. I remain a die-hard Spur. I hope you all too.


  • OliverJ

    Yeah farewell till next season lads. There were many lows but we did defeat hated rival Dallas. There are adjustments to be made, new blood to bring in and hopefully we can make a deeper run next season. I’d love to see a shot blocking athletic big man like Splitter come across, and maybe some more reliable 3 point men off the bench.

    I believe Parker will be the key piece to be moved.

    Good luck to the Suns , they had our number this series. There are some real character guys there in Hill and Nash – may they take down the despicable Fakers next series.

  • Bushka

    Never thought we’d get to the second round, then when we did I thought we’d get to the conference finals, what a roller coaster.

    Still some positives, and we have some great potential in Dejaun. Interesting to see where we go from here.

  • MSB
  • doggydogworld

    Congrats the the Suns. Spurs fought hard and stuck together but shooting matters:

    Nash vs. Tony
    Richardson vs. Manu
    Grant Hill vs. RJ
    Stoudemire vs. Timmy
    Frye vs. Bonner
    Dudley vs. McDyess
    Dragic vs. Hill
    Barbosa vs. Mason

    The Suns have better shooters all the way down the line. If they didn’t play D or rebound it wouldn’t matter as much, but that’s no longer the case.

  • wannabe_fan

    To paraphrase something I read:

    Suns and fans, for you, this was the most important day of your life. For us, it was just Sunday.

    Spurs fans: Yeah, nobody like getting swept. By the Suns. But after the pain and hell of November, December and January, we all knew we didn’t have the tools to go very far. As late as April, a lot of us just hoped to get a few home playoff games so Peter Holt could recoup some of his money. We did that and more. To me, that makes the playoffs a success. For some of you, not so much. I am confident that the FO will go back to the drawing board and come up with a new plan for next season.

    Can’t wait for training camp!

    Thanks to all at 48MOH who made this a fun season.

  • NG

    Hats off to Suns!

  • ali

    If Timmy is back dont count us out

  • doggydogworld

    BTW, glad to see George finally have a decent game in this series. Phoenix exposed a lot of things he needs to work on, but if there’s one thing we know about George it’s that he will work on them.

  • RO

    Tough way to end the season. Especially on our home court.

    Go Spurs!

  • Joe

    Congrats to the Suns — they certainly earned my respect this series.

    Thanks to the guys on the team who played through injuries all season and still managed to put together a respectable showing, even if it wasn’t what we all hoped for. Thanks especially to Mr. Holt for putting so much money on the line to give us a legitimate shot at doing something big this year. Cheers!

  • eightbytes

    sad to say, spurs lost. and suns did a good job this season. hope they upset lakers in WCF.

    a promising 2011 season for san antonio spurs awaits: tiago splitter! trade away the defensive-liabilities. george hill is already a premiere guard alongside ginobili and blair. blair should work out his defensive shifting! or i think he should slim down a bit to become more athletic than ever!

    go spurs go! win or lose, go ginobili! =)

  • SunsRule

    The Suns superior shooting was the difference. Although if the Spurs would have played with the same urgency and hussle they played with in those final 2 minutes when they started trapping, then this series would have not been a sweep. It was our time. Tim Duncan will go down as the best power forward ever, and top 10 players ever. Spurs need a new big guy though.

    And I dont quite believe that this was just “Sunday” for Spurs fans. I’m sure it hurts to see your team swept, especially when everyone of you believed you would win this series 100% before it started.

  • John

    Congrats to Steve Nash, Grant Hill, and the rest of the Suns. A classy group over there, and if we couldn’t win, I hope that they can figure out the Lakers and finally get the title that they deserve.

    Honestly, after beating the Mavs we were playing with house money. I think most of us wrote off the season after Tony’s injury in March, and we came back and had the whole league buzzing about us in April and into May.

    It will be an interesting summer. We’ll have our highest pick since we took Tim in 1997, and our team has a real knack for getting talent far later than most other teams. Hill and Blair can still develop; Blair, in particular, should be locked away with Chip Engelland and learn how to pop those 10-16 foot jumpers that McDyess has been draining so that we can play him next to Timmy next season. Manu and Tony can certainly get healthier than they were here at the end of the season. We have some big expiring deals to play with in Richard Jefferson and possibly Tony Parker (just a possibility, Spurs fans; before you bite my head off, I’m not saying I’m for it or against it, but the front office should certainly look at every possible move and not dismiss anything out of hand). And at the end of the day, the success or failure of the offseason likely hinges on whether we can bring over Tiago Splitter. I’m not sure what exactly we do to bring ourselves back up to the Lakers/Cavs/Magic level, but we have a few movable pieces and the best front office in the league; if anyone can figure it out, they can.

    As always, Go Spurs Go!

  • jay thatch

    where are all the “die hard” spurs fans that were predicting a quick spurs series W? oh yeah they jumped off the bandwagon before the could own up to being absolutely wrong!

  • junierizzle

    Like Jason Terry said when they lost to the SPURS, “Sh*t it’s over, blame it on the rain. It don’t matter no more.” Or something like that.

    If only MANU hadn’t broken his nose, sorry I had to get one in there.

    It was fun while it lasted. At least they didn’t just lay down like a lot of teams that are down 0-3. The good thing is next year looks promising. If Splitter comes over, and that’s a big “if”.

    Peace out and I hope THE SUNS actually beat The LAKERS. This season of failed expectations won’t seem so bad if The Lakers get eliminated.

    Thank you SPURS. As up and down as this season has been you kept us all entertained.

    Catch everyone on the flip side.


  • Colin

    Jay Thatch

    Trolling huh? Never seen you post here before. This IS the Suns’ Championship right here. Where were you talking shit this season?

  • SAinSLC

    I remain a loyal and die hard Spurs fan. This series was tough to stomach but all good things come to and end.

    Now the fun of looking forward begins. I hope Splitter is available. However, in reviewing onther options, I would like to see the Spurs pursue the following:
    Udonis Haslem – already has the mid-range jumper, good rebounder and solid defender, would give us great depth in the frontcourt

    Oberto – smart, low-risk guy, good for one stupid foul by the opponent as he’s great at getting under the skin of others and one or two very intelligent plays in conjunction with Ginobili, also will help with the locker room (anti-Mason) and he’s Ginobili’s buddy.

    What are people’s thoughts?

    I enjoyed the 2010 season and I love having sent the Mavs home.

    Mike Miller\

  • SAinSLC

    Sorry, I forgot to complete my thoughts. Miller is a solid player, a good outside shooter and from what I’ve seen puts forth good hustle.

  • PK

    Trolls: go home.

    I am a Suns fan myself, and, yes, we won — for once. Go be satisfied.

    Spurs played a good series, as always. I’m sure we’ll see them next year.

    Just don’t be a wank about it.

  • ruth bader ginobili

    What a bummer.

    Just seemed liked the Suns’ year, didn’t it? Always making the threes, getting a big game from a role player, finding a way to get back-breaking rebounds.

    Gotta be happy that most of the guys played a good game tonight; even Manu contributed when his shot wasn’t falling. Personally, I think SPURS missed open shots this series more than a playing against good defense, but the Suns definitely did what they needed to win each game.

    I’ll miss this team. Hope next year can provide some good memories too.

  • Zach

    As a Suns fan, I just wanted to chime in advance of any forthcoming nonsense…

    You all have been very gracious in defeat. I hope that we can some day soon be so blessed as to have that grace. Unfortunately, as Bill Simmons pointed out, we have an enormous Gorilla on our back… much larger than simply getting our ass handed to us by the Spurs year after year. The spectre of always being a contender but never having won, and losing the way that we have, for so many years has driven many of us to pettiness and bitterness.

    I appreciate your sincere words, and we of course welcome your support. I apologize for any trash talking that you may receive, and hope that you give a good character team a pass for what will undoubtedly be some heinous trash talking to come. Best of luck next year.

  • Long-Suffering Suns Fan

    Props to the Spurs for never quitting. I have a newfound respect for the team and its players. It also helps that Horry and Bowen — two unquestionably dirty players — are no longer there. But more importantly, your team played hard, and showed great class throughout the series.

    Anyway — much respect for the Spurs and their fans for being so classy. Wish the Suns luck as they go against the shared nemesis.

  • borsho

    From a Suns fan to you Spurs fans. I wanna say thank you to all the Spurs fans who weren’t cocky, who didnt underestimated my Suns. No one expected a sweep. It was a fun series. As much as I hate the Spurs I wanna say congrats on sending the Mavs home and good luck next season.

  • Manolo Pedralvez

    As a footnote, all four games were close, but Suns always had a little extra in the end. At least the Spurs didn’t roll over in Game 4, unlike the last time they were swept. And yes, glad to see some level-headed Suns fans on this site. May your tribe increase, and expect a lot of us San Antonio diehards rooting for you against the Lakers. God bless.

  • Jim Henderson

    I await the off-season with a good deal of trepidation. A slippery slope in the wrong direction is not that far off unless we work toward accomplishing the following over the next season, & two off-seasons:

    (1) Make it a BIG priority to AGGRESSIVELY develop our best YOUNG players in-house. That includes playing them during the game! Get their feet REALLY into the fire to see how they respond! We need to find out who the two to three out of this group that are REALLY keepers: Hairston, Temple, Mahinmi, Gee, Jerrells, etc., and then PLAY THEM, AT LEAST 5-10 minutes most games!

    (2) Get a TALL, relatively YOUNG, SHOT-BLOCKING, front court player to help TD, particularly for the purpose of protecting the rim (e.g., Splitter, or I think someone like Amir Johnson of the Raptors is an interesting prospect). Otherwise, TD will probably retire at the end of his contract, burnt out, rather than agreeing to stay on to help us win another title in a bit more of a supportive role during his waning years (like the admiral did).

    (3) We need to get back to Spurs DEFENSE!, and someone that can hit big threes. Thus, there are two other areas that we should try to upgrade, if possible, via trade or the MLE: A Top-Notched Defender at the SF position (think the Shane Battier, Tayshaun Prince, Andres Kiralenko types are ideal (may require a trade of either TP or Manu), but we need an upgrade over Bogans, unless Hairston is a diamond in the rough and we just don’t know it because he hardly ever plays – remember, RJ will likely be gone within a year – so obviously use his expiring, if possible – that would be preferred – maybe the Jazz could use him?). We also need a clutch, heavy volume, high percentage three-point shooter, at any position. Someone like Jason Kapono, Raja Bell, would be great, or perhaps Steve Blake, Eddie House, Tim Thomas, Anthony Morrow, Rasual Butler, or even Steve Novak of the Clippers could be a lower cost option that might work, but something needs to be done…!).

    (4) We must be willing to evolve smartly to stay highly competitive! That MAY mean NOT committing to keeping Parker and/or Ginobli til death do us part. Otherwise we could end up like the Celtics of the 1990’s in the next 3-4 years. We need MORE high quality YOUNG talent on our team. Hell, all we know that we really have in this regard is Hill & Blair. That’s not enough. As a result, we should explore trades similar to the following: Ginobli & McDyess to OKC for 20 yr. old SG James Harden (who has star written all over his future, and he’s REALLY good right now), the 29 yr. old, and productive rotation player, the 6’10”, 255 pd. Nick Collison, and 23 yr. old, 6’9″, 251 pd. PF D.J. White (who has some promise), particularly if we’re never going to play Mahinmi, otherwise the third player could be someone else, or a 1st round draft pick; OKC has plenty of other young talent to choose from as well. Granted, this might not be the right type of deal, but we’ve got to start thinking along these lines if we want to avoid the potential of a “dark” half decade or more, starting mid-decade, or perhaps a bit earlier.

    (5) Get lucky in the the next two drafts!

    The off-season is now upon us. Good luck Spurs!

  • OhYeahNashty!

    Just wanted to say thank you to the Spurs for playing your hearts out and hope we cross paths again at next year’s playoffs.

  • Royce

    As much as I want to think about the off-season and everything else.

    I think I’m going to stop and remember the season that just happened, it wasn’t the best experience ever.

    I enjoyed the ride.

    Thanks SAS

  • BayAreaSpursFan

    What a ride! This season started about a year ago at this time when I was deployed to Afghanistan. I found this awesome website to follow the Spurs. I was really excited about the season but when it started I was a little dissapointed. The run the Spurs made late in the season gave me hope but the hope got shattered by the Suns. I guess they had more talent to beat the Spurs this year. Anyway a fun season and I cant wait for the draft and trade rumors to start floating around so we can start making arm-chair coaching decisions. Go Spurs Go!

  • Stormwalker

    Wow! I just say wow! I have never seen such a classy fan base before, and I just wanted to congratulate – The fakers comment not included –

  • jay thatch

    to all the “suns fans” who are coming on the spurs blog to talk nice… get the hell out of phoenix and back to where ever it was you came from cause it aint purple and orange that flows through your viens. in fact it is probably some lame spurs fan posing and posting to make himself feel better. hell its probably ole popavich himself posting from his dark closet that he has undoubtedly locked himself into after being shamefully out coached by gentry of all people.

  • Jimmy

    I think the Suns learned a lot from the Spurs in the last decade. Time to face the juggernaut Lakers. They are beatable. Suns are 8-4 against them in the playoffs since 2006–but that is pre-Gasol. He adds a whole lot to that team.

  • Ivander

    I just wanna thank the whole 48MoH team for all the work they have put into this page and all the interesting discussions they have generated over the season. Definitely looking forward to next season!!!
    Thank you guys!!
    Go Spurs Go!!!