Former Spur Robertson charged with sexual assault, child trafficking



Former NBA All-Star Alvin Robertson has been charged with sexual assault of a child, trafficking an underage child for purposes of sex and forcing a sexual performance by a child.

The charges were contained in an arrest warrant Friday. Robertson has not been apprehended.

Although we don’t often touch upon off-the-court issues, we felt that these allegations were serious enough that our readership should be aware. Our hearts go out to the young woman involved in this incident, and we hope that law enforcement and the judiciary system can reach a just outcome in a swift manner.

In the hopes that something good can come of this, let this news further inspire you to make a donation to the Carver Academy.

  • BigWhit

    What a waste of talent! Alvin was one of the few players in NBA history to have a quad-doub. (Steals rounded out the quad.) Apparently, there is no correlation between god-given athletic talent and moral conduct. What a contrast to Big Dave (the other Spur to get a quad-dub – block shots made the quad) who has both athletic talent and is one hell of a good man! And, yes, I will donate to Dave’s cause.

  • BigWhit

    FYI – Timothy Varner is #2 on Recruiting Leaderboard

  • Colin

    Sad story and just a piece of the horrible things that go on in this world. People who do that are mentally ill and need to be dealt (away) with.

  • JT

    Yep, I just turned the game off. What a bunch of sorry over paid crappy players. I’m tired and I’m done trying to stick up and waiting for these emotion-less, swagger-less, care-less players.

    Not even the young ones play with any energy. God are they boring!!!! Not one player can know down a jump shot, what a horrible way to do down in history!!!

    I’m so disgusted!!!

  • JT

    thank you Jefferson… thank you McDyess for destroying what was left of the Spurs!!!

  • lvmainman

    It’s official Pop has lost his mind. Starting Bogans and Finley?

    Malik Hairston proved last night that he is a far better player than both of them.

  • greyberger

    Wow I bet when the bank teller lady gives you a reciept and says to you, “Have a nice day”, you say “Malik Hairston is way better than Finley or Bogans I don’t know what pop is thinking”