Game Preview at Heat Index


The entire 48MoH family helped with a game preview over at the Heat Index. Check it out.

Or, if you just want to stick close to home, we have content from earlier today, which seems like many years ago, on what Manu Ginobili might teach the Heat about chemistry and a scouting report on tonight’s game that features some interesting numbers related to Tim Duncan.

  • A-Train

    Orlando was outshot by Miami on Free Throws 18 to 30 and still won the game. FTs, an important piece of Pop’s plan normally will not be as critical as passing the ball and hitting threes.

  • DorieStreet

    The Spurs will be on national tv seven times during the remaining 21 games in the season. Tonight they host South Beach & will be entertaining Hollywood Sunday afternoon. 9 of the reamaining 14 games in March are against serious playoff contenders (5 of the 9 on the road) with the Spurs playing them in consecutive game groups of 2, 2, & 5, with the last grouping being played over the last 9 days of this month. 4 weeks from today (April 1st) the team will have played 75 games. No matter how each fan views this roster, we all will have a clear and somewhat consensus image of how this squad moves forward as it approaches the playoffs.

    Alright San Antonio– run this gaunlet well.


  • SA_Ray

    But I loathe the Heat Index.

  • Titletown99030507

    @DorieStreet, yeah were going into the playoffs with an offensive minded machine less defensive. Were going into the playoffs with some serious artillery. Just hope we don’t run out of caps.