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Manu Ginobili buzzer beater against the Boston Celtics

No, Manu Ginobili didn’t play in the San Antonio Spurs disappointing loss to the New Jersey Nets last night. But luckily, Zach Lowe at has a great video breakdown of how the Celtics defended Manu on pick-and-roll situations in the Spurs 94-73 win on Sunday night.

The C’s have a pretty standard way of defending screen/rolls: The guy guarding the ball-handler (this is usually Rajon Rondo) fights over the screen while the big man guarding the screener either slides over to cut off penetration or jumps out to try and force the ball-handler away from the basket while Rondo recovers from the screen.

To my eyes, the C’s approach with Ginobili was essentially a super-exaggerated version of this. As soon as the man guarding Manu knew a screen was coming, he would jump to one side of the screener, positioning himself almost perpendicular to Ginobili. The idea, it appeared, was to force Ginobili the other direction, where the man guarding the screener had already sagged back to cut off penetration.

This is great stuff from Zach and gives you a pretty good idea of what the Spurs were lacking on Monday night against the Nets. There’s no word on whether or not Manu will play against Houston on Wednesday night, though my guess is that he’ll be ready.

  • manufan

    Trade deadline is behind us. You can’t trade Manu anymore. The very moment this season is over he is free agent. I don’t know what you guys are talking about.

  • manufan

    FO made some realy bad moves with McDyees( 3 yeras aroun 15 mill???) and RJ. They take too much money and don’t give you enough in return. Also RMJ is just not good enough for what we hoped he will be. We should not resign him, give Hairston his minutes and part of his money. I say try to trade RJ after season is over(maybe I am crazy but I think we still have some chances this year). Nobody is gonna take McDyees and his salary. To resign Manu(3 year , team option last year) and finaly bring Tiago Spliter my man Tim Duncan needs to do what David Robinson did, take a paycut. To be honest, he is not 20 mill player anymore. Is he gonna do what David did? I doubt it.

  • jollyrogerwilco

    Come back healthy, Manu.

    We need you.

  • Eric

    I fully expect us to MURDER the Rockets tonight

  • Jim Henderson

    March 31st, 2010 at 7:44 am

    If we insist on “tinkering”, continuing with the band-aid strategy (getting a little late in the game for this, don’t you think?), I would suggest that there’s really just five players off that list that are either modestly realistic to acquire or sufficient enough as players to appreciably improve our team commensurate with being in the “realm” of title consideration if everything “went alright”:

    Tyrus Thomas (stretch to get)
    Brendan Haywood (stretch to get)
    Marcus Camby (good option, but 36)
    Amir Johnson (unknown, but I like him)
    Rasho Nesterovich (any gas left?)

    Perhaps Erik Dampier?

    March 31st, 2010 at 8:28 am

    You ever hear about “sign & trade” deals?!

  • Leandro

    How can you trade a winner who will take us all the way this year? Only Kobe is bigger, but Manu will take us one step at a time. First playoffs, we’re almost there. Then beat the lakers (the hardest challenge), then winning the NBA finals. Who in their right mind can even think of trading the spark of this team? Number 4 for Manu, number 5 for Tim, and then repeat next year. That’s the righ pick. I said two months ago, if you know him, you know he’ll get the job done. Go spurs Go!!