Ginobili Blocks Durant, Walks on Water


Although this play will define Ginobili’s night in the minds of most, it’s worth mentioning that it was only one instance from a prolonged period during which Manu absolutely owned the court.

  • DieHardSpur

    When you speak of the heart that Manu plays with, only 3 players come to mind; Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Manu es every bit as talented as those guys, but he has that Heart of a Champion. He consistently brings the intangibles that can not be accounted for while watching film to prepare for him.

    I have been a Spurs fan since 1988, and I can tell you this; If David Robinson had a Manu Ginobli in thier respective prime, Big Dave would have a few more Championship rings!

    I am not making light of Tim Duncan’s presence on the court in the championship years by any means, I am merely saying that it takes a guy like Manu to win and win big! As much as people say “we owe it to Timmy to give him a supporting cast” to win again, I believe the same should be said for Manu Ginobli. Many Spurs fans have had thier memory erased by a Manu that was bound to the bench… What he brought to the game last night is exactly what he has brought since 2004 – Heart.

    I hope this franchise does right by Manu with a 2 year contract for what he is worth. They have, for too long, underpaid/undervalued what he has and will continue to give… His All.

  • Luke

    get that out of here young fella!

  • idahospur

    Come free agency, Manu will just put this on 30 DVD’s and send them out across the league. Keep Manu!

  • Nick (Italy)

    the headline you chose for the post (after the “Manu cures Cancer” the other day) is the conclusive evidence that it’s time to start the Manu Ginobili Facts.
    Don’t you agree?
    Here’s the third:
    Manu dunks on Yao Ming, files patent for cold fusion procedure.

  • Tristan Wilkins

    Manu must stay in s.a., tx. think about a spurs team right now with no manu? he is playing back to form and looks a little younger out there. so i feel the spurs owe it to manu to give him what he wants. he is always going to be a great playmaker and we need that right now really bad. his court vision is awesome. i think the spurs could be on a run? maybe? One hopes for this season could be doomed.

  • AP

    Ginobili can reenergize an entire fan base by himself, as Abbott mentions:
    That 4th quarter was the best I’ve seen our team this season. It was great to see them hustling, executing, and most importantly, smiling and enjoying the game. They finally looked like a “gelled” team.

  • Tristan Wilkins

    one hopes, or this season could be doomed. sorry

  • Marcos

    As Tim Duncan said, Manu is carrying this team on his back. Hopefully the rest of the players will get that same spirit and will from him. TD does, after getting every rebound in the 4th quarter he looked to Manu to give him the ball. Showing every one else who they must rely on in these situations, as it has been since 2003.

  • Will

    Pop’s postgame interview: “Manu walks on water? Call me when he turns water into wine!”

  • agutierrez

    Last season, when Manu had a similar block on a Dwayne Wade breakaway, I wrote that what I loved most about the block was not the block itself (although of course, I did) but the “attitude” behind the block. That was Dwayne Freaking Wade. This was Kevin Freaking Durant. Anyone else would simply have said: Screw it, he’s getting the dunk, let’s see what we can do at the other end. Not Manu. No freaking way. “Special” indeed.

  • junierizzle

    And to think some of you wanted to trade him.

    I don’t want to point out anything negative. As I know some of you might. This season has been tough enough. Let’s enjoy it.

    On a personal note,
    I grew up watching basketball. Like everyone else I loved Jordan. When he retired I still loved the game but it wasn’t the same. Then MANU came along. He is the Jordan of Argentina after all.
    Last night was the reason why he became my favorite player. As much as I love the Spurs, what I love more is watching MANU and seeing what he will do next.

    For me its
    and everyone else

  • Marcos

    Manu is special indeed. Untradeable.

  • Errin

    I think Manu has his groove back and that within itself makes us a total different team b/c he is a closer we have let too many games get away in the 4th b/c we lacked a closer .Manu is that dude but i just didn’t know if he had it anymore but with the way he has been playing lately it does give me hope that we can turn things around, and remember the Rockets were the 6th seed when they won it all so sometimes it just takes a lil longer than normal for some teams to gel but it all depends on what Manu we see from here on out.

  • td4life

    as pointed in a recent comment, Gino is (statistically, even) one of the top 8 guards in the NBA this season, even before his recent tear… trading him is almost surely not gonna net an improvement for the Spurs.
    Given his age, his greatest value would be to a win-now contender… Orlando, Cleveland, Denver, and at one team I can’t imagine, hopefully these Spurs can be restructured around our 2 best players and be true contenders themselves.

  • Rick Ashford

    This is why I’ve wanted, when there have been discussions about breaking up the big 3, to get rid of Parker and not Manu.

    Manu, even with a reduced athleticism is still an amazing decision-maker, play-maker, and makes everyone around him better.

    What we’re seeing from Tony now is exactly what he’s going to be like in a couple of years when his quickness goes. If he isn’t blowing by people to get to the rim, he’s not terribly useful.

  • Simon

    Great post DieHardSpur, couldn’t have put it any better – he is and proberbly always will be my favourite player to lace up because of all those hussle plays that demonstrate his heart and passion for the game. We must keep him in S.A. More importantly, it was a great Spurs win.

  • buns

    Even when I first saw him play in Bologna, you could tell he was special. He was special like Bodiroga was special, doing things only them would try and make. They are the only one I saw repeatedly make the crossover dribble with opposite hand for example.

  • dtree4

    As I have said before Manu is totally worth keeping. No one can replace what he brings to this team. The man has heart, he plays for the sheer joy of playing basketball. Just watch him, there is such passion there. How does a team replace those intangibles? Give this man a new contract.

  • john

    I just hope that this is not the last we’ve seen from him this season. Remember about his injury last season just as when he looked like he was back?

    Please stay healthy Manu & deliver us another title!!!!

  • quincyscott

    The key to that block was George Hill. He did what you’re supposed to do–he stopped the penatrator’s progress, slowed him down just enough to allow the helper, Ginobilli, to make a play. It was of course a great effort from Manu, but this was also textbook team defense.

  • Marcos

    Actually, Hill stepped away from Durant to let him dunk without fouling, or being posterized, and Bogans was totally winded trailing back. The way I saw it, it was pure Ginobili’s iron will, as Henry Abbot put it.

  • Area Spurs Fan

    Dwyane Wade delivered what will arguably be the “2009-10 Dunk of the Year”, when he put Anderson Vera-clown on a poster; nothing anyone’s done since then has come close.

    Now, our very own ‘water-walker’ may have just given us the “2009-10 Block of the Year”. Unless Manu blocks a Lebron James dunk attempt (and survives), then this is the winner. We’re done here.

    But Manu still has a few games to claim “Assist of the Year”. Although, some of the dishes he served in that Minnesota game are worthy candidates.

  • Cheyenne Harty

    I loved watching this game. Recently, Manu has been steadily getting healthier, and it culminated last night in an electrifying display of talent and guts. Manu is not only the Spurs heart, he’s their balls.

    Who else would have the testicular fortitude to chase down Durant and send the superstar sprawling? Who else can get knocked down under the basket while giving an assist to Hill for a three? The guy just won’t give up. If he gets the ball stolen, he steals it back. If a shot is missed, he’s crashing the offensive glass.

    Three pointers, short jumpers, layups, dunks, dribble penetration, steals, blocks, offensive and defensive rebounds. Manu can do it all. So why the Hell would anyone propose trading this guy, while keeping Parker, who really only serves as an offensive threat and doesn’t provide much in the assist department.

    If, due to age, Manu continues to lose speed and hops, he’ll still be a scrappy defensive pest. If Parker loses his speed, he becomes just an undersized jump shooter.

    Don’t let Argentina cry for Manu. Keep him!!!!!!!!!!!

  • td4life

    I am glad to see that a number of fans seem to agree that of our tradable assets, Parker is expendable but Obi-Wan Ginobili is not.
    The only way we can afford to keep TP is if we have several playmakers at other positions who aren’t necessarily the #1 ballhandler; guys like Duncan, Ginobili, Turkoglu, Iguodala, JET, Odom, The Truth, Brad Miller, Diaw… obviously there’s NOT a lot of those guys around, and considering that TD and Gino are playing reduced minutes and have lost a step, having another dominant scorer/playmaker is important (ideally he’s a good defender, too)… the question is, will he be a Point Guard?

  • Gary

    Manu is the reason I started to watch that team in the first place… People already forgot he dunked over the entire Lakers crew ? Oh even bats are scared of him now..

  • junierizzle

    I hope the SPurs resign him. He could’ve been a starter and an All-Star every year on a weak team, but he chose to stay and win championships.

    He’s earned it.

  • kornbread

    Manu showed he’s still the closer for the Spurs. Did you see what the other guys did after that great play? They nearly turned it over.

    The Spurs don’t need to think about trading away TP (their only point guard), they need to think about picking up another PG.

    Hill is an undersized 2. I’ll give him credit for his own big plays of the 4th quarter (hitting a 3 and stealing a rebound), but when running the team his indecision and tentativeness made it too easy for the Thunder defense. Manu to the rescue.

    I bet one of the first team’s to contact Manu’s agent might be the Thunder. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that Brooks said “He must be fun to play with”. Of course, he’s Manu Ginobili.

  • -SONofSAN-

    as charles barkley would say G I N O B I L I !!!!!!
    I hope Spurs F.O. is working on some kind of deal as we speak(type)! If Manu goes, I think Spurs would be done, as I said before. comparing it to when chancey left(traded away) from pistons! piston just went down hill faster! Manu should be top priority to sign!

  • Hurm66

    “Manu is not only the Spurs heart, he’s their balls.” Instant classic – line of the year!

  • Chris K.

    Link to a great article about the 2010 free agent class. By Kevin Pelton’s numbers, Manu Ginobili is the fourth best free agent behind Lebron, Wade, and Bosh…

  • Mrlikster

    Ginobili is going to sign with the team that gives him the best chance to win another championship before he retires. All he cares about is winning, and the Spurs may not be the team that can get him that last trophy. Its scary to think he might end up playing next to Lebron next year.

  • DieHardSpur

    Hurm 66 –

    I have also heard;

    “Superman wears Manu Ginobli pajamas”

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