Ginobili Blocks Garnett


  • agutierrez

    Now that was a serious smackdown.

  • Jacob

    I got my wish.

  • td21spurs

    how come ginobili doesn’t get a stat of 1 block on the box score?

  • DieHardSpur

    Funny how that block doesn’t show up in the box score… I wonder what else isn’t in there…..?

  • Hal Man, Half Practice Squad



    If the official score kepeer in Boston is anything like Tommy Heinsohn, he probably simply refuses to recognize calls against the Celtics.

  • Lakerz

    Why did I smile when I saw this…obvious.

  • Spurs generation

    Nothing but haters! Spurs are peaking at the rite time!

  • Shaun

    They’re going to have to test that ball for rabies.

  • Tyler

    Watching last night’s game, I was amazed at how far Garnett has fallen off in the last two seasons. The lack of athleticism was startling. Even just two years ago, no one, not even Manu, would have gotten to that block. Sad to see really.

  • Daniel B.

    Sweet block.

    Watching it for the ump-teenth time, it looked like Hill got Garnett pretty good on the elbow, which helped fuel the Big Ticket’s one-way trip to the floor.

    That was a good game.

  • Tyler

    Daniel B. –


  • AP

    Garnett must be getting old, or he knew he just got beat. Otherwise he probably would’ve tried to get up in somebody’s face and talk trash.
    This time, he just stayed on the ground, no response.
    He must be scared by the flames coming out of Manu’s eyes.

  • Nadeem

    Manu has a thing against Kevins. 1st Durant and now Garnett.

    Whts the matter with u Manu!

  • NL

    I’m pretty sure Duncan had like 3 or 4 blocks in this game but got credit for 1 in the boxscore. Oh well, one beautiful thing about the Spurs is they don’t play for the stats.

  • ali

    Nadeem don’t forget D-Wade

  • TheRed&Black

    Not a fan of Garnett, although Manu should get a ticket for all that trash he littered on the floor!

  • Bert

    Manu has made the greatest blocks in history.

    Who cares about Lebron’s blocks?

    Manu gets straight up in peoples grills while LBJ hides from the back.

    This guy is the worlds greatest. No lie.

  • junierizzle

    Hill got some elbow, but clearly everyone was looking at MANU. Hill didn’t hack him though.

    Besides, you can’t call a foul like that. YOu gotta let that monster snuff stand.

    I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw this play go down.

    Manu is a magician on the offensive end, but he has mad defensive game too.

  • rj


    great win last night. appears we are returning to our defensive form. i like that fact that we can beat a team like boston with getting limited offense from tim duncan. contributions are going around quite well.

    i really like our chances when we get tony parker back. manu will be primed to lead the bench charge with a reinvigorated richard jefferson. even though duncan’s production has dropped off, we should expect big things from him come playoff time.

    remember how TD hobbled his way to 30 in the elimination game against the mavs? tim will be ready come playoff time. no doubts about that.

  • Jim Henderson

    Get that shit outta here, KG!

  • Tom in Bakersfield

    Anything is possibbblleee…….THUD.

  • Eric

    you got knocked the f… out

  • Dingo

    Saw this post on Spurs via Twitter: “Manu Ginobili will miss tonight’s game against the New Jersey Nets due to lower back spasms.”

    Hopefully we can get a good easy win v the Nets and get Duncan some rest too.

  • Kamron

    Never saw so many people get excited over a foul. Yee-haw, losers.

  • Joe

    If only Manu were lifting weights more, imagine what this play could have looked like.

  • Don Armand

    Wow, everyone I dont think it sinking in, our Spurs are not going to win a championship. Duncan and Manu are worn down, Tony is out, who else do we have besides Hill?Even if they beat the Lakers in the first round, they will be road kill in the next round mostly because of fatigue. Prop to Manu on the block, KG is kind of washed up, did you see how Bogut served him recently?

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