Gregg Popovich, Coach of the Year


This time it’s not us heaping praise on the season he’s had. This time, it’s official: Gregg Popovich is your 2011(barely)-2012 Coach of the Year.

Pop received 77 first place votes out of a possible 119. Finishing second was Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau and Indiana Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel was third. For Pop, it’s his second Coach of the Year award.

The stat that has been thrown around the most since the announcement is that none of the last eight to win COY have won the title. The last one who accomplished that double was Pop back in 2003.

At the press conference, Pop and RC Buford sat at the table and Spurs assistant coaches stood behind them. Pop was more grateful that you would expect from him in instances like this, it wouldn’t be out of line for him to blow it off and say it means nothing, but deflected most of the praise to his assistants and players.

Instead of trying to force something about the job that Coach Pop did this year, I’ll simply implore you to read two things. The first is Varner’s piece on Pop’s season from last weekend. The second is Rob Mahoney’s great post on Coach Pop and what he’s done to deserve the award.

There you go, keeping it under 250 words. Short and sweet, just like Pop would want.

  • ThatBigGuy

    Well deserved. The last 25 years have been good to Spurs fan, and it looks like we’ll keep enjoying the ride.

  • Jimbo

    Congrats to Pop, this is well-deserved. I can think of at least three teams in the West whose rosters are better suited for a title run. Getting this later-era Spurs team the #1 seed in the West this year and last year is simply incredible, notwithstanding the first-round loss last year. I think very highly of Carlisle and Adelman and Thibs, but I think Pop really is head of the class.

  • LPspursFan

    it’s awesome in this day and age when people who do things the right way earn recognition on a grand scale…this award does not change what i’ve always known and felt about Pop as a coach; in Pop we trust!

  • DorieStreet

    Varner’s piece waxes poetic for the old school culture, (those of us who are aware of those mid-to late 20th century artists- and consider them iconic–a matter of taste, to be fair); so it might go over the head of the younger fans.
    But viewing it in another perspective- the Bulls squad is a fabric of America college basketball elite: Deng & Boozer- Duke Blue Devils with extensive NBA resumes; Noah- a main cog in the back-to-back Florida Gators championship run, and just now being recognized as a top 10 frontcourt league presence; Hamilton- on the downside of his career, but he is a former MOP of a NCAA champion team (UConn ’99) and an NBA champion (Pistons ’04).
    Rose- super-elite one & done product from the Calipari pipeline- and NBA ROY/MVP.

    Except for Duncan, the Spurs are devoid of American college basketball superstardom.
    San Antonio’s roster is an eclectic mix of foreign stars & good NCAA players from different levels and accomplishments.
    Rose’s and Manu’s games missed should have resulted in both of their teams’ records being nowhere near what they are–in this truncated, crammed-packed, non-summer league and training camp season—to being the best in their respective conferences and tie for best in the league.
    So— I go along with Rob Mahoney’s take on giving the nod to Coach Popovich on being the NBA Coach of the Year -based on the roster talent of both.

  • Stijl

    What “Jimbo” and “Dorie Street” said.

  • Vermont Spurs Fan

    The only major awards the Spurs will win this year are:

    Coach of the Year — Congrats Pop!!

    All-NBA team (1,2, or 3) — Tony Parker

    All Rookie team — Leonard

    NBA Championship — Spurs

    MVP of the Finals — Surprise pick here — Manu Ginobili! Parker gets us there but Manu puts it to the Heat for the title!

    Drive for Five! Go Spurs Go!