Hell of a Spurs Postgame: Spurs-Rockets Preseason


The San Antonio Spurs lost to the Houston Rockets in the preseason 101-87 in a pretty ugly game. But, there were some things worthy paying attention to. In our first post game show, Tim Varner and I talk about how young guys like Cory Joseph, Kawhi Leonard and James Anderson looked. We also discuss Tiago Splitter’s post game and DeJuan Blair’s development. After that, we take some questions from the audience.

If it’s your first time checking out 48MoH TV and you’re unfamiliar with VOKLE, it’s an online video-streaming program that allows you the viewer to interact with the conversation via text or video questions. Our next post game show will be on December 29 when the Spurs hit the road and take on the Rockets in the regular season. If you sense a pattern, not the Spurs playing the Rockets, we will be doing these live post game shows for every road game this season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=173600134 Ryan McShane

    Dejaun Blair the 3? It sounds like he can do everything but shoot from a distance. DB has thought about playing the 3 in the future as well… 
    http://www.nba.com/spurs/video/111211_blair “I ain’t no 3 yet. Prolly 2, 3 years from now”

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcus.mondragon Marcus Edward Mondragon

    The Rocket had me in fits of rage while watching him on defense. And it’s only preseason.

  • TonyLe76

    Great to see Varner!

  • DJ Powell

    Does Dejaun Blair realize that he’s anatomically a north-south athlete? 

  • Titletown99030507d

    Disagree, he’s no 3. And with the number of times this guy was fed the ball while he was on the court he should have scored twice as much if weren’t for those misses. Leave the 3 to a 3. Besides why in hell was he the focal point of offense when he was on the court. Wrong, wrong,wrong. If this is a preview of what pop is going to do with blair during regular season well what a relief its a shortened season.
    Maybe he pretended to be a 3 because he was getting waxed by Scola at the 4/5. Stop experimenting pop and get real help at the 5/4 like we all know you need. Bonner and Blair are still a defensive liability and no help to Timmy and Splitter. If pop goes down this road again this season with Bonner/Blair show and regulate Splitter to 5 minute bursts of playing time what’s the purpose of having Splitter. In 4th quarter when he had enough time to get in his groove he showed what he’s capable of doing. His play helped get them back to within 2 points late in the fourth then they yank him and put Blair back in and well you know the rest. Those bigs just lick their chops and abused him. Think pop!

  • Ttrent1992

    ” i aint no” ???? so blair is saying he is a 3 with  that double negative lol

  • Ttrent1992

    i know the spurs are a little long in the tooth, but if we could just find a good low post option that can rebound and has a post game better than the 1 move splitter to pair with duncan, we could rebuild the twin towers like duncan and david robinson was.now my christmas gift i would love to see is to some how get dwight howard and keep duncan, with another low post pressence the spurs could contend this year and maybe 1 more to get duncan 6 before he retires as the best power forward to ever play the game,

  • J_d_bertling

    How could we do that and keep the three?

  • DorieStreet

    Dwight’s list to Santa:   Nets, Bulls, Very Much Imrpoved Magic, Lakers