If only you had listened to Haubs…


Prior to the season, odds makers set the over/under on the Spurs’ record at, depending on your source, somewhere between 48 and 51 wins. Some of us let out a collective, “Really?”

The Spurs are on pace to reach 40 wins by the end of the month. It’s January.

I hope you took the over.

  • SAJKinBigD

    I love flying under the radar, though I think the cat’s outta the bag now. We’re getting most teams’ best shot, as if we were the defending champs. If I were a betting man, I’d sure as heck have taken the over, though. I’d figured on 55, but the fact our boys are where they are right now… “WOW” is the only word to sum it up.
    Go Spurs Go!

  • ITGuy

    Yeah, WOW!!!

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • http://moviedrinkinggames.net Eric

    Not unreasonable. Team won 50 games last year. This year’s group is obviously vastly superior, but it would have been unreasonable to expect (near) perfect health, RJ’s improvement, emergence of Neal, and stellar end-of-game execution (not to mention that the Spurs have caught some breaks with opponent injuries).

    This has almost been the anti-Murphy’s Law season for the Spurs – knock on wood that it continues deep into the summer.

  • Kevin

    O/U on 69.5 anyone??

  • Tim


    Most def under

  • Chris WAMBO

    Can’t wait for the Knicks game this Friday!

    Believe! GO SPURS GO

  • Dr. Love

    Is it just me, or is the ESPN on-air NBA team about six times more knowledgeable, competent, and professional than TNT?

  • SAJKinBigD

    It’s not just you, Doc. But the other guys are more entertaining. To 13-year olds. 😛

  • Greyberger

    Yeah, but I usually want entertaining more than knowledgeable and competent when it comes to announcer/half-time show talent. I like to bag on the TNT crew as well but I still watch it and often get a good laugh out of it. Even if it’s just laughing at Charles.

    Anyway, yeah Haubs’ over-under suggestions have held up really well. Here’s the seven he picked:

    _ CHA Under 39
    _ NJN Over 25.5
    _ POR Over 51.5
    _ SAS Over 50.5
    _ DET Under 31.5
    _ CHI Over 47
    _ GSW Over 32

    If you bet all seven you’d be feeling really good about the Spurs, Bulls and Bobcats. The Pistons and Warriors bets are leaning your way, and the Net bet is still alive. Only the money on Portland is gone.

  • tradetp

    The reasons for the greatest start ever are as follows:


    GARY/TONY/RJ/Gregg letting them run.

  • andy

    January 17th, 2011 at 9:34 am

    we’re still relatively under the radar, even with this historic start. not to beat a dead horse, but if ny, chicago, boston, or miami had started like this, journos would be wetting themselves writing superlatives about their start. we get damning praise about being injury-free.

  • Aaron Batchelor

    Spurs have 4 rings. Mavs have 0 rings. Go home, Cuban!

  • Al McMordie

    I loaded up on the ‘over’ 50.5 wins, and also bet on SA to win title at 40-1 odds. What sold me was Manu going to Pop in the Preseason and asking that the Spurs go for it early in the year. It showed the requisite mindset.

  • Bushka

    Bookie here in Australia gave me thirty to one on winning the whole thing, I had the same hundred I have every year but those are easily the best odds I have found in a while.

  • SAJKinBigD

    @ Andy: I know. But what I meant was I don’t think the other TEAMS are taking us lightly. I really think we’re getting their best games as if we were the defending champs. We’re the measuring stick right now, not the Fakers. 😀