James Anderson out 8 weeks with stress fracture in foot


Awesome. Just when things were looking good for the youth and depth of this Spurs team. First, the Spurs waive Garrett Temple, which — though not totally unsurprising — is slightly disappointing. And now, Jeff McDonald reports that Anderson will be out for about two months.

Turns out, it will be the last action Anderson will see for some time. Thursday afternoon, team doctors determined Anderson has a stress fracture in his right foot. He will undergo surgery next week to insert a pin, and is expected to miss eight weeks recovering.

“It’s weird how it happened,” point guard Tony Parker said. “He woke up this morning and told us the news, and it was like, ‘Oh wow.’ It’s bad, because he was playing well.”

Anderson was diagnoses with a stress fracture in the fifth metatarsal, a cumulative injury that typically builds up over time. He was off to a good start to his rookie season, averaging seven points in his first seven games while making half his 3-point shots (10 of 20).

Crap. It’s obvious that Anderson was playing well and looked like he was going to be a vital part of the rotation this season.

Where I’m concerned is what will happen come playoff time. Gregg Popovich is slow to trust rookies when it comes to playoff minutes, but Anderson looked in the early going like he was going to be able to buck that trend.

Now that he’s going to miss two months of his rookie season, I wonder how much Pop will trust Anderson come postseason because of all the repetitions he missed. I fear he’ll have a similar playoff impact to George Hill two seasons ago.

If you’re wondering about his injury, the fifth metatarsal is the bone that runs along the outside of your foot. I actually broke mine playing basketball my freshman year of high school, mine wasn’t a stress fracture though.

The reason it takes so long to heal is because there is very little blood flow on the side of your foot. I didn’t end up getting surgery for mine. Just a whole lot of ice and immobility.

Is Bobby Simmons still unemployed?

[Update: Here is the official statement from the Spurs.]

The San Antonio Spurs today announced that guard James Anderson has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his right fifth metatarsal. Early next week, Anderson will undergo surgery at which time a screw will be inserted in his metatarsal. He is expected to miss approximately eight weeks.

  • SAJKinBigD

    Okay, my official response to this injury is rated “R”, so I’ll just say AAARRRGGHH!!! Let’s hope he’s a fast healer and that he can get back into the same groove he’s been in to start his Rookie year quickly enough to assuage any concerns Pop may have about giving him quality playoff minutes!

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Timothy Varner

    Hmmm. Bummer.

    But I am curious to see how the Spurs fill the minutes behind Anderson. Gee? Roster pick up? Simmons? Three guards?

  • http://nbamatchup.com/ Chris in Phoenix

    2 months isn’t that bad. He’ll be back by late January right? C’mon guys, stay encouraged by what he’s shown us so far and he’ll be back in time to get some good reps in before the playoffs start.

  • DaveMan77

    If the Spurs are for real then they should be able to survive. It is a bummer tho. Anderson was knocking down threes, playing good dee, and filling the lane very nice.

  • grego

    This is bad for Anderson since he could use the time to develop and grow. And learning to work within the rotation. Meh.

    The only upside is he is less likely to hit a rookie wall as hard since he gets 2 extra months off.

    And Neal will probably get extra time since he’s now the main 3-point shooter with Bonner.

  • SpurredOn

    His 3s, defense and ability to get into the lane were all impressive and made for an athletic bench. I hate that he’s likely to miss two games against Dallas and one vs LAL (plus however long it takes to get back into rhythm and playing shape) but he’ll have time to develop cohesion and be a part of the playoff bench. I think Pop saw what Phoenix did last season and will play Anderson and Neal come April though June if they have been part of the team success all season.

  • rob


  • lvmainman

    Bad news.

    He was doing great, knocking down open 3 pointers(10 of 20!, 4th most made on team!) and playing solid defense(great steal @ Phoenix for coast to coast dunk).

    Gee will have chance to show himself, but I don’t think he can cut it.

  • Espoon

    Udoka doesn’t have a job; unless he is playing overseas or something. However, it appears that Gee will play or Simmons will return. The Spurs don’t have much to trade except McDyess and Gee. I don’t know if the Magic are willing to trade M. Pietrus but he wants more playing time.

  • BlaseE

    Good thing Bonner is on his way back.

    Anderson should be back with a week or two left before the Rodeo Road Trip. That’s plenty of time to gel and get back into rhythm before a playoff push. Like Grego said, it might be good for him to play a shortened season coming out college.

  • td4life

    Bummer. Let’s hope the young man heals quickly.

    Hill’s playing time is guaranteed to go up.

  • rob


    “I don’t know if the Magic are willing to trade M. Pietrus but he wants more playing time.”

    The only way to make that happen would to give up McDyess. Spurs wouldn’t do it.

    Mbah a Moute is more in the realm of a possible trade salary wise with who the Spurs have while not depleting the frontcourt.

  • Espoon


    I doubt the Spurs would trade McDyess unless they knew he would be bought out and returned in a month and Bonner was able to play in that month.

    I really like the idea of Mbah a Moute, but I don’t think the Bucks are willing to get rid of him. It may take either Hill, Blair, or a 1st to get him; and I doubt the Spurs would go that far.

  • Hobson13

    Great. Now all we need is for Duncan to break his leg. Injuries have quietly taken a toll on this team. Sure, none of our Big 4 have gone down, but much of our bench has been hit. If Splitter hadn’t been injured in the preseason, he would be logging 20+ minutes by now. Bonner has been out for the past few weeks. I highly suspect that the injury Temple sustained in the first SL game derailed his progress and ultimately led to his release. Now we are missing Anderson for the next two months. Chances are, we won’t see him in game condition before the middle of February.

    On the bright side, at least Splitter is progressing and Bonner will be back soon. I suppose we will just slot Gee into the lineup and see if we can limp along. I don’t see Pop inviting Simmons back.

    Regarding Temple: I am extremely dissappointed. He came in last year, immediately played 20+ games while Tony was out, and was impressive. Coming into the SL games, many thought he was the best prospect of the entire group. Then he gets injured in the first quarter of the first SL game and we never even hear from him again. Dang. He wouldn’t have been a superstar, but a 6’6″ PG could have been a defensive force. Let’s hope for no more injuries because this team needs time to gell.

  • AmyfromLA

    i screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO” out loud when I saw this news. =( he was playing well w/the minutes he got. he missed all of preseason and now 2 more months + time for conditioning, etc. i think it will stunt his development. =\ let’s hope he’s a quick healer and that he can pick up where he left off. i don’t mean to compare him to Bonner, but Bonner never really looked like himself when he came back and that was just a hand injury. Anderson is gonna have to work on conditioning when he returns to action, so I’m not sure how big of an impact he’ll have leading up to the playoffs. he will probably be playing limited minutes for half a dozen games. so are we now out of a backup SF? anyone think this is a blessing in disguise to get some Gee sighting? or will spurs try to resign bobby simmons. what are the rules of resigning someone that was waived?

  • AmyfromLA

    but maybe this is a blessing in disguise for anderson like someone pointed out about hitting the rookie wall. he’ll also get to spend more time with his newborn daughter. =)

    Mr. Anderson, we will miss u!!! Get well soon!

    (Sorry, I know I hit the panic button a little early.)

  • rj

    calling alonzo gee. he skated through preseason. time to put up

  • Jim Henderson

    This pretty much sucks!

    November 11th, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    “I suppose we will just slot Gee into the lineup and see if we can limp along. I don’t see Pop inviting Simmons back.”

    Probably not Simmons, but I don’t think we can survive 2 months without finding a replacement for Anderson. I’m almost positive that Gee is not ready, and a steady reliance on a 3-guard lineup is “far” from ideal. We need to find an experienced veteran and currently unemployed SF to at least play solid “D” in reserve for RJ. Anybody have any ideas, or know of anybody? Is Darious Miles really shot? Could we get Dhantay Jones cheap from Indiana? Is Devean George playing anywhere? Sasha Pavlovic? Jarvis Hayes? Damien Wilkins?

    Anderson was filling a key role admirably. This is a problem that has to be proactively addressed, pronto!

  • Mason

    Anderson being out will hurt the Spurs more than we think.

  • zainn

    yes it will…

  • http://nbamatchup.com/ Chris in Phoenix

    He’ll be back in time for the Rodeo Road Trip. That’s very vital for unit cohesion!

    If the Spurs are serious about being title contenders, then we’ll be fine. (provided we can avoid further injuries to anyone else!)

  • ThatBigGuy

    Ugh, this sucks. Looks like Manu will be seeing a few extra minutes at the 3, which means more minutes for Neal at the 2. I think Neal will respond to the increase in minutes with the same efficiency. If Gee has any talent, he better pull it out.

    At least Anderson will get to spend some extra time with his new baby. His being out hurts us, but sometimes other things are more important.

  • Brian in Seattle

    As Andrew and rob have already stated, “Crap” pretty much sums this one up.

    Also, I think Ime Udoka could be a good pickup as a quick patch, provided he’s available. Though he may not provide us with the shooting ability Anderson’s displayed, he was and probably remains a solid defender, and it wouldn’t take him long to jump right back into Spurs’ defensive system.

  • Jim Henderson

    Brian in Seattle
    November 11th, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    “Also, I think Ime Udoka could be a good pickup as a quick patch, provided he’s available. Though he may not provide us with the shooting ability Anderson’s displayed, he was and probably remains a solid defender, and it wouldn’t take him long to jump right back into Spurs’ defensive system.”

    That is an idea to consider.

  • Jim Henderson

    Any takers on the Heat finishing the rest of the season at 64-9? Just thought I’d ask.

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Lenneezz

    I’ve really found a dilemma so far this NBA season.

    I don’t know what makes me happier…..

    A Laker loss or a Heat loss.

    Neither holds a candle to a Spurs win and when SA beats them both, it will bring much joy to mudville.

  • Jason

    As a rookie, Anderson is D-league eligible. This could be an opportunity for the Spurs to experiment with the Toros in a rehab situation. Let Anderson travel with the team for 7 weeks, observing and working with the trainers, and then send him down (geographically up) to the Toros so he can stomp some scrubs for 20 min/night for a couple weeks and be ready to rejoin the team in game form. Otherwise, he may never re-crack the rotation if he doesn’t get sufficient min in the middle of the season when he comes back.

  • ITGuy

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • http://www.bpifanconnect.com Alix Babaie

    While I am saddened by this news I am encouraged by the fact that we have so many guys who CAN step up….Neal will get more shots, gets to work on his D, Gee will get an opportunity to shine, etc. Who knows, we may have a trade up our sleeves. I tell you what, we best not trade Blair, like I have seen a mention or two on this board. Blair is going to be just fine, he is going through a bit of a sluggish start. We are off to great start and that is with Blair providing minimal offensive / rebounding production. When he gets it cranked up, the Spurs will be on another level! Keep the faith, Silver and Black fans…..GO SPURS GO, DRIVE FOR FIVE!!!!!

  • SAJKinBigD

    @ Jason – That is a brilliant plan, and one that hopefully the FO has considered and will implement! The way Neo (Mr.Anderson) was playing in the League, I’m sure he’d tear up the D-League!
    Give him a little time at home with family, but then off to Austin and onward to Glory! ;P

  • BlaseE

    If our backup SF for 8 weeks is Gee, I don’t think a rehabing Anderson will have to fight for minutes once he can be on a court.

    I like the idea of rehabing with the Toros, but I’m not sure it makes sense for Anderson. His role as a shooter will help immediately but his minutes even now aren’t big enough to allow him to have a big negative impact on the game.

  • SAJKinBigD

    I think the suggestion, BlaseE, is that he could get some more conditioning and time with the system while rehabbing so when he’s completley ready, he can hit the ground running for the Big Boys. From what I’ve seen and heard, his defensive prescence has been far stronger than anticipated. That’s what I’d like him to work on more than his shooting, which I think comes pretty naturally to him.

  • Tyler

    I’m interested in what this means for Gee. In a perfect world, Gee would come in and surprise (i.e. hit open shot in his case) and give us one more rotation player.

    But whatever the FO chooses to do (trades, FA signings, etc) will tell us a lot about what we think of Gee. If we do bring someone in, that would tell me the organization doesn’t think he’s ready.

    The odd thing is, why would we keep Gee on the roster for so long and not in Austin if we didn’t think there was a chance he could contribute? Maybe they just wanted him to get familiar with the staff and team, the lifestyle, the travel, etc? Maybe we wanted a closer look into his work ethic/mentality? I don’t know. Someone closer to the scene might be able to better answer that – Andrew or Tim?

    Personally, regardless of whether we bring someone in or not, I’d like to see Gee given limited minutes (10-15 perhaps). If he plays well, great. If not, bringing back Temple of Simmons makes sense.

    Also, does anyone know if there is a rule that mandates some kind of waiting period if you want to resign a player that you just cut?

  • Colin

    F*%k the Heat! Who cares what a Lebron James team does in the regular season? Let’s reserve judgement for the play-offs!!

  • Zeus

    Everyone’s right about Gee: Why doesn’t Pop ever give him a chance? Just put him out on the court and watch him produce, its only that simple, because there have been NBA players in the past that do horribly in practice but shine during the bright lights of game night. I mean if Hairston got a chance with no jumpshot whatsoever, Gee should get a chance because he tore up the D-League and Summer League in the past year. What better time to see his talent now that Anderson is out for 2 months?

  • Bentley

    Jim Henderson

    I say no way they just turn on a wtich and go 64-9 from here on out. I think they’re ceiling would be 56-17, putting them at 61-21, and thats only if they improve as everyone else thinks they will.

    My educated guess would be 57-25 for this season

  • ken

    so anderson was playing hurt? if so, i cant wait for him to get healthy, and see him play without a broken foot!!

  • Hunter

    this isnt as bad as everyone says it is. now we hav an excuse to sign a free agent veteran wing player such as pavlovich or sczerbiak who can help us out without the dire need for alot of minutes

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill


    Sort of. It’s a slow-developing injury. Thursday morning it just hit its breaking point to where Anderson could definitely feel the pain and got it checked out.

  • SAJKinBigD

    I’m definitely on-edge waiting to see what the FO’s gonna do next. I’m all for Gee getting some good burn to see what he can do, and I’m sure Pop’ll actually do it this year. He seems to have a different mindset this year in regards to the young’ns.

    Also, as far as the Heat go, my bet is they struggle until the All-Star break, Riley takes over and they roll on through the regular season, scaring the crud outta folks. Then they’ll stub their toe in the first round and we’ll all laugh and nod our heads.
    And WE lived happily, ever after!
    The End. :)

  • Jim Henderson

    November 12th, 2010 at 8:45 am

    “F*%k the Heat! Who cares what a Lebron James team does in the regular season? Let’s reserve judgement for the play-offs!!”

    Calm down, it was just a little needle. If you remember, 48HOH had an NBA team preview not long ago predicting that the Heat should win 69 games this season. They’d now have to go 65-9 to do it. And I say, good luck with that.

    November 12th, 2010 at 9:43 am

    Sounds reasonable to me.

    Regarding Gee: He’s a down-grade from Anderson (especially defensively), and we cannot afford that right now. We need a replacement, pronto. We don’t want to burn out the skinny, aging, not particularly durable Manu playing SF, or take RJ out of his rhythm with too many minutes. I identified some possibilities in an earlier comment on this thread, and Brian in Seattle mentioned former Spur Udoka as an option because of the ease of transition aspect. Any thoughts?

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  • ribanez1

    Gentlemen, with all due respect if Matt Bonner is part of the plan to win a championship the team is in trouble! He shoots and makes 3’s when there is no pressure. In the playoffs, where everything is contested, he has failed miserably 2 years running. I respect his effort but the talent is lacking !

  • Jim Henderson

    November 12th, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Can’t argue there.

  • Jim Henderson

    Don’t look now, but Kevin Love is absolutely a terror out there right now. He’s had TWO 20/20 games in just the last few games! Unbelievable. In fact, tonight he’s threatening right now to get 30 rebounds against the Knicks!

  • Jim Henderson

    It looks like Love is going to get a 30/30 game! Unreal.

  • td4life

    31 rebounds to go with 31 points! I saw the Admiral grab alot boards, but I have never seen anything like that in my life. Didn’t watch the game, so I still haven’t seen a performance like that. Also, I am not in the least surprised that the knicks still suck after throwing all that money at Amare. Not surprised one little bit.

  • Hobson13

    What if we simply signed a backup SF for the short term and traded Hill plus a second round pick for a decent young big like Jason Thompson from the Kings? Sacto has been rumored to have put him on the trading block since their front court is too crowded. The Kings would get a legit, young wingman for Evans plus a good pick and we would get a decent young big who had decent production when he actually played. Quinn and Neal can play backup PG.

    Thompson isn’t the greatest shot blocker at this point in his career, but he could be decent. Keep in mind that he is 6’11” 250 lbs and very athletic. Jason has a very good jumper for a big man and has the size and athleticism to be good. From what I can tell, he and Splitter would make a very good duo with Splitter in the low post and Thompson in the high post.

    I can’t imagine us trading for a backup SF when we’ll really only need him to cover for Anderson while he’s out. It’s obvious that Anderson is the future and we simply need a piece to get us by for a bit. No need to trade any long-term assets for a very short term problem. I bet we either sign a guy for the minimum or we play Gee for 10-12 min/night and see what he’s got.

  • Jim Henderson

    November 13th, 2010 at 1:05 am

    That’s not a bad deal for both teams, but I’m thinking if we go for another big, we probably need to also trade a big. And also, if I’m going to get another big I really would prefer an already established shot-blocker. I think it would be a better fit with our front line. Thompson’s best attribute is probably rebounding, which we’re already pretty strong in with Blair & Duncan.

    How about if we sent Splitter & Gee to Washington for JaVale McGee & Kevin Seraphin (Seraphin is and intriguing PF prospect – not NBA ready – have in Austin until next year when McDyess leaves).

    Splitter gives the Wiz a more polished center in the low post, and Gee offers them an interesting young athlete to develop for their rotation at the wing. McGee gives us the top-notched shot-blocker we need, even as he is more of a project in other areas of his game. He does have significant upside potential however, especially as an impact defender. Not sure the Wiz want to let go of McGee at this point, but obtaining the accomplished Splitter may be attractive for a team rebuilding around John Wall. Gee could certainly run the lane well with the athletic Wall on the break, with Splitter as the trailer. And of course the Wiz still have Yi, Blatche, Arenas, Hinrich, Thorton, et al.

  • Jim Henderson

    By the way, I would pick up an unemployed veteran SF for the period while Anderson is out. I’m not opposed to Eudoka if he can still defend for 10-15 mpg.