Kawhi Leonard assigned to the Toros for practice


In the best news regarding Kawhi Leonard that we’ve heard in some time, the Spurs announced on Wednesday that the team “sent” Kawhi Leonard to the Austin Toros for a rehab assignment. What’s so great about that, you ask? Well, for one it means that he’s playing real, honest-to-goodness basketball. Why is sent in quotation marks? Well, Leonard’s not actually going anywhere.

This is one of the perks of the Spurs outright owning the Austin Toros franchise. When an important player like Leonard needs some practice time and the rest of the roster needs a day off, the Spurs can simply shuttle the Toros down I-35 to San Antonio and set them up that day at the Spurs’ practice facility.

Inconvenient for the Toros? Yes, but that’s the life of a minor leaguer. They also get a chance to use better facilities than the ones they’re used to and play in front of Spurs officials, so the trip has its benefits as well.

Leonard was initially given a 10-14 day timetable for his absence when he was diagnosed with quadriceps tendonitis, more commonly referred to as “jumper’s knee.” Those 14 days were up two and a half weeks ago.

Leonard will practice with the Toros on Wednesday and be re-evaluated by team doctors after. I would imagine this means there’s a strong chance Leonard could play on Friday against the Hornets.

  • Blofeld

    Fascinating tidbit picked up from this article: the fact that the Spur doesn’t go to the Toros, but the ENTIRE team comes to the Spur. I think I just solved the Houston Rocket’s problem with Royce White. Just assign him to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers for the rest of the season. Since White balks at travelling with the rest of the team, just have the team come to HIM! The Vipers could just play out the rest of their home schedule at the Rocket’s practice facility.

  • mac

    Until Royce White comes to terms with the fact that if he creates more complications than he solves problems, he won’t stick in the NBA. Nobody even knows if he can play at an NBA level. He’s the one who has the most to gain or lose, by far.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/FranchiseMatt Matthew Swenson

    The Utah Jazz also have this opportunity, but don’t take advantage of it like this. It’s great to give developmental players use of a top-level facility, so they aren’t as mentally overwhelmed if/when they get the chance to move up to the big time.