48MoH TV Postgame Show: Spurs fall to Thunder in Game 3


The Spurs fall to the Thunder big in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. We go live to talk about in on 48MoH TV.

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  • Pastrypride

    Two things that worry me:
    1. that the Thunder may have made defensive adjustments that the Spurs won’t have an answer for;

    2. Duncan is having much more trouble scoring in this series than in the previous two.


    As I said in another post…Duncan was shut down, cannot compete against this team, or
    is just plain too old to continue in order for him to be a factor.

    Whatever the case may be in his inability to be other than a shot
    blocker at this point….this team desperately needs some interior post
    execution from Duncan who is the only player on this team capable of
    providing that type of dominant post execution.  Every other big on this
    team is a single trick pony who happens to be unable to play at a level
    conducive to championship basketball.

    And it appears the Thunder have taken up where they left off in the last quarter of game 2 by playing smothering perimeter D against the Spurs being they don’t have to worry about any of the Spurs interior personnel.

  • Riggies

    Duncan has to show up next game.  He regressed tonight and his deficiencies were highlighted, especially on the offensive end.  Duncan’s effort reflected the entire team tonight. 

    Piss poor offense noted with turnovers, turnovers, turnovers, turnovers………give the Thunder 50% of the credit for those but pure carelessness noted with Parker, Ginobili and just about any other ballhandler tonight trying to initiate offense.  It was hard to watch.  

    3 future hall of famers made Sefolosha look like a world-beater tonight, is that just me??  Really?  Sefolosha? 

    Spurs need better movement on offense to initiate their sets, better cuts and a bigger overall willingness to impart their will on these games on offense and defense.

    We all knew a loss was coming at some point, now how will the Spurs respond?

  • Pastrypride

    Why is Duncan having such a hard time in the post? I understand, Perkins is a great post defender. But Duncan doesn’t seem to be doing much better against Ibaka or Collison. He was hitting very nice shots against Jefferson and Jordan in previous rounds, who are true bigs, and Jordan at least is supposed to be a good defender. He was driving it against those guys, hitting running hooks. From what I’ve seen and heard on the radio, he seems tentative in this series.

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  • Phaley1

    I’m a passionate Spurs fan, now displaced in western NY. We all knew tonite’s game would be more difficult, but how could the Spurs seem to totally disintegrate ? Any answers besides turnovers? Rochester, NY Spurs Fan

  • glen907

    blair brings a lot more to the table than bonner, giving him bonner’s minutes is a necessity


    When I read the script the NBA  had OKC winning game three, San Antonio winning game four, and OKC is schedule to win game five. This was all the information I was able to get. I’m assuming that the rating will dictate the winner for the remaining games.