48MoH TV Postgame: Spurs beat Grizzlies


The San Antonio Spurs kicked off their latest Rodeo Road Trip with a win over the Memphis Grizzlies. This game could’ve been a blowout for the silver and black, but a big third quarter from the Grizzlies got Memphis back in the game. The Spurs eventually won 89-84 thanks to 21 points from Tony Parker and a big 19 point, 17 rebound and five block night from Tim Duncan.

On our 48MoH TV postgame show, Tim Varner and I broke down a few of the performances from the night including those of Parker, Duncan, Tiago Splitter and Danny Green. We took a few questions from the audience and talked about how well the Spurs’ defense has played over the last several games. We also discussed which player has been more important to the Spurs’ success the last few games, Duncan or Parker.

We closed out the night by looking at my posters hanging in the background of my office (FYI, Todd Slater is the poster artist who did the Wu-Tang Clan poster behind me) and played another round of Name That Narrative. Varner thinks the story will be about the Spurs’ current winning streak. I’m leaning towards something about the Spurs opening up another Rodeo Road Trip, in which San Antonio has never had a losing record, with a win. We’ll see who’s right.

  • Colin

    I’m glad Duncan’s effort wasn’t wasted in a loss tonight!

  • DieHardSpur

    Good game. Am I the only one that watched Blair single-handedly kill our momentum in the third??? When was the last time he had a good game? I am really fed up with his “rookie mistakes”…

    On a side note: Danny Green is definitely gonna be a player. I love his ability to forget the last play, step up and make the defensive stop.

  • Colin

     This is as good as Blair gets.  He is what he is……..average at best.

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    The story in the Express-News today is about vintage Duncan and the Spurs opening the RRT with a big win http://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/spurs/article/Vintage-Duncan-display-opens-road-trip-3090018.php If it’s okay with everybody here, I’m giving myself a half-point for Name That Narrative. Varner was just plain wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Great, GREAT  Postgame piece.  Wish I could make it on time to ask a question.

    1) The main question I wanted to ask is thoughts on the rotation/lineup will be after Manu and Ford return?
    Noticed Varner touched on it a bit and thought the same…perhaps Manu being more of a leader with the second unit?

    2) Why do the Spurs NOT have set plays called for R.J. instead of him just being a spot up option?  I’ve noticed he still has explosion capabilities to the rim to NOT get him more actively involved other than camping on the perimeter.  And…not saying it’s a viable excuse…but I would think it be mentally challenging to give it 100% all the time regarding focus and effort when NOT being used to my fullest potential.  In other words…if I were management capable…I wouldn’t be able to perform solid (all the time) if used only as a “part time” member.

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