Manu Ginobili: Not playing in World Championships, erasing your fears [Updated]


Manu Ginobili injured his ankle during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

According to Argentine newspaper Cancha Llena, the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili will not be playing in the 2010 World Championships in Turkey this summer.


It seemed like a bit of a long shot that Ginobili would participate in the World Championships in August and September after the controversy (as much controversy as the Spurs can have, that is) that resulted from his presence in the Beijing Olympics on a bum wheel.

Now that he’s finally at full health again and hitting his stride on the floor, would he really want to risk that for another tournament with the Argentine National Team?


But my guess is he understands that the Spurs were okay with it once, but if he does it again? “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me…” that sort of thing. Except the opposite, I guess.

Ginobili may also see the end on the horizon.

In the story, he stated that he intends to play in the Tournament of the Americas, in order to qualify for the next summer Olympics, and the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

And if the last two seasons taught him anything, it’s that the Spurs can’t win an NBA title unless everybody is healthy. And next year may be their last shot. So after next season is over, he’ll be 33 years-old and Tim Duncan will be 35.

Manu may concede, at least internally, that after next season the Spurs won’t be contenders for the NBA title, and he may turn his focus to winning one last title at the International level before he hangs ’em up himself.

But in the end, I’m not a mind-reader (yet), and all we have to go on is what Manu has said publicly. And it seems, at least for now, that Manu’s basketball goals are strictly in line with his employers in San Antonio.

Well, now that that fire is put out, it’s time for everyone to focus their energy on the Spurs other potential summer participant, Mr. Tony Parker.

[Update: Pounding the Rock has a translation of the entire column.]

(Hat tip to reader Gus for the story.)

  • Jordan

    Thanks, Manu! I hope you qualify for the Olympics next summer.

  • NL

    I know (at least I’m pretty sure) it’s against league policy to tell a player he can’t play, but do you think he made a verbal committment to Holt and Pop that he wouldn’t before he signed his extension?

  • Andrew A. McNeill


    It’s entirely possible that they could’ve reached some sort of gentlemen’s agreement before putting pen to paper.

  • BlaseE

    Please don’t show me that picture ever again.

  • Gary


    I had the same reaction,

    in fact can u just change this picture already ?

  • Ultimate Spurs Fan

    yeah that picture hurts…

  • micah

    I know this comment is not really in line with the topic of this post, but I had a thought after looking at and wanted to voice it here. Since Toronto is looking to sign and trade Bosh would he be worth a package of Parker/Blair or Parker/Splitter? I’m not sure if Toronto could get a better player in a sign and trade for Bosh. Is this too much to pay for Bosh? Would he even be a good fit? Thoughts?

  • Jim Henderson

    Okay, Manu’s chances of getting injured for next season may have gone down a bit. That’s good news, but I’d sure like to see our attention swing back to this series with the Mavs.

    This is a very dangerous game tonight. We just came off a HUGE game two victory in Dallas. Now we’re back in the comfortable surroundings of our home arena, where the “complacency bug” often has a sneaky way of rearing its ugly head.

    What do we need to do to snuff this “bug” out before it infects us to the point of a take-down? Can we stay sufficiently hungry to defend our own turf, after delivering a nasty blow to a wounded animal, in their own house? Now is the time to build momentum with a shot at the juggler, is it not?

    Do we have the proper mental focus, the rabid desire, as a team, to keep a dangerous enemy at bay? Can we repeat what we were successful at in game two, and what are in fact the KEYS to victory in game three? Is it coming out in the first minutes of the game with high, but sustainable defensive intensity? Is it driving the ball hard to the cup from the outset? Is it crashing the offensive & defensive glass with reckless abandon? If you were the coach, what would YOU emphasize to your team as you approach this crucial encounter?

    What adjustments & strategy modifications do we expect from the Mavs? What should be our counter? What role players on either side do you see as an x-factor in tonight’s game?

    Just some questions to ponder as we head into another huge contest. Thoughts, anyone?

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    Pounding the Rock has a pretty good translation of the article up on their site:

  • Brian K

    The Olympics I certainly understand, as the United States’ best players put it all on the line for the gold as well. But, the World Championships are more a platform for the “younger talent” to display their skills.
    Also, I don’t mean to be a copy-editor here, but I do think you meant the 2012 London Games, not the 2010 London Games. If not, that was a very quick four years.

  • Big50

    This is good news for the Spurs, no doubt. However, I feel bad for Manu. He’s getting hammered by Argentinians who are upset with him and it’s got to be killing him. As much grief as the Spurs fan base have given him for playing and getting hurt, I can not imagine the flack he’s getting from those crazy fans.

    I know that I would always want to play for my country and I can imagine how difficult it would be to make the decision not to play especially if I was one of the greatest players my country had ever had and I help put the sport on the map. This is akin to Landon Donavon not playing soccer for the US (only bigger). I truly wish Manu had never had any troubles playing for his country and I hope they cut him some slack.

  • SpursfanSteve

    i saw the picture and my heart stopped. Not cool, guys, not cool.

  • Este


    My reaction exactly. I didn’t if was a picture from practice or what when it first popped up.

  • Gary

    @Micah heard a long time ago Blair/Manu for Bosh…

    if any of the spurs comes play for Toronto, ill be their biggest fan since it’s the only team I can possibly go watch… In the other hand, Bosh in San Antonio would be crazy 😀

  • BigJ

    One down, one to go.

  • Federico

    I’m from Argentina and live in San antonio and of course, a huge Spurs fan. I guess its reasonable if he decides not to go to Turkey. Even though I’d love to see Manu playing for Argentina there are other factors aside of injuries that can make him think twice about international competition. And believe me if the Spurs win this year not only Argentina is going to celebrate but would open the door for him to represent our country.

  • junierizzle

    I know it must be tough for MANU not to play. BUt he has already given them Olympic gold. The Argentinians that are upset should let him slide.

    I know MANU is super popular over there but it isn’t like he isn’t gonna play for the SOCCER team in the world cup, which is a much bigger deal.

    I’m glad he will sit out. I’m sure the SPURS may have mentioned to him NOT to play before the new deal. MANU clearly wanted to be a SPUR.

  • BlaseE

    About the picture, I hate to see it, but I completely get why you used it. Just don’t do it again…..please. I beg you. I mean its on the main page every time I browse to 48MoH to see if there is something new now. Gut punch every time.

  • Carlos

    I’m Argentinean and let me tell you that almost everybody here understands his decision (at least the people who loves BB).
    It’s not that people hates him because of what he’d done.
    Maybe you should better come here and talk to people and you’ll get to know how we think and feel.

  • Jim Henderson

    Distraction & complacency all over this board today, despite having another HUGE game tipping off in less than three hours. Let’s hope the “Spurs” don’t succumb to the “bug”.

  • GMT

    Gah, I think the general consensus is that everyone will CRINGE when visiting 48MoH until this article has been pushed down by newer ones. But at least it comes with this relieving news.

  • gus

    manu has been so respectful and fair with argetine public and basquetball world as hw has been with san antonio people, and spurs organization and so many people was so unfair when he was hurt.
    it could be interesting for you people in USA to know that manu is not only changing the history of basquetball in argentina (and in even in the world) he is also creating a new role model for sportsman in argentina. He could be a symbol if he continues to be such a loyal, fair and good person

  • Tanjavur


    I agree…that picture needs to go from this page.

    Thank you.

  • Nate

    Tonights game will go well, if it does, Spurs in 5!!

  • Nate

    Yes tonights game will go well for S.A. & Spurs take out Mavs in 5!

  • Ryan

    It’s less than two hours to game time. Can we get some pre-game analysis? More importantly, can we get a picture of Dirk in anguish instead of this one?

  • lvmainman

    Bonner gave up 10 pts in a row from 3 different players. 4 from Nowitzki, 4 from Marion, and 2 from Najera.

    Talk about look like a defensive practice dummy. Yeesh.

  • Tanjavur

    Please replace this picture…please!

    Had a few tough moments there today watching Ginobili’s nose. I hope he is ok. The first thing I thought of when he got hurt was this article. Dang!

    Great game ultimately. Tony Parker was huge!

  • TheRed&Black

    Gritty Win. Go Spurs!

  • idahospur

    My heart stops so many times during these games. 2 wins in 4 more games, and we advance. We won tonight without outstanding performances from Manu or RJ, so we will dominate when either of these guys perform. Let’s win on Sunday!


    Pop, Pop, Pop….

    Almost killed us with Bonner. Cant figure out what it is that Pop is thinking with this dude…Bonner cant hang with Dirk. Cant put Bonner on Dirk in the 4th. Suicide! Get him his shots and sit him down…..PLEASE!

    As for the following beasts in tonights contest..Ginnobli, Parker, Duncan, Dice, Hill….Dice was a grown man against Dirk and on the glass tonight. This is the Dice that I remember. Banging and scrapping for his. Huge game eve though Dirk scored well…Huge!

    Dallas is now in full blown panic mode and Cuban will certainly add to that panic after tonights game.

    Im going to seize this opportunity to talk tall and long shyt at work tommorrow. Yes, I intend to do it….with no shame!
    Also, I openly admit……

    I plan to bust in the door of the closest Valero and demand, yes demand, my free Go Spurs coffee…With a straight face.

    You never know…

  • SAS

    Wow! Great win for spurs. we win without a 3 pointer. its great palyoff game. GO Spurs Go!!!

  • Navin

    omg! Ginobili has a broken nose…

  • Navin
  • lvmainman

    Did this picture of Ginobili lead to a broken nose? Coincidence?

    Great win by the Spurs. But, I’m left with an uneasiness in the way it happened.

    Jefferson – 6 pts? He can’t score 12-15 pts on a regular basis? Guarded by Kidd all night, no less?

    No 3 pointers made? 1st win since ’93 playoffs that’s happened for Spurs, only 4th time in NBA since 2000 Bonner, nor Hill, nor Ginobili could hit from deep? At home? Mavericks might play zone all 4 qtrs on Sunday.

    All points scored by 6 players except for 2 pts? Isn’t home court supposed to bring the best out of role players off the bench? Is Hairston still injured? Hairston hasn’t been activated for any games? Temple can’t get any playing time against small ball, instead of Mason?

    Can Duncan keep playing the entire 2nd half of every game?

    Why is Blair missing so many layups inside?

    Coach Carlisle didn’t want to play Caron Butler the entire 2nd half? The guy who torched us for 22 in game #1? Will we be that lucky again?

    I’m left feeling great that the Spurs can win when not clicking on all cylinders but this win also feels like it might have been fool’s gold.

  • lvmainman

    Forgot to add, will Parker keep hitting consecutive, clutch jumpers in the 4th qtr of games?

  • lvmainman

    Can the Spurs win a game with Joey Crawford as referee? ESPN says he’s the ref on Sunday. Crawford, who wanted to fight Duncan, who ejected Duncan for clapping, who refused to call a foul on Fisher for fouling Brent Barry at the end of the game – NBA said he erred?

    The same Crawford who in the 1st 3 games back after suspension referee’d against the Spurs made the 1st foul call of the game out of the 3 referees in the game and it was always on Tim Duncan?

    Look out Spurs!

  • Jacob

    I fucking hate Joey Crawford!

  • Sam

    Pretty sure his wife told him no on this one. Probably wants to spend the summer with his twins…

  • Rick

    Yes tonights game will go well for S.A. & Spurs take out Mavs in 5!

  • Dave

    Bonner gave up 10 pts in a row from 3 different players. 4 from Nowitzki, 4 from Marion, and 2 from Najera.

    Talk about look like a defensive practice dummy. Yeesh.

  • Matt

    No one has mentioned the fact that Manu and his wife are about to have twins due in a month. Maybe he just wants to spend an off season with his new kids and family.

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