Manu’s Clarification


Since the story regarding Manu’s future with the Spurs first reached American shores, there have been some significant developments. I wrote a brief recap of the story’s evolution for TrueHoop; give it a quick read and report back.

Personally, I’m not sure Manu’s remarks are a “clarification” as much as they are damage control. But his point is valid: Just because he is unlikely to get an extension does not mean his days as a Spur are over. Now that Manu has had a chance to respond, tell me: What do you guys think?

  • junierizzle

    I kinda feel better. That’s the way I was looking at it. Just because there hasn’t been an extention doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to resign him. I hope he stays. Even on a bad shooting night Manu can impact a game. How could they not resign him? And all the bloggers talking about a trade need to stop. POP said it himself no Manu, no Championship.

    Just look at tonights loss against the Jazz. Without Manu they would have been blown out start to finish. Its no conicidence that the Spurs went on a 25-0 run when Manu checked in. And then gave up a most of the lead when Manu sat.

    The Spurs need some shooters that can hit a WIDE OPEN shot. I love Bogans’ D as much as the next guy, but how many wide open 3s is he gonna miss?? And he missed two key 3’s that just killed the Spurs Momentum.
    The SPurs always had guys to hit key 3s. Elliot,Kerr, Horry, Bowen.
    I hope BOnner gets well soon. He missed his two 3 point shots, but he’ll come around.

    I’m tired of the Spurs losing just because they can’t hit shots. I’m tired of them blowing big leads because they can’t make shots.

  • josh

    I do think the spurs will re-sign Manu.I don’t think it’ll be during this season.after the season is over is when I see him and the spurs reaching an agreement.I have plenty of respect and love for manu and if he were to walk into another NBA organization than I would give him my much as I would hate to see that day come.I hope he can stay healthy this ending stretch of the season and give us production as he had his past years with us. Come on Spurs! Let’s get it together! Oh and by the way, was it just me or did it seem like the refs did not want to see Timmy reach his 20,000 career point?that was an awful job of officialling in my opinion!

  • zainn

    I think joey crawford had a talk with some of those refs so timmy wouldn’t get another point until the rockets game. I net he got a kick out of that. Anyways, I wouldn’t be surprised if bogans was included in a trade for raja bell.or someone who can shoot the three ball and defend well as junierizzle pointed out.

  • JT

    I am way too angry and should not be writing anything, but oh well.

    I’m sick of everyone… Refs were horrible last night, but it wasn’t their fault we lost this game.

    Spurs are lazy, old, tired and weak. Tony keeps ignoring everyone and trying to score himself. He missed a wide open RMJ when he got fouled, you could see him mouthing “I’m Sorry” to him. Manu at least can share the ball.

    Our offense is horrible, we are all static just waiting for the guy to do something, no one cutting or moving at all.

    RJ SUCKS, so what he hit a three, Bonner dribbles better than he does, so what he dunks once in a while, he provides nothing else.

    McDyess SUCKS, he cannot catch a pass from anyone, he’s only good to shoot the 15 footer when wide open, he can’t even make layups or dunks and hangs on the rim too long to make Blair miss a dunk. Thanks McDyess.

    Bogans SUCKS, He needs to stop shooting, he needs to start realizing that making 3’s are more lucky shots than skill.

    We had one player show up tonight and that was Manu, how can they talk about the Spurs having a chance to win this way. We are not going to have home court (not that it makes a difference anyway). I have seen no major improvement since the beginning of the season, we have just been abusing really weak teams, the rest of the season gets very hard and this will probably be the worst Rodeo trip record yet.

    Now I will try to go to sleep and forget this nightmare that are the Spurs this year. Should have saved their money for someone else.

  • Sauce

    ginobli single-handedly gave breath to our offense when we were nil for the first 5 minutes.

    did anyone think duncan really wanted to get that 2,000th mark out of the way that he played a little bit out of his comfort zone?

  • mori1040


    Raja Bell is done for the season after having wrist surgery. Warriors have amazing luck 5 guys out with season ending injuries–seems Phil Jackson’s karma remarks don’t just apply to the Clippers.

    Too bad Maggette got selfish and signed with the Dub’s instead of the Spurs. He’s having a great year…

  • junierizzle

    @Sauce, I was thinking the same thing. TD just didn’t seem focused. I think he kinda took himself out of the game thinking about the 20,000 points. Plus the refs weren’t kind to him either. Maybe the SPurs couldve have won if TD had a better game.
    Actually, they still might have lost giving up all those lay ups late in the game. That just aint Spurs ball.

  • SpurredOn

    This is why Manu’s contract situation is undeserving of worry, IMO, at this time. Way too soon. And yes, I am willing to believe that tone and complete clarity may have been lost in translation.

    The season at hand id the bigger story. it’s a sad joke that the SPurs just went 0-4 against Utah. No way that team is superior to SA. How on Earth did the Spurs manage to shoot 39% against a slow footed on defense team that always fouls their opponent? Or a home game that included a 25-0 run? Yet I read the Mavs just won their ninth straight 1-point game. These breaks have got to start evening out; better execution on the offensive end would help most of all.

  • larrybud

    Manu is doing what’s best. The NBA is a business and he should explore financial opportunities beyond the Spurs. If he’s offered significantly more money from a contending team, why wouldn’t he take it? This is probably his last shot at a multiyear contract. He did the same thing the last time his contract expired when some thought he would sign with Denver.

  • b1gdon

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE ME SOME MANU!!! That said, given the history of players of his type and history, his career future is not exactly the most promising. How much money should the Spurs risk on an injury prone mid 30s guard who plays with absolutely no concern for his body. I’m not going to be too happy or upset either way if he does or doesn’t come back. There are clear arguments on both sides. I don’t envy the choice RC Bufford has to make.

  • b1gdon

    “I’m not going to be too happy or upset either way if he does or doesn’t come back. ”

    Ok, I’m going to be really upset if he doesn’t come back, but I won’t be mad at the Spurs front office.

  • Nick (Italy)

    It took me some 15 hours to put the thoughts in my head in a coherent shape and I am not even sure they currently are, so everyone please forgive me if this post does not make any sense.

    I think the main issue here is that Manu felt that his relationship with the Spurs organization was something more than just business. I guess the fact that he basically left some money on the table when he signed that 5 years contract in 2004 has something to do with it.

    When you are committed to an organization beyond the limits which the actual relationship would entail, you need to feel that commitment from the other party too.

    From my point of view, the real meaning of Manu’s words is that, since the Spurs are not committed to him, from this point on he will simply treat the negotiation of the new contract as business, without any feelings involved. This means that, if anyone comes up with an additional guaranteed year or 1M more per year, he may decide to change address.

    My understanding is that it was not like this before, because if now accepting an extension “depends from the offer”, it means that before it depended also from the offer.

    Last, let me make a non politically correct remark.

    Manu is Argentinean and, moreover, we are not talking about a Luis Scola from Buenos Aires, we are talking about a guy from Bahia Blanca, a small city in the middle of nowhere in the Pampa. With all my love for Argentinean (roughly half of the Argentinean, Manu included, have a percentage of Italian blood in their veins and during and after the economic crisis in 2000/2001 a lot of Argentinean, including a good number of semi-pro basketball players, came to Italy) and my hate for generalizations, one has to admit they have some common traits. They are passionate, but stubborn, loyal, but a little crazy and wild.

    In many cases, that’s what makes them special and, in Manu’s case, that’s a big part of what makes him special.

    I think there is no comparison between “business Manu” and “Manu in love” and, if his love and commitment for the Spurs organization is lost in all or in part, recovering it should be a priority.

    Last (this time for real), the FO screwed this one badly this far: even if they can manage to keep Ginobili in July – and it won’t be easy – it shall cost far more than offering him a 2/3 years extension last fall or, at least, keeping the negotiations going. Interrupting all talks with a soon to be free agent for 9 months makes sense only if you have zero interest in him.



  • Alger Hiss

    b1gdon has got it right.

    For the rest of you who are bemoaning all the terrible things that will happen “without Manu”, it seems like you’re assuming he just disappears and no one replaces him on the team. That’s why trading him preemptively makes sense. Get some value back, while he’s still worth something.

  • dakota

    “RJ SUCKS, so what he hit a three, Bonner dribbles better than he does, so what he dunks once in a while, he provides nothing else.”

    Are we talking about the same matt bonner here? the one who can’t dribble at all and always looks lost out there on defense? and RJ is a better defender than people give him credit for. Unfortunately shutting someone down doesn’t put stats on the stat sheet.

  • Fan

    My problem is not whether Manu deserves to be resigned it’s more about getting a commitment in writing that his international basketball days are over during his three year extension with the Spurs. If he doesn’t agree the Spurs should let him go and get on with the business of replacing him. Even today Manu is not the same player he once was and he has to be committed to doing whatever it takes to getting better. Maybe a little rest and relaxation is just what’s needed. The Spurs have made huge monetary commitments to win a title and its time our international players get on board.