Marco Belinelli becomes first Spur to win Three-Point Shootout


Well, hell … that was enjoyable. Marco Belinelli survived an overtime matchup with Bradley Beal to become the first Spur to ever win the All-Star Three-Point Shootout competition,

Marco put up a score of 24 on his last turn after dropping 19 on his first two attempts to advance past the rest of the West’s contestants, and it was too much for Beal to overcome in the final rounds. Belinelli, who’s hit nearly 45 percent of his threes this season, was super calm after some frankly awful early attempts. One air ball on the first rack of the night; another shot hit the the bottom-right side of the backboard on the rack from straightaway on top of the arc.

But he hit ’em when they mattered. Marco was awesome with each money-ball, and it was his consistency on that final right corner rack that made the biggest difference.

There was a format change this year, where the shooters got to select one rack that would be filled with money-balls. Belinelli picked the final one, a spot most shooters shied away from because they felt time would be against them and they’d risk not getting up enough shots from that location. But Marco was quick, smooth and efficient.

And I think something has to be said for the non-jump-shooter aspect. Belinelli is a set-shooter — he doesn’t waste time and energy elevating in his shot, and that was a major benefit to him in this competition, especially against Beal. We’ve seen him hit off-balance shots all season, but he rarely jumps. They’re almost all set-shots or leaning right or left.

Really, Marco’s built for this kind of competition, and he showed that. Let’s see if he can continue that into the final stretch of the season.

  • PR Spur

    Italian Ice! That was great to watch!

  • Ali

    hopefully that’s the difference btwn marco and Bonner. Bonner chocks in playoff, Marco hopefully wont

  • ray

    I enjoyed the 3point contest but was annoyed by Reggie Miller’s comments about Marco.

  • Mike Smith

    I think Reggie Miller is biased towards black players and was hoping Beal would win.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    In an effort to keep this discussion from getting too far out of control, let’s go ahead and leave race out of it.