More NBA 411 – Missing persons report


Eventually, I’m going to show some personality.

  • Sauce

    Whoa, Andrew McNeill, is your mom chinese? Just intereting. I’m full and from San Francisco.

  • Andrew A. McNeill


    Haha no, but I got that question a lot growing up.

  • MEB4303

    Speak up!!!!

  • SA_Ray

    When I saw the title “Missing persons report” I assumed this was video about RJ.

    Andrew McNeill, loosen up, slow down (a little) and speak up. We know you have smart things to say, just need a little more personality in there.

  • Phife

    I like the style, very Duncan-esque

  • GMT

    Yes, very Duncan-esque, haha.

    Also, the map zooms in on Dallas, not San Antonio. What’s up with that??

  • rj

    if it was duncan-esque, you would need” uhhh….uhhh.uuhhhh.”

  • tomasito

    Comin’ at us from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, it appears…

  • ribanez1

    Splitter is playing well and will get better. He can help us in the playoffs and be a factor against the Lakers along with a rested TD. I am encouraged by his play and toughness. As I have said before, I saw him play over the summer and he played Lamar Odom very well! He played well against Aldridge and Nene. Too bad he did not play more during the regular season he would be much further along his learning curve. .

  • Titletown99030507d


    Blame Pop and his “Blair Wish Project” for that. I had been bitching about that since the 4th week after Splitter was back from his summer injury and everybody on the that other rag with those bozos writing for the Spurs Nation crucified me for bring up Splitters name any given day back then. And now the same ones that called me crazy are kissing his butt and praising him wanting more minutes for him. I knew all along he would make the adjustment and start making serious contributions but everybody hailed Blair as Timmy’s side kick or replacement. A gazillion posts later and now they’re warming up to Splitter and throwing Blair under the bus to boot. I still like Blair but off the bench and not in the 4th.

  • Mano e Manu

    Well, I’d glad to say I sort’ve told you so.

    I’m not going to claim: 1. that Tiago’s ‘got it’ now and he’s good to go for the playoffs, and 2. that I knew he had it all along and I was screaming at anyone who was around that POP NEEDS TO PLAY SPLITTER.

    That said, I was saying, “Hey, don’t you think Tiago should at least get some minutes in uncompetitive games (blowouts)? Maybe see if he’s got some game, give him some practice.”

    And then the standard response seemed to be “Shut up. Pop knows exactly how good each of his guys is, even if he hasn’t ever seen them play in a real NBA game because he won’t play them.”

    And I was sooooooooooo right. So eat it, random Pounding the Rock homeristic douchebags who think that the mere expression of doubt about a team has anything to do with how much you actually like said team. Just ’cause the Lakers are looking like favorites right now doesn’t mean I’m in love with Kobe Bryant, and if you can’t see the distinction you probably can’t wait to vote for Palin.

  • MSteele

    Maybe I’m giving Pop too much credit but I think he planned what he would do. I think he knows that Dice and Timmy are our 2 best bigs. He was just allowing Dice time to rest before the real season starts.
    Regarding who would start with Timmy at the start of the season I felt it was just a matter of circumstance – Pop wasn’t sure who would start but then Tiago gets injured, this gives him his answer. The team were rollin’ so he probably thought there was no point in changing to Tiago when he knew he was switching to Dice later in the season anyways.
    I certainly agree with you regarding Splitter as a player but I feel Dice gives you more in the post season especially considering Tiago is a rook.

  • Len

    This is the best editorial I’ve read about the Spurs this season.

  • Kevin

    Blair played really well at the beginning of this season, and Splitter did not. He was hurt from the start, and then got hurt again.

    The whole time all we’ve heard from the comments section is constant bitching for more PT for Tiago. I’m not even saying your wrong, just repetetive and annoying. Now that Blair is not playing as well, and Tiago is getting more minutes, we’re still angry?

    Yeah he isn’t getting crunch time minutes… spoiler alert: he won’t in the playoffs either. Pop won’t trust an unproven commodity to decide our season when it matters, deal with it.

    Not that you guys care, but the “I was right” and “Thank God stupid Pop finally listened to ME” stuff is getting old. Its been a pretty awesome season so far, but you wouldn’t know it from these comments sections. Most fun Spurs team I’ve watched in years. Yes, the play since the ASG has been concerning, but we all know when our stars shine… and that’s when it matters. Ask Dallas.

    Lastly, don’t bitch about another forum on here. If you don’t like somebody at PtR, then tell them, over there.

  • rob

    Nice work Andrew. Anytime anybody does anything new there is always a “learning curve”…but you did good. I look forward to more.

    Regarding the Spurs season and it’s players…it’s been a learning curve as well. I too am thankful for a season that was not expected. And even though the last 4 losses in a row would generate doubt in the most positive fan, there has been that peverbial silver lining regarding the circumstances for those losses. Each game was a close game without the team’s big three able to play. Tiago has improved his game immensly from his first time on the court. Gary Neal was an excellent pick up for the team. And others are getting valuable playing time prior to playoffs.

    All in all, though there might be some genuine concerns, because of these last 4 games, I think the team has become better prior to the injuries.

    Sometimes you can’t win until you aren’t afraid to lose. These last 4 games and the remaining schedule might just show us something optimistic about this team that many (including myself at times) have been afraid of not happening.

    Go Spurs Go!!!

  • betsyduncan

    Thank you, Len, for the link! I am an inveterate Beatles fan and LOVED the clever analogies/comparisons between the team and the band! My favorite Beatle was John and Tim is my favorite in just the way that he was. Smashing!

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