Spurs trade Nando De Colo to Toronto Raptors for Austin Daye


The San Antonio Spurs have traded point guard Nando De Colo to the Toronto Raptors for Austin Daye, jumping out of nowhere at the very last second to pull the trigger as the trade deadline passed, Adrian Wojnarowski reported.

With Tony Parker, Patty Mills and Cory Joseph, San Antonio had a glut of point guards and too few minutes to find time for all of them, and they lacked a presence behind Kawhi Leonard at the small forward position. Well, they’ve done at least a little bit to rectify that situation.

Daye is a 6-foot-11, 200-pound, rail-thin combo forward with decent range — he’s a 35 percent 3-point shooter for his career — and a ton of length. But don’t be mistaken, he too is a fringe player. Still, he’s the kind of body the Spurs definitely need, and he’ll provide depth down the stretch for those moments San Antonio must go without Leonard, Danny Green, Marco Belinelli or Manu Ginobili.

He’s on the hook for less than $1 million this season and has a non-guaranteed contract for next year. This move was made simply to tidy of the rotation situation and give the Spurs depth where they need it most. Daye, out of Gonzaga, is only 25 years old, so there’s room to grow both physically and as a player.

This was absolutely out of the blue, as the deadline came and went without a peep. But the Spurs were able to pull it off as the clock struck 12, and overall it’s a fine move for what San Antonio needs. Don’t expect a ton of contribution at this point, but it’s a decent transaction, nevertheless.

By the way: The Indiana Pacers have traded Danny Granger to the Philadelphia 76ers for Evan Turner; Philly is expected to buy-out Granger’s contract, making him a free agent. Hello, San Antonio?

  • Josh Vegas

    I always loved watching Daye at summer league, but he has had a tough time translating his skill set. I’ve seen him basically run the point pretty effectively, which makes him an intriguing prospect, but not much else.

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  • ThatBigGuy

    Not a bad trade for the end of the bench: a known quantity (De Colo) for an intriguing prospect (Daye). Perhaps his athleticism will translate into a few minutes at the back-up SF.

    I don’t think Granger comes to SA because Clippers, Heat, and OKC can offer him more minutes, but I sure hope the Spurs put in a good offer.

  • Ben

    Great trade. DeColo was guard #7 and didn’t love his PT. We save 500k this year. We add length and we don’t lose 3pt shooting. Plus if we like him, we keep him next year as depth at the 3/4. And if it doesn’t work, no big loss.

  • Jocco

    I like it.

  • lvmainman

    Atrocious trade.
    Daye provides nothing that Bonner doesn’t already provide. Daye can’t guard a ladder defensively.
    Why not trade De Colo to the Knicks for MWP – Metta World Peace?

  • Rhetorock

    He can’t guard anyone down low. He can bother people more than it seems outside.

  • Graham

    1) This trade is a Waaaaaaay more cost effective for a guy MAYBE getting 5 to 8 minutes a night.

    2) Daye hays a lot more potential. Maybe he never had the right development, a la Danny Green. He’s got the tools to be a decent 3 or stretch 4. Certainly worth taking a look at with his price tag.

    3) at this point, saying MWP is a better option is debatable.

    4) were the Knicks even interested in De Colo?

  • ThatBigGuy

    How can a swapping of 11th men ever be atrocious?

  • Tyler

    Atrocious? We traded one guy who wasn’t going to be around next year for another guy who won’t be around next year…..what were you expecting?

    MWP? Um, have you seen him play lately? Plus MWP has a player option for $1.7M next year (hint: he’s picking it up!).

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    Wait. You thought De Colo was an 11th man? I had him 13th at best.

  • BlaseEW
  • colt

    granger signing in my opinion would be the exact player we need to put us over the hump. Proven scorer, defender, and is battle tested. Hoping we can make him a legitiment offer.

  • Ali

    “My impression of Danny Green was less positive than Tim’s. “Confident but not cocky” seems too kind. I found him to be disinterested, sometimes to the point of being disrespectful (at points he was texting while being interviewed). But, as Tim noted, he was also unexpectedly frank. He openly admitted his workout with the Spurs went “OK” and said he didn’t have the footspeed to be an elite defender. Mediocre workouts and inability on the defensive end is a common thread that runs throughout many of the prospects, but few addressed them as directly as Green”


  • junierizzle

    I’m sorry I only read Danny Granger, buy-out and San Antonio?

  • Graham

    Maybe, but it’s a stretch. We don’t have the minutes to truly give him (though neither does OKC, or even Miami, unless they play small). I think I’d peg him landing with the Clippers……..if they aren’t too cheap.

    Grainger’s a shadow of himself. A great potential pickup but he’s not moving the needle I think for us.

  • NYC

    14th at best. And even then he has stiff competition from Shannon Brown.

  • NYC

    Did Nando get traded?


  • NYC

    Somewhere in a dark locker room, Matt Bonner is sobbing into his face mask.

  • Tony

    Jeff Pendergrh’s hands?!?!

  • ThatBigGuy

    Bumped him up due to current injury climate. On a healthy squad, he’s a bit further down, I will agree.

  • ThatBigGuy

    I don’t see the Clippers going for Granger because they need a big man much more, since they traded Jamison and Mullins away. They’re also slightly over the salary cap. They’ll be in the market for one of the big buyout candidates, as well as the Heat. I think buyers for Granger would include OKC, SA, maybe Houston and Portland. He won’t get much PT anywhere, but will be getting $14 million to clap during a deep playoff run. That’s a pretty good gig.

  • colt

    Granger would be unreal, but i’m not sure of the likelihood of us sending him a quality offer. Is there anybody else who would fit in whose being bought out? I just saw glen davis and the magic are parting way, thoughts?

  • Ray Briggs II

    I figure Davis is almost a lock to rejoin Doc in LA.

  • Ray Briggs II

    I would love to see Granger in a Spurs uni backing up Kawhi. It helps fill the largest hole the Spurs have right now and he is a solid defender. I think the Spurs could give him more minutes than any other contender out there.

  • Jocco

    I think so too.
    There is also Earl Clark who have been waived by the sixers. Earl clark is way better than Austin Daye.

  • J Smooth

    Granger could be the piece that pushes the Spurs over the top. I knew that the Pacers and Spurs would not make a trade because of the potential finals match up, but if Philly does indeed buy out Granger’s contract that would be a nice pickup for the Spurs. Then the only challenge for the Spurs would be to get everybody healthy, because if that happens there is no doubt in my mind they have the most talented team in the league.

  • Jocco

    personally I prefer Clark over Granger who is clearly no more the player he was. But we can also (try to) get both and waive Daye.

  • Tess

    Kind of a lost cause on defense — not strong enough to guard inside players well, not quick enough to guard perimeter players well, though least he has useful height. If he provides useful minutes, it will be because he brings something to the table on offense. A spare shooter off the bench with size is at least something.

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