Taking the temperature of the latest lockout news… it’s cold


After, oh, about a week or so of some optimism that the NBA and its players union would strike a deal in order to start the season on time, both sides came out kicking puppies and pissing in Kool-Aid yesterday after a five hour meeting. For the longest time, the key issue seemed to be the percentage of basketball related income (BRI as I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about lately) the players receive. Under the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement it was at 57%.

Apparently, the players were willing to give up some dough on the BRI side of things yesterday. They presented a proposal to the owners stating the players were willing to take a little less. How much less, I don’t know. You would think that would help the momentum we had last week snowball. No dice. It looks like the percentage of BRI isn’t as big a deal as we believed before. That, or the owners want that toned down and the kitchen sink. And the sofa upstairs in the game room. And — why the hell not — your neighbor’s entire house.

The owners want a hard cap, not the soft, squishy cap we have now. The owners think that will help the competitive balance. Others disagree. Most do agree that a hard cap will decrease the amount of money the middle and lower class of the NBA receives and increase what the super stars make. I don’t pretend to have all the answers to these questions, I’d just like to see some NBA basketball this season.

Below you can find the reports from many NBA writers and the general tone of what they wrote after yesterday’s meeting. If you feel like the sky is falling, avoid Woj’s piece.

  • DorieStreet

    Football has started, and baseball is approaching the post-season pennant run; but I will review the thoughts, opinions, and proposed solutions by the NBA writers as the fall unfolds and we roll into the October non-training camps/preseason.

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