Novak sticking around, Jeffers signed


Transactions galore on Friday morning! First the (somewhat) surprising news. The San Antonio Spurs announced today that the team signed Steve Novak for the remainder of the season. From the official press release:

The San Antonio Spurs today announced they have signed forward Steve Novak for the remainder of the season.  Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.  Novak originally joined the Silver and Black on February 8 signing a 10-day contract becoming the eighth call-up of the 2010-11 NBA Development League season.

Novak, a 6-10 forward, has appeared in eight games for the Spurs, averaging 2.5 points in 6.1 minutes per game, while shooting .462 (6-13) from the field and .444 (4-9) from three-point territory.

Novak sticking around for the rest of the year comes as a bit of a surprise. He hasn’t necessarily done anything wrong. He’s played just fine when he’s gotten in games and he’s a friendly locker room guy. It’s just, there doesn’t seem to be much upside with him.

The Spurs often bring in players at the end of the year to take a look at them for next season, but Novak will be 28 in June. He is what he is at this point.

Then again, if you look at the pieces the Spurs have assembled for this year’s team, there’s a different picture emerging. Every player on the Spurs roster has the ability to play at least two positions. Some can play three. The only guy who may play only a single position is Chris Quinn, and even he could probably slide over and act as a spot-up shooter.

And that trend doesn’t change with the Spurs’ latest signing, Othyus Jeffers (man, I’m going have trouble with that name for a while).

The San Antonio Spurs today announced they have signed guard/forward Othyus Jeffers (pronounced oh-THEE-us) from the Iowa Energy of the NBA Development League to a 10-day contract.  Jeffers is the 11th call-up of the 2010-11 D-League season.

Jeffers, a 6-5 guard/forward, has appeared in 37 games with the Energy this season, averaging 21.2 points, 9.0 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.95 steals in 38.4 minutes while shooting .480 (276-575) from the field, .295 (13-44) from three-point range and .741 (22-293) from the foul line.  He’s led the Energy to a D-League best 30-10 record, reaching double figures in scoring in all 37 games he’s appeared in.  Jeffers has registered 17 double-doubles on the season, including a 32 point, 18 rebound performance at Tulsa on Nov. 26.

At 6’5″, Jeffers’ size fits him for a shooting guard, but his rebounding ability enables him to play the three. This flexibility lets the team continue to play its system, even when pieces are missing. Tony Parker goes out with an injury and George Hill slides over to play more point guard. To make up for that, James Anderson ends up playing more shooting guard. Gregg Popovich, it seems, likes his team flexible.

  • Blofeld

    I thought this article was an April Fool’s joke, but then I realized we’re still in March. Let me get this straight, the already solid Mavs go out and get defensive ace Corey Brewer, and we go out and get…wait for it…Jeffers? Oh yeah, we also decided to keep cutting a paycheck to Steven Stiff Novak? And I was worried we lacked the size to match up the the Lakers and Mavs. I will now light myself on fire while wearing my Spurs snuggie

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    In fairness, the Mavs had much more money to offer Brewer than the Spurs. You can’t really pin that on the SA front office.

  • spurholic in Mumbai

    @ blofeld, agree totally, share the pain.

    Could the Spur front office pull out the proverbial rabbit out of the hat ? What if RJ has an injury scare, who’ll be his replacement?

  • Alix Babaie

    March 4th, 2011 at 9:14 am

    I thought this article was an April Fool’s joke, but then I realized we’re still in March. Let me get this straight, the already solid Mavs go out and get defensive ace Corey Brewer, and we go out and get…wait for it…Jeffers? Oh yeah, we also decided to keep cutting a paycheck to Steven Stiff Novak?

    You should change your name to Blohard instead. This team is 50-11 and it gets tiresome watching people on here piss and whine about what we lack.

    Apparently we don’t lack too much if we keep winning at an .820 clip.

    I swear some of you are so worried about who’s behind us that you tend to forget to be optimistic about what’s ahead.

  • SAJKinBigD

    @Andrew: Truth, but it still stings. All this talk in off-season about respect for the FO and Pop by players around the league and how often do the coveted FAs come here? I REALLY wanted Brewer here, but oh well.

    I am intrigued by Jeffers, but wasn’t there a better option than Novak for the rest of the season? Cousins? I dunno… Your assertion that Novak is what he’s gonna be feels accurate, and at the same time upsetting in a way. Not mind-blowing or anything; just a little…sad? I know this FO hardly ever makes flashy or major-major moves (RJ notwithstanding), but it feels like we’re being passed up by the other Elite teams…

  • idahospur

    Brewer also got 3 years from Dallas. I don’t think the Spurs were willing to commit to that time.

  • jwalt

    Corey Brewer is not the answer to anything. Peja is 10 times the player Brewer is, and yet even Peja probably won’t hurt us if we face Dallas.

    On the other hand, keeping Novak is a real surprise. He must be one heck of a guy, because he can’t play a lick.

  • SAJKinBigD

    Knowing these things doesn’t make it any easier to take, though. :)
    It’s like the girlfriend that carefully explains exactly WHY she’s dumping you. You understand and appreciate the honesty, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. 😐

  • Len

    Pop always likes to have veteran scoring available on the bench. I just don’t know about this move though. Doesn’t the team have enough scoring punch already?

  • lutherwarm

    i am surprised about novak because, i don’t see him getting much pt, plus for his height, he doesn’t seem to be a good rebounder. i was hoping that would’ve taken a chance on eddy curry. although he hasn’t had a stellar career, he is a legit 7’0 and could give us some interior toughness come playoff time. but i’ll trust what the fo is doing and just hope we have enough to get that fifth ring.

  • TD = Best EVER

    Correct me if I’m wrong but has Novak played any SF this year for us. I don’t think he has, and considering we already have Bonner, I’m not to sure what to make of a poor man’s Bonner. Unless Pop wants him to play the 3 position and then its not that bad a move.

    But its another day and I have another recommendation for our esteem blogging community to consider. I heard recently that Antonio Daniels was in the D-League…… He would be a nice back up PG, one that can actually score/defend his position better than Quinn. Also considering how he began his career, much like Hill, he would be able to teach Hill how to better make the transition into a play maker. They both started of as 2 guards, and then had to become PG’s because of their size(btw both are 6-3 with long arms). Daniels eventually became a starter in this league with The Wizards I think so he could help teach Hill what that’s all about as well as if needed, actually help us now.

    So to recap

    Novak – head scratcher(unless he can play the 3)
    Daniels – No-brainer

    FO – Lets make it happen.

  • deadeye4021

    Novak signed for the remainder of the season. Corey Brewer to the Mavs. I love my Spurs but c’mon.

  • Jacques

    As much as I like Corey Brewer, he is not going to find a lot of minutes even if he came to SA. Pop won’t allow that, that’s no surprise. The only concern here is that if RJ gets injured, then we have to play 3 guards for almost 48 minutes.

    I have trust in the FO. But Steve Novak signing does confuse me. He looks like an immature form of Arron Affalo, a person who stands there waiting for the ball to shoot. I remember twice when the shotclock was at 1 second, he PASSED the ball……..

  • Mike


    The Mavs paid him more.

  • Bruno

    i am very surprised about novak

  • Bill

    I saw Bowen in Brewer… a shame we couldn’t get him on so many levels. I think you cut someone to give you the space for that guy. Now a huge rival in the Mavs has him and can sic him on Manu.

    Maybe the FO sees Jeffers as a Bowen-in-training?

    Novak… I can only think that either there are concerns about Bonner, or they are giving themselves more leverage as far as trading Bonner or other. There are better options for use of a roster spot… unless they signed him to keep him away from someone else. Perhaps Novak’s agent deserves a raise for bluffing?

  • Hobson13

    TD = Best EVER
    March 4th, 2011 at 11:03 am

    “I’m not to sure what to make of a poor man’s Bonner.”

    …except that Novak must be an awfully poor man.
    In all seriousness, these two signings won’t help with anything. These guys are just practice dummies and warm bodies. I’m not trying to rehash the Brewer situation, but he only signed for a $6mil 3 year deal. I don’t know who his agent was, but I don’t think he did a very good job. Surely Brewer could have gotten a $3-4mil/year gig if he had played well on contender. I guess he is just afraid of what the new CBA would look like.

  • Judd

    @ jwalt

    man you love you some peja. you do know it’s 2011, not 2004 right? i’m not poking fun; im just saying there is no way he is 10 times the player brewer is. sure peja can still score on some nights, but he simply can’t play defense or do much else. we didn’t miss out on anything there.

    brewer wanted more money. that was his choice and now he won’t get a ring- his loss.

    i am with so many of yall. i always give our FO the benefit of the doubt, but am shocked here. i know pop loves spacing the floor, esp. in the playoffs. i guess he wants another 3 pt. threat on the bench just in case. a guy who can pull a steve kerr and win a random game. i guess. i dunno. this makes no sense.

  • rob


    “No longer do the Spurs employ an army of strictly standstill spot-up shooters. From Richard Jefferson to Matt Bonner to Gary Neal, each of the role players has some ability to put the ball on the floor and make quality passes and decisions on the move.”

    Novak is a project for the Spurs as well as Jeffers. Each player with their “specialty” that can do nothing else. If anything Pop loves being able to take a player and help transform them into other options of use.

    Case in point…Matt Bonner and George Hill. There’s got to be a hint of narcism with Pop, but what coach doesn’t pocess a narcistic attitude.

    Not only does this staff have the ability to pick diamonds in the rough they tend to believe they can transform tin into gold. If it’s succesful, imagine the players this team can get for cheap that end up playing like others getting paid much more.

    It’s a gamble. But again, if succesful…it’ll turn the professional basketball world upside down with regards to chasing players or in the least have many teams take notice. If not sucessful…they probably waste away the chances of this team succeeding in the near future.

  • DavidB

    Come on everybody, The spurs used their midlevel exception to sign splitter this year and the mavs hadn’t and then they used it on corey brewer. Did any of you watch brewer against manu this year when he was in Min.? Manu kept drawing fouls on him while shooting threes. Are we really so worried about that? He is aggressive to the point of reckless and stupid. That being said the spurs schedule is harder than Dallas’ the rest of the way so they need to be careful to not let dallas within 3 games because they really want that top seed and have the focus to not lose easy ones.

  • ITGuy

    “I will now light myself on fire while wearing my Spurs snuggie”

    Take the Spurs snuggie off and go ahead, make my day!!

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • Bushka

    The amount of negative commentary is making me think i’m on a lakers forum.

    Some people are never going to be happy.

    SA had no chance at brewer the Mavs over paid for a role player, its going to hurt them if the new CBA comes in low.

    As it is right now we have a solid team and you can’t expect to just get every Free Agent that would help us.

  • duaneofly

    I can’t believe someone actually suggested we should have tried to get Eddy Curry. That is just… wow.

    I agree with Alix and Bushka. Some fans on here act like we’re in the middle of the pack, not first place. Or that we should feel bad we didn’t blow the Lakers out by 20 points the two times we’ve beat them. There’s no rule that says you have to beat a team by 10+ points in the playoffs to eliminate them. A last second tip in to win by 1 counts just the same as a 30 point ass whopping.

  • junierizzle

    Relax people. I didn’t know Brewer was God Almighty.

  • SAJKinBigD

    My statements about our “quality” wins were in relation to media- and national-perception of those wins. I’ll take a win – ugly or pretty – any day of the week, and 16 of ’em in the playoffs! 😀

  • TheTruth

    OMG BREWER TO MAVS?!?!?!?!?!?! OUR SEASON IS LOST! (Sarcasm)
    People get over brewer he’s nice but he’s not gonna turn us or any team for that matter into automatic champions. Yes he’s a good three but you guys are acting like he’s lebron. And novak has played the three for us, and he hasn’t done a bad job. What do you expect from a guy who’s only getting the last 3 to 5 minutes at most a game? He’s way better then quin. Look r.c. Has been doing a great job for a while shut up and trust him he knows what he’s doing.

  • Daniel T


    Antonio’s stat line doesn’t look too bad, but I expect the main reason he is there is because he is a “Texas Legend”. He’ll be turning 36 this month, and hasn’t played in the NBA since the 08-09 season. He only became a starter for the Wizards when Arenas went out with an injury.

    I haven’t had a chance to watch him this year, but I’d wonder if the Legends don’t ask him to play much defense so that he can maintain his offensive stats. If he is in great shape for a 36 year old, he might be of some help if Tony were to be out for long.

  • TD = Best EVER

    It kills me how many people say shut up and let our FO make the decisions……. Like our FO has ever built an Offensive minded team…… or that they have a team to kind of model themselves after……. Exactly, they very well could be flying by the seat of their pants, and the fact that they were after Brewer means they see something that he could have added to this team THIS YEAR. Now maybe they were trying to add insurance, or they could have just realized we have very little size in our perimeter bench players. And to that note Novak then gets the call…… Does anyone know if he an dribble-drive or do anything other than shoot. Only so much highlight material on the man….

  • Titletown99030507

    Brewer could have helped us more than he would have helped the Mavs. That clever Cuban keeping away what could have helped the competition. Just a ploy from Cuban and oh well that’s over with. But its not the end of the world yet, Pop decided to fill up on 3 point barrage shooting instead of defense in that respect. Even if Novak plays 5 min a game he better make them count which I think he will. I guess the Spurs are going to make a splash in the playoffs with an offensive minded machine. I hope its well oiled.

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