Out of the Timeout: Boris Diaw in the Spurs offense


Today is Media Day! Before we get to all the “what [insert player] did over the summer” and “how many pounds of muscle [another player] added” stories, we’ve got some hardcore basketball to talk. Yes, we’re breaking down some Spurs offense.

We’ve done the Out of the Timeout series of posts off and on for the last two seasons, and we’re doing it again this year. For 2012-13, though, we’ve added a new wrinkle. We’re doing it on video. For this debut post, I take a look at Boris Diaw’s effectiveness in the Spurs halfcourt offense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1183770625 Jon Richey

    Diaw should look even better this year. Could we average 105/game this year? I think so. By the way Andrew, despite many people, including myself, putting up Kaman as a possible fix to our need for another big, you were right about him not being it, since he has already left a Mavs practice with a sprained back.

  • http://48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    The Spurs had a middle-of-the-road defense last year, in terms of points per possession (PPP) according to Synergy. The were dead last in the league when defending the ball-handler in pick-and-roll situations. It’s a big area of weakness for them and Kaman, or most other lumbering bigs, don’t help them there.

  • Golai

    The state of big men is obviously terrible. Kaman as the piece to put the Spurs over the top? Lols. Big Al Jefferson for Stephen Jackson, Tiago and Neal (or Blair) + a first rounder? Come on D. Lindsey! Make this league-wide Spurs-personnel infestation plan pay off finally.

  • Graham

    Pipe dreams and ludicrous trades. Why on earth would Utah EVER agree to that? We have no better option than Diaw at this point. ride it out.


    If Diaw starts. (Probably will) What minutes could be expected from Blair? Stats indicate Blair is not (hasn’t been) effective other than being paired with Duncan. Some say start Blair as to get the most from him. My contention is you put the best players on the floor. But Ginobili sparks the second unit so well…would it be advisable to start Blair and bring Diaw off the bench for the same reason as Ginobili sparking the second unit?

    I really have no preference to this as long as the units on the floor can perform at their best as a unit.

  • Golai

    They would agree to it due to Al Jefferson being in the last year of his contract and them having to decide between Millsap/Jefferson and Kanter/Favors. I’ve talked to many Jazz fans about this exact trade and almost all of them said they would support Lindsey in pulling the trigger.

  • Graham

    They could get a lot more for him, plus the Jazz FO is not the same as a handful of fans being ‘supportive’ of the idea. We unfortunately aren’t the lakers and can’t pull off trade travesties where the other team loses their mind. Basically they’d bw swapping Jefferson for Splitter and cap relief…. Which they don’t need because Jefferson is expiring.

  • Golai

    You’re right, a few fans’ opinions don’t reflect the Jazz’s FO. The fans do know who they want to keep (Millsap, Kanter, Favors). The Jazz have pretty much come out and said they’re keeping Millsap, because he’s so popular with the fans. They haven’t commented on Jefferson’s future, but with Millsap signed and Kanter/Favors needing extensions in the next season or two, they wouldn’t have any room to maneuver if they resigned Al. He’ll probably be traded somewhere this season. They do need cap space to extend Millsap (also expiring), Hayward, Burks, Favors and Kanter . I’m not saying they couldn’t get a better deal somewhere else, but the numbers work for this deal and a rotation of Millsap, an improved Favors/Kanter/Splitter and some shooting off the bench (which they have really been hurting for, the multiple Josh Howard signings they’ve had shows that) with Neal isn’t a terrible haul. Plus a first round draft pick..it won’t be any lower than ~20, but under the new CBA, draft picks are worth much more.

    I’m normally one of the first people to shoot down trade talks like this; but I really feel that it’s already been discussed/will be discussed by the two FO’s.

  • Graham

    I’m not saying its a BAD trade per se, but that the Jazz could get something better for it. Jefferson is a very good big and those are hard to find, plenty of teams that fancy themselves competitors would trade more for him I think. I’m not really a trade guru but I could see teams like the Nets, Celtics, Mavs, or even Bulls all have a keen interest and have just as useful parts they’d be willing to part (heh heh) with to get him and roll the dice on him resigning. That’s where our weakness comes in. Could we realistically convince him to stay? Does he have the personality to mesh with the Spurs’ system? I would like to think so based on his past statements but only he knows that. We’d be in quite a predicament on the frontline if he simply walked at the end of the year.

    I suppose we could make a rotation where either tim or Jefferson was center at all times, with both sharing significant court time could work, but this trade leaves us thin at SF. Who’s the backup SF now? Ginobili? That could work I suppose but I dislike losing someone of Jax’s caliber on defense.

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Andrew A. McNeill

    I think Manu has to come off the bench, and Green starts, simply because of the lack of playmaking on the bench. Unless Nando De Colo starts, and it’s not sounding like he’s going to get much playing time, you’re left with Patty Mills as your backup point, and he’s not much in the way of a distributor.

  • Golai

    I wouldn’t want Manu at SF too much due to injury concerns, but I’d say Nando could have a shot as well as Danny Green and possibly one of the SF’s they signed to training camp..though I wouldn’t really want that either, unless it’s another Gary Neal gem.

    This trade would take away one of our strengths with wing depth, but Jax is absolutely our best trade chip. With the signing of Eddy Curry he may actually play to his potential and allow us to keep Jackson, which I would love…OR if Curry does show signs of life, he could be added to a trade. Curry has made things more interesting – he’s in great shape and seems to be focused after starting to cope with some personal stuff (he wants to play for a winner. SA was interested in him last year before he chose Miami)…he looks like he could be DeJuan’s older brother lol.

    The more I think about it, the less I want to lose Jackson. I never really wanted to get rid of him, but he’s a great trade asset. He embodies what the team needs right now: attitude, defense, versatility and 3-point stroke. Here’s to hoping Curry lives up to that great potential..it’s the closest he’s been in years.

  • ThatBigGuy

    Well, we know Manu and Blair have a great 2 man game. They would work great together off the bench. Plus you’d have Blair guarding less skillful bigs, so his weaknesses (lack of height, no jumper) would be less obvious and his strengths (rebounding, PnR partner with Manu, ability to run the floor) would be highlighted.

    I’ve said that Blair should come off the bench since his rookie year because he can’t defend or score on NBA starters, but he could cause fits against bench bigs because of his rebounding and 2 man game with Manu. Perhaps this is the year when he turns into a surgical weapon.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Ave 105? Um good luck with that. Besides what good is that if the other yeam gets 106.