Out of the Timeout: Tiago Splitter creates an open shot for Matt Bonner


In this week’s Out of the Timeout, we look at a play from last night’s Spurs win over the Clippers. On this particular play, a Tony Parker-Tiago Splitter pick-and-roll creates up a wide-the-heck-open 3-point opportunity for Matt Bonner.

To start, Tony Parker (1) brings the ball up on the right side of the floor. Kawhi Leonard (3) is on the same side of the floor as Parker and Leonard goes across to set a screen for Matt Bonner (4). A lot of times, the Spurs do these screen-the-guy-who-is-about-to-set-a-screen things to get the defender who is defending the pick-and-roll off balance. For instance, it’s going to be harder for the guy defending Matt Bonner to hedge on Tony Parker coming off a pick if the guy guarding Bonner is fighting through a pick himself.

Tiago Splitter (5) heads down to the opposite block and James Anderson (2) stands there. Over there. You know, out of the way.

After setting a pick for Tony Parker, Bonner takes himself to where he is especially useful: the corner. Kawhi Leonard goes to where he’s not quite as useful, but he’s at least not in the way, in the opposite corner. Tony Parker dribbles off of Bonner’s pick and probes the lane to see if he can find something, but eventually settles at the top of the key. James Anderson? Still there.


Once Parker’s at the top of they key, Tiago Splitter runs up to set a pick for Parker and they run a little two man game. Everybody else is frozen.


Tiago Splitter rolls to the basket after setting the pick for Parker and Tony hits Matt Bonner in the right corner for 3.


The key to this is the roll by Tiago Splitter. As is apparent to all of us after watching Tiago Splitter for some time, he’s not the most gifted offensive player. He is, however, great at running the pick-and-roll. He floats to the basket quickly and easily, and displays some deft touch around the rim. Though he’s better with Manu Ginobili feeding him passes (aren’t we all), he’s still a threat on the roll when Tony Parker is setting him up.

As you can see here, Splitter’s roll to the bucket draws in the defender who was assigned to Bonner in the corner. When Tony Parker fires the pass, Bonner’s defender has both feet in the lane trying to discourage any attempt at a pass to Splitter. This being the regular season, Bonner has more than enough time to get off a shot from the corner.

James Anderson? He’s still there.


Here it is at game speed, people.

  • http://torosnation.com Michael De Leon

    Great job, Andrew. I’m really enjoying this out of the timeout series.

  • nrojb

    help coming in this situation is hilarious, bc i cant think of a less likely pg/7 footer duo to connect on a lob than parker and splitter. clipper needs to know who he is playing.

  • Mac

    ” he’s better with Manu Ginobili feeding him passes (aren’t we all)”
    Haha, that’s fun imagine, for sure. Playing AGAINST Manu Ginobili, however… oh, no.

  • TD BestEVER

    Ya this is pretty Horrible Defense there………I would like to see some breakdowns of the Spurs beating good defense with BETTER Offense……not bad defense getting shredded by Smart players………..We see that all the time……

  • Willeh

    The #1 thing being overlooked here is that pass from Tony.
    Right on the money, from just inside the arc to the far corner.
    When TP’s making cross-court passes instead of ducking his head and driving into four defenders, our offense seems to roll better.

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious.    “James Anderson? He’s still there.”

    But I see the point of pointing that out.  Parker has several options to pass to depending on who’s defender slacks off the most.  If Anderson’s defender cheats to Tony…pass to James.  If Kawhi’s defender cheats to Anderson…pass to Kawhi.  If no defender cheats towards any player…Splitter is open under the basket after sealing off his defender to the opposite side he would receive the pass.

  • bakedroll

    hey guys. love these x and o’s breakdowns, but i gotta ask, do you guys use a particular program to draw these things up? or do you just draw em up in “paint” or something? thanks…

  • Anonymous

    Nothing at this point as far as commentary or article regarding the massacre at the Toyota Center so I’ll post here.

    If Duncan is going to play that bad in b2b games this season…the Spurs are lottery bound.  And this isn’t a knock on Duncan.  It wasn’t as if he didn’t want to be effective…it was evident he CAN’T be effective in these games.  He was noticeably limping and sluggishly slow.  This being only the the first of many b2b’s this season?  It’s got to be a concern.

  • Colin

    Thank you.  Good comment

  • Anonymous

    44-22 if my math is right we lose every third game. What seeding would that put us at the end of the season in the west?