Paul George Leaves Cartoons Behind


Paul George projects his draft position somewhere between the late lottery and pick 29. His strong play during today’s Combine activities only added to the increasingly noisy buzz associated with the Fresno State star.

George doesn’t care where he is drafted, so long as he plays on the wing.

Paul George envisions himself as an NBA shooting guard, although he’s fine switching between the 2, 3, and 4, depending on the floor match-ups. But mark this: he doesn’t want to play center.

George is a self-made wing. And it’s a fun story.

George’s dalliance with tall began at an early age. During his early years of¬†organized basketball, YMCA coaches preferred to play him at center, which he detested. So he struck back. He gave up cartoons.

“I stopped watching cartoons and practiced dribbling in the garage,” George explained. “I wanted to be a wing. Wasn’t gonna play center. Had to give up the cartoons.”

I laughed, but George would have none of it. “I liked those cartoons. They weren’t easy to give up.”

George was the best interview from Day 1. Calm, professional, confident, genuine.


George was surprised to learn of internet reports suggesting he wowed the Spurs during his May 13 workout.

“I don’t know about that, ” he explained. “It was my first workout and I got jittery when I saw Pop on the sidelines.”

George is not sure where he’ll be drafted. His biggest concern is landing with a team that will provide him the playing time he needs to succeed. The situation with the Spurs is attractive, and George sees a great opportunity for himself playing behind Manu Ginobili and Richard Jefferson. “Maybe Manu could teach me that Eurostep,” he joked.

But George is a hot name around the league, and, so far as we know, he possesses two functioning ACLs. It’s hard to see him slipping to the Spurs at 20. But he was one of a few attractive wings that could, however remote the possibility, slide to the Spurs at 20.

  • junierizzle

    This kid looks good. Exactly what the SPURS need.

  • td4life

    Hey whaddaya know! My first choice is getting some hype. This actually scares me, his stock could rise too high. Damn.
    I did call it, though, in the previous blog.

  • bdb

    well wait and see, hehehe

  • Newtybar

    Clippers want him, so he could go as early as 8.

  • Bill

    Clippers get tired of their players quick. Maybe available, soon anyway.

  • Tyler

    Would love to have him, but probably too much potential for him to slip to us – Chad Ford compared him to T-Mac recently. If he is wowing the Spurs in his first workout, chances are he’ll do the same in other workouts. It also says a lot about a 19 year old kid when he’s “Calm, professional, confident, genuine.” Darn….

  • roboSID

    I would trade all my rights an picks an a good player under contract for him.HE IS VINCE CARTER IN HIS 3RD year right NOW.

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