PETA on Manu: ‘No respect for lives humbler than his own’



To bludgeon a 4-ounce animal to death, it takes either a small man or a totally unthinking one—with no respect or consideration for lives humbler than his own. This is a time when athletes in particular need to be on their best behavior around any animal and show that they have brains and a heart, not just reactionary brawn.

Bats always try to avoid contact with humans, and there are plenty of easy ways to keep bats out of a basketball arena (or your home). We hope that the next time someone’s life is on the line, Manu Ginobili will take just a few seconds to think before he acts.

I’m laughing so hard I’m actually having a difficult time typing. I don’t feel the need to criticize this writer’s logic. Sometimes an argument’s flaws are so evident that it feels like bullying to point them out in detail. That being said, if you feel the need to dissect her post like a frog in science class, the comment section is yours.

(h/t Andrew A McNeill)

  • NL

    I want to say so many things but I can’t do it. Didn’t the bat live anyway? Oh PETA…

  • John

    El oh el.

  • AP

    For some really funny commentary, check out the comments at the end of the post on PETA’s website, linked at the beginning of Graydon’s post.
    Personally, I like the fact that we finally have a ruthless, merciless, killer-instinct player on the Spurs.

  • Tim C

    *sigh* Well, I guess the fact that bats outnumber people 10 to 1 in San Antonio matters not to PETA. Pick your battles, folks.

  • Brian

    I always love it when PETA does this. Snakes, owls, hawks, skunks and opossums kill and eat thousands of bats every week, Manu Ginobili inadvertantly kills one and there is outrage.


  • ThatBigGuy

    I quote, “We hope that the next time someone’s life is on the line…” SomeONE? Don’t you mean someTHING? Really? Or was she referring to the fact that bats who hang out in public places often carry rabies? Seriously, go out, get a drink, and make people friends.

  • ThatBigGuy

    I quote, “We hope that the next time someone’s life is on the line…” SomeONE? Don’t you mean someTHING? Really? Seriously, go out, get a drink, and make people friends.

  • G-b

    I agree with Tim c. its not worth it..

  • agutierrez

    It’s too bad, PETA is a good organization, but shit like this delegitimizes it. Get a life, pendejos.

  • Bushka

    When it comes to Manu Ginobli madame ALL lives are humbler than his own.

  • Jordan

    I guess we’re lucky that it was Manu and not Blair catching it. Blair probably would’ve accidentally ripped it’s wings off.

  • drew

    Bushka – agreed!!! hahaha that made me laugh

  • Nick (Italy)



    In order to apologize, I hope the Spurs’ marketing team releases a Manu “bat-slaughterer” t-shirt.

    I want one!


  • bryan j

    PETI- People for the ethical treatment of insects, issued a statement today. Said spokesman Billy Bumbler, “That was awesome!”

  • Bushka

    good one brian haha

  • Greg

    PETA kills more animals than they save and cause harm to humans with their unofficial acts of vandalism/violence.

    They are just a big cash cow (and not taxed for all the money they take in). There are way better animal rights organizations (national and local) than this one worth giving your money to (if you feel the need to donate).

    Manu did nothing wrong nor should he apologize to this mindless organization.

  • Andrew A McNeill

    I had the pleasure of finding the PETA blog post via a Twitter conversation I had with their official account. I blogged about it on my personal site afterwards:

  • DieHardSpur

    I can’t believe this is the world we live in today!!!

    Are we really questioning someones ethics because they killed a bat that was flying at them???

    All I can do is laugh!

  • Clark

    The fact is these folks value animals as much OR MORE than people. Notice they refer to the bat as, “someone.”

  • jacob

    PETA….what a joke

    they say that mankind is nothing more than another animal, but not allowed to assert his dominion over the rest of creation.


    mankind is a higher being, but should treat all lesser forms of animal life like an equal.

    Does PETA ever consider how the animal kingdom treats itself???
    Until I see tree huggers petition hyena packs in the serengeti, I call BS.
    faceless, subjective, cash-cow is right…

  • Adonis

    I had a feeling PETA would issue a statement; yes PETA has a duty/job but the bat was interupting a game (twice), it was either going to be captured or even swatted away like a fly.

    Manu as professional and humble as he is did the appropriate thing (at the same time darn cool) by getting rid of a bat. As a fan of Manu/The SPURS: I laugh and just look forward to Utah this Thursday lol!

    Maybe this Thursday in Utah there by hummingbird on the court and as fast as it is… Manu will still swat it away with ease :)

    Go Spurs!!!

  • Sam – Australia

    For some reason I knew something like this would come out. It’s a pity that organisations who claim they have the best interests of the enviroment etc. in mind, waste time with such frivilous articles.

    Good on Manu, if that doesn’t win him 6th man this year then there really will be ‘bias’ in the NBA.

    Maybe we could write a book about it.

  • Ian

    Oh man… I thought people were joking when they said PETA will get Manu for the bat incident.
    I guess this will add another reason for other people to hate on Spurs: “OMG it’s the ruthless bat-killer!” jeez

  • Bong


  • Hollywood

    This was an isolated incident that has little bearing on the larger issues concerning animal preservation. The issue shouldn’t be with Manu but with the dude who brought the bat to the game. But if this minor uproar means that half-naked women from PETA protest out on East Houston street, then I suppose it will be worth it.

  • agutierrez

    Guess Manu was supposed to catch it and then rehabilitate it, you know, so it wouldn’t interrupt basketball games anymore.

  • drew

    manu’s comments on facebook:

    ust wanted to give you guys an update on the bat situation. As many of you already know, it wasn’t a great idea. Not only for the fact that bats are great part of the ecosystem, but also, because some carry rabies, which is an incurable disease. That’s why I had to get vaccinated today (and it wasn’t just one shot!).
    Only 0.5% to 3% of the bat populations carry the disease, but If you can’t find the animal, it’s not recommended to take any risks, it can kill you! Since after the incident, the usher took it outside and the bat flew away (not lying!), there was no way of knowing if he was infected or not, so I had to do the safe thing.
    Finally, please, don’t do it at home or anywhere, avoid contact with bats, skunks, raccoons, rats and animals like that.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Manu Ginobili

    Solo quería darles una actualización sobre el tema murciélago. Como muchos de uds seguramente ya saben, no fue una gran idea la mía. No solo por el hecho que estos animalitos son parte importante de nuestro ecosistema comiendo muchos insectos, sino que además, algunos son portadores de rabia, que es una enfermedad incurable. Es por eso que hoy me tuve que vacunar y no fue solo una inyección, sino que fueron 4 y 4 más tendré que darme en las próximas semanas.
    Nada más que un 0.5% a 3% de los murciélagos están infectados, pero si no se puede encontrar el animal para examinarlo, es mejor no correr riesgos e inmunizarce (siempre es mejor prevenir que curar, no?). La enfermedad es letal y puede matarte una vez que se manifiesta. Dado que la persona a la que le di el animal, lo llevó afuera y el animal salió volando (no es mentira!) no se pudo determinar si estaba infectado, así que no me quedó otra alternativa. Como ya se deben imaginar, por favor, no hagan esto en sus casas, ni en ningún lado, eviten contacto con murciélagos, zorrinos, monos, mapaches, ratas y otros animales silvestres.
    Por último, aclaro que no escribo esto porque me obligan ni por ninguna otra razón oculta. Lo hago porque no me lo perdonaría si alguien hiciera lo mismo pensando que “es divertido” o “no pasa nada” y se enferma.
    Gracias por leer y seguimos en contacto.

    Manu Ginobili

  • TDzilla

    I wish PETA didn’t write that article. Instead, naked women should’ve just protested outside the AT&T Center.

  • krista

    Uh, Hollywood, I hope you’re joking. No one “brought” the bat to the game. It flew in on its own. For those that don’t know, millions of bats live in the SA-Austin area. When I was a kid my neighborhood was in the path taken by a bat colony or two every evening at dusk. We would dodge the low flying ones until there were too many to avoid. They fly around and get in buildings… Including the AT&T Center.

  • Joker


    Thanks for killing the Bat(man). Now Gotham is bat free.


  • doggydogworld

    Krista, most days I’d agree the bat probably flew in on its own. But on Halloween? What are the odds?


    Uh, Krista, I hope you’re joking…
    For almost 18 years of being a Spur fan, I’ve never witnessed a bat making it’s way in one of our games, even though “millions of bats live in the SA-Austin area.”

    You actually think it flew in on its own? What a precious soul.. That’s actually quite endearing.

    Good call Hollywood, and yeah, if PETA wants to attack somebody in this incident, the idiot who brought in the bat should be the one, not Manu.

  • Will

    This kind of kneejerk reaction is exactly why organizations like PETA quickly lose all credibility. Where are the press releases about the millions of mosquitoes killed every year? I guess in their view it’s better to have malaria than kill mosquitoes.

  • LPM

    Christian Slater is now terrified. If Spurs do not extend Manu next year we have a real Batman, that can jump, slice and if with a healthy ankle (his kryptonite) he can pass by a couple of “jokers”.

  • Andrew A McNeill

    At least Manu’s post on Facebook wasn’t really an apology. It was less “I’m sorry” and more “That wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

  • Jaythejay

    You’ve never seen bats interrupt a Spurs game before? I can think of at least two games in the SBC Center and a ton at the old Hemisphere Arena that had to be stopped at points because of them.

  • Rey

    Yes, we should take very seriously the words of an organization that places naked people in streets to “attract” attention to their cause, when they could just do fun runs and documentaries.

    Seriously though, I must admire their consistency in condemning every single person who gets involved with animals: from Obama swatting a fly to Manu hitting a bat.

    I do wonder how they would act on termites, cockroaches and spiders in their own houses. Or maybe they also live 0n trees.

    Then again, wouldn’t that mean competing with ants and birds for territory.

    These people never fail to confuse me…

  • krista

    Yes I do believe it flew in on its own. Just as the one that flew into one of my HS classrooms, Hemisfair Arena years ago, a previous game at the current arena and like all the birds that have flown into the Alamodome over the years and the one that flew into the GM Building in Detroit when I was there in Sept.

    So, I’m “precious” for believing something I’ve seen before over believing someone captured a bat and brought it to a game?

  • b1gdon

    I noticed the bat flying around there before the game and yes, I’ve seen those thing flying and birds get in and fly around the insides of domes and arenas all the time.

    Remember, these guys are rats with wings and in central Texas we have millions of them around this time of year, so I see no problem with what Manu did. PETA should be more worried about the ecosystem and protecting bat colonies (which we do here in Texas) than an individual pest problem.

    P.S. The rabies thing is way overstated.

  • Tanjavur

    I can’t wait to see Barkley’s take on the bat when the Spurs play Utah on Thursday.

  • Zeus

    I’d like to see Manu “temporarily stun” this PETA windbag.

  • Rodrigo

    lol PETA failing to understand that the bat flew away…

  • VespaGuy

    The one thing that nobody is picking up on is this– in PETA terms, their reaction to the Ginobili incident is a slap on the wrist. They haven’t demanded apology, they haven’t called for boycotts or protests– they’ve just basically said “you big brute!” For a group that lurks in bushes to throw red paint on fur-wearing starlets, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that even the nuts are letting this one slide. The only real downside to this story is the series of shots Manu’s going to have to take, and if he has a reaction to one of the three remaining series. I’d hate to lose Manu for a critical game down the road b/c he’s laid up from rabies shots…

  • Pau Kozdi

    This is great. Thanks for digging this up, guys. Wrote about in on my blog. My take:

    Saw this one coming from a mile away. PETA’s capacity for outrage is unrivaled. Mostly this is just hilarious, though linking to their own blog’s archived posts on Michael Vick goes beyond silly righteousness to me; it’s downright misleading and pernicious to equate Manu (killed a bat that was holding up an NBA game) with Vick (ran a dogfighting ring in which dozens of dogs were tortured and killed for sport, some likely by his own hand). I know these are sensitive times, and it’s PETA’s job to provide knee-jerk condemnation to this kind of thing, but I feel like at this point Lewis Hamilton could splatter a bug on his racing helmet and get crucified.

  • Pau Kozdi

    Also, best comment on PETA’s post:

    “Poor bat. Revenge will be mine!!!!

    Posted by: Bruce Wayne | November 2, 2009 02:31 PM”

  • Pretty Ricky

    Let this be a lesson to all bat kind, stay out of our gyms. We will tolerate cute little possums scampering across our football fields. We can put up with pigeons flying down the field to cover kickoffs, the Raiders need all the help they can get anyway. Pigeons have learned what happens when they get directly involved with a sporting event though. Just ask the one that exploded after interfering with a Randy Johnson fastball. They know now that they are only are nothing more than a side show, not the main event. It would serve all bats everywhere well to know that when they disrupt our blessed sporting events, there’s a price to pay.

  • jun

    for goodness sake, PETA. Give the man a break. OR should i say, give the manu a break.

  • boxer dog

    Crazy PETA better used their money to really help animals instead of this circus …

  • drive away awning

    Honestly, I love Nico Rosberg! He’s so lovely

  • peta is evil AND batty

    People Eating Tasty Animals: Complete press sluts for animals since 1980