Podcastiness with Ryen Russillo and Matt Moore is still awesome


Our readers might like to know about two Spurs pieces floating out there on the interwebs. The first is the NBA Today podcast with Ryen Russillo. Ryen says I’m not a homer, which is nice, I think. Elsewhere, Matt Moore breaks down the best 4th quarter teams in the NBA. It’s the kind of smart stuff Matt is known for and it involves the Spurs. You should probably read it.

  • jwalt

    Another huge indication that Manu Ginobili is one of the great players of our day. Because anyone who has followed the Spurs this year (or for the last 6 years for that matter) know who makes most of the clutch plays for this team.

    Yesterday it was proof that Manu is the greatest winner of current players (thanks to Tim again!), now proof of the spurs being a great 4th quarter team. (But I am not suggesting Manu is the only one, Tim, Tony, Hill, Neal, Bonner have all been great as well, but the 4th quarter leader is Manu).

    These are great days to be Manu Ginobili fan.

  • rob

    From the link:

    “Injuries have likely bogged this down as the Mavericks have been in games late, only to fail without Dirk Nowitzki and Caron Butler.”

    From what I’ve read in other sites….Jordan may be looking to reduce salary of the Bobcats next year by looking to trade either Wallace or Jackson or both. Rumored to be looking to trade are the Mavericks. Straight up Jackson for Butler works and provides Jordan with immediate salary relief next year while the Mavs add a potent and game changing Jackson to the roster.

    Hope this doesn’t happen. It would resurge the Mavericks this year to a very formidable team.

    Regarding this year’s Spurs. I don’t think anybody could have expected what has happened so far this season. An offense of which we as fans haven’t seen since the glory days of Gervin. A steadily inproving defense WITHOUT a dominant post presence like in the past. (Which I expect to change as the season goes along). All leading up to a highly anticipated run in the playoffs.

    Again…I pray for health for this team. If they remain healthy and steadily improve over the course of this season…I don’t think even a team with Nowitski and Jackson could stand in their way.

  • irongiantkc

    I don’t keep up with every player in the league as much as some of you guys. But I’m trying to see the what is the huge attraction to Stephen Jackson? Isn’t Caron Butler a much better player? Is he now too risky for next year with his knee injury? Like I said, you guys keep up with potential trades better than I do. Why is Stephen Jackson’s name being mentioned so often? Salary? Is his contract ending? It has to involve a lot more than what he can bring to the table. I only say this because I’ve heard his name floated out there for both the Spurs and the Mavs and I thought that both of those teams have players like Jackson who are younger.

  • The Beat Counselor


    I agree with you, Stephen Jackson is an overrated player.

    As a Bay Area Spurs fan, I’ve watched him quite a bit.

    He is wildly streaky and HIGHLY inefficient. Worse, he loves to shoot his way out of slumps. There are stretches where he’ll be unconscious from beyond the arc, but he’ll go 1 for 10 just to try to get into that groove.

    His defense can be scrappy, but his effort is not always there.

    All that being said, he can create his own shot, he is a good assist guy, a decent rebounder and is good at getting steals. He also can play a ridiculous amount of minutes and has got great size for a swingman. He can also play spot point-forward minutes.

    I think the main reason that people think highly of him is that he is a ‘big game’ player that isn’t afraid of the moment. When the stakes are high (or if he’s matched up against greatness, e.g. Lebron), he’ll come to play.

    He signed his 3 year contract for $7.65 mil in Nov. 2008 so it should be up soon.

    As for why the Mavs want him…

    I’m not sure who on the Mavs you think is a similar player to him. Stevenson? He cannot create his own shot. Terry? Severely undersized.

    Judging from the Mavs’ past acquisitions, Cuban’s MO is to just sign the most talented player available and hope that it works.

    I suppose replacing Butler with SJax does make some sense…

  • SAJKinBigD

    Jackson will be an expiring, IIRC. And Butler’s done and is an expiring. He’s trade-bait now and age plus injury means he’s only gonna get a one-year Play-For-It deal to prove he’s healthy and worth a multi-year contract. Being here in Dallas, they’re just short of panic; and it’s funny. :) I feel sorry for Dirk, honestly, as he took less for the team to get him some help and they’ve been struck deaf, dumb and blind by injuries. Didja know Kidd had 13 assists yesterday? AND NO POINTS! HAHAHAHA!!!
    The Mavs WILL make a move. They’ll have to if they want to keep their fan-base somewhat involved and their players focused. That game yesterday was ugh-lee!
    And I laughed. 😀
    I’m mean.

  • SAJKinBigD

    They’ll look @ SJax and Tayshaun Prince. Hard. Watch it…

  • irongiantkc


    You are mean :0)

    I don’t mind looking ignorant. I can guess that the C in IIRC stands for contract. Would you mind spelling out the rest for me?

    btw, I never noticed before how much “irongiant” looks like the word “ignorant”. Funny, huh? Probably means nothing.

  • http://www.48minutesofhell.com Timothy Varner

    I’m hoping the Spurs take a look at Tracy McGrady, whom I’m expecting will be cut/released at the deadline. McGrady is not great, but he’s cheap and gives them playoff insurance if James Anderson’s 8 minutes behind RJ don’t work out.

    McGrady’s numbers are not overwhelming, but his splits this season after multiple days rest are encouraging. In other words, playoff-type rest does him well.

    McGrady could fill a role similar to Brent Barry’s with the Spurs. Obviously, he’s not the same shooter. But…McGrady gives the Spurs a third passer and ball handler. He can also get hot, forcing the defense to account for him.

    This might be something the Spurs look at in terms of trades. McGrady is only making $800,000. He’s on a one year deal. There is no way he resigns with the Pistons next season. Quinn and a second might be enough to prevent McGrady from signing with the Lakers, Mavs, or Heat after a buyout.

    He’s a one year rental, but he could help.

  • marion


    I thought about McGrady as a pickup for the 2nd half of the season as well.

    I’m just concerned that he wouldn’t buy into the Spurs way and be happy with his role off the bench.

    He will help at the backup 3.

    Interesting thought……

  • SAJKinBigD

    @irongiantkc: You know the best part? In regards to the Mavs, I LIKE BEING MEAN – as long as Cuban’s the owner.
    And IIRC = If I Recall Correctly. :)

    Also, according to reports up here, Butler’s saying he’ll be back in a total of 4 months from his injury (which is normally a 4 to 6 month injury). We’ll see if he makes it back, but he seems serious.

    @ Tim: McGrady, if he’s matured at all, would be a worthwhile pickup possibility. I just don’t know where his head’s at though.

  • irongiantkc


    umm, yeah, I knew that’s what it meant.

    That’s funny. I googled IIRC and saw that’s what it meant. I just thought IIRC was an insider’s acronym for some kind of expiring contract. Now I feel ignorant AND out of touch. Thank you. Thank you very much.

  • irongiantkc

    “Butler’s saying he’ll be back in a total of 4 months from his injury (which is normally a 4 to 6 month injury). We’ll see if he makes it back, but he seems serious.”

    Not gonna happen no matter how sincere he is. As a veteran of two ACL operations (one from basketball, one from snowboarding), I think there’s no way he comes back this year. He will need 6 to 8 months minimum. He’s just engaging in wishful thinking. He won’t be ready before August.

  • SAJKinBigD

    re:IIRC – You’re very welcome! Glad I could help! 😉 I’m not that much insider, but I listen to ESPN radio here in Dallas, so I get a lot of info, rumors and thoughts on things that I’ll generally do a little bit of follow-up on for more in-depth detail.

    re:Butler’s ACL – I’ll yield to your experience. Oh, and OUCH! I thought it’d be wishful thinking, too, but medical miracles happen now and then. If he somehow DID make it back, it’d be a HUGE lift for that team. Here’s hoping he doesn’t!
    Dad-gumm I’m mean! 😀
    I hope he makes a full recovery, just not during this season! He’s a pretty solid guy, by all accounts.