Portland Trail Blazers 99, San Antonio Spurs 86: How no one fouled out of this game, I’ll never know


In the NBA, bad games are to be expected. You can’t play at the highest level every night. Eventually, you’re going to find one game where every person is struggling. But enough about the refs, the Spurs didn’t play very well either in a 99-86 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Personally, I’m against blaming refs for a loss. The attempt at a creative lede aside, the refs never decide a game. There are always so many other factors at play. But it has to be acknowledged that the officials in this game were not at their best.

The Spurs ended up committing 20 fouls in the game, one-and-a-half more fouls than they’re averaging on the season. The Blazers committed 17 fouls, more than three under the 20.4 they’re averaging this year.

But the way the Spurs defended was a huge factor in why they were whistled for so many fouls in Portland. It reminded me of the first half of the game against the Raptors a couple of weeks ago. The Spurs were sluggish in their rotations and just a split second late.

Not necessarily lazy — although there was some of that too — but they just weren’t sharp. In the NBA the difference between being sharp and not can be the difference between a foul and good defense.

Also a big problem for the Spurs was the free throw shooting. When the Spurs did draw fouls and go to the free throw line, well, they sucked. San Antonio shot just 15 free throws in the game and sunk only eight of them. LaMarcus Aldridge hit 8-9 free throws in the game for the Blazers and, oh by the way, finished with a career-high 40 points.

The Blazers as a team shot 51% from the field compared to the Spurs’ 53% from the free throw line. So yeah, the Spurs probably deserved to lose this game.

For San Antonio, no one stood out and had a top-notch game. It looked like DeJuan Blair might after he had a double-double in the first half. But Blair didn’t contribute much at all in the second half and finished with 14 points and 12 rebounds.

The only notable game for the Spurs was Antonio McDyess’ because it was so bad. Dice finished with seven points and six rebounds in almost 28 minutes, which are better numbers than his season averages, but boy were those minutes bad.

Dice had the second worst +/- on the team at -10, and was in pole position for the worst until George Hill led the team on a negative tear and stole the bottom with a -15.

Dice also had four turnovers and three fouls. For a big man who handles the ball as little as Dice, four turnovers is inexcusable. For the cherry on top, Dice shot just 1-4 from the free throw line.

It’s not the start to the Rodeo Road Trip that the Spurs were looking for, obviously. Now with the Los Angeles Lakers looming on Thursday night, San Antonio faces the prospect of an 0-2 start to the annual trek around the continental NBA landscape.

  • soulidefy

    lol, im definately not a mavs fan. yall just expect rome to be built in a day and it wasnt. but it WAS built. the spurs have to use patience to build cause there is no tim duncan to be gifted to us to ensure continued success.

  • Dr. Who

    Well….. Artest wants out of LA and they want to make a trade :)

  • Flavor

    40-8 — the sky is falling!!!

  • duaneofly

    TD = Best Ever

    You just kind of ruined your point when you mentioned we could have gotten Anthony Tolliver. You do remember he played for us before right? After we cut him because he sucked, he landed with Golden State (Surprising huh? I mean I totally thought a good team like LA or Boston would have picked him up. Or shoot, Orlando so they’d have a backup to Howard). After sucking for GS, he ended up in Minnesota where, yeah, he still sucks.

    Also how dare the Spurs lie to us and raise up our hopes about Splitter, thinking he would be the catalyst to winning a fifth title! I mean the Spurs are 40-8 right now, wtf! That’s more than three times the amount of losses I thought they’d have for the whole season! Jeez! The Spurs are totally sucking this year, they should pay US FANS to watch them. If only Tiago was as good as we were told we would be 47-1 right now! We better trade Splitter! I mean, even though he sucks I’m sure some team would give us a really good player for him and the upcoming #30 draft pick right? Totally! About Duncan, if he doesn’t start picking up his stats he should be traded too! Sometimes you keep a franchise player too long and maybe it’s time for him to go!

    Yeah, that’s about how some of the people on this blog sound. Tiago hasn’t contributed at all this year, and we are still 40-8. This team has well surpassed any expectations I had coming into the season and I’m damn glad to be a Spurs fan. I’m glad people on this blog don’t fall into the “winning cures everything” category, because this team does have some issues (just like every NBA team), but bitching about Tiago, trading Tiago, and most certainly freaking out about Tiago will not solve any of those issues.

  • Nima K.

    Three things come to my mind:

    1. I don’t think we can trade Tiago at this point, and get anything better in return. So talk of his trade at this point is kind of moot IMO.

    2. Ive always said, a 40-8 record shouldn’t be reason to celebrate. We haven’t shown that we can consistently beat the Celts. We haven’t even played Miami, and I still wait to see us beat a fully healthy Mavs, or a fully motivated LA, or the new Orlando. All we’ve been doing so far this season is squeaking by mediocre teams, or teams who haven’t been lucky with their health. My point: we still have much to prove. Our loss to the Blazers wasn’t that big of a shocker.

    The way things are going now, We’ll probably survive to the Western Finals, but won’t last to face the Eastern champs.

    I hope I’m wrong though.

  • DorieStreet

    @ Daniel T

    I read all the comments about the game last night, and I see very, very little in the way of fans questioning Pop’s MO last night. The five players who started the first 47 games started the 48th. I assume the rotations were similar to what has been taking place all season. An inspired Blazer team + inept offense/bad defense by the Spurs–resulted in a tie game in the last quarter. Equal chance to win; the Blazers executed, the Spurs didn’t. Nothing to do with coaching, fatigue, or officials.

  • Dr. Who

    I can’t put it any simpler… You are wrong. OK just kidding! Glad someone has some sense here. Yes you get the customary +1.

    This board is super critical especially after a loss. The Tiago talk is very much like the Haislip/Mahimi talk last year. “Why won’t they play him, he sucks, he doesn’t suck Pop is messing him up by leaving him on the bench, Pop is screwing up the team, coaches see them every day in practice…” What’s nice is unlike last year, the team is at the top of the West. Pop warned all of us before Tiago put a jersey on not to expect much. He said he wouldn’t be an offensive force, he said he needed to add considerable size to play in the NBA. But we (I am guilty of it) thought he would be NBA ready. He wasn’t and isn’t a force to be reckoned with. Might be later, but not yet. I think it’s too early to talk trade etc. Especially since we’ve seen an establish NBA all star come into SA and simply s-u-c-k. I’ve said it a few times already… if we didn’t’ have Tiago to talk about it would be a loooong season. If Tiago pans out during this season and Anderson gets healthy, it’s like trading for two new pieces; another shooter and a serviceable 7 footer to spell TD and McDyess.

  • DorieStreet

    @ soulidefy

    “…it is a very normal thing for a first year player to develop in the practice gym…”

    You make it sound like Splitter is a ‘diaper dandy’ straight out of high school, or a ‘one & done’ jumping from the NCAA. Read his bio @ NBA.com. He has been at this a long time. No one compared him to Manu, Dirk, Bargnani–or Yao, for that matter-but images of Darko as a Piston are starting to form in my mind…LOL

  • soulidefy

    the spurs system isnt just something you learn and acclimate to on the fly. esp year 1. he is a “diaper dandy” to the US, to the NBA, and to the spurs. sure he has basketball experience unlike most rookies. but verrry different basketball experience. an nba all star and 10 year veteran couldnt do it (rj) right away. all yall are doing is beating him down like detroit did darko and that doesnt help anybody, whether he will eventually get it or not.

    good point with darko though. good comparison. he is now a solid starting center, albeit on a bad team. maybe even a bit above average, maybe. but it took time and practice, and even the right situation. maybe its a homer thing to say, but i think pop will get him to learn the system and game much faster than larry brown did in detroit, and thats when we get our payday.

  • DorieStreet

    @ Dr. Who

    I’m enjoying this season—40 wins, in all kinds of ways–dbl digit come from behinds, tip-to-buzzer nailbiters, wire to wire leads, closely contested games becoming blowouts with hammer down defense and/or offensive explosions, going toe to toe with the league’s “elite/glamour” teams, being a fan of a team that others dispise, but whose squads have done nothing recently. As for Tiago–until he gets into the regular rotation, we don’t need to mention him anymore (unless he comes in a game and contributes). The circumstances on how he got here, and his resume’, rendered anything Pop said about Splitter’s game to white noise. But until the ‘Splash’ happens, I relegate him to that “good ol’ boy pine club”- just as it was with Haislip/Mahimi; even Sean Marks…

  • TD = Best EVER


    Yes I remember Tolliver briefly. But he has NBA level talent. His number are similar to Bonner’s this season and he make 1 million less……

    “Also how dare the Spurs lie to us and raise up our hopes about Splitter, thinking he would be the catalyst to winning a fifth title!”

    I never expected him to be great, but I was hoping for Anderson Verajao cousin or something. Someone who can guard young, quick 4’s in our league. Some one that can rebound and eat minutes up that will allow us time to rest TD, DICE. All the while keeping Bonner from having to play those 4’s for extended periods. I mean seriously did anybody expect Bonner to be a better defender than Splitter last summer. I didn’t.

    “…because this team does have some issues (just like every NBA team), but bitching about Tiago, trading Tiago, and most certainly freaking out about Tiago will not solve any of those issues.”

    OK the please due tell us what our problems are and explain what we should be doing to solve them. It’s real easy to say that won’t work – TS isn’t working either and it’s hard to see how we can get worse than TS right now. There are bigs available to us that we can get for a 1st rounder and TS or something similar. I for one think we should look into it.

  • Brian

    I’m now missing Bonner:( But seriously, I think he is the x factor for this team and its showing by our low scoring.

    I wasn’t able to watch the game last night, but saw the box score. The starters and bench players all had -‘s.

  • DorieStreet

    @ soulidefy

    ” ..he is now a solid starting center…maybe a bit above average…but it took time and practice..”–yes; but I think Detroit was expecting a ‘little more’ with the 2nd overall pick (2003- James-1, Anthony-3, Bosh-4, Wade-5)/ but Chauncey Billups was 3rd in ’97 to Celtics (you know who was 1st) but he bounced through 4 teams in 5 years before getting to the ‘right situation’–then became Mr. Big Shot…

  • Dr. Who

    @Dorie Street

    “But until the ‘Splash’ happens, I relegate him to that “good ol’ boy pine club”- just as it was with Haislip/Mahimi; even Sean Marks…”

    I’d love to argue with you here but I can’t. At this point he is what he is. But seriuosly, delete all of the Tiago comments on this board and there ain’t much left. Can’t even read the Bonner hater rants because he’s injured. Unless you want to strat a thread where we bash Bonner for beign injured :)

    I see it like this, in the “good ol’ days” we had the best D in the league and would clamp down teams. Even if our shots weren’t falling you felt confident come the 4th, we’d execute and get stops. We were the most boring team in the league and everyone hated us. We loved it. Now, we’re an eltie scoring team and only somewhere between top 10 top 5 defensive team. Without that lockdown defense we don’t feel as secure as we have in years past. Reason for concern??? Yep.

    But… if you talked last year at the All Star break (remember how horrible that time was, possible Trade Manu and trade Parker talks) and said, “Hey guys I know we’re not playing well right now but next year with no major personnel changes the Spurs will have the best record going into the All-Star break, they will have the #1 offense in the league, Tiago and our 1st round draft pick won’t even have real tangible impacts it’s all the same guys we have now doing it.” Would anyone have beleived you? Nope… We are spoiled since we are Spurs fans. I seriously felt like a Detroit fan last year, watching the ship sink knowing the best years were behind and all we had to look forward to is a playoff appearance and and early round exit. Kudos to the Spurs for really turning this around. It’s not the way we like it (with solid lock down D) but it’s way better than I thought it would be.

  • Daniel T

    I’d be in no hurry to trade Tiago but would consider it for the right players. I’d suggested a trade in the “trade machine” post a little while ago, have made some adjustments to it. It still involves Carmelo going to the Knicks, but now helps Charlotte to reduce their payroll to begin rebuilding again while picking up some young talent from the Spurs. The main part regarding the Spurs has Tiago, Hill, Neal and their 1st round pick now going to Charlotte. The Spurs get Kwame Brown from Charlotte, Ty Lawson from Denver, and Wilson Chandler and Anthony Randolph. I think this is a rather balanced trade that would make the Knicks better and compensates Denver well for losing Carmelo. Charlotte blows apart their current team (which wasn’t going far) but winds up with some young talent, expiring contracts, a smaller payroll and an additional draft pick. The Spurs give up some young talent for even younger yet more veteran talent that would help them with their weaknesses.


  • Dr. Who

    I don’t always agree with TD=BE but he’s straight on point

    “please due tell us what our problems are and explain what we should be doing to solve them. It’s real easy to say that won’t work”

    We all can tell our main problem is defense (can’t be scoring). Lock down wing defender and big man in the middle. TD lacks that quickness in his game now to stop these 4’s that light us up like the 4th of July. It’s always these big quick mobile guys and they have career games against the Spurs. So how do we fix it? Um… well that’s the hard part seeing as I don’t see us making a trade. Well I guess that’s why they pay Pop the big bucks! My guess it they’ll try and fix it with better team D execution and we’re going to rely on our increaed scoring over years past. Will it be enough???? Dunno but that’s what makes this season cRazY and exciting.

  • Titletown99030507

    These are the times Splitter should be getting lots of burn even if it means loosing 1 or 2 games. They lost and still no Splitter in the meat and potatoes of the game. Pop quoted as saying in his mail bag ” He has been behind the power curve the entire year but he continues to work and we’re trying hard to find him minutes and hopefully he’ll be more of a significant factor by the time playoffs come”. Playoffs? You expect this poor guy to contribute like you want in the playoffs? Try playing him now! Uh can anyone tell me how you get in front of the curve by not playing? Really, investing all this time on Blair is a no no. They have a big man who can contribute right now if he’s given starter rotation min. You just experienced what a tired and old looking Timmy and Dyess look like last nite. I thought you were managing min. on those two guys. They seem tired to me. I would hate to see Splitter on the bench come playoffs only to be sitting there and watching his Spurs team mates having a hard time in the paint while depending on their high powered offense to save them. Reeealllly Pop! Try really really hard to find him some min. I can tell you where you can find him min. When the game starts, and don’t get him off the court until he drops. Then you might see him in front of the curve after 10 games or so. Oh my God! You have got to be kidding me Pop! Playoffs? Splitter? Poor guy you’ve done him wrong. Trial by fire Pop.

  • Titletown

    Blair in my opinion is not a starter. Stop messing around with the rotation its time to pay the piper!
    Either get Splitter in there using Blair’s min or trade for someone who will. I’ve had enough of this its so frustrating to see so many people fooling themselves into thinking Blair is going to take you to the promised land. His position is vital in the late rounds of the playoffs and finals and I just don’t see him getting it done against those other teams when it really matters. He’s always on the bench in the crucial time of the game. I always see Timmy and Dyess in there at that point of the games. He can’t shoot to save his life and he can’t defend the big guys. But he can dunk when he’s by himself under the rim. And he can get rebounds. So there comes a time when you have make a decision and ask yourself is it really a good trade off having Blair on the court most of the game? You make the call.

  • DorieStreet

    @ Dr. Who

    Thank you for that last paragraph (3:09pm post). What a difference a year makes- 12 grinding, grueling, twisting, turning, down & out, then up and away,blast out of the cannon, months of professional basketball . One ‘expert’ who predicted the Spurs would turn it around is ESPN’s Marc Stein. Read the weekly power ranking comments he has compiled for the Spurs since last September’s training camp. It is one man’s opinion, but it is as objective and accurate a read about this great season so far. I think it is something all Spurs fans should read, if you were not aware of it before.


  • DorieStreet

    P.S. I’m sorry that URL didn’t work. Just go to ESPN’s NBA page; click up subheading RANKINGS; then to Marc Stein’s Weekly NBA Power Rankings; then select San Antonio out of the TEAM box.

  • TItletown99030507

    @TDBestever, actually seems like Pop has a man crush on Blair. Haven’t you noticed? He starts every game!

  • TItletown99030507

    @mikrobass3, yeah, the quickness that is Lamarcus Aldridge blowing past Timmy and Dyess. Oh yeah they’re bigs too.

  • TD = Best EVER

    OK here are a list of Bigs, that are “On the trading Block.” In no particular order

    Troy Murphy
    Ronny Turiaf
    Anthony Randolph
    Brandan Wright
    Robin Lopez
    Jason Thompson
    Carl Landry
    Omri Casspi – SF but 6-9 and 22
    DJ MBenga – not very good – but has been around long enough to give you 10-15 good minutes

    There are others out there, but these are some of the cheapest and some would look awesome in an SA jersey. TS + 2nd rounder should land us one of these players.

  • TItletown99030507

    @mjs2377, Big Ben and T Mac get real then we would have to manage minutes of 4 players.

  • agutierrez

    I remember Charles Barkley being asked who, during his playing days, guarded him best and gave him the hardest time scoring. He mentioned some no-name who’s been long forgotten. He said he never quite understood why, but the guy just flat out kicked his ass and he dreaded playing against him.
    There’s a good chance we might face the Blazers in the playoffs. It was clear last night that all of our bigs, TD, McD, Blair were getting their asses kicked by Aldridge. No one can know if Tiago would have any more luck than the others did. But given that the others sucked, and that we might face them in the playoffs, and that it is impossible to know how one player will fair against another until they actually get on the court (the Barkley story), then why the hell not try Tiago on him? That was disappointing.

  • TItletown99030507

    @Colin, you have the wrong attitude. Thinking like this is like sweeping the problems under the carpet. You might think everything is ok but it’s still dirty. Address the big situation now! Because Timmy and Dyess aren’t getting younger. As a mater of fact Timmy looked tired out there and poor Dyess he was playing his heart out but there just wasn’t enough out there. You need good youth out there and what better time to develop it now since you’ve got a cushion to play with. What Pop is getting greedy now with the record? He does’nt want sacrifice a few games say 10 games to develop that big boy sitting on the bench. I would do it now they still have the stretch to pile up wins.

  • TItletown99030507

    @agutierrez, I concur.

  • TItletown99030507

    @DanielT, well maybe he should’nt have cuz Timmy looked tired and Dyess could’nt do anything. How bout this? Let Splitter and Blair play together when Timmy and Dyess look like they need a night off.

  • TItletown99030507

    @Doriestreet, and what is Herman Edwards doing now?

  • rj

    splitter has been rebounding the ball better, and is overall game has improved. passing, free throw shooting, and drawing contact are his most valuable assests on the offensive end. defensively, his hands have been more active and he was probably the only guy who could have stayed infront of aldrige, but he probably would have picked up some fouls. i am not a fan of the three big rotation. splitter has proven not to be a liability and we have been able to maintain leads with him in the gamee. pop will need to dip into the bench this road trip.

  • TItletown99030507

    Does anybody here believe that if Splitter got every single min. that Blair has had for the last 40+ games he would actually be better than Blair all around? If not trade him. If yes, then everybody shut up and let him play.

  • TItletown99030507

    @rj, Well said.

  • TItletown99030507

    @ruth bader ginobili, They were getting beat by that ugly stick in the paint by that big slasher. At one time I thought Timmy was gonna shake his hand on the way to the rim. Oh my!

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ TItletown99030507
    “Does anybody here believe that if Splitter got every single min. that Blair has had for the last 40+ games he would actually be better than Blair all around?”

    I really don’t know, the major problem is you don;t earn playing time by playing poorly in the game. You earn it by beating DJB in practice daily in your drills etc. So my guess is that he isn’t doing something that POP wants him too in practice, because if he was he would be getting more minutes.

  • TItletown99030507

    For those of you wanting to trade Tiago because he simply isn’t working for you. All those crazy trade scenarios just make me laugh especially when half of you saying this say that Pop and the FO are geniuses. Right your genius FO waited 3 years and 3 mil to just piss us off.

  • duaneofly

    Looking at the depth chart I’d say it goes something like this:
    Starting five: TP, Manu, RJ, Blair, Duncan
    6: Hill
    7: Bonner
    8: Neal
    9: McDyess
    10. Splitter
    11. Quinn
    12. Owens
    Then when James Anderson comes back, he’ll take the 8th spot and bump everyone else down a notch, making Splitter the 11th man.

    Funny how our eleventh man is taking the brunt of the blame for our team’s whopping eight losses.

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ duaneofly

    “Funny how our eleventh man is taking the brunt of the blame for our team’s whopping eight losses.”

    Not when you have an OLD front line ahead of him that you need to be able to rest. Add that plus Bonner getting the 2nd most minutes as a big in our lineups and people start to see red flags.

    Also as many here have pointed out its not like the guys playing in front of him are just burning it up, all of our Bigs have issues and when seeing how we are getting abused in the post this season, he should be able to at least eat some minutes to keep guys out of foul trouble and fresh. But he can’t get unglued from the pine, so there in lies the rub.

  • Rafael

    Is ridiculous Aldridge kick ass of TD/Macdyess and Splitter don’t have minutes to play, he would never do worse than TD/Macdyess because if he stopped TWO shots of Aldridge would be better!!!If Pop don’t trust Tiago for this, is better trade him and see he doing 20 points/game on other team( Like Scola, Barbosa, Turkoglu, Dragic).

  • Manolo Pedralvez

    Splitting hairs (pardon the pun) over Splitter, and then some. Some armchair San Antonio Spurs pundits can never be satisfied, second-guessing the Pop and his coaching staff over the Brazilian. Once this man finds his “sweet spot” – and I believe it will be soon despite what the naysayers say – we will all realize this guy’s value to the Silver and Black

  • miggy

    I’m with you Manolo; although I do believe that we are all armchair pundits, but I’m going to take it a little further and say that Tiago will be starting by the end of the season and Blair will be the beast off the bench.

  • AmyfromLA

    I was upset at the loss, but it’s only one game and we still have the best record, so no panicking here. I’ll walk away from the ledge now. =)

    I know we definitely need to work on D, but I think last night’s game was sort of an outlier. I’ve been trying to wipe the game out of my memory bank, so forgive me if my memory is sort of faded. I didn’t see good ball movement. I felt like we settled a lot for outside shots instead of trying to penetrate a huge chunk of the game. I guess it also doesn’t help that our guys weren’t making their outside shots when there was some penetration for kickouts. I’m definitely not a fan of small ball, especially seeing how it killed us for that long span (or maybe it just felt long). I know small ball works sometimes, but it was killing us last night. I know we went to small ball because they went small, but we really needed a rebounder out there. Portland was getting all the 50/50 balls and that hurt.

    I would’ve liked to see Tiago in the game to just mix things up a bit and see if it can help spark something, but in POP we trust. It’s only one game. The man needs to run his experiments to see what works. Like someone said, Portland might be a playoff matchup. I’d like to think Pop didn’t want to show all his tricks. =) But, I also felt like Pop was going with his usual rotation. Our boys just didn’t pick up the necessary defensive intensity needed. It also didn’t help some of them were having off nights in shooting. BTW, why was Hill guarding LA? that was a weird sight. i know Hill can guard several positions, but LA is huge!!!!

    The start of the game made me worried since we went something like 1-5 in the opening possession. I liked all the offensive rebounds. It made me believe the guys were hustling. I figured the shooting will pick up like in other games, but the boys were kind of sloppy with the ball and playing uninspired defense. I didn’t see the good help defense that we’ve been seeing most games. I didn’t see us denying the depleted Blazers like we usually do in the second half. They basically got what they wanted offensively and defensively. Got to give the Blazers a lot of credit. They worked their behinds off and really wanted the game more then the Spurs. Here’s hoping Spurs were focused on LA and forgot they actually have to put effort to beat Portland.

    I wish I could be at the game, especially because it’s in LA, to cheer for our guys, but I’ve got class. For anyone who is going to the game, scream loud and proud, “Go Spurs Go!” Beat LA!!! =)

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  • TItletown99030507

    @TD, Dude how can you make an assessment of ones ability with trash time min. (2 min. avg. every other 5 games) and 4 games of 20 min. out of 40 + games? That’s what pop has given the poor guy. And besides like so many have said practice during the season is not like practice in training camp and preseason. You just don’t have enough full bore practice to evaluate someone in the regular season as Pop has stated before. What better time than to let him loose on continuous basis in the regular season. Besides Bonner is not better than Tiago in the paint and he’s gotten starter rotation min. And Blair who throws up bricks and can’t save his life to make a simple put back under the rim gets the majority of his points on dunks when he’s alone under the rim all the while getting abused on the other end in the paint by the opposing big. It’s obvious and you see it in many games that Blair is sitting a lot in the crucial part of the game. Why? Because Pop knows Blair can’t give him what he needs when the game is on the line especially when they are playing larger bigs only to resort to McDyess and Bonner after Tim. It just doesnt make sense to keep making Blair the focus of that position let alone starting him. Don’t get me wrong Blair’s a hustler and can bring down a few rebounds but that’s it. There’s comes a breaking point when you have to make a change and that change is here. Even if it means sacrificing 5 or so games or what ever it takes to get Splitter in the groove and gelled with this group its all worth it. Dont you think? And if he doesnt, then trade him like you probably want. But do it now. But in my opinion he ain’t going nowhere because everybody keeps saying how much of a genius Pop and the FO is in getting this guy especially waiting 3 years and 3 $mil later.
    Bottom line TD the guy just has to play big min continuously no butts about it to get a real evaluation. Bunch of crap that he hasn’t proven himself. What about those 4 – 20 min games he’s played out of 40+? He sure has proven to me that he can play. 3 of those 4 games he had good games to prove his point. But yet the DNP’s continued. Oh well but Pop’s the genius. Arm chair or no arm chair its obvious he needs to make a change at that position.

  • Samir

    Any reason why the Manu fake didn’t make the ESPN Top Ten plays? It was way too dirty to be left out.

  • Ed

    Ugly 2nd half. No rebounding from mid-3rd qrtr on. 1 shot and done and that 1 shot was rarely dropping. With that said the Spurs often fail to show up for the game right before a BIG game, only to play great on the big stage. Here’s hopin’.