Pregaming: Spurs vs. Jazz Game 1


Some notes to get you ready for Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs:

  • With the Spurs coming in as the number 1 seed in the Western Conference again, and San Antonio facing a formidable front line that could give them problems also, there’s yet another eerie similarity to last season’s first round: the Spurs will be starting out the game on offense on the opposite side of the floor from their bench. Normally, the Spurs shoot at the basket nearest their bench in the first half and go to the opposite end of the floor in the second half. This series, it looks like the Jazz have them switching up, much like Memphis did last season. Let the playoff head games begin!
  • Normally, watching pregame shootaround is a thing of beauty. Players shoot in what I’d estimate is the 80-90% range for their spots. Today, not so much the case. Maybe it’s playoff jitters or it could be the early start time, but for the silver and black the net didn’t ripple as consistently. Pay special attention to Danny Green, who will be starting at the two again today, as he was especially off in his shooting today, except from the top of the key. He could get off to a slow start today.
  • Boris Diaw will start alongside Tim Duncan today in Game 1.
  • DorieStreet

    It’s a noon start local time (happens what, usually once in a regular season?)
    but it’s 11am for the Jazz. Hopefully the team starts in the flow.

  • idahospur

    Last year, the Spurs crawled into the playoffs, exhausted with a broken Manu. Memphis saw the weakness and took advantage. This year, the Spurs came in running and have a deep enough bench to get them over any potential challenges that may cause a problem. While the Jazz are young, the Spurs know how to score and win.

  • SpurredOn

    Andrew- FWIW, the Jazz have chosen to shoot at the their own basket in the 2nd half of all road games this season (thus go toward the home basket in the first half). They did the same under Sloan. I recall the Spurs doing it during the ’05 playoffs and would love to know why coaches (such as Gentry in Memphis) choose to do it this way as it is not the norm.

  • Andrew A. McNeill


    I’m aware of a few teams who do it, I was trying to be a little playful with that. I will see, I think a reason that the Spurs like to go away from their bench on offense in the second half is so that the bench can communicate with the players on the floor easier defensively. Just a guess, though.

  • Andrew A. McNeill


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  • SpurredOn

    @Andrew – I think your guess is correct as I’ve heard that before (coaches prefer communicating on defense in the 2nd half of games). I’d really like to know what made Pop do it differently in 2003-2006 then change. I doubt he’d tell if asked.