Pregaming: Spurs vs. Jazz Game 2


AT&T CENTER — Not a lot in regards of news ahead of this evening’s (more like afternoon’s) Game 2 for the Spurs against the Utah Jazz.

Coach Pop announced before the game that Tiago Splitter “is available” tonight, but didn’t sound like he wanted to play Splitter. Tiago has some sort of brace on that will allow him to play if need be, but Pop thinks Splitter will be in a better position to play this weekend. DeJuan Blair will slide in and assume Splitter’s minutes tonight as long as everything goes according to plan.

Pop also spoke some about the team’s pace, saying “Pace is very important to us.” Pop said that they still run the same stuff, they simply try to get into their sets faster through longer outlets, pushing the ball up court faster, etc.

Pop also emphasized that the Spurs’ transition defense needs to improve tonight against the Jazz.

  • Stijl

    As I said before…small ball…face paced…what I say?

  • Jimbo

    I warned everyone the Spurs would miss Splitter, but people never listen to me :) Seriously, what an impressive win.