Pregaming: Spurs vs. Thunder


AT&T CENTER — Walking back onto the floor of the AT&T Center, it almost feels like we are back in June. White t-shirts drape every seat in the arena and TV crews of the local and national variety set up shop on the periphery of the floor.

But nope, it’s early November and this game means little more than a win or loss in the standings that have a long way to go to be finalized.

Despite the game’s importance not being what it was last summer, it’s still big. Both teams will probably want to measure themselves and see where they stack up in this early season. The Thunder are in their first game without James Harden and the process to recreate a powerful second unit begins tonight.

It should be fun.

  • The Spurs are wearing their silver/gray jerseys for the first time tonight. Let’s see if they look better in action than they did in still photos.
  • Because of the late start, I got a chance to get to the arena early and see some guys working out who I don’t normally catch. Cory Joseph was working with Chip Engelland on some movements in the framework of the Spurs offense. Most players simply work on their shooting and moves, but the Spurs were using this time to continue to mold Joseph into the point guard they want/need him to be.
  • Manu Ginobili will not play tonight against the Thunder. Pop gave the impression that Manu could play if the Spurs needed him to, but because it was the second night of a back-to-back and Ginobili hadn’t practiced in several days, they’re going to hold him out. Pop said Manu will do some practicing tomorrow with coaches (players should have the day off) and they’ll see where he’s at on Saturday.
  • Really looking to see what Kawhi Leonard does for an encore tonight, especially when he’s going to be dealing with Kevin Durant on defense and won’t have the freedom to roam at he did last night.