Preseason Pregaming: Spurs vs. Hawks


Second preseason game of the season, first for me personally. Can’t tell you how exciting it is to be back, even if we’re still a couple weeks away from games that really matter to those of us who aren’t trying to make a roster.

  • First things first, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Matt Bonner will play. It’s simply a rest day for Parker, Duncan and Bonner, and Ginobili is nursing a foot/ankle injury, though Manu could play if it was a regular season game.
  • Danny Green looks like he put on a little muscle. Green looked a little stockier in his lower body. It could be that I’ve been away from NBA players for too long, though.
  • Green’s hitch in his shot is still there, slightly. Not as pronounced as last season, though. Matt Tynan of Pounding the Rock mentioned after the open scrimmage that he thought it was gone, but I think it’s still there. Could be ironed out in time this season, though.
  • DeJuan Blair definitely looks bigger, seems broader in the shoulders if that was possible.
  • Blair’s 12-foot jumper looks decent. His release is slow, but it’s much improved. He even had the bank shot down. Although his hand placement seems inconsistent when he shoots. Sometimes it’s rolling off of his pinky and ring fingers, which you don’t want. You want the ball to touch your index and middle fingers last. It’s a subtle thing that just takes some time and reps to polish.
  • I really want to cut Kawhi’s hair. Maybe not me personally, but someone. I would like someone to do it on my behalf.

Consider this post your game thread. DISQUS allows real-time commenting now, so I’ll try to be in the comments chatting during the game — depending on how the wi-fi at the AT&T Center performs, that is.