Real recognize real


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It’s tough to hate Durant. Aside from having one of the smoothest games in the Association, he’s also got to be one of the humblest athletes around. How many players would have responded to a block like that by saying “great play”?

(h/t Project Spurs)

  • Jeff — Project Spurs

    Love that good sportsmanship from KD. Glad to see that out of a young baller. Keep up the good work here guys.

    btw it’s Project Spurs. Though we do JEST about a few things out there from time to time. You know like RJ’s game or lack there of or his uncanny ability to drop chicks at the altar. What is he 1-0 at the altar? Perfect!

  • Graydon Gordian

    Ha, I just noticed the jest. Misspelling or Freudian slip?

  • Jeff — Project Spurs

    No biggie. It happens.

    Besides, (queue the American Pie flute scene) this one time, on a link dump, I wrote 24 mins of hell to link to one your posts.

    I caught it right before publishing it. Till this day I am still scratching my head about that one.

    Still, keep up the good work here. Hope the season doesn’t end too quickly for the SAS.

  • Mason

    That’s why he’s one of my favorite players in the league. Kobe or Lebron wouldn’t be able to play in that city and be as a great a teammate as Durant is.

  • Michael De Leon

    24 mins of hell, lol. Sounds like the Spurs

  • Cory Clay

    Kevin Durant=Future of the NBA

  • ThatBigGuy

    Great guy, that Durant.

  • Beat Counselor

    Gotta say, I love the title of this article. “Game Recognize Game” is great song, but I usually prefer “Real recognize real” (MF Doom) cuz its more accessable.

    It was going to name a DJ mix of mine.