Report: Spurs to Sign Keith Bogans


According to AOL Fanhouse’s Chris Tomasson, the Spurs intend to sign swignman Keith Bogans to a one-year, $1.03 million guaranteed deal. The 29-year-old, 6’5″ SG began last season with the Orlando Magic but was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in February.

Signing Bogans, who is considered a solid defender, speaks to the front office’s concerns about our depth on the wing, and puts increased pressure on former Toros such as Marcus Williams, Malik Hairston, and Ian Mahinmi, whose chances of making the team dwindle with each veteran signing.

Between Bogans and last week’s Curtis Jerrells signing, the make-up of the Spurs training camp is nearly complete. The Spurs currently have at least 19 players under some form of contract (don’t forget about James Gist and Jack McClinton), and only twenty players can attend training camp. With Gist, McClinton, Jerrells, Hairston, Williams, and Mahinmi fighting for just two spots, it’s clear the Spurs are committed to having a competitive, high-quality training camp.

  • Sauce

    awesome pickup. not sure how playing time will be divided up, but we have a lot of options and safety nets in case of injuries.

  • ThatBigGuy

    Finally, a dearth of players at all positions that (theoretically) can play. I’d say $1 million is a great bargain for a defensive minded player. This organization is slowly, but surely, stopping the gaps in its roster. I love this team.

  • Rye

    Decent signing. Essentially, he’s a marginally more talented version of Udoka. I suspect this signing effects Hairston’s standing with the Spurs moreso than it does anyone else. Hopefully, if he is cut loose for another year, the Spurs can retain his rights by keeping him stashed away on the Toros, rather than have another NBA team scoop him up. All in all, this signing gives the Spurs another proven NBA wing player who can defend.

    As for Mahinmi being in a competition to make this team, I think that’s foolish. This guy has too many natural physical tools that this team still desperately lacks to cut him loose at the expense of giving his spot to a player who, at best, will probably be a minimal contributor in the NBA. Mahinmi, and Williams are the two with the highest upside out of the fringe players, and I suspect they’ll be on the opening night roster.

    Current (Final?) Roster:

    Starters: PF- Duncan, SF- Jefferson, C- McDyess, SG- Mason, PG- Parker

    Bench: SG- Ginobili, PF- Blair, PG/SG- Hill, PF- Bonner, SF/SG- Finley, C- Ratliff, SG/SF- Bogans

    Inactive: PF- Haislip, C/PF- Mahinmi, SF/SG- Williams

  • Bentley

    A good signing by the Spurs, I feel like the skills Bogans has will fit perfectly into our system, although I’m not quite sold on his defensive ability yet, I haven’t really gotten a chance to watch him in-depth

  • Dave

    I think it was a good signing. I wanted to see a player who could provide better defense + rebounding than Roger Mason or Michael Finley.

    I think Udoka and Bogans are quite comparable to one another, but personally I think Udoka is the superior player of the two.

    However, I don’t think Ime was ever comfortable in the Spurs offense — after seeing him in Portland and other stops, I always felt he underperformed offensively here — and I’m hoping that Bogans will be a better fit in this regard … and consequently a better player for the Spurs.

  • GMT

    I agree with Dave. I always thought Udoka just seemed awkward in our system somehow. I liked the guy, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Hopefully Bogans will be able to live up to Bowen in some degree.

  • Robby

    Nice pick up… Training camp should be very tough for these guys, but that’s a good thing….

  • Kalis

    Can the Raja Bell rumors die now?

  • Jones

    If his defense is actually solid and can pester the elite shooters in the league, then we have a great find. This looks like Hairston is gone unless the team can somehow make Finley dissapear. If the FO can somehow get rid of Finley, then the young players will get more potential playing time.

    However, even though the team recognized they needed to recharge with youth, their version of youth is probably not the same as the average Spurs fan. For the FO, I think they consider a player to be young if they are in their prime, as in 28 or 29 years old. 23 year-olds are probably still kids to Pop. I can’t say he’s wrong but I’d hate to lose potential talent before it gets a chance to prove itself.

  • Rey

    Manu Ginobili confirmed this signing in his Facebook account. Looks like the Spurs have many options this time. I really can’t wait for the start of the season! :)

  • Chris K.


    What are the odds this is a harbinger of a Finley or Mason trade? Bogans is a proven rotation player (he made 148 threes in 07-08) and should start camp ahead of Hairston…

  • Hicksy

    Does this finally mean we might be able to shed Finley? Anything would be better than the type of D he wasn’t playing???? Surely his expiring would be financially attracive to someone?

  • alamobro

    Keith Bogans sucks. Hes insurance in case everyone else gets injured

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  • Graydon Gordian


    I’d say that depends on the training camp performance of Hairston, et al.

    If several of the unguaranteed players play well, it will put pressure on the FO to move Finley, Mason or Bonner to open up some roster space. Personally, I wouldn’t bet on it (After all the moves this summer, I think Pop is likely to stick with a few known quantities), but a trade is definitely in the cards.

  • Rye


    Even if Hairston and Williams outplayed Mason in training camp/pre-season, the Spurs still wouldn’t move a projected starter, and top six player on the team, in Mason, in favor of two unproven players, one of which they still maintain the roster space to keep, and other other not exactly guaranteed to catch on with another team, meaning the Spurs could probably get away with stashing him on the Toros.

    The same probably goes for Finley and Bonner too. Clearly they were sub par as starters, but as 9th and 10th men, playing roughly 15 mpg? Both had excellent shooting seasons last year. There’s no need to hand them away in favor of a young, unproven player.

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  • Crow

    Good signing.

    A fairly versatile piece. Won’t hurt you much and that is the most you ask of most bench pieces.

    Played a lot of PG in college. Not suited for it in the NBA for real minutes but could fill the role on a play here in there or the position in an emergency.

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