San Antonio Spurs 111, Detroit Pistons 104: The Spurs midseason acquisition


AT&T Center–Antonio McDyess is not only the second best big man on the San Antonio Spurs, on this team he’s Punxsutawney Phil.

Tonight McDyess stepped on the court with the rest of the starters for his 1,000th game and saw his shadow, which can only mean the playoffs are right around the corner (the Spurs clinched tonight). Unlike Phil, McDyess’s presence was far more than ceremonial.

A year ago San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich inserted McDyess into the starting lineup to shore up the team’s defense heading into the playoffs. After biding his time for much of the year, it appears Pop might be ready to do the same.

“Starting had noting to do with Detroit or his one thousandth game or anything like that,” Popovich said. “We’re just trying to look forward to what the match-ups are going to be and what we need to do rotation-wise, so we took a look at it.”

While McDyess put up a modest eight points and five rebounds in a little over 22 minutes, the starting five got out to a blistering start, hitting their first 14 shots as part of a 40-point first quarter en route to a Spurs 111-104 victory.

And though the Pistons eventually recovered from their large early deficit, the San Antonio Spurs had more than enough firepower down the stretch with Tony Parker (23 points, seven assists), Manu Ginobili (17 points, five assists) and Gary Neal (15 points on 4-5 shooting) combining for 17 points in the fourth quarter.

Parker in particular was key, weaving his way in and out of the lane, finding teammates and layups, keeping the Pistons at bay.

“There were a couple times in the game where he took over. I remember on one play Pop told me to go sub in, but he was play so well he told me to wait two more minutes and see what happens,” Ginobili said. “He finished the third quarter and in the fourth quarter he just finished the game, so he was huge.”

In March, against a team still trying to put things together like the Pistons are, the story of tonight’s game was not necessarily who finished it, but who started. Tonight it was not mainstay DeJuan Blair.

And though Popovich would not reveal if the move was a permanent one, it could represent the team’s final boost, looking to peak for the stretch run.

Most playoff contending teams tend to improve in the latter half of the season simply by shortening their rotation, removing any minutes restraints they may have been placing on their best players.

In the case of Antonio McDyess, who has taken nights off throughout the regular season, the inclusion of him into the everyday rotation would be similar to a midseason acquisition, one better than most teams could hope for after the trade deadline.

Starting McDyess with Tim Duncan puts the Spurs best defensive front court in the starting lineup, and gives Duncan more room to operate than he does while sharing the court with Blair. Doing so this late in the season means McDyess has more left in the tank.

“Whatever it’s going to take to get us where we need to be in the playoffs I’m ready to do it. There’s only 18 or 19 games left in the season, so I’m ready to go,” McDyess said. “[Pop] has done a heck of a job with me the whole season, I can’t even complain. He took care of me so I’m able to have fresh legs down the stretch.”

And if McDyess is starting, the stretch run must be here.




  • Judd

    @ Titletown99030507d
    Pop can’t be stupid. Have you followed this team? He’s Greg Freakin’ Popovich! He’s the best in the business and he knows talent. I’m also curious why so many of you can’t get off Tiago. He’s had one decent game for the Spurs. One. I don’t see what part of his game yall love. He doesn’t have a great jumper, he plays smart defense and take charges well, but in no way is he a shot blocker, he doesn’t rebound well. He has good footwork inside the paint and a… well… let’s call it an “original” hook shot, but nothing he does fulfills the holes we have at the 4 and 5. We need defensive length, a big man who makes open jumpers, someone who can space the floor and/ or grab rebounds. He gives none of this. Why does every post end up being a “Free Tiago” rally? I’ll take McDyess and Duncan holding down the fort with Coach B coming in to space the floor and crush teams with the three all day. Blair gives us a nice amount of hussle and can create match-up problems againsts slow front courts. Tiago can continue to ride the pine. Move on gang! He isn’t the savior you were dreaming of in the off season.

  • Judd

    Thanks for the link Flavor. That’s the best article on Pop, and one of the best Spurs articles, I’ve ever read.

  • Bankshot21

    I’m with you Mr.International.

    Splitter obviously hasn’t played enough to warrant the incessant ranting about how effective he could be if given the opportunity. I would love for Splitter to come in getting 20 minutes a game and being productive but so far without those 20mpg our team is a JUGGERNAUT! This is the problem with people and organizations. They change what’s working for them because they’re worried about what appears to be working for the teams trying to catch up to them. We have our model for success this year. Yes we need to prepare for the teams we may face but in the same token we should not throw a monkey wrench in where it isn’t needed.

    Some of you are also making it seem as though Blair is a complete bust. As much as he may be a weakness @ times he often times is a strength and weapon for us.

  • Flavor

    Judd: Of coarse! =)

  • tradetp…not right now


    Dejuan has the better stats, Younger, and more aggressive. He, like manu, makes things happen. Glad you point out McD and his jumper. Just what we need, a big who doesnt attack the rim, and hits 2 elbow shots a game…. ALL STAR!

    Look, ATTACKING THE RIM = Success. You get a foul, or you get buckets. We need aggression, McD is not an aggressor, blair is.

    Better passer, better instincts, more aggressive, better rebounder, BLAIR> HANDS DOWN.

    Fouling bigger offenders IS A DEFENSE. If you do not understand that then it is fair to say you have never played.


  • Ian

    The irony is a lot of people were complaining that Blair didn’t see enough minutes last year. Now that he’s playing as a starter and playing the minutes that Splitter could’ve played, others aren’t happy about it. This will happen every year whether Spurs win championship or not – some people just won’t be satisfied even if this team plays well above expectations. I bet there’ll be a lot of people (perhaps I myself included, who knows?) complaining about PT when (or if) Ryan Richards joins this team in the coming seasons. Young big men draw a lot of attention whether or not they are actually talented enough for this team, it seems.

  • Ian

    I hope everyone can see the NBA basketball as simply and one-dimensional as you do. Good on ya mate.

  • Bankshot21

    Fantastic article in link.

  • DorieStreet

    @ ITGuy

    Thanks for the compliment. (I’ve got to proofread better, though.)

    @ Flavor

    Thanks also for link, and I agree with Judd on both counts. Contrary to the TV side, some contributors who write about basketball under the ESPN banner have put forth similar opinions on this record season the Spurs have produced so far. This goes for other contributors on other NBA/sport sites as well. David Aldridge (of TNT) writes for He put out an article last December (27th) that explained the Spurs change in court philosophy; it was thorough—quoted the veterans, mentioned the new additions (Neal, etc.) returning role players (Bonner) and their impact on this team. It would be worth some of the fans’ time to peruse beat writers for the league’s other teams-it is a good bet you will find many have taken the time to write a positive take of what San Antonio has done this season–it justs gets overshadowed by the tv sports pundits.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Way off again, He doesnt have a jumper, plays smart defense, and takes charges well, and can’t rebound?

    For one Blair can’t shoot a lick five feet out, second Splitter is better at defending the rim than Blair. Didn’t you see last night Blair taking risks down low and comitting fouls because he can’t cant even put put a hand in anybody’s face because he’s helpless. He’s too short and they shoot over him. What part of that statement don’t you understand?
    And the the big man can cause charges. Well doesnt that give us the ball back? Hello? And he has quick foot work. So what’s the problem? You must have missed some games where he played real minutes and kicked some ass. Try reading my other posts so I don’t have to explain it to you again. Your boy Bonner better hit on all his shots because he aint geting it done either in the paint. Foul, Foul, Foul.

  • Titletown99030507d

    @tradetp…not right now

    “Fouling bigger offenders IS A DEFENSE. If you do not understand that then it is fair to say you have never played.”

    I don’t think the Spurs are trying to hack a Shaq here. What are we going to give points all night long at the line because the offensive guy is bigger? Please. If he (Blair) can’t cover the big man he don’t need be on the court. Simple as that.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Good points, Its not that there is an obssesion for the guy there is an obsession for height. You hit it right on the nail. And further more in regards to last year people complaining about Blair not having enough time on the court and now want Splitter to have his minutes. It’s because Splitter wasnt on the team last year. Besides I was not part of that in regards to Blair bandwagon, really I knew what was coming eventually with Blair’s situation. So he can rebound so can Splitter. But that’s it. Splitter in the end will give you more. Put the two up against the same big man and see who will come out on top in regards to going to the rim. Blair’s under the rim reverses are so now scouted that some of those were ineffective if you saw last night against the Pistons. Splitter in the other hand has the “FOOTWORK” as someone else has stated to get in position to lay it up or dunk on you. He’s just as crafty but has height. I choose height any day.

  • Titletown99030507d

    For all you Blair band wagoners the rest of the boys better shoot very high % to make it a moot point. In other words they gonna carry Blair through out the playoffs. Good luck. GSG!

  • SpurINhouston

    If y’all haven’t already seen it on ESPN, there is a nice tribute to Pop’s “peculiar” and stealthy style. Check it out here:


    @ hobson13

    We need to get the defense much better into the top 5 in the league to have a chance of winning it all..otherwise it’s a wasted beautiful regular season..remeber DAL in 2007(67 wins & out in 1st round)…

    Drive for 5…..Go Spurs Go…


    Hope our last 18 games we improve our shot blocking/shot altering at the rim and rebounding….


    @ Tim in Surrey

    You say Popovich known nothing about what he says or teaches as he always has focused on FG% as the most important STAT of the game…

    Go back and look at the FG% defense and when the spurs are allowing < 44-45% they are unbeatable….. so careful what you write….


    @ TD=best ever

    I agree with you again..but MJ’s Bulls where more than great defensively they where..awsome by the way… The triangle offense requires that and is based on a defensive- minded center (ala Bynum) so that is why LA did not trade for Carmelo although & never gave up on Bynum….

  • Tim in Surrey

    @Hassan – I always try to be careful about what I write. But thanks for the reminder.

    I didn’t wrote that “Pop known nothing about what he says or teaches” nor was I trying to imply it. What I wrote was that “even FG% is deceptive”. If Pop’s concern was simple FG%, he wouldn’t have his players guard the three-point line so carefully. Why? Because the three-point shot and the free throw make FG% deceptive. There’s no better example than DeJuan Blair, whose FG% (50.0%) is the second-best of our starters, behind Tony Parker (52.1%). Does that mean that he’s a more effective offensive player than Manu, who only makes 42.8%? No. Blair doesn’t make three-point shots, doesn’t draw FTs very often, and doesn’t make a high percentage of them when he does. By contrast, many of Manu’s shots are three-pointers, he does draw a lot of fouls, and he makes a high percentage of his FTs. As a result, while Blair’s true-shooting percentage is ok (52.1%), it’s actually the worst of our five starters and well behind Manu (57.8%). Who are the best shooters on our team by that measure? Steve Novak (67.9%), Matt Bonner (67.8%), and Richard Jefferson (61.4%). Which probably goes a long way toward explaining why Pop plays them so much, even though most fans are mystified by it.

    But of course you can’t simply rely on that, either. Blair misses a lot of shots but he also rebounds a lot of his misses and then converts those into easy shots. So it’s complicated…

    Truth be told, there’s no simple way to measure the defensive abilities of a team. But I do think that defensive efficiency is a pretty good measure because it looks at how many points an opponent scores for every 100 possessions. Right now the Spurs are seventh in the league at 101.3, just ahead of the Lakers (101.5) and behind Miami (100.8). That means that all three teams have proven to be good on defense, but not great. The Spurs are second in offensive efficiency (109.2 points per 100 possessions), just .1 behind Denver (most of whose offensive efficiency just left for NYC), and ahead of the Lakers (108.6) and Miami (108.2). John Hollinger provides those efficiency numbers at ESPN, by the way:

    If you really want something of a measure of how effectively a team has played overall, which is adjusted for pace, look at the percentage difference between the two. You’ll have to calculate it yourself, but it’s essentially 100*(OFF EFF – DEF EFF)/DEF EFF. If you do that for all the teams and rank them, here are the results:

    1 San Antonio 7.80%
    2 Miami 7.45%
    3 Boston 7.35%
    4 Chicago 7.22%
    5 LA Lakers 7.20%
    6 Orlando 6.85%
    7 Dallas 4.76%
    8 Oklahoma City 3.15%
    9 Denver 3.11%
    10 New Orleans 2.58%
    11 Philadelphia 2.25%
    12 New York 1.79%
    13 Memphis 1.17%
    14 Portland 0.67%
    15 Houston 0.65%
    16 Phoenix 0.56%
    17 Atlanta -0.29%
    18 Milwaukee -1.20%
    19 Utah -1.22%
    20 Indiana -1.65%
    21 Golden State -2.59%
    22 Charlotte -3.65%
    23 LA Clippers -4.31%
    24 Detroit -4.43%
    25 Minnesota -5.59%
    26 New Jersey -5.65%
    27 Toronto -5.75%
    28 Sacramento -5.83%
    29 Washington -7.48%
    30 Cleveland -10.08%

    Lo and behold, the Spurs have demonstrated the best combined efficiency of any team in the league this year. Of course, if you really wanted a simpler way of figuring out who’s playing the best all you had to do was look at wins and losses. But for some reason there are a number of people on this board who prefer to overlook that statistic.

    P.S. – Anybody see the score from that Miami-LA game? Maybe we shouldn’t hand the trophy to the Lakers JUST yet…

  • Tim in Surrey

    @TD = Best EVER – Well, Hollinger only goes back to 2003 for his stats. It’s a little tedious, but as you’ve made me curious I did some legwork. Here’s the list of regular season numbers for all the champs since 2003, alongside this year’s Spurs. The “RK” column is the rank of that team in DEF EFF for that year. For my purposes, #1 or #2 in the league qualifies as a great defensive team, while a good team would have to be top ten at the least and perhaps no lower than 8th or 9th (your mileage may vary).

    NBA Champions since 2003

    2003 2 San Antonio 88.1 83.3 4.8 5.76%
    2004 2 Detroit 85 78.7 6.3 8.01%
    2005 1 San Antonio 91.2 82.3 8.9 10.81%
    2006 16 Miami 92.2 89.4 2.8 3.13%
    2007 2 San Antonio 92.7 84.4 8.3 9.83%
    2008 1 Boston 92.6 82.2 10.4 12.65%
    2009 5 LA Lakers 109.8 101.9 7.9 7.75%
    2010 5 LA Lakers 105.9 101.1 4.8 4.75%
    2011 7 San Antonio 109.2 101.3 7.9 7.80%

    It’s a little messy in my browser, but the ranking is what matters. Miami won a championship without even being a good defensive team, at least for the regular season (for some reason there aren’t any numbers available for the 2006 postseason, but certainly my recollection is that Miami stepped it up on defense in the playoffs but were still nowhere near as effective as the best teams, San Antonio, Memphis, and New Jersey). The Lakers’ past two champions were also good but not great and had similar numbers to ours. Most significantly, this year’s Spurs have a much better percentage difference between offense and defense than either the ’03 Spurs (statistically the weakest of our four champs) or last year’s Lakers.

    If you want to go further back, you can use’s similar ORtg and DRtg numbers. I won’t post a bunch more numbers here but will say that the Lakers teams in ’01 and ’02 (but NOT in ’00) and in the Showtime era, Larry Bird’s Celtics, and the first three Bulls champs were similarly good but not great defensive teams that had great offenses.

    My conclusion, for what it’s worth, is that this year’s team is not as good as many former NBA champions but is better than many. We could certainly improve, especially on defense, but as presently constituted we have the best chance of any team in the league to win the title. Consider where we were last summer and think about that. It’s a good thing.

  • Alix Babaie

    Great article about Pop and definitely a solid read.

  • The Pragmaticist

    The Splitter obsession comes not from what he is, but from what the Spurs hoped he would be when they drafted him. If you watched any of his Euro games, he was the Euro Duncan-lite – great defender (both one-on-one against the other team’s best big and on help), fine rebounder, and opportunistic scorer underneath. He didn’t and probably never will have Duncan’s array of scoring shots, but then how many bigs have? It’s been hard to understand why none of that potential seems to have been realized here. We’re not talking Mahinmi, an obvious project from day one. This is a guy who was the MVP of a top-notch Euro league. It doesn’t entirely make sense that the Spurs can’t get any more out of him, and it seems as if there must have been some kind of mistake, either in drafting him, developing him, or deploying him. This year seems like a great one in which to strike while the iron is hot, so if there’s any way to get more out of him, that would seem to over-ride any sort of long-term development tactic. If Splitter really isn’t any good, then he’s a very disappointing bust.

  • Flavor

    Tim in Surrey: Bravo! If there was a like button on comments, you’d get it!

  • betsyduncan

    Flavor, thanks for the (Pop) link! LOVED it!

  • junierizzle

    Tim in Surrey putting it down!!!!!!!!

    “P.S. – Anybody see the score from that Miami-LA game? Maybe we shouldn’t hand the trophy to the Lakers JUST yet…”

    This is why we didn’t need to get carried away by the loss to the Lakers. You honestly think that was the SPurs’ best effort??
    The Lakers said it themselves that if they lost to Miami then what they did in San Antonion wasn’t going to mean much. None of it does…..It’s the regular season. The only thing that matters in the regular season is trying to get home court.

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ Tim in Surrey

    “Lo and behold, the Spurs have demonstrated the best combined efficiency of any team in the league this year.”

    The problem with your numbers is that TOTAL Defense/Offense already calculates this data…… Things like TRUE FG% vs FG% are basically a waste of time argument…… It’s like trying to determine which is better in a potential car purchase. Fuel Economy/Fuel efficiency? or the good old standard MPG. Ya sure fuel economy sounds really cool and has a lot of cool numbers, but miles per gallon gets its point across a lot easier and has been around forever. It doesn’t matter how many 3 pointers and Free throws you take/make…… It’s already figured up in your PPG stat. So defensive efficiency is all ready calculated in other ways….. Points allowed and FG% against aka TOTAL DEFENSE…….. Efficiency adds things like assists and doesn’t count offensive rebounds and points scored off them as if they don’t count for 2 or 3 points because its all considered 1 possession. So this basically sums up why efficiency stats can really only be used as a way of explaining Miles per Gallon, not as a way of trumping Miles per gallon.

    @ junierizzle

    “The Lakers said it themselves that if they lost to Miami then what they did in San Antonion wasn’t going to mean much.”

    Why do we care what the Lakers goals are…….. If they achieve them, then we don’t. And if they get put out by Dallas and therefore don’t realize their goals, we can still get beat by Dallas and fail to reach our as well…..

    “The only thing that matters in the regular season is trying to get home court.”

    HCA doesn’t mean all that much…….. only 3 teams have won it all with home court in the last 10 years…….. Its Defensive numbers that matter most

  • ITGuy

    @TD = Best EVER
    “Why do we care what the Lakers goals are…….. If they achieve them, then we don’t. And if they get put out by Dallas and therefore don’t realize their goals, we can still get beat by Dallas and fail to reach our as well…..”

    And/Or you could be wrong and I just wasted my time reading your comment!!

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • Czernobog

    @TD = Best EVER: I’m not sure how you calculate TOTAL DEFENSE. You’ve mentioned points allowed and FG% allowed, but you haven’t explained how to integrate them into a coherent whole.

    As for defensive efficiency – it’s a pace adjusted metric. The Spurs are playing an uptempo offense and therefore allowing a few more field goals than teams playing at a slower pace. That doesn’t make them a worse defensive team.

  • junierizzle

    True. Just because Lakers somehow get eliminated doesn’t mean The SPURS are a lock.

    “The Lakers said it themselves that if they lost to Miami then what they did in San Antonion wasn’t going to mean much.”

    Lakers were rolling and wanted to win against Miami and Dallas to prove they are still the champs and still the team to beat. Now that they lost against Miami they don’t seem as tough as they did yesterday.
    That game against the Spurs was an aberration. No way they would lose by 30 in the playoffs.
    I’m kinda glad that it happened now and not in Game 1 of the WCF, should both teams get there.

    As far as home court is concerned, all I care about is the Lakers NOT having home court advantage. I know they can win on the road but THIS Lakers team hasn’t won a series WITHOUT home court. Besides it’s easy winning on the road when they’re up 2-0 or tied at 2-2. I’d like to see them win a series being down 0-2.

  • junierizzle

    I meant when they’re up 2-0 or up 2-1 or 3-2.

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  • TD = Best EVER

    @ ITGuy

    “And/Or you could be wrong and I just wasted my time reading your comment!!”

    The whole point of my comment was “it could happen.” That’s why I said “CAN”, so ya you did waste your time. In posting that comment, because if you had read junierizzle comment you would have known what I was talking about………

    @ junierizzle

    Ok, the 2nd comment cleared that up and it makes more sense now……..

    “As far as home court is concerned, all I care about is the Lakers NOT having home court advantage. I know they can win on the road but THIS Lakers team hasn’t won a series WITHOUT home court.”


    Yes I want SA to win HCA throughout….. I’m just pointing out the HCA without Defense/rebounding and relying on offense to win games isn’t the way to win our goals……. And yes we do have time to move up the last 2-3 spots and get into the top 5 or so, but that needs to happen now and in all honesty should have happened weeks ago……

  • junierizzle


    Yeah, I admit I thought the SPURS would have tightened up their D a little bit by now. But like you said there is still time. We’ll see if Mcdeezy stays in the starting line up and see if that helps.

    Some people are comparing this Spurs team to the old Suns team. Well those teams made it to the WCF. And they were never known for playing any D.

    So I’ll take the comparison along with the fact that the SPURS are capable of playing better D.

  • Bankshot21

    We have the best home record and the best road record. I want hca to sure up the confidence it provides for our role players. Doc Rivers said his Celtics haven’t lost a playoff series when completely healthy. The last time we lost a playoff series while completely healthy was 2006. We won it all the last time we were completely healthy. Could have beaten LA last year in my opinion. I just do not fear those guys. I worry about the Portlands and Memphis’ of the world more so than the Lakers.

  • Flavor

    bestyduncan: no problem.

  • Titletown99030507d


    In regards to Splitter. “It’s been hard to understand why none of that potential seems to have been realized here.”

    You have to play first on a consistent basis to make any kind of long term conclusion. How many years was Yawn part of the system? Secondly they should have pulled the hatch on Blair a long time a go and give Splitter the needed time so that you can really make an honest assessment on Splitter. Now’s not the time to be judge and executer. They know what they have and they know it was gamble to bring Blair along instead of Splitter thinking Splitter could jump right in with ease and be what they want him to be with no NBA experience. It takes experience. Something he hasn’t had. Now Pop has to live with it. In my opinion it is a waste of potential sitting on the bench game after game just because he was obsessed with the Blair wish project. Not anymore. Dyess is on from here on out and yet what did it accomplish in all the need for height and hoopla to get the big man here and on the court. I smell a rat.

  • Titletown99030507d

    I sure am glad people are starting to acknowledge the importance of having a good defensive team to win a championship now that the season is coming to the end stretch. I don’t need to take minutes of my life to read a long ass post on fancy numbers to tell me that. Defense wins Championships. Always will gentlemen. In the paint and on the perimeter but mainly in my opinion the paint. Yup its the paint boys. Don’t need to read numbers just look at the games in the playoffs and see who’s getting torched down low. Good luck. GSG!

  • Titletown99030507d


    I hear you. I fear Portland and Memphis also. We just don’t match up well with those guys. And isn’t Rudy Gay back? Damn!

  • Hobson13

    March 11th, 2011 at 12:42 pm @TD=BE
    “That game against the Spurs was an aberration. No way they would lose by 30 in the playoffs.
    I’m kinda glad that it happened now and not in Game 1 of the WCF, should both teams get there.”

    I do tend to agree with this comment. As much as I’ve been down on my boys (Spurs) lately, LA did have an unreal game against SA. If LA played EVERY game the same way they played against the Spurs, they might lose 3 games between now and them holding up the Larry O’Brien. By the same token, if the Spurs played every game the way they just porked Miami, we would be virtually guaranteed the title. Bottom line: We aren’t 30pts better than the Heat NOR are the Spurs 30pts worse than the Lakers. The truth lies somewhere in the middle of those aberrant performances.

    Hopefully we see 20+ minutes from Splitter tonight because this should be a relatively easy game. We will need more length come playoff time. Stretch run, here the Spurs come!!

  • Hobson13

    March 11th, 2011 at 3:55 pm @Bankshot21,

    “I hear you. I fear Portland and Memphis also. We just don’t match up well with those guys.”

    Yeah, if we played Memphis, we’d probably deal with injuries throughout the playoffs since they play so damned rough. In all honesty, I could see NO fall to the 8th seed. The Hornets don’t really scare me at all since they are so inconsistent. Besides, they don’t have a massive front line like Memphis or Portland.

    Even if we did get the Grizz, they really aren’t that good of a road team. I could see us taking the series in 6 games at the worst. It would just be a rough/physical 6 games. I’m stating the obvious, but in the playoffs we need to beat teams ASAP (especially in the first two rounds) so we don’t risk injury and can rest up. This fact is especially true this year since we have an older core.

  • TD = Best EVER

    Is it me or does Jason Thompson look like a very good young big……. 24 only getting paid 2 million…… why didn’t we pursue this guy when he was available again…………

  • Hobson13

    TD = Best EVER
    March 11th, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    TD, I had mentioned trading Hill for Thompson numerous months ago. It was a trade that might have worked well for BOTH sides. However, we didn’t need to pursue anyone at the trade deadline. Afterall, we had the best record in the league. Pop know’s what he’s doing. The Spurs have won 4 championships, you know. No team is perfect. Don’t overreact. What other cliches am I missing?

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ Hobson13

    + 100

    I mentioned a trade for him as soon as I knew he was on the block…… And as far as cliches, I think you hit them all except “it just one game”.

    But we did get one step closer to HCA, the only positive I can find after the WORST team in the West, gave us all we can handle for 38 min or so. Also we are another game closer to looking just like the old school Mavs, Suns, Kings or any other team that wins SOLELY on the strength of their offense……Another game where the defense was MIA……

  • Bruno

    Horrible game by Macdyess, Bonner, Neal, JA, Blair(14 pt, 6 reb but Cousins destroyed him). Hope these guys play better tomorrow against Rockets

  • Bruno

    Ginobili/TD saved the team in 4th. Only 14 turnovers but looks like 20!!

  • Titletown99030507d

    I’m not impressed.

  • betsyduncan

    Sometimes our guys remind me of Usain Bolt…kinda jogging and saving their energy. Just a feeling. And Manu isn’t digging it one bit. He’s right about the next three games being important and that better effort/focus is needed. Can’t jog against any of those guys, for sure. None of them will let us rest on our laurels (or dreams of them).

  • Hobson13

    What’s it gonna take for the Spurs to get focused again? This hasn’t been a red letter week for Spurs fans. Got blown up by the Lakers and squeeked by two teams that had a combined 14 road wins all season. The offense is fine, but what really bothers me is that both Detroit and Sacto had well above average offensive games. I would point out the Kings specific statistics like scoring, FG%, 3pt%, etc, but to some that might display my “remarkable talent for finding the grey cloud in any silver lining.”

    Anyway, we should have blown this team out so we could have rested Manu and Tim since we have a back-to-back, but hopefully we can get a W tomorrow night also.

  • DorieStreet

    Caught another break – 76ers beat Celtics (1st game of 7 in 11 days); C’s start week with BTB and end it with BTB. Spurs might be 7 games up on all nearest competitors by next Friday; the team will definitely need it.

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