San Antonio Spurs 92, Milwaukee Bucks 90: Manu Ginobili is a bad man


AT&T CENTER — Our protagonist is slouched on a folding chair in an interview room in the AT&T Center getting ready to talk to Andrew Monaco for the Spurs’ post game show. Manu Ginobili sits, completely focused on absolutely nothing. Occasionally he glances up with an expressionless face at random people entering the room.

For a man who just hit a step-back, game winning jump shot as time expired in the Spurs’ 92-90 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks not even five minutes ago, Ginobili is very somber. Ginobili’s shoes, socks and ankle tape have all been removed and he sits wearing just his uniform, a pair of sandals and his thoughts.

It shouldn’t have come to this. The Spurs led the Bucks by as much as 18 in the third quarter and looked primed to blow it open. But they didn’t. Perhaps they were looking ahead to Thursday night’s game in Denver and looking to get some rest. But just 15 minutes of game time later, it was a tie ballgame and the outcome was in doubt.

In the end, the Spurs’ savior this season got them off the hook. With the game tied at 90 and 9.5 seconds left, Ginobili took the sideline in-bounds pass from Matt Bonner and waited. The seconds painfully ticked away and Ginobili dribbled slowly to the center circle. Not even a hint of urgency. Surely he realized there wasn’t much time on the clock, right?

With three 3-point shooters positioned on the perimeter and Tim Duncan cleared out as much as he reasonably could for someone trying to be a threat on the offensive boards, Ginobili waited for his chance.

With just 3.8 seconds remaining, he made his move. Manu took two dribbles towards the left side of the floor and gathered the ball. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, our antagonist on this final play, was able to get an ever so slight deflection on the ball.

Ginobili still got the ball into his shot pocket, albeit awkwardly. It affected his step-back and could’ve been a travelling violation. In fact, according to Bucks Head Coach, it was travelling.

“It was great defense on him, it made him travel,” Skiles said.

Travel or not, Ginobili maintained possession and balance, rose up and away (mostly away), and drained it.

[Update: Our guy Rob Mahoney says that looking at the rule book, it wasn’t a travel.]

  • Greyberger

    It wasn’t so much a step back jumper as a big leap to the side jumper. Manu’s release point was very high and he was falling backwards, but he didn’t need to rush it and Mbah a Moute didn’t affect the shot.

  • Bill Jones

    Obvious travelling. Ridiculous that the refs let him get away with that on a game-deciding shot.

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  • Hobson13

    Terrible, terrible, terrible game. Spurs led this game by 18pts with 16 minutes left in the game. We should have stomped these clowns by 20+ points while having Manu and Tim sit out much of the 4th. Now, we may go into the Thuggets game a tired. We certainly can’t make these kind of games a habit.

    We had too many turnovers, fouled the hell out of the Bucks, and didn’t seem to play with a great deal of focus. However, what is supremely disappointing is that Gooden and Douglas-Roberts, two role players, boned the Spurs for 41 pts and 14 rebs. If Jennings would have shown up, it would have been lights out for the Spurs.

    On the other hand, at least we got a win against a team that has given us trouble of the past few years. Our encounter with the Bucks had a much better outcome than the Mavs recent rendevouz. We somehow won a game that appeared to be slipping away; a far cry from what would have happened last year. Manu-Claus came through by delivering an early present to all of SA’s good little boys and girls, but let’s not ask him for too many more of these gifts. A boring 15 pt win would have sufficed just fine.

    BTW, the Spurs have the longest winning streak in the WC heading into the Denver game. Let’s hope we can push it to 7 straight after tomorrow’s game.

  • Ian

    That’s a tough call, but the official NBA rule on travelling does state that an offensive player can make a hop from his first step, land on both of his feet at the same time and not called for travelling.

    I’ve seen many players in the NBA using jump stops and not get called for travel violations, and Manu’s last shot looked like a legal jump stop to me.

  • Brian in Seattle

    Quote of the night: “If Drew Gooden played like this against all of his former teams, he’d be an All Star.”
    -Sean Elliot

    As disappointing it is to lose such a big lead, I’ll take the W.

  • Regan Rahardja

    I love my spurs and Manu. But I wanted to be objective and know whether we deserved the win.

    My ahem Lakers fan friend’s objective view:

    at 2.5 he dribbled
    at 1.7 the ball was released
    he didnt take 3 steps in between

    Manu didn’t travel. Manu is awesome (which we already know!)

  • Easy b

    @hobson13 – don’t underestimate the quality of the opposition- yes we had a sizeable lead, but so did Dallas. I think you will find, barring injuries that the bucks will grab a 5 or 6 seed in the east. They really are a different animal with bogut playing at such a dominant level. They have limited offense, but did that stop spurs of the past? Good win, albeit with some silly to’s in the fourth

  • The Beat Counselor

    Hobson13 is right…we missed a golden opportunity to rest before a back-to-back. Tomorrow’s gonna be extra tough now. Way too minutes for our starters…

    -If we had to lose a game against anyone, losing against a team so reliant on their D is at least something I can accept on principle.

    -Loved how we used Timmeh tonight. Got him going in the 1st qtr offensively and then had him concentrate on D the rest of the game.

    -Bogut was playing out of his mind at the end there. To think he was essentially a game time decision because of a migraine…hmmm.

    -Isn’t Gary Neal just the best cheerleader on the bench? This guy’s INTO it.

  • rob

    A win is a win. But the last 16 minutes of this game (with the exception of Jefferson) was the least focussed, selfishly played I have seen all year.

    What was the injury to Splitter that kept him out for the rest of the game? Any report of how serious the injury may be?

  • SpurredOn

    Travel? No. Where I really credit Manu’s greatness on this shot was that he did not take it from one of his comfort spots on the floor. He had to ad-lib in mid play and shot attempt which did not deter him.

    This game was also won on the defensive end the previous possession: RJ’s help defense for TD. Tony staying with Jennings. RJ getting back to his man for a shot contesting. Rebound by Duncan. That’s still who the Spurs are.

  • ITGuy

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • Guilherme

    I misread the title as “Manu Ginobili is a bald man”

  • Bert

    I don’t we should be too harsh about not closing out the game early.

    2 wks ago after Duncan had his Triple Double, the Big 3 blew it out and still lost to the Clippers the next day. Rest isn’t a sure thing for a win. This might help remind them how a team can catch up and win like they can. I love how the NBA always has the spurs on national tv on a back to back. Hopefully they can show the country what they is.

  • VP of Common Sense

    Is it me or are the Spurs really starting to slow their pace down?

    Not as many quick shots or transition baskets, more Tim Duncan isolations, etc…

    Were the 9 seconds-or-less Spurs just a dream??

  • Austin Spurs

    Thoughts on blair being alright for tonights game?

  • BlaseE

    Anyone know anything about the woman who was dragged away by security guards from the Spurs bench with her pants ripped up in the late first/early second quarter? It was really bizarre….

  • bduran

    Well, it’s a travel if his feet didn’t come down together. However, it’s really close so I’m not sure. Certainly the ref didn’t miss an easy one.

    My favorite thing about Manu Ginobili is that he is Manu Ginobili.

  • Missourispursfan

    There are 3 guys in the league that I want
    taking the last shot–in order: Dirk (as much
    as I dislike the mavs/cuban), Kobe(same comment
    applies), and Manu. Manu has consitently
    show at every level (Euro, Olympics, NBA) that
    he is willing to take charge of the game and hit
    the big shot. Oh, he didn’t travel–he was still
    in his jump stop and maybe a foul could have
    been called on Moute. With that said, how many
    years do we have to endure of Shaq doing the
    big jump stop and hop followed by two steps?
    Spurs are great, exciting, a dynasty in their own
    right, but still not getting the respect from those
    that prefer chest thumpers to quiet warriors.

  • Nick

    24 minutes and 9.5 seconds of hell, but a win is a win.

  • ITGuy

    “My favorite thing about Manu Ginobili is that he is Manu Ginobili.”

    My favorite thing is his Ginobili-ness.

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • Jon

    It’s not a travel because THE BALL WAS DEFLECTED. You can see that the ball gets slightly deflected out of his hands as he begins his step-back. No travel. Great play. Game over.

  • DanielP

    He did not travel!!! Go Manu Go!! U’re the best!!

  • jwalt

    The Spurs have been a lousy 3rd quarter team for the past few years = Manu not starting in the 3rd quarter

    The Spurs have been a much better 3rd quarter team this year = Manu starting

    The Spurs stunk last night in the 3rd quarter = Manu not starting

    And the first minutes of the 3rd set the tone for the entire half. Bucks outscored SA 55-41 in the second half.

    I understand Pop was trying to save Manu’s minutes because of the back to back games, but the start of the 3rd quarter is crucial, as last night proved again. The Bucks were the hunters and the Spurs were the hunted in the 2nd half. Is there any doubt of that?

    This has been and now remains my only complaint about Pop’s coaching decisions. You have to have your best team on the floor at the start of the second half!

  • TD = Best EVER

    1st you are all correct who said that HE DIDN’T TRAVEL!!!!!!!!! Or at least no more of a travel then every other players who takes 3 steps does……. if they call that and every other 3 step travel in the game then all games would be played in the 50-65 point range and the NBA would look more like NCAA Basketball………..

    2nd – AS I have said too many times- THIS TEAM NEEDS ANOTHER BIG………… Blair was woefully ineffective last night and Bonner was worse.

    We made DREW GOODEN – the guy who couldn’t cut it for us at all – Look like Carlos “freaking” Boozer………

    And why didn’t the Guards go inside to Timmy more late in the game – they just kept driving to the paint and FEEDING BOGUT BLOCKS!!!!!!!! Never even looked at Timmy late……..
    TD is STILL A TOP 5 POST PLAYER – And to just THROW THAT AWAY – to allow guards shoot as many bad shots as they want is just plain STUPID……….

    The SPURS, as much as it pains me to say, only have 2 chances at winning # 5 this year………….

    1 – HOPE that all those 3 go in – AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM

    2 – make a trade for another BIG – because we are getting BEASTED in the Paint with a top 5 Post Player – Not GOOD

  • agutierrez

    I think part of the reason Pop didn’t start Manu in the second half was also because the second unit played like shit. Neither Hill nor Neal could run the offense. If Hill is playing well, we can go minutes without Tony or Manu running the offense (although even that is tenuous). But last night they both sucked. I don’t think there was any time during the second half where neither TP or Manu were in the game. Oh, and Manu did not travel. Every player does that jump into what is essentially a set shot. In fact, the guy guarding Manu could easily have been called for a foul as he clearly hit Manu’s hand on the follow through. But anyone knows the refs are highly unlikely to have a game like that decided by a foul or travel call.

  • Bankshot21

    I enjoyed the game. Didn’t get to see anything but the 4th quarter and I enjoyed it very much. Its not always about blowing teams out and preserving minutes. We lose sight of the fact that this is entertainment. These players get millions of dollars off of us, the fans. There isn’t 1 NBA fan that would not have loved that buzzer beater. That’s the ultimate entertainment. And if he misses the shot we get bonus 5 minutes of basketball!!! It was a win win situation.

    GO SPURS GO!!!!!

  • JT

    Wow, guys!! it was only one bad half. Stop with the trade talks. The Spurs simply did not move the ball in the second half, how many assists were there in the second half. Parker missed open players in the baseline 2 trying to make layups in the paint only to be blocked by Bogut. This just wasn’t the same team as in the first half, they thought they had it, relaxed and it almost came back to bite them. They also looked very tired. The Spurs are fine, they will be fine! Trades aren’t a good thing, they affect chemistry and for those of you that don’t think it is a big deal, just ask the Hornets!! How well their trade has worked out….

  • DorieStreet

    @ jwalt

    The start of the 3rd qtr wasn’t the problem. The lead began @ 16, decreased to 12 in the first minute, then went back & forth between 14 & 12 until Hill was fouled on a 3pt shot with the lead @ 14. On 2 of 3 FTs made, the lead was 16 again @ 7:25 – almost half the 3rd qtr gone. And we’ve lost leads with Manu on the floor (2nd qtr: leading 46-33, Warriors (Dec. 8) go on 10-0 run because in 8 possessions the Spurs had 1 TO & missed 7 shots). These scoring droughts occur in any qtr – at the beginning & the end. It boils down to whatever the makeup the squad on the floor, shots have got to be made, especially at home. And when the shots are missed, the team has to keep possession by getting an offensive rebound. The Bucks had 10 more FG attempts, even though we made 1 more make. There are times when the Spurs cannot get a stop; they have to keep pace by scoring on their end.

  • Colin

    In San Antonio, we have Ginobili MAKING a game winning shot as time expired to little fare in the national news (ie: ESPN). In New York, Amare Stoudemire makes a potential game winning shot that DOESN’T COUNT and that is all the NBA world wants to talk about. A game that the Knicks lost!

    I’m not complaining and I know that is how it is.

    I like how the Spurs just play and let everyone else talk. They are a machine that just fine tunes their system by the year. I love watching them play.

  • rj

    got to sit about 6 rows from the baseline on this one. man, andrew bogut is one awkward fellow. i was really disapointed with him until he started patroling the paint late in the 4th. duncan embarrassed him a couple of times. once for a dunk after bogut flopped and a block by tim at the other end for an outlet pass for a fastbreak bucket. bogut needs to polish his offenive game, badly. even if he gets doubled, the guy is rolling to the basket with so much momentum that a pass seems impossible. credit milwaukee’s defense. i wonder if brandon jennings injury affected him in the scnd half. splitter left the game with a supposed bruise to his right side, not to mention he got racked in the 2nd qt. he needs to toughen up to the big bodies of the nba..

  • SG

    good win…i’m tired of hearing the trade talk too…

    There is not a single big available who can step into the Spurs system this year. We’d have to give up too much to get a quality big…not willing to risk that.

    I’d rather hope for improving play from Tiago/Blair and consistent min’s in the playoffs for TD/McDyess. Not counting much on Bonner for the playoffs.

    TD and McDyess will play “starter” minutes in the playoffs against the best frontcourts. Hopefully, they stay healthy and can be effective for 25-33 min a piece.

  • SpurredOn

    @VP of Common Sense – I don’t think the Spurs have slowed their pace. I think their last two games have been against two of the slower paced teams in the league (Milwaukee ranks slowest IIRC). Bucks make you grind it out, take away transition buckets and with great defense take away yout early offense. Portland often shoots with the shot clock buzzer going off and is one of the better offensive rebounding teams in the NBA.

    Both of these slow the pace, reduce possessions and thus lower the point total. Even last night, with shooting over 50%, Spurs had 17 turnovers and only three 3s. Difficult to top 100 points with those stats.

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ JT and SG

    Not sure if you remember the 2005 Finals when Timmy destroyed the Pistons front line getting them all in foul trouble. Detroit had 2 really good bigs and Dice as their 3rd……..
    Lakers have 3 Good bigd and 2 that could be ALL Stars………

    I not trying to miss out on another chance to win a title because the FO were afraid to tinker with the Chemistry………….. This team has several veteran leaders on it and a HOF coach………..Stephen Jackson was a model citizen here and many other hard heads would be as well………… Because they know POP wouldn’t stand for it………

    On another note – MATT BONNER IS STEALING $$$$$$$$ – he is getting paid around 3.5 million Dollars and ISN’T WORTH ONE PENNY OVER THE VETERANS MINIMUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We could have used that extra 2 Million to get another BIG.

    Did the FO not realize that you CANT throw a rock in Europe without hitting a 6’10” guy that can shoot it from deep……….. And I’m tired of hearing how Bonner knows the system so well – Well if that’s the case why does he SUCK so bad in it?????
    What good does it do to know the right rotations – but do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when you get there……..

  • jwalt

    DorieStreet — your numbers are correct but I think the Bucks had their confidence up by the time Manu entered the game. They were definitely the hunters by then, the Spurs the hunted.

    What followed was based on the confidence level the Bucks had.

    Many, many coaches have talked about the importance of the start of the second half, including Larry Brown and (gulp, I hate him) Phil Jackson.

    Remember Pop’s famous “because he is Manu Ginobili” quote? It was based on the question of Manu starting the second half, and the fact that the Spurs kicked the Lakers butt in the 3rd quarter of that game as a result.

    How about game 5 against Phoenix in the playoffs with all the suspensions? Phoenix was ahead by double digits, Pop started Manu in the second half and the Spurs played their best half of the entire playoffs.

    I want the Spurs best team in at the start, I want us to be the team with their confidence built up.

  • ITGuy

    Ok, TD = Best EVER, I’ll bite. Who do you have in mind for a trade? Do you know for sure that there are other teams looking to trade a big?

    I agree with you about DREW GOODEN though.

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • Tyler

    @ TD = Best EVER

    We couldn’t have used any of the money that went to Bonner for another FA – we were already over the cap. He’s also making $3.05M this year.

    And as much hate as Bonner gets directed at him, can we at least acknowledge how well he’s played so far? He’s shooting 43% from the field and best of all, 51.5% from behind the arc – 3rd in the league! A true shooting percentage of 61.7%! Just about all the metrics available point to a player that is helping, not hurting, the team.

    Let’s at least be fair. To continue to insist that the guy is terrible, hurts the Spurs, or has no value in our system just isn’t the case. I’m by no means a Matt Bonner lover or hater, but the guy deserves minutes on this team based on how he’s played so far this season.

    If you want to argue Bonner’s overpaid, that’s one thing – I’d agree with you if you were talking about the final years of his deal. But right now, based on how he’s playing and what he’s earning, you’d be hard pressed to find a better replacement at his price.

  • Missourispursfan

    I agree with Colin–had Kobe, DWade, Lebron, or
    any other big name made the same shot as Manu,
    there would have been endless praise from the
    masses (and no talk of a traveling violation). On
    that–every player does a jump stop going forward.
    Manu being Manu did his going backward, thus
    it didn’t look normal to those who aren’t Manu
    afficiondos. “Because he’s Manu Ginobili” says
    it all.

  • Ruel

    It was a Win last night and I don’t have much to say!!! I thought it was easy win but the Bucks pounded us in the paint in the second half and they deserve the credits and respects for not quitting and humbly respecting on our Team. They almost got us, too close and I hope we learn from last night game. Although, tonight’s game will be a tough game against Denver Nuggets but a must win game? I believed on our Team and I believe we can win tonight game not by luck but by learning experience unless the Nuggets start getting aggressive and go big in the paint. Otherwise, we have no choice “Go for Broke” possible 30+mins for Tim Duncan. I hope that won’t be the case and our Team will pick up for him and provides support in the paint. Get plenty of rest and sleep!!! Stay Humble and in Good Health to our Coaching Staffs and Players!!! Win or Lose Keep Pounding The Rock San Antonio Spurs and let’s play 48 minutes of Hell Defense!!!

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ ITGuy

    Yes I do – Jared Jeffries – Houston SF – 6’10” 240 pounds combo forward – he can help us as a back up 3 or as a 4 when we go small and not even have to go all that small. Good re-bounder and athlete and can PROTECT THE RIM……… Houston has no spot for him because of their crowded front court. Not sure want they want in return – but we should look into it.

    A more risky option is Anthony Randolph – 6’10” 220 – has a great offensive game – can give you 15-8 (Andrew Bynum number) with quality minutes. Needs to focus on his help D a little more, but has RAW TALENT. We already have 2 players on the team with raw talent and none of them have his upside……… Plus he is only making 1.5 Million or something………New York is willing to give him away and not even ask for that much in return – 1 young Prospect and 1 draft pick……….

    A safer option than the last – Jason Thompson – Kings PF/SF. 6″11″ 250 and can shoot it. Average 13 and 8 last year in 58 games as a starter. has started a1 or 2 games this year at the SF so could run a little SF of the bench. Making a hair above 2Million and can be had – The Kings have a very crowded Front Court and have had him on the market for almost a month now……

    These are just a few – I’m sure there are other out there.

  • Ruel

    It’s a Win last night!!! We must moved on and leave it the way it is and focus on tonight’s game against Denver Nuggets. We should respect them like any other teams in the League. Let’s get it done and give them the 48 minutes of Hell Defense!!! Go Spurs Go!!!

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ Tyler

    I’m almost POSITIVE we have money left over – REMEMBER Bonner was our 1st Offseason signing and we didn’t go over the cap until we resigned Jefferson. But even then we could have gave him the 1.4 minimum and Still got Randolf with a trade exception of just left our options open – Shaq is only getting paid 1.4 million and is doing more with less than Bonner.

    Bonner – 21 min/game : 7 points and 3.5 rebounds………… NOT GETTING IT DONE BY ANYMEANS

    SHAQ – 22min/game : 11 and 6.5 – NOT BAD FOR A SENIOR CITIZEN – And his D on the pick and roll can’t be any worse than Bonner’s so please don’t bother hating

    ALSO The only real stats that matter are head to head stats. +/- and some of the other stats can be fudged and can be accounted to the other 4 guys that okay with you. But head to head Bonner gets out played by almost every person he guards 1 on 1…….Speed kills him, Power kills him, athleticism kills him.

    So the only way he can make amends for SUCKING as much as he does on D….. is to go out and get 12 and 6 a night or something close to it………

  • Bankshot21

    @TD = Best Ever

    Where I agree with your name, I have issue with your Bonner bashing. As common as it is on this blog I’m not surprised by the bashing itself but the lack of respect for the way the man is currently balling is insane. Bonner has single handedly won @ least 3 games for us (of course not literally single handedly in a team sport) this season. His 3 point prowess helps guys like Hill and RJ get open in the corner as guys scurry to run him off the 3 and the swift ball movement of the team aides in that. The aforementoned example undoubtedly works both ways, but Bonner is as important to this teams success as any other role player. As @Tyler said, I could understand you saying the dollar amount isn’t just, but in a world where school teachers make under 100k a year can you say any of their salaries are justified? Jared Jeffries brings ZILCH on the offensive end. He can effectively guard 4 positions but not the middle which is what you suggested. He’s not a rim protector. Randolph has upside but so did Gee and Jerrels, and Temple. Jason Thompson is the one name you mentioned that would intrigue me. Only issue however is he’s a back to the basket player. And NOT 6’11” by no means. It would only impede the progress of Blair and Splitter to bring in such a player.

    Just one fan’s opinion. Feel free to pick it apart. Lol.

  • eeg30

    @ Td= Best Ever

    although two of the players you just mentioned might have significant upside you cannot seriously make a justified argument on how bad bonner is “Sucking it up”…

    for their career averages in 20 min. of action Anthony Randolph and Jason Thompson both average around 8 points 6 rebounds id say that is right on par with what bonner is doing right now as well. Yes, bonner is making around 1.5 mill. more than they are but this team does not need any more young projects this year and ill just pretend that i didnt see you put Jerred Jeffries as a potential suiter lol

    i cant even begin to comprehend as to why you made a bonner to shaq commparison either. I mean really… how many post players in this league can compare to shaq… the guy can play till he’s 50 and still get you 10 points.

    I for one would like to have another defensive minded 7 ft player but lets face it, unless some unforseen trades by the SPURS FRONT OFFICE we’re pretty much stuck with the players that suit up on a nightly basis… quit killing the mood with trade talks just appreciate how well this team is playing and prepare for the worst but wish for the best, gotta go take my final now… peace out

  • Bentley

    A stat on sportscenter said that Ginobili was 6-33 in his career in shots taken in the last 24 seconds of a game. Those numbers surprised me just a little bit. Ginobili seems more clutch than that

  • Tyler

    @ TD

    The Spurs signed Bonner and Splitter at virtually the same time, which took them over the cap – by definition we had to be over the cap to utilize the mid-level exception on Splitter. So no, we didn’t give up any potential cap space.

    And yes, Shaq is playing well, there’s no doubt. We also could have signed Shaq using the rest of our exception money – Bonner’s salary didn’t factor into the equation. But was there ever any interest from Shaq? Except for speculation on Spurs’ fans part, I don’t remember hearing anything else. So what’s the point of comparing Bonner to Shaq?

    My only point was that Matt Bonner is playing well, yet you hear his name and think “bum”. But so far this year, that’s just not the case. He’s playing pretty well, and he’s eating up minutes that might otherwise go to TD or McDyess, two guys we want to avoid playing too much this early in the season.

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ Tyler

    Matt Bonner signed on 7-9-10

    On July 12, 2010, Splitter signed a contract with the San Antonio Spurs

    Jefferson on 7-20-10

    Shaq signed on 8-4-10

    We didn’t go over the cap until we resigned Jefferson. And should have made more of a push to add size and D to our front line. Seriously this team has a TON of shooters – Trading Bonner for Shaq and 1.5 million dollars should make sense to ANYBODY WHO KNOWS BASKETBALL…………. And I compare Shaq to Bonner because Shaq wanted to come to SA – he wants to chase a title and we needed to add some beef upfront……… It would have been perfect! They could have left Bonner out there and let the market determine his value and I Promise no team would have offered over 2 million……….

    The Salary Cap is 58 million dollars or so and we had time and money to add the type of quality that Dallas, or Boston did……. And DIDN’T

  • TD = Best EVER

    @ eeg30

    How does trade talk kill the mood???? Please explain it to me!

    Go to any site – all the experts/scouts/and NBA analyst say the SAME THING. That the SPURS are 1 player away from being able to beat the Lakers and get to and possibly WIN A TITLE. So what else is there to talk about other than how can we get ready for LA?

    I live in Dallas and MAVS fan talk every year about how good the team looks, how many games they are winning, what seed they should get. And it all means nothing IF You Don’t win a title. When TD is retired we can settle for great regular season success and a young and upcoming team. but as long as he can play – EVERY DISCUSSION SHOULD BE ABOUT THAT 5tH RING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Missourispursfan

    When I said the 3 guys I want taking a shot
    at the end of the game, the in order was from
    3 to 1 meaning I would rather have Manu
    than anyone else. There was an article a year
    ago about % wins–maybe someone can reference
    it, but it had Ginobili close to the top only bested
    by Bird with Magic and MJ a close second and
    third….last shot or not, it shows he’s a proven
    winner–and he’s more versatile. With the ball
    he can drive and effectively dish to outside, lob
    to post, step back 3, or to rim with dunk or finger
    roll–no other current player except maybe Kobe
    has that in his repetoire.

  • NYC

    @TD = Best Ever

    I can only agree with your name and none of your analysis on this particular thread.

    “Trading Bonner for Shaq and 1.5 million dollars should make sense to ANYBODY WHO KNOWS BASKETBALL”

    No offense, but I find this assertion laughable. Any layman who’s followed the NBA in the past decade knows that Shaq demands the ball, both because of his ego and his skill set. If the Spurs took on Shaq, we would have to draw him plays and feed him the ball near the hole for him to return any value.

    He can’t come outside to defend perimeter players (something Duncan is already doing poorly) so on both ends of the court Shaq would need to play in the paint. That means the Big Blackhole could not be effectively paired with the Big Fundamental, unless you reduce Timmy’s role to a jump shooting sidekick (like the role McDyess plays for Timmy now). I can’t seriously believe you would advocate that. Shaq’s ego is too big for him to take a back seat to anyone. Make no mistake: if Shaq were on this team, he would be competing with, not complementing, Duncan.

    Shaq clogs up the middle, taking away driving lanes for Parker and RJ.

    Shaq cannot hit free throws. He is the reason we call it a “hack-a-Shaq.” If you watched the Nuggets game last night, then you saw Pop pull TD out in the final minutes, reinserting him when he deemed it safe, precisely to avoid a “hack-a-Duncan.” Being another free throw liability means there’s no way in hell Shaq would see the court at the end of games on a Gregg Popovich coached team (unless you would rather bench Timmy and insert Shaq as your designated FT liability), thereby rendering him useless in close game situations. I suppose Pop might trot Shaq out there as a perverse joke for Michael Finley to foul, but even Michael Finley has retired.

    So to recap:
    1) Shaq needs to be in the paint to be effective, thereby displacing Duncan in the paint;
    2) Shaq needs the ball to be effective on offense, taking away possessions from Duncan;
    3) Shaq does not space the floor like Bonner does, instead he clogs the lane, taking away major facets of Parker’s and RJ’s game;
    4) Shaq does not help us in any way with our need for perimeter defense;
    5) Shaq is another FT liability that must be protected at the end of halves.

    “MATT BONNER IS STEALING $$$$$$$$ – he is getting paid around 3.5 million Dollars and ISN’T WORTH ONE PENNY OVER THE VETERANS MINIMUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We could have used that extra 2 Million to get another BIG.”

    This is patently false.

    6) Bonner was signed for more money than the veteran’s min. because we have his Bird rights. The extra amount of money you speak of does not hurt the team in terms of cap space and could NOT be used to sign another player.

    7) As Tyler pointed out, we could have signed both Bonner and Shaq; the front office CHOSE not to. I think the Spurs FO qualifies as “knowing basketball,” and they CHOSE not to pursue Shaq. Surely they have considered the pros and cons and decided against it. I trust that they have their reasons and know what they are doing better than you or I.

    8) Bonner offers a skill set that Shaq does not, nor any other big man on the team for that matter. Trading Bonner for Shaq would mean one less 3 pt shooter–one less 3 pt shooter that can be paired with Duncan or Blair, might I add–and one more big man who cannot shoot the ball. What do you suppose that would do to DeJuan Blair’s playing time?

    If we were to trade for Shaq, the ideal scenario would be to trade Blair or Splitter. But you wouldn’t want that, now would you? You want to trade Bonner not based on any objective analysis of what Bonner offers, but because you have an irrational hate for Matt Bonner.

    “And I’m tired of hearing how Bonner knows the system so well – Well if that’s the case why does he SUCK so bad in it?????
    What good does it do to know the right rotations – but do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when you get there……”

    And you base this on what? This is merely your subjective observation, which differs wildly from mine.

    “How does trade talk kill the mood???? Please explain it to me!”

    For the same reason we are tired of hearing about how old Tim Duncan is. You’re beating a dead horse. We’ve read your proposed trades and pet players, and apparently no one is interested.