San Antonio Spurs 111, Golden State Warriors 94: The passing, oh my


AT&T CENTER — The ball zipped around from point-to-point like a game of Pong on a sugar rush. For the sluggish Golden State Warriors, fresh off a 105-100 loss to the Mavericks in Dallas Tuesday night, it was almost unfair.

The San Antonio Spurs toyed with the Warriors for three quarters before ultimately putting Golden State out of its misery in the fourth of a 111-94 win on Wednesday night.

The Spurs were able to get to the basket at will early against the Warriors, who had four starters play at least 40 minutes the previous night in Dallas. 20 of San Antonio’s 29 first quarter points were in the paint, and 17 on the fastbreak.

Golden State eventually adjusted, making better rotations and preventing easy looks at the rim. But where a window closed, a door opened and San Antonio kick-started a malicious game of keep away that often ended in points for the Spurs.

“I thought everyone did a really good job of finding the open man. Being aggressive but understanding that teammates were open and making the easy pass to the next guy,” Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich said after the game.

San Antonio assisted on 31 of the team’s 43 field goals and committed only 11 turnovers. Tony Parker (nine) and Manu Ginobili (eight) combined for 17 assists, and every player who appeared in the game, with the exception of Matt Bonner, registered at least one.

“Coach said it was going to be a penetrating and kick kind of game,” George Hill said postgame. “Starting with TP and Manu, I think they started the game moving the ball great and finding open shots for everybody else and we just fed off that.”

Had it not been for some defensive lapses in the second and third quarters, and some weak rebounding early, San Antonio would have put the game away much sooner. But credit the Warriors, they had a puncher’s chance and took it. The Spurs were simply humming on offense. Floating, stinging, butterflies, bees. All that stuff.

  • Hobson13

    This was a perfect game for the Spurs. We blew the W’s up while giving the young guys heavier minutes and playing the older guys relatively few minutes. On the offensive end, the Spurs were just a cold, heartless machine tonight. Putting all questions about our front line aside, this team really is miles ahead of last year. We had 10 players log 16 or more minutes tonight. We finally have a legit bench and IF Tiago and Blair can continue to improve, we have a solid chance at doing very special things in the playoffs.

    The competition will get a bit tougher over the next few weeks. Next up is Atlanta who actually play better on the road than at home. However they should be without Joe Johnson so the odds should be tilted heavily in our favor.

  • rj

    got to watch this game….from behind the spurs bench. a few thoughts: blair is really a specimen. his active hands disrupted outlet passes. his touch is soft. despite his lack of height, his power, freakish armlength, and girth compensate well. his free throw stroke looked alot better. couldn’t figure out whose free throws looked worse . biedrins or splitter. splitter had a nice game. he was much more active under the rim and on the glass. he did end up on his back quite often and looked seemingly uneccessary at times. funny how these games are disected and analyzed and how sports are so sensationalized. all i saw were a bunch of giants playing basketball.

  • Pork Fried Rice

    “where a window closed, a door opened”… Andrew, did you watch Glee recently?

  • junierizzle

    I’ll take it.

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  • grego

    Atlanta is a trap game, especially without Joe Johnson.

  • Moni

    @pork fried rice

    Did you?

  • ITGuy

    The Spurs are 15-2 in the Chris Quinn era.

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • rob

    This was what I was hoping to see in the 2nd game of the back to back of the Clipps game. Our bench getting quality minutes. And at times in this Warrior game…the bench played just as good as the starters.

    I do hope that Anderson’s return allows for less minutes for Manu. We’ll see. Anderson probably will be eased back into rotation over time once he’s cleared to play.

    But I definately like the increased playing time for Tiago. He (and the Spurs) can only benefit from him getting more time on the court. Even if it means he may have a statistically bad game. Which (statistically) would have been better this game if… again… he were awarded a few more looks inside for scoring opportunity. Splitter was passed up numerous times in the game for a chance to score in the post after setting some awesome picks and being wide open to the basket. Eventually this may change…but he does get overlooked in that aspect.

    I do hope he starts using less the “take a charge” method of defending the paint. I think eventually if he employs that tactic too often…officials will start NOT giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    Great game, though. Any game that features the bench with major playing time and still win is a great game.

  • Jimbo


    Did you think Splitter was flopping? I only saw a bit of the game last night and have seen a few games this season, but from the little I have seen Splitter seems to be good at taking legit chargers. He’s clearly not a great athlete (although he moves well laterally for a big guy), but I think his defense has been solid.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    @ Pork Fried Rice

    No, there is a back log of it on my DVR, though (Yeah, I actually kind of like the show).

  • Acrididae


    I agree that Tiago needs more PT, but I think those times he got passed by on offense are valuable learning experiences. He was frequently floating around looking lost. You just don’t pass to a guy that is out of position. Unless he turns out to be another Dwayne Shintzius (without the schlong), he should learn through those mistakes and find that if he is in the right spots, his teammates will find him.

    Having said that, I’m glad Pop put Manu back in at the end so that Tiago could feel the offense in some semblance of a rhythm.

  • Hunter

    @ andrew A. Mcneil and pork fried rice.
    Really, u guys watch Glee.
    The spurs played a great game the warriors play no Defense and i would like to see splitter score a little more but i like the rotation and the minutes.
    STRIVE 4 5

  • Tyler

    @ rob

    You bring up a good point. Taking charges is one of the things Tiago tries too hard at I think. Part of it is getting familiar with the semi-circle rule in the NBA, another is just the sheer speed and athleticism of the NBA game.

    Similar to Oberto – who was one of the best at drawing offensive fouls – Tiago will learn to pick his spots. Usually when it’s a block call against him, it’s because he’s late on the rotation. In those instances, he’ll learn that it’s probably better to try and contest without fouling, or to simply foul and not allow the chance of a 3pt play. The worst thing you can do is be late on a rotation and compound that mistake with a foul and a chance for the continuation.

    But all in all, I thought this one of his best games. He was much more active last night, he got his hands on a lot of balls, competed on the glass. I think he’s just starting to get comfortable.

    And that goes for the rest of the team as well – we must’ve deflected, stripped, or tipped at least 10 – 15 balls on defense last night. From TP to Dejuan (who also played great), everyone was who was out there was active – there was even a Matt Bonner swat!

  • Alix Babaie

    The Spurs are cruising along now! I think what we as fans need to see from this team is to close out December with “key” wins against teams like the Blazers, Magic, Lakers and Mavericks.

    We need to make a statement with these games in particular to put the rest of the league on notice that we can not only whip ass on the also-rans but the upper crust needs to heed fair warning as well.

    Andrew, since you are on right now, what do you think about this assessment?

  • Alix Babaie

    Also, all kidding aside….did Jim get blocked due to his excessive d-baggery about DB45 and constant fight picking with anyone who disagreed about Blair’s value to this team?

    Personally, I think Blair is someone you would not want to trade for fear of coming back to haunt the Spurs for years to come (see Scola, Luis for case and point).

    We stole “The Beast” in the 2nd Round and you must admit, dude is definitely coming around. Soft hands, deft touch, strong as a bull and can rebound with almost anyone.

  • Ted

    Fun game and a good win, Spurs!

    This has been asked before, I’m sure, but what is a “trap” game?

    I’ve looked for the definition of this acronym on both this site and PtR, but can’t find it.

  • Alix Babaie

    Ted, a trap game is one where it looks as though the outcome would be an obvious win but the team favored to win can fall into the lull of a false sense of security and wind up getting beaten.

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    @ Hunter

    Yes, it’s a surprisingly good show. It’s not must-watch for me, but, you know, I watch it.

    @ Alix

    Yes, we blocked Jim because he was ruining the atmosphere in the comments and killing good discussion. Enough was enough.

    As to your question, the Spurs have definitely had a light schedule early in the season, though the win against the Magic was a good one. But LA will always be the benchmark. But there’s nothing wrong with racking up a lot of wins against lesser competition, San Antonio didn’t do a great job of that last season and they barely made the 7th seed in the West.

  • LPspursFan

    I was wondering where Jim went. I kinda miss him, you know, like you miss…well, I couldn’t think of anything clever enough. But ya’ll know what I mean. Back to the Spurs, I was glad to see us pull away at the end of quarters, even though there were lapses in the middle that allowed GS to close the gap. In the past, it has seemed that we eased off at the ends of quarters and let teams get back in the games when they should have been put away. In the end, they did pull away and I was glad to see Timmy on the bench for the 4th. Go Spurs Go!!

  • Jimbo

    Jim has become Lou Amundson’s new agent :)

  • mjs2377

    what do you think timmy’s actual minutes are. He’s been avg. 28min a game this year. last year was about 32 min. what is the actual difference in real time?

  • Flavor

    How about DeJuan? The dude looked solid last night. I hope he keeps it up!

  • Duff Beer

    A trap game is basically a game that looks like an easy win, especially since they are missing there best player, but if you let up and don’t play hard, they can and will beat you. It’s a trap.

  • ThatBigGuy

    Blair and Splitter are improving and that makes me happy. However, Al Horford and Josh Smith are much better than the last few big men we played (a sick David West, a normal Andris Biedrins). Come on fellas, you got a couple of good, confidence-boosting games under your belt, let’s translate that into solid games against upper level bigs.

    About 78% of me is happy when Timmy logs 18 mpg like he has the last 2 games, but 22% of me is sad because he’s not going to make another All-Star game or All-NBA team with his decreased numbers. Oh well, he’s a GOAT.

  • DieHardSpur

    I have had the pleasure of watching every Spurs game so far this year from my League Pass, except for the Orlando game, which I was at in person.

    Tony is definitely playing at an all-star leven in my opinion. His penetration has been unstoppable, and his jumper is falling as well. I was really hoping to see him add a 3-point shot to his game, but I will settle with his undeniably improved defense.

    I am very happy that we have been able to play this well without having to wear down Timmy on the block, however i do see him spending more time there as the season comes to a close. He said himself that he is ” a rythm guy.”

    Manu has been playing out of his mind this year. While he is starting to regress to his mean, I am glad to see that he still has it in him. Last year after the all-star break, he proved the entire league wrong, and I am happy to say that he is still “the man.”

    Georgie had a rough start to the year, but has really turned it on the last 5 games. I love his defensive effort, as well as his jump shots. This kid is going to be really good.

    RJ has had a spectacular bounce back year with shooting 40% from three. His defense and corporate knowledge are definitely improved from last year.

    Mr. Blair, not unlike Georgie, also had a rough start. He was tearing up the preseason like a bat out of hell, but I believe the pressure of starting in the NBA got to him. I follow him and George on Twitter, and I happen to know that they spent a ton of time in the off season working on their game. Blair has tried adding a jumpshot to his resume, while Hill worked again on his shooting and passing abilities.

    Tiago (The Savior) Splitter has been off to a slow start, having played roughly a year and a half of straight basketball. I am sure POP is trying to keep down the wear and tear on his body, even though he is only 25. Once our guards become more accostumed to his game and style of play, he will be another double – double machine.


    I have been hearing alot that we have an inadequate front line to compete for a Championship, and I completely disagree. I would propose that we have the most offensively and defensively versitle line-up of bigs on the market.

    Timmy – Still a big threat on both ends of the floor.
    McDyess – Great defender of mobile PF’s.
    Blair – best rebounder per minute in the league.
    Bonner – career 40% 3pt shooter, 50% this year
    Splitter – when in game shape, great P&R defense as well as man to man.

    We have already discussed/ and agreed upon that we have the best back court in the league with a healthy Tony/Manu/Hill.

    When Anderson gets back into game shape, alot of teams will be using the SPURS as their measuring stick to see how good/bad their playoff chances will be.

    Sorry for the long post, but I had to get that off my chest.


  • KOC

    The “penetrate and kick out effect”, the efficient passing you mention Andrew. Do you see this as our principal strategy from here on out? I’m admittedly not proficient in the X’s & O’s, but from an amateur’s viewpoint, Pop has everyone from Parker to Neal and even Bonner driving in the paint, with our plethora of snipers lining up beyond the arc ready to receive the pass. Logically, it seems the only way you mess with these tactics are on nights like we had versus the Clippers when we couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and needed anything to patch together a result. It’s crazy, but have we adopted “Duke” basketball?

  • rj

    i bet jim is starting his own spurs blog entitled www.

  • Espoon


    “I would propose that we have the most offensively and defensively versitle line-up of bigs on the market.

    Timmy – Still a big threat on both ends of the floor.
    McDyess – Great defender of mobile PF’s.
    Blair – best rebounder per minute in the league.
    Bonner – career 40% 3pt shooter, 50% this year
    Splitter – when in game shape, great P&R defense as well as man to man.”

    They have a solid frontline but there are still some concerns. I would say that the frontline is good enough; however, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be improved with a minor trade. McDycess is still the key, he is the second best big on the team, when he should probably be the 3rd.

    Here is what you missed in the breakdown:

    Timmy — I will agree for the most part but will add has lost some mobility.
    McDyess — I will say “good” defender not great, the Spurs still go small alot for a reason.
    Blair — Among the best but definately not “the best” rebounder per/min.; still undersized and no consitent jumper.
    Bonner — Good regular season numbers, sucks in the playoffs; can’t defend or rebound (and plays even when he is not helping offensively and getting killed defensively).
    Splitter — Still a rookie and being brought along slowly. The future may be good but will he have that much of an impact this year (especially in the playoffs); remember how Pop barely played Hill as a rookie.

    Size, shotblocking, and even rebounding are still issues with this team. This was to simply provide a broder perpective on the frontline. So it is adequate, yes; but should we also have concerns, yes.

  • Hobson13

    “Yes, we blocked Jim because he was ruining the atmosphere in the comments and killing good discussion. Enough was enough.”

    In all fairness to Jim, for the longest time he did have some really good insights and ideas about the Spurs. The dude knew his basketball. However, not only did he always feel the need to challenge virtually every post, but he couldn’t let disagreements go. In the end, Dejuan Blair was his downfall. Anyway, its probably best for Jim’s employer since JH won’t be on here 658 hours a week correcting every blogger. I halfway expect Jim to change names and morph into another blogger.

    December 9th, 2010 at 10:12 am
    “Timmy – Still a big threat on both ends of the floor.
    McDyess – Great defender of mobile PF’s.
    Blair – best rebounder per minute in the league.
    Bonner – career 40% 3pt shooter, 50% this year
    Splitter – when in game shape, great P&R defense as well as man to man.”

    This is the glass-half-full view on our frontline. This view has value, but I don’t believe takes everything into account. Here is my glass-half-empty approach. The truth probably lies somewhere between your post and mine.

    Timmy – Still a formidable weapon in short bursts, but Father Time is taking his toll.
    McDyess – Like Tim, he can play well if given shorter minutes
    Blair – suspect defender, poor shooter/shot blocker
    Bonner – suspect defender, poor shooter in the clutch, poor rebounder/shot blocker
    Splitter – ??? We don’t really know how good he can be (the Spurs biggest wildcard)

    IF Splitter and Blair can reproduce last nights efforts on a consistent basis, I’d be willing to say the Spurs have one of the top front lines in the league. However, keep in mind the competition they faced last night.

    My conclusion still remains the same. If Blair and Splitter consistently perform, then the Finals are in reach. If they can’t play well, then we will have a difficult spring. There’s still tons of time left for these two to really make a big impact. They just need to keep Pounding the Rock.

  • Daniel T

    It seems Blair has proven everything that Jim had to say about him to be true, when he’s playing Golden State. I’m disappointed that he’s not allowed to present his view, as vociferous as it may be.

  • DieHardSpur


    I agree with your assesment.

    You would also have to agree that every blogger for every other team has the same problems, just different questions.

    Can their guys stay healthy, keep up the level of output, deliver in the clutch?

    These are all questions that every team has about their respective “doubts” if you will.

    Over at, there is a blog asking the question, are we peaking too early…

    This team has soooo much more potential than the level at which we are currently playing. The only person I would say is “over-producing” would be Matty. Other than that, everyone is playing either where expected, or sub-par. heavier on the “sub-par”.

    Blair is finally becoming accustomed with his role, Tiago rarely gets playing time, and he could possibly be our second best big. Anderson is hurt, and we are not playing solid Spurs defense yet; we all know that doesnt usually show up until at least 35-40 games into the season.

    I think we have alot to be optimistic about, considering our record, and the way we have played thus far to get it.

    In short, I agree with you, but just a little more optimistic!

  • TD = Best EVER


    I have to agree with Espoon – we are still short-handed up front – We need a Big that can hold his own on both ends of the floor – not just in shooting (Bonner) or rebounding (Blair) McDyess is still our 2nd best big BY A MILE. Spurs are going small just because Pop likes it and is resting Dice.

    To the people who keep saying we need to pass the ball to Splitter more. I ask the question – WHY? The Spurs are not hurting for more Offensive firepower and don’t need him to score 15 points a night. WE NEED him to play better post Defense and STOP taking charges. i can’t think of a single BIG in the last 15 years that have been a capable Post defender by taking charges. Vlade Divac was probably the best BIG to ever do it and he sucked at 1 on 1 defending. With the exception of Dennis Rodman – All good/great post defenders have made their calling card on one of two things

    1. Wide Bodies – Kurt Thomas comes to mind here – he took charges because he couldn’t jump – but he also was hard to back down on the block because of his Wide Body. He used the charge to play solid help D and held his own in the post with his low center of gravity and high basketball IQ

    2. Shot Blockers – Ben Wallace in his Prime, Tyson Chandler, J. Noah from the Bulls just to name a few. None of these men are GREAT Athletes, like a Dwight Howard, Amare, or Blake Griffin. but they have long arms and and great instincts for the game.

    Also I would like to add Ian Mahinmi to the above list. I live in the Dallas area and when ever he gets minutes – he plays well on both ends of the floor – good rebounder, good shot blocker, good around the basket, scoring and defending his man. The SPURS may regret letting him go – he would be an awesome guy to pair with Duncan – not the greatest at anything – but doesn’t have any holes in his games so he never kills you anywhere.

  • junierizzle

    I was wondering wher Jim was.

    Raise your hand if you ever went back and fourth with him on here.

    Atlanta is a trap game. THey should win if they focus. So far all of their losses were results of lack of focus. Hornets, lack of excecution, but that was the second game of the season. They can have that one. Against the MAVS, too manay turnovers. And the Clippers, just an all around lack of effort. I know it was a back-to-back but they still could have stolen that one. The Clipps practically wanted the Spurs to take it. Just like they gave it to the LAKERS last night.


  • td4life

    DieHard, Hobson, et al

    While other teams may have a history of injuries, so do the Manu, Timmy, and Tony… it’s the NBA after all. There are only a few Malones, Bowens, and Andre Millers out there…. is staying out FIBA play all the insurance we need? Is Manu capable of turning it around and staying injury-free, despite increased minutes, a la Steve Nash in the second half of his career? It’s not exactly as if Manu is emulating late-career Grant Hill’s playing style.

    Our bigs may be versatile, but we are likely to be a bit outmatched defensively against the other contenders. This year will be a testament to Popovich if our defense comes along sufficiently to stiffle the bigger boys, and if our offense proves too potent for anyone… at this stage, it’s anybody’s guess, but we are proving to be a bit more formidable than we might of guessed… I’m looking forward to see how it develops.

    I can’t call us the best team in the league right now. I like the respect we are getting now, though, sitting at 18-3. And I like the winning percentage.

  • td4life


    “So far all of their losses were results of lack of focus.”


    With those losses, and the fact of a lengthy homestand with practice time, I expect the Spurs to stay focused and execute well. They should be looking to improve right now, and bring Blair and the new guys along. With one eye on creating/keeping a cushion in the standings, and the other on taking the next step toward being a championship team, plus a sense of what the end of the month holds, December should be a productive month for the team leaders and role-players alike.

  • Espoon

    The Blazers may be willing to trade some of its older players considering injuries and the direction the team is going now. Camby’s name has come up before, do you give up either Blair or Splitter to get him? Other players would be involved and I came up with a couple of scenarios on the ESPN message board.

  • The Beat Counselor


    How about: We’re going to miss him like the 95-96 Spurs missed Rodman.

    @Hobson13 about Jim:

    +5. Nailed it.

    In the words of Admiral Ackbar: “It’s a TRAP!!!”

  • jwalt

    I always thought a trap game was a game where the team supposedly is looking towards a future game and forgets about the task at hand. Or a non-emotional game in between two emotional ones.

    On to other things, I’m still not nearly as high on Blair as most others. Yes, he has played better lately. But he is overwhelmed against the better post players, his defense is atrocious. If he has to play I would like to see him against reserve post guys, when he’s comfortable he can do a lot of damage. But he’s not good enough to compete against most of the starters he is playing against.

    And I don’t understand the concept of Bonner being a “situational player.” I know all of his faults, and sometimes he can be the dumbest guy on the team, but what he provides is simply too much to ignore. He ALWAYS spreads the floor for us, whether he is shooting well or not. And when he shoots well, he can blow games wide open quicker than anyone else on the team (except Manu). Like the 2nd quarter the other day against New Orleans, Bonner hit a bunch of 3’s in the 2nd quarter and the game was (blam!) over.

  • jwalt

    And another ode to Manu’s greatness. He currently is 6th in the league in Hollinger’s PER ratings on ESPN, and has the 4th highest score league wide in the Rowland Ratings ( His +/- score is currently at +14.4, highest on the team (again). Yes, Parker and RJ’s improved play has been crucial, but let there be no doubt as to who the best player and the MVP is of this team, it clearly is Manu.

  • Kevin

    Did @BALLHOG and @TradeTP get banned, or did they just stop coming around?

    RIP Jim… you were (are) definitely passionate.

    Anyone else enjoy the hell out of the 1st half of last night’s game (minus the beginning and end of it)? That was some fun basketball! Blair getting steals and leading the break, Manu finding all kinds of fancy ways to find the corner shooter… glad to see us take advantage of a situation like we should.

  • Jacob

    I for one am happy to see this blog return to the more carefree and open minded discussions that make it great. Jim was just one of a few people here who had a knack for spoiling the good aura.

  • Hobson13

    December 9th, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    “You would also have to agree that every blogger for every other team has the same problems, just different questions.”

    True. Every team has its problems and we have fewer than most. There are probably about 25 teams who would trade places with us right now.

    “This team has soooo much more potential than the level at which we are currently playing.”

    I agree with your entire statement regarding our potential. I would submit that the reason many are afraid we are peaking is because we are such a different team from last year. Hill started the season slow, Blair started terrible, and Splitter has barely even started at all. Anderson teased us for a handful of games before he got injured. This team has not come close to peaking and with all our young players, it could take a number of months before we come close.

    TD = Best EVER
    December 9th, 2010 at 12:19 pm @DieHardSpur

    “I have to agree with Espoon – we are still short-handed up front – We need a Big that can hold his own on both ends of the floor – not just in shooting (Bonner) or rebounding (Blair).”

    I agree. In an ideal world, we would have another young 7-footer who is a more complete player than Blair or Bonner. However, in order for that to become a reality, we would have to make a trade and give something up of value. I would love for this to happen, but I’m not sure it will. IMO, it would be worth looking at a trade involving either Anthony Randolph from NY or Jason Thompson from the Kings. I can’t see us trading for a veteran big since they are usually higher priced. In the end, I fear we are stuck with the 5 guys we have with our best hope being the continued improvement of both Blair and Splitter.

  • BigJ

    Andrew, no need to belabor or belittle the point/topic, but thank you for blocking Jim.

    Regarding the Spurs, it sure is fun to watch this kind of ball movement. I wonder if Manu or Tony has spoke publicly about their opinions on the offense?

    I suppose their play speaks for itself.

  • Dr. Leonard McCoy

    Damnit Jim! I’m a Doctor, Not a Blair’s Got it Bad Blogger! But seriously. Let Jim Back! Let Jim Back! Let Jim Back! Let Jim Back! Let Jim Back! Let Jim Back!Let Jim Back! Let Jim Back! PLEASE!

  • td4life

    I can’t say I don’t get it, but I am disappointed to see Henderson gone… the fact that he was a bulldog with his opinion meant that there was usually an interesting exchange going on here, even at times when the blog was otherwise quiet.

    And so we begin the post-JH era.

    It’s probably a blessing for him, though, he must have been a pretty severe internet addict, and one would guess that his hours spent ranting and researching had to take away from other aspects of living… so says I with no hint of hypocrisy whatsoever.

  • TheRed&Black

    @ Kevin,

    I agree. Spurs basketball this year is just fun to watch.Even some of my H-town and Dallas friends are tuning in.

  • Daniel T


    Camby has a salary of $11.8M. To match salaries in order to meet the cap rules; you’d have to give up both Blair and Tiago, and McDyess, and Hill, and Anderson. I’d pass.

  • rob


    “Did you think Splitter was flopping?”

    No. I don’t think he’s flopping. I think he is using the charge aspect a bit too much.

    Now granted…I think he’s not getting the benefit of the doubt in some of the calls that go against him. Some have been obvious. He’s clearly set. And in the words of Sean Elliot…enjoying a cup of coffee while waiting to get run over.

    But to me it’s not a tactical defensive manuver to be used repeatedly in this league. Perhaps it’s why he gets called for the blocking foul half the time it looks to be a legit charge.

    Hopefully he can develop/use another form of defensive tactic in those situations that doesn’t cause him to accumulate excessive fouls in a short period of time in order to be able to play more and develop at a faster pace.

  • rj

    wow, jim’s been blocked. didn’t like his borderline obsessive activity on this blog, but he knew what he was talking about. i read his posts more than anyone else. i’m surprised i was’nt blocked for my pro mahinmi diatribe. good to see him playing well in dallas. maybe he needed new scenery. even my anti-mahinmi buddy admits we should have kept him. still, he would have been buried worst that last year.