Pat yourselves on the back, Spurs fans…


Spurs fans celebrate their accolade from Forbes.… you finished number eight in Forbes‘ list of America’s best sports fans. Spurs fans were the second-ranked NBA fanbase on the list, behind only the Boston Celtics, who were number seven overall.

In other news, it’s August and there’s not much going on in the NBA. When NBATV is running a special announcing the NBA schedule, you know it’s a slow news week.

Back to Forbes. Thanks to their list, the Spurs at least beat the Los Angeles Lakers at something. Despite Laker supporters seemingly appearing at every game in the NBA, regardless of whether or not the purple and gold were even playing, the reigning NBA champs finished back at number 12, one spot ahead of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Your devotion over the years coinciding with the success of the Tim Duncan years ranked you as high as you are. That and spending money on tickets and merchandise. This is Forbes, after all. So spend more money on Spurs stuff, I guess, and maybe next year you can take down Boston. Although that might be tough if the Celtics sign Shaq, I hear that guy sells tickets and jerseys like hot cakes.

  • Jason

    As a San Antonian who spent some time in Boston during his college years, I’ll never forget the Spring of 2007, as the Spurs were on their way to another championship I had just attended the Spurs-Celtics game at the Garden and I felt pitty for the Boston Celtics. The once great franchise had just been throttled by our visiting Spurs and I made it my business to be the loudest and most obnoxious fan in the building. By the end of the game my buzz was dying down and I was starting to feel the daggers that the Celtics fans were staring at me. As I was leaving the game I started thinking about how I felt about Mavs/Lakers fans that came into AT&T (then SBC) and realized I had become what I hated.

    The Celtics were tanking for the lottery and the Spurs were on their way to a 4th championship so I thought, what the hell, it’ll be years until these teams meet in a meaningful game and I’ll always be a Spurs fan first, so I’ll give my adopted city of Boston my Eastern Conference loyalty. I proptly bought a “Celtics Pride” t-shirt and wore it proudly around town and in Texas during the off-season.

    Of course, that summer the Celtics landed KG, pulled their roster out of the crapper and the rest is history. The moral of the story is the best and most deserving fans are the fans that hate the Lakers. Go Spurs! Right on Celtics.

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  • duaneofly

    I live in Maine, so most of the Spurs fans I know are people are this site, who all seem pretty loyal. However, I know a ton of Celtics/Redsox fans, and almost all of them are a bunch of bandwagoning crybabies.
    One of my friends says he’s a huge Boston fan, he was so excited when they got KG, and won in 08, but then in 09 he was cheering on Kobe, saying how Kobe’s my boy, I love him. I was like, wtf? A Celtic+Laker fan? No way.
    A coworker of mine, if the Redsox lose two games in a row in May, she comes into work bitching about how they suck and won’t win shit this year.
    I could go on and on with examples like these, and I hear them everywhere: work, bars, out shopping etc.

    Basically, Boston fans are horrible, and there is no way they should be ahead of Spurs fans, let alone in the top 10. I imagine they do spend a lot of money though…

  • Hobson13

    This doesn’t surprise me. Spurs fans are pretty loyal folks. I know on this blog we all have our disagreements and occasionally have a dumb post or two, but overall, we have some intelligent basketball discussions. We still have tons of bloggers even in the dog days of summer when there’s really nothing to look forward to for months. I’m proud to be associated with Spurs fans even though I’ve never lived in Texas a day in my life.

    The NBA, like most major sports, is chocked full of casual and bandwagon fans. Take Miami for instance. For the few games that Miami was on national TV last year, it was interesting to see their fans (or lack thereof). I was stunned to see so many empty seats (many at court level) and such general apathy for a team that finished 5th in the Eastern Conference. Now we are forced to tolerate these ignorant bandwagoners with their newfound love for the game. Much the same can be said for fans of teams like the Lakers and Cavs.

    On the other hand, the 2009-2010 Spurs were by and large disappointing, yet we had (and have) a rabid fan base in spite of the fact that we placed 7th in the Conference. This goes to show the level of devotion we have for our Spurs. Good job, gang and Go Spurs!!

  • ThatBigGuy

    Well Forbes’, tell us something we don’t know.

    And I watched the scheduling show on NBA TV because I was so starved for basketball that I was actually watching the WNBA game before that.

  • Andrew A. McNeill


    You’ve never lived in Texas? You’re missing out.


    You watched WNBA? You deserve a beer, or something. Here, I’ll give you this instead:

  • Jacob

    I’m having a hard time believing that Shaq, who openly stated that he would have come to SA as his first choice for lower dollars, would not have been a valuable contributor this year.

    I think for the vet minimum, injury insurance would be worth the potential chemistry issue, but as always, I could be very, very wrong.

    As far as a SF this year, I think Simmons is the best available choice due to his 40% 3 point ability. Anyone who comes in to this system is going to take the better part of a year to learn the ins and outs, so we may as well profit from one thing that doesn’t lean heavily on a learning curve.

  • Andrew A. McNeill


    One thing that hasn’t been talked about much regarding Shaq to the Spurs is how his offensive game translates. Spurs big men are required to set a lot of screens, oftentimes one after another. Shaq doesn’t move around the perimeter to set a lot of screens well. He usually sets one and then sort of backs his way to the basket.

    And then when he gets to the basket, he stays there and clogs the lane. His presence would have a negative effect on the games of Manu and TP, as both rely on the threat of getting to the lane to free themselves for jumpshots. Shaq limits that threat somewhat.

    Can he bring some good things to the team, too? Of course. But I don’t think his effect on the Spurs would be a great one on the whole.

  • Jacob

    yes sir, I do agree with that. I think my biggest thing was that for the veteran’s minimum, why not have another capable big body to back up Splitter or Duncan in case of injury? With the remaining pieces that we might have the ability to add, I would have said that he was a good pick-up for the amount of money, but I certainly would not want him to play big minutes, and especially not with a finishing 5 in crunch time.

    So, realistically, what kind of money woudl Simmons command after coming off of an inflated contract year? Certainly he doesn’t expect to receive that kind of money again…

  • Andrew A. McNeill


    Tim and I talked about the possibility of the Spurs signing someone to play a combo forward role, similar to how Haislip was brought in last year.

    Assuming his hand heals correctly and quickly, James Gist could be brought to training camp and if he impresses, take the LLE and round out the front court rotation. He’d need to have a good camp, though.

  • DieHardSpur

    Lets be honest with ourselves:

    Our best shot at the championship lies in the big 3′s health and Tiago Splitter being one bad ass Brazilian Baller. If not, we are headed for another second or third round exit…

    In other news:

    I would like to see alot of burn given to the new guys to get them some experience for when Manu and Timmy are off to retirement.

  • Jim Henderson

    Andrew A. McNeill
    August 4th, 2010 at 10:16 am

    “One thing that hasn’t been talked about much regarding Shaq to the Spurs is how his offensive game translates. Spurs big men are required to set a lot of screens, oftentimes one after another. Shaq doesn’t move around the perimeter to set a lot of screens well. He usually sets one and then sort of backs his way to the basket.”

    I agree, Andrew. Shaq is a much better fit on the Celtics.

    As far as front court help, Amundson should be our man. With the addition of Splitter, we don’t need McDyess’ skill-set as much. If we can’t get Amundson with the MLE/LLE, I would get with the Sun’s to explore a sign & trade of Amundson for McDyess. Amundson is NINE years younger than McDyess. If the Suns can’t get someone like Dampier (and even if they do), they need some veteran front court help, and McDyess would be much better than nothing (which is what they could end up with since Amundson is an unrestricted free agent).

  • Half Man, Half Practice Squad

    Worst fans = Utah Jazz. (At least in terms of being jerks at games.)

  • Bentley

    On a side note, I was ver dissapointed when I looked and saw that the Spurs were not included in any of the national televised games that were put out yesterday. I felt like it was a diss to the Spurs as a team. Anyone else share my sentiments?

  • Ryan

    “The moral of the story is the best and most deserving fans are the fans that hate the Lakers.”

    This about sums up this entire article. :) LOVE it!

  • ThatBigGuy

    @ Andrew

    Oh, I had consumed several beers before the WNBA game started. My brother and I have this game where we drink on every bounce pass. Just don’t try to make it through the whole game, because it’s impossible. you’ll be passed out by 10.

    @ Bentley

    My brother seemed quite peeved as well, judging by his offensive language he was tossing at the screen. We’re the Rodney Dangerfield of the NBA: we gets no respect!

    As always, drink responsibly….

  • Dr. Who

    @Half Man, Half Practice Squad
    Ever been to a Mavericks game? I can’t stand those turds.

  • c/o

    I’ve been a Spurs fan since they used to give tickets away at the Handy Andy Supermarket on So. Presa St. The “Baseline Bums” used to seat on the baseline seats too!! I’m curious if you guys remember when The Ice Man raised the roof at the Hemisfair Arena?

    Here is to ALL Spurs fans!!

    Go Spurs Go!!

  • mcspur

    @ SAinSLC

    They didnt start making the championship DVD’s until 2000. If you search on amazon you can find the 99 Spurs VHS for like 10 dollars. It’s actually my favorite one to watch, the first championship was magical. And I really havent seen a better defensive squad than that one.

  • andy

    those who knock on mcgrady should read this:

    i’m not saying we should sign him, but i respect the guy’s game. we could do worse, though i personally like the thought of jarvis hayes.

    back to the topic at hand, yes, we are loyal, rabid fans. do we spend as much on crap as boston? no, but maybe we’re less materialistic.

  • Zy

    San Antonio fans rock!

  • Dr. Who

    I live in Houston, trust me… We want nooo part of McGrady. Dude still thinks he’s a superstar and is a menace in the lockeroom. Will miss games because of a hangnail or if he ate a bad taco. No lie, that guy was/is an enigma. Missed games for all kinds of strange reasons; feeling sick, his pinky hurt, his girlfreind’s mom was sick, pet hamster died. Not at all like Jordan who had the flu, looked like death and dropped a 38 on Karl Malone and the Jazz. Let someone else deal with the Greek tragedy that is McGrady.

  • rj

    boston is a baseball town….. just visited. more red sox jerseys than celtics jerseys. i don’t really understand that ranking

  • Steven

    rj, you were surprised that there were more Red Sox jerseys than Celtics ones during the summer baseball season?

  • rob

    I used to lay in bed with my transitor radio and listen to Spur’s games 800 miles away from San Antonio back in the mid to late seventies.

    We (my friends and I) used to try and immulate Spurs basketball.

    Myself and a couple of friends used to raid untaken seats at the Hemisphere Arena down on courtside around the mid 3rd period mark.

    I remember watching Dwayne Schintzius smoking a cigarette on the bench during a game.

    I was there when the water cannon went off due to fireworks in the Alamo Dome.

    I high fived every player on my side of the bank during all of the river parade floats after their championships at a spot on the river that allows you to do that.

    Spur fans are the best. We always want what’s best in our eyes for them to win. But even in the midst of drought…we still believe. It’s the Spur’s way. Always believe you can win.

    And when the team does win…we don’t burn and pilage our town. We celebrate with pride and dignity and reflect a culture of individuals with adverse backgrounds…common respect… and joy for the accomplishment of a class organization.

    We Are Spur Fans.

  • ChillFAN

    I’ve only met one die hard Spurs fan in person, a Jersey guy, who has never been to Texas. Out East in 2009, he did not know I was a fellow fan when I asked him, “Why the Spurs?” He chose the Spurs because he liked David Robinson, and he defended the current team, saying, the Spurs just know how to play the game of basketball. He flew in for his first game last year after wanting to go to a game for 15 years. Every other Spurs fan I know has a connection to the city, and is equally unapologetic about our “boring” Spurs.

    Here in Phoenix, Suns fans hate the Lakers as they should, but most get white hot mad when it comes to the Spurs because of the perceived stolen championship, get annoyed with Ginobili and get flat out pissed if Bowen or Horry are mentioned. When I see people wearing Spurs gear here, I know SA has real fans.

    However, I should add (1) the Suns fans were EXTREMELY into the playoff games this year, the crowd completely enthraled in the games I attended, even during large leads against the Spurs or large deficits against the Lakers. (2) When Laker fans were being annoying and cussing during games, the Suns ushers threw them out of the arena.
    Talking with my brother, he said neither of those things would happen anymore in SA. Sad.

  • SpurDAWG50

    @ SAinSLC

    A few years back they released a DVD set of all the winning games of all 4 championship seasons. You can watch the 4 wins against NYK that way. It’s a decent set.

  • Rey

    First and foremost, I am a Spurs fan. I don’t want to be anything less than that. I have never been to San Antonio (heck, I haven’t even set foot in another country except mine), but since the drafting of the humble (reluctant?) superstar, Tim Duncan, I have been a devotee of the Spurs and I have come to identify with the team. Maybe it’s because I’m overwhelmed by their humility despite their victories and maybe because Timmy is the “superhero” that I’ve always my (then) favorite superheros to be: unassuming, egoless and quiet. With the addition of (Super)Manu, well, my fascination turned to love.

    BUT, with the changes that happened this off-season, and the arrival of Miami’s “Three Am-Egos,” there’s this guilty feeling that’s really coming to me, and I have to confess it here and beg for your forgiveness.

    Here it goes: Suddenly, I don’t hate the Lakers as much as I hate the Heat now.

    Suddenly, the Celtics ain’t that cocky anymore.

  • ChillFAN

    ABH, for sure. Anybody but the Heat. The silver lining for Heat Haters is that Bosh is the Heat’s main big.