Video: San Antonio Spurs Media Day 2010


The San Antonio Spurs 2010-11 season is officially started with a montage.

  • Hobson13

    I’m surprised no one has commented on the John Hollinger article today:

    Hollinger thinks we will win the Southwest division and be third in the West. He predicts our season record to be 54-28. Dang, he gives us more love than many hardcore bloggers on this site. Over the years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Hollinger. Sometimes he’s on target with his predictions and sometimes he’s a bit nutty. From what I can tell, 90% of the NBA “analysts” believe there are only two teams in the NBA. At least that’s what I’ve assumed since that’s all they speak /write about. I’ll let you guess what two teams those are. Good insights by Hollinger though.

  • Timothy Varner

    @Andrew, great video.


    I commented about it on twitter (@varner48moh), and @johnhollinger joked a little about it too.

  • Anoop


    The Spurs site is showing Bobby Simmons on the roster, any comments. Will he be a good fit as a Small Forward, back up for RJ. Also no mention of the kiwi scoring macine Penney?

  • Timothy Varner


    Bobby Simmons is on the roster.

    This another thing we dealt with on twitter yesterday. FYI to all: for small stories, breaking news, etc…we’re more or less tweeting that information these days and leaving the posts to more developed stuff. We’ll have thoughts about the wing rotation tomorrow morning.

  • Hobson13

    @Tim, ok. It appears you cat’s are going 21st century on everyone. Guess I’ll have to keep up with you dudes on twitter.

  • TheRed&Black

    Can we get a link to where y’all twitter at? Thank you

  • Andrew A. McNeill


    Sure, I’m at

    Tim is at

    Jesse is at

    And Scott is at

    Tim and I are the ones who mainly update with news bits and whatnot, but follow Jesse and Scott too.

  • fatsocalifornia

    Who is Bobby Simmons now? Is this Pop choice? Are we repeating mistake like our pick of RJ??!!

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  • Hunter

    i like bobby simmons we asked for a wing defender and for once the spurs front office didn’t disapoint he’s a better shooter than ronnie brewer and better defender than him and keith bogans and i think he is a great addition to our team.

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