Barnett on Spurs’ Pick and Roll


Momma There Goes That Man has posted an insightful piece on the San Antonio Spurs’ late season resurgence. Spurs basketball is basically tough defense and smart pick and roll offense. Phillip Barnett:

Yesterday afternoon the San Antonio Spurs showed that, although old and flabby like Roy Jones Jr., they’re still going to be a tough out for anyone in the Western Conference because of their ability to create offense off of the high screen and roll. Take a look at these two plays where a suddenly rejuvenated Manu Giniboli picks apart the Lakers P&R defense – and note, they didn’t just do this to the Lakers, but to just about everyone they’ve played recently as they’ve won 11 of 15 games with Ginobili and the Spurs putting things together at the right time.

Barnett includes two video clips, both of which provide examples of the Spurs torching the Lakers’ pick and roll defense. I’ve included the second clip, but not because it’s necessarily superior. No, I’ve included it because it features Pau Gasol wearing a look of despair that’s fitting for nuclear winter. Had Eeyore attended yesterday’s game, he would have gifted Gasol with a red balloon and card that read, “Damn dude, cheer up.”

Little moments like these bring out the fan in me.

  • phoebus

    1st, 1st.

    2nd, can one apologize for angry comments on blogs like this? sorry about bringing the angry last night at Tim & Graydon.

  • Jacob

    Gasol looks like the product of what might happen if Big Bird humped Shelly Duval, and then gave him over to be raised by a band of boxcar hobos to ‘learn him beard growin’.

    But seriously… me likes Pau pouty face

  • phoebus

    “… me likes Pau pouty face”

    Because you know what he’s thinking? “oh hell, now we have an adversary in the WC that has both good coaching and a stable of athletes that gives us real problems.”

    Previously, the Lakers had challengers that were either well-coached (Utah, Portland, Phoenix if you think of Nash as a coach-on-the-floor, which he is), or well-athlete’d (Denver, Dallas, OKC).

    Never both. that’s our spurs!

  • The Wes Reviews

    Ginobili is looking great, but we gotta get TP back so he can get his rhythm again. I think with RJ looking far better in the uptempo offense he might jive really well with TP pushing fast breaks now, maybe some follow-up putbacks or alley-oopses…oopseses?

  • Bushka

    As owner of a young child that listens to Winnie the Pooh audio books that last quote is 100% on the money.

    No one in history has ever looked sadder than Eeyore until i saw that clip. Bring on the hephalump.

  • PistonsFan

    Jacob, I have to wonder why you and so many “fans” harp so much on Gasol’s looks.

    In case you didn’t know it, he’s paid to play ball, which he (usually) does well. Not to be a model.

  • Jim Henderson

    For those of you that have suggested that Manu really doesn’t have a “right” hand? Your assignment is to watch this clip one hundred times, and see if that works. The slashing “right” hand finish in this clip over the 7’1″ Gasol was about as high of a degree of difficulty as you’re going to get on a score with the opposite hand. Seriously though, I’ve seen Manu use the right hand to great effect on numerous occasions in just the last few weeks.

    If Manu has a weakness, it is that he turns the ball over a bit too much, but it’s certainly not that he has a weak right hand. One reason people might think so, is because his left hand drives represent such an amazing torch of opposing teams’ defenses that one naturally thinks his off hand is therefore “weak” in comparison. No, not “weak”, just less amazing.

  • este

    I can recall how frustrated I was watching the Spurs routinely get thumped by the Jazz time and time again during the Stockton-Malone era. The Spurs had better athletes with Robinson and Willie Anderson, Sean Elliott you name it. But the Jazz could execute the pick and roll to perfection and the Spurs couldn’t stop it.When the pick and roll is executed correctly it’s almost impossible to defend.

    Another point I like to add is that the Spurs are even more effective in pick and roll situation when Manu is handling the rock in comparison Parker because he’s much more effective passer off the dribble than Tony and he’s more capable of making you pay for going under the screener rather than fighting through than fighting through the pick and going over the top.