Reports: Garrett Temple waived


Reports are coming out that the San Antonio Spurs have waived Garrett Temple. The San Antonio Dispatch was the first to report the news:

Garrett Temple has been waived by the San Antonio Spurs, according to sources close to the team. Temple appeared in three games this season, totaling two points, two rebounds and two assists in 21 minutes of play.

No official word has come from the team yet, but Temple himself appeared to confirm the news on his Twitter account:

I want to thank the Spurs for giving me the opportunity. I enjoyed playing in front of these fans, they will be missed. Preciate the love SA

[Update: Now it’s official.]

The San Antonio Spurs announced today that they have waived guard Garrett Temple.  Temple appeared in three games this season totaling 2 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists in 21 minutes.

Temple was inactive for last night’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers and no word had been given about any injury, so now we know why.

It’s a shame that the team looks like it is parting ways with Temple. A 6’7″ guard with long arms, he had the physical tools to guard three positions.

It’s curious that the team isn’t sending Temple to Austin for training camp with the Toros, though it’s possible Temple feels he can latch on with another NBA team and asked to be released from his contract.

Temple’s release gets the Spurs down to a 13-man roster, which means Alonzo Gee should be in San Antonio for the foreseeable future.

  • Jim Henderson

    November 13th, 2010 at 4:08 am

    “Though Blair is going to be good I agree…I would suspect that averaging Blair’s per 36 from last year and this probably is what you’re going to get consistently throughout his career.”

    Please give me some detailed reasoning as to why you would suspect that? Otherwise it’s merely an opinion, and does not even approach a reasoned assessment.

    “I’m sure he would do even better on this Spurs team than the Bucks.”

    But why? What in some detail is your reasoning here?

    “But I also contend that the Spurs could find and secure just as good a player as Blair will become just because their record of finding talent is historically one of the best in the league.”

    Are they sanguine about finding another Tony Parker just because they’ve found a few players as good in the past? Granted, perhaps this is an extreme example, but nevertheless the logic prevails. Blair is a special talent. I don’t think you, and many others on here get that. As an FO you can’t cavalierly let Blair go because you’ve had some success at finding other talent in the past. That is a silly proposition.

    “I just think it would be a good move and one that could be a benefit to helping this team win.”

    It’s a move that is very unlikely to put us over the top now, and it subtracts from our ability to build a young team for years to come that has special talent.

    “Question. If this team becomes as good as it’s indicating to being able to score…what’s the point of having a great offensive rebounding player with limitations to defending the post?”

    Again, you’re minimizing considerably what Blair brings to the table, both in terms of overall production, and long-term potential, which you by instinct seem to totally discount in the way you frame and focus the issue. Blair is not just good at offensive rebounding, and every just about any young player has “limitations”. I’ve already talked at length about ALL the ways in which Blair makes us a better team. I’m not about to repeat them all here again.

  • Ed

    I saw this coming. Temple had no interest in running the offense. Every time he got in he forced his own shot. Too bad he blew it.

  • Titletown99030507

    @Chris in Phoenix , sorry Chris about the lame sports talk show here in SA. That moron and his side kick all they talk about is those lame cowboys. Go figure he’s from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I don’t know what the hell he’s doing here . I’d rather talk about my Spurs anyday over those under achieving cowboys. Besides I’ve heard the show its pitiful and classless. A city this big can’t have more than one sports talk show at one time. Sad.

  • Pop-a-vich

    I feel sorry for Temple. He showed promise. Can anyone explain to me why why we should keep Quinn over him???

    I really hope some team would pick him up this season. It would be exciting to play against him.

    Hope we won’t regret this move.