Happy Memorial Day


Never gets old, does it?


    No…. never does get old. Thanks for posting the memory.

    If it came down to the same scenario this game four, would love to see the same memorable type of shot made.

    If it should happen, leading candidate who knocks down that type of shot?

    My vote….Kawhi

  • rowen

    Hand down, man down!

  • RenĂ© Garcia

    say what you will about playing basketball in the Alamodome but that place could get LOUD!!

  • John Foster

    I would think it would be Icy Hot who would play the Sean Elliott role – Icy Hot actually reminds me a ton of Elliott … Good defender (but not in, say Bruce Bowen or Tony Allen’s class), consistent scorer that you can count on blowing up once a week or so for extra points.

  • John Foster

    I also don’t miss the delay of game call where everyone would step out of bounds after peeking at the out of bounds play. Not so much because I care about that part of it, but it turned random delay of game calls earlier in the game into tactical failures. And, really, delay of game should just be a thing – I should never have to hear an announcer say “Remember, they’ve already used their delay of game” – It’s not an asset

  • TheFG21

    Happy Sean Elliott Day Spurs fans!!

  • Jon Richey

    When I moved from my home town to Austin, I was still mostly a football fan. Shortly after moving to Austin, I discovered that I could watch all of the Spurs games on TV. I watched all of the regular season games that year, but still considered myself a football first guy. This is the game, the actual moment, that made me a die-hard Spurs fan. Now I have a Spurs tattoo (which I promised to get if the Spurs won the championship in ’07) and the Spurs are such a big part of my life that it’s like it has always been that way. GO SPURS GO!

  • Kevin Merrill Jr

    35,888 of your closest friends in one place. Honestly it had to be the most intimidating place to play in the NBA. I remember the games I went there as a kid fondly, and the Spurs never lost any of those games.

  • idahospur

    A reminder that yes, Sean Elliott, was a great basketball player. That ball didn’t go to Kerr or Elie or Duncan or Robinson, but Sean Elliott!

  • DorieStreet

    I know there has been a lot of great endings in many games, but given the circumstances and how it unfolded–this game has to be top ten all-time.
    ’99 – Portland went the last two months of the season not losing 2 consecutive games until western conference finals.
    ’13 – Memphis had not lost a home game in over 3 1/2 months (Feb. 8th) until western conference finals.

  • DorieStreet

    The days when NBC had the main broadcast rights to NBA seasons.. Better then than ABC/ESPN?

  • DorieStreet

    Whoops, I heard the stat wrong–it was the Spurs that had not lost 2 straight!!

  • DorieStreet

    Looking at all of the players on the floor and the benchs for both teams; Duncan’s the only one that’s still playing.

  • peter drysdale

    Gave me goose bumps all over again. I still remember the Spurs starting that season 6-8. Including the playoffs they only lost 7 more after that. What an amazing run.


    Can I get an amen. At least the other broadcast stations were “even” in their coverage of the teams. ESPN seems to be all about talking what or how the Griz need to do things to win and not so much of how great this Spurs team is playing. The unbalance is noticeable to even a non-Spur fan.


    Well….the moment I typed this response…ESPN just ran a great bio on how Duncan has been the greatest player in his time to play the game. Even said he has been greater than Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, etc. A great tribute if none of you saw it.