Shaq in silver and black?


Could Shaq join Tim Duncan on the Spurs in a quest for a fifth ring?

AOL Fanhouse’s Chris Tomasson has published a report saying that Shaquille O’Neal’s goal is to play two more seasons, and the team he is targeting is your San Antonio Spurs.

He’d really like to go to San Antonio and team with Timmy (Duncan), and try to win one more title,” said the source about O’Neal, who starred in high school in San Antonio.

Spurs general manager R.C. Buford declined comment.

The source said O’Neal, 38, plans to play two more seasons and then retire. He wants there to be a farewell tour in 2011-12, which he expects would be his 20th and final NBA season.

“He wants to sign a two-year deal,” the source said about O’Neal, who made $21 million last season with Cleveland. “And then the second year will be a farewell tour. He can tell a team that you would sell out all 41 games (that season).”

The story states that there is interest on both sides, from Shaq’s camp and the Spurs front office. But the kicker here is that Shaq is reportedly willing to play for San Antonio for the midlevel exception.

But wait, wasn’t the midlevel exception supposed to go to Tiago Splitter?

Well, yes. The latest on the Splitter situation is that the Spurs have yet to offer the Brazilian a contract. But with the cap figure finalized just last night, and today being the first day that teams can officially sign players to contracts, there’s little rush. The Spurs have exclusive rights to Splitter, they don’t have to worry about another team swooping in and offering him more money. The only deadline they have is a reported July 15 deadline for Splitter to complete a buyout from his Spanish team.

San Antonio’s interest in Shaq is somewhat baffling. Outside of Phil Jackson and Mark Cuban, there has been no greater villain for San Antonio Spurs fans than Shaquille O’Neal.

I’m skeptical that RC Buford and co. have plans to add Shaq to the frontcourt rotation. For a team whose pick-and-roll defense led to its demise this past season, adding O’Neal doesn’t help. At all.

One possibility in this is Tiago Splitter’s camp is looking for the full midlevel exception, while the Spurs front office is only willing to part with a portion of that. Showing interest in signing Shaq to the midlevel may be San Antonio’s way of putting pressure on Splitter and his agent to lower their expectations.

The next few days will tell if San Antonio’s interest in Shaq is genuine, or just jostling for position in negotiations with Splitter. But I think one thing’s for certain, Spurs fans would rather have a 25-year-old Spanish league MVP in Splitter than a 38-year-old Shaq looking for one last ring and a “farewell tour.”

  • SAJKinBigD

    Three Words: DEAR! GOD! NO!
    I’m sorry but I don’t want the man-boy who once called David Robinson a PUNK to ever wear the Silver and Black.
    Other than that, great article! :)

  • SA_Ray

    I dislike Shaq just as much as the next Spurs fan but its about the Team Name on the front of the jersey more then the last name on the back. If he can really help then why not. We accepted Robert Horry didn’t we.
    But we don’t take Shaq over Splitter, no way no how.

  • idahospur

    Amazed at the number of comments to come in so quickly for this post.
    Shaq can serve peanuts in the balcony section, if he doesn’t eat them all.
    Big men: Duncan, Splitter, Dice, Blair, Shaq or Bonner?

  • zack in the alamo

    quincy scott,
    ok i took a deep breath …… and im still freakin out! haha no let me explain the reason im upset is because it doesnt look like its a double frontline pickup coming our way (dont get me wrong i would love to have splitter and shaq) its sad the spurs dont work that way if you havent noticed lol

    I think this is a choice of take shaq and let him ride out 2years with timmy and try and get a ring and maybe hit the lottery after they both leave

    or take splitter try and incorperate him into the spurs(going to take alot of effort from pop) and compete after timmy leaves somewhat never really getting great picks from the draft and just being an average team ww/tony gone and all . barely staying afloat

    i think theres total upside to getting splitter who knows how good he’ll be and in the meantime we make a hell of a trade for tp and draft picks……to me a splitter ultamatum w/shaq spells a white flag and sets the time for spurs death. (of course until we get a hell of a pick)

  • lvmainman

    Jermaine O’Neal got 2 yrs – $12 million from Celtics

    NO WAY are the Spurs that dumb to offer Shaq the same!

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 9:32 am

    “Isn’t one of the few consensuses (consensi?) among we posters is the fact that our front court lacks athleticism? That our post defense other than Timmy was mediocre at best? How does signing Shaq solve any of this? Timmy was the only decent pick-and-roll defender, and he’s only going to decline.”

    I’m with you on that one, BigGuy. For it to have any chance to work at all, Shaq would have to check his ego at the door, accept a very limited role (15-20 mpg.), and a lot of nights off, play for no more than the LLE (I’m not giving up Splitter for him – are you crazy!), and I don’t think he could possibly and/or graciously accept all those conditions. It’s just not going to happen. Also, at this point of his career, he’s more of a distraction than useful (a farewell tour! – please!). This is basketball, not a marketing gig.

    July 8th, 2010 at 9:46 am

    “What’s the alternative if Spurs are unable to land Splitter. What athletic front court player can the Spurs realistically land with their salary cap situation?”

    With Splitter, all they need is a scrappy role player that can defend & block shots for 12-15 mpg. Joel Anthony & Lou Amundson are prime possibilities for the LLE.

    July 8th, 2010 at 9:50 am

    “Can you imagine how much money the Spurs would make in simply selling O’Neal jerseys? It is a very safe bet that the $6 mil spent on Shaq would multiply itself many times over in profit.”

    I understand your point, Hobson. I just have to share with you my distaste for ploys “to sell tickets”. First, I’ve been a businessman for a long time, so I understand the marketing angle. Believe me. But I have to tell you, all the hype for the sake diving a profit to sell more crap is getting really old. Even this whole free agent circus is disgusting in many ways (Wade & Bosh doing a documentary, and LeBrons big TV announcement!). Do I really want a Shaq circus to “sell tickets”, or do I want to sell tickets the old fashioned way – BY GETTING TO THE NBA FINALS, multiple times over the next decade, and hopefully coming out on top in some of them. Does acquiring Shaq do that? Sort-term, maybe, but I doubt it, and at what price? Does it help us intermediate to long-term? Certainly not, particularly if we paid him anymore than the LLE. In the final analysis, I think signing Shaq would be a mistake. He’s really not a great fit. In fact, the older & less dominant Shaq gets, the harder it is for him to fit on any team, in my view.

    “I still maintain that a trade with the Warriors would much better meet our long and short term goals as opposed to signing perhaps the biggest front runner in league history and that Shaq cannot help us win another ring.”

    Now, that I agree with!

  • zainn

    the only problem is that other teams would be willing to use hack a shaq on us, the team that invented the hack. I am willing to guarantee that if shaq was in silver and black, the phoenix suns would definitely do it to obtain revenge, and then we would just take shaq out of the game

  • VP of Common Sense

    What’s the difference between MLE money and veteran minimum? $3-$4 million a year?

    Shaq’s made hundreds of millions of dollars in his career, would $3 million make a big difference at this point?

    I say get it him if we can still bring in Splitter.

  • Jason Roberts

    I agree with what another poster said: there really isn’t any more pick and roll offense in the West. New Orleans’ left when they traded Chandler and Utah’s and Phoenix’s P&R won’t be as good.

    Shaq closes his basketball career where it began. It would be un-Shaq for him to do otherwise.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 9:52 am

    “I think we should offer tiago a contract with heavy back side, use some of the mle and lle and spend it on shaq.”

    It’s not within the rules to combine the use of the MLE & the LLE.

    “…. one more note, I think in 2 years(when his contract is out) tim will retireas well. imagine shaq tim and pop win a championship and retire together.”

    Yeah, so we can all implode together in the next few years. What’s with the short-term thinking?

    July 8th, 2010 at 10:28 am

    Again, how do you SPECIFICALLY acquire all these new guys?

    July 8th, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Well said.

  • rj

    aren’t we old and slow enough? id rather see us not win a title and build for a future than fizzle and add 370 pounds to our roster.

    please don’t add shaq

  • Andrew A. McNeill

    @Jason Roberts

    It’s true that Phoenix won’t be what it was with a Nash & Amare pick-and-roll, same with NOLA. But the NBA is still a pick-and-roll league. And though there won’t be the same tandems that have killed the Spurs in previous years, every team relies on that offense in some way and every team needs to be able to defend it well.

  • Tyler


  • Hobson13

    Jim Henderson
    July 8th, 2010 at 12:17 pm
    “But I have to tell you, all the hype for the sake diving a profit to sell more crap is getting really old.”

    I understand what you are saying. From a financial point of view, a Shaq signing makes sense, but I would also add that it is essentially waving a white flag in regards to competing for championships. Shaq doesn’t fill our need for 3pt shooters, a good perimeter defender, a need for another big to help Duncan in the P&R. While he would put people in seats, he would also turn his tenure in San Antonio into a 3 ring circus.

    From a basketball point of view, I think a Shaq signing could be construed as Holt saying, “Ok, the championship window is shut so let me make back some of the money I spent on the luxury tax.”

    I’m pretty much in agreement that I don’t want to see Shaq in a Spurs uniform, but I sure wish the FO would make some moves. This team is cannon fodder next year as currently constructed. No word yet on Parker. Nothing on a sign and trade with RJ. Nothing new on the Tiago Splitter situation. In the meantime Free Agents are being taken off the market at break-neck speed. If the FO strikes out on making moves this summer, we might as well scuttle the team.

  • TJ

    Yeah but he could also get injured and be a bust. At 39 years old, and all the wear and tear? His statistical totals were his lowest last year. Not the same Shaq.

  • Francesco

    We will all have our own opinions about the merits of signing Shaq now, but anyone who criticize him as a basketball player in his prime doesn’t obviously understand anything about this sport.

    But, don’t take my word for it.

    The late John Wooden, in response to those who criticized Shaq saying he was only big, once replied: “Take a piece of paper, and start noting every post move Shaq makes when he gets the ball in the low post. By the end of the game you will have probably filled up your page. Now try that with any other big and see if you get to half page”

    Discussing Shaq is all nice and well but, where’s our starting SF???????
    Some of you guys are actually considering beating the Lakers? No really, being a fan entitles us to some liberties, but that is nonsense. Unless of course Lebron is gonna announce he’s coming to the River Walk…

    Unless the sign Lebron too, giving Stoudemire the MAX is one of the stupidest moves ever. I always though Walsh knew what he was doing. They must be getting Lebron too.

  • El Ganzo

    Shaq at the vet minimum plus Splitter with the MLE would do wonders for the Spurs rotation of big men. I know it’s been stated many times over but if Shaq was willing to play for Ratliff money then I see no reason why our beloved Silver and Black can’t have both Shaq and Splitter. Splitter has most everything Shaq does: inside game, rebounding, defensive presence in the post. Also, he has one thing Shaq never had: a low-mid range jumper. Man, I have been waiting years for Splitter to join the Spurs I hope a deal gets done this time.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Well put, and I understand your frustration. That said, Lebron still represents a bit of a log-jam until tonight. Also, the Spurs have until 7/15 (Splitter’s opt out deadline) to make sure they’re playing out their hand in the best interests of the team. Like you, I am anxious not knowing what are the handful of moves the Spur FO is seriously looking at. The good news is that there still is a lot of good players on the board. After Lebron signs though, I believe domino’s could start to fall at an even more rapid pace (Lee should be one of the first to move after LeBron’s decision). I just hope the Spurs are eager to do something that can benefit the team.

    I still think the Spurs should be looking at trades of Parker, McDyess, & a sign & trade for RJ, perhaps put Splitter in a deal for a star PF or center, and of course, shop for LLE candidates. It seems like NY, the Clippers, the Warriors, and perhaps Miami or Orlando would be the most likely teams to get involved with us in trades.

    The following is a list of guys, by position, that still appear to be on the board as of now. They are listed in approximate order of when I expect them to “move”, with an asterisk next to the players I would expect the Spurs may still have a realistic shot at, and some interest in:




    T. Allen*
    W. Matthews*


    Q. Richardson


    Ty Thomas


    B. Miller
    S. Oneal
    B. Wallace*
    J. Anthony*

    Actually, when I look at the list, there’s not a ton of options left with FA’s that we could possibly want AND get. So I hope the FO also has some trade ideas in mind!

    That said, I wouldn’t mind getting Brewer or Wright, and Anthony or Amundson. But what are the chances we can get two of those players?

    Getting something for RJ could be the biggest return for the least risk to the team, but can we get lucky and get rid of him for a solid piece or two? Unfortunately, in my view that’s a big “if”

  • quincyscott

    Nobody is claiming that with Shaq we are a lock o beat the Lakers. My argument is that we need to design a team that can compete with what the Lakers do. That means, among other things, that we need an inside presence. Going small, as we have been doing for several years now, is a way to compete with the Mavericks and Suns of the world, but you will not beat the Lakers with that formula.

    Adding depth and quality post players has to be addressed if the Spurs want to compete with the best in the West, which at this moment is the Lakers. And, as the Celtics showed in the finals, you don’t have to have All Stars at every position to beat LA.

    I am excited about Splitter and hope we sign him, but I remain cautiously optimistic about him because he has not played against an NBA level of talent.

  • spacejason3d

    Ever since one of my nba2k Spurs teams ended up with Shaq, I’ve always thought it made a little sense for him to finish his career in San Antonio.

    1) I don’t see him as a villain anymore. It’s like Charles Barkley–as soon as he wasn’t beating us in the WCF, I started appreciating his personality.

    2) He’s from San Antonio–and to this point, SA hasn’t benefited from his amazing NBA career. This homecoming would bring a lot of money and attention to the Spurs and SA at large.

    3) I kind of see him and Timmy as a yin to the others’ yang. Their careers are sort of equal and opposite. It’d be fun to have them finish together.

    4) He actually looked as good as he has in a long time in the playoffs this year. He lost a “ton” of weight, and seemed fairly spry. If he is actually motivated to win a championship, maybe there’s a few sets where we could use him.

    All this said, I agree that there’s no way RC does this if it precludes the signing of Splitter.

    I say, Shaq for the VM, Tiago for the MML, and watch those bobble heads fly off the shelf.

  • Jim Henderson

    Apparently the Suns/Knicks are actually doing a sign & trade for Amare? They don’t say what players are involved:;_ylt=AqP35CzNsFBEz6MCCuqBWVK8vLYF?slug=ap-knicks-stoudemire

  • Ian

    Front-court duo of Duncan and Shaq (or pair any 4/5s with Shaq for that matter) will be torched by the opponent’s PnRs every night. Spurs forwards/centers aren’t the quickest in the league, so why would they even consider going slower?? Also I doubt Shaq willl accept anything less than MLE money.
    I agree with you Andrew, in saying that Spurs FO are using Shaq as a leverage to lower the price on Splitter.

  • lvmainman

    Reasons why I’ve lost faith in the front office in the past year.

    2) Not signing the last option on Ian Mahinmi’s contract for 1 yr – $1.78 million.

    Now, I truly don’t know if he can play. But, he did produce 15 pts, 9 reb, in 21 minutes in the only game he played all year.

    He was a 1st round draft pick in 2005 that the Spurs have invested an immense amount of time developing, waiting out injuries and now he’s healthy but he’s not worth 1 yr – $1.78 mil? Huh? I don’t get it.

    Can’t wait to see the Ratliff type signing the Spurs get at the NBA minimum this year.

  • Andrew A. McNeill


    Shaq isn’t exactly “from” San Antonio. If I remember right, he only spent two years in SA, his junior and senior years in high school.

  • lvmainman

    Reasons why I’ve lost faith in the front office in the past year.

    3) Not signing Bobby Jones to a 3 yr – NBA minimum deal, only with 2 yr’s guaranteed, and the 3rd yr buyout.

    Bobby Jones was signed by the Spurs on a 10-day contract and let go. He has the potential to be a Bruce Bowen clone.

    Why sign him?
    1) The Spurs had just traded Bruce Bowen to the Bucks.
    2) They needed a wing defender.
    3) Bobby Jones had played for 8 teams during the season and was clearly desperate for a chance at sticking in the NBA.
    4) The Spurs have proven the ability to help players grow and impove.
    5) He would’ve been young and cheap

    The Spurs signed Keith Bogans.

  • lvmainman

    Reasons why I’ve lost faith in the front office in the past year.

    4) The team if the Spurs front office were on their game, the team would be the following:

    PG – Parker, Hill
    SG – Jackson, Ginobili, Anderson
    SF – Jones, Gee, Hairston
    PF – Duncan, Blair
    C – Splitter?, McDyess, Mahinmi

    Team Salary?
    Assuming the full MLE for Splitter, $70 mil – right @ the salary cap penalty threshold

    Expensive(over $8 mil per) – Parker, Jackson, Ginobili, Duncan
    Mid($3-$7 mil per) – Splitter, McDyess
    Cheap(under $2 mil per) – Anderson, Blair, Jones, Gee, Hairston, Mahinmi, Hill

    Old(27 & up) – Parker, Jackson, Ginobili, McDyess, Duncan
    Young(26 & under) – Anderson, Blair, Hill, Splitter, Jones, Gee, Hairston, Mahinmi

    All but 4 players signed for 2011-12. Pop could limit minutes for vets during the season and develop youngsters for playoff time.

    After signing Horry, Barry, getting Finley via amnesty, trading for Nazr, drafting Hill, Blair, Ginobili, Parker, etc., etc., the Spurs front office has seemingly taken a yr off and given up. I hope this isn’t the case.

  • Jim Henderson

    Here’s a deal:

    How about something like Parker, RJ, & McDyess (and/or Mahinmi, Bonner, or Mason) to Orlando for Nelson, Gortat, & Pietrus.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    I agree with you’re points about Shaq in this post.

  • lvmainman

    Reasons why I’ve lost faith in the front office in the past year.

    1) Thinking trading for Jefferson, signing McDyess, and drafting Blair was enough.

    It seems the Spurs front office decided boom or bust, don’t do anything until next year.

    Stephen Jackson was available for the Spurs 7th(Bonner) and 8th(Mason) best players. Stephen Jackson ($7 mil) was off a season of 20 pts, 5 reb, 5 asst. One of only 6 NBA players. ( Kobe Bryant – $21 mil, Lebron James – $15 mil, Dwyane Wade – $15 mil, Chris Paul $12 mil, Andre Iguodala – $15 mil)

    You’d think every team in the NBA would have 1 – 20pt, 5 reb, 5 asst player on it, good teams and especially bad teams, right??

    Stephen Jackson @ half price for the next 3 yrs, had knowledge of Spurs system, proven winner (3 – 3ptr’s in 4th qtr of clinching game 6 vs Nets), wasn’t worth trading for?

    The Spurs kept Bonner and Mason.

  • ldhl89

    If we cand have Splitter and Shaq it would be OK

    Shaq can average 600FG% and some rebounds but a great defense agains big man like Howard and bynum even if he cant defend the pick & roll

    If you think in 96 minutes
    Well its enough time for everybody
    Splitter 25 min
    Duncan 25-min
    Blair 20
    Shaq 13
    Mcdyess 13 and he can defend Dirk

    And its cool to have 5 big men in the rotation. Just look at boston. Kendrick perkins get injury in the finals!!!

  • sydneylla

    Again- let’s be clear. Shaq, regardless of his star persona and name, is no longer a difference maker, at least not at the price he would demand. He does not improve this team.

    In fact, I would argue that a guy like that is actually counterproductive because he sucks up so much oxygen. It’s less objectionable if a guy like Kobe or LeBron sucks ups all the air in the room. They are doing things on the court to justify it, to the degree that it can be justified. But Shaq isn’t on of those anymore- not for a long time. But he can still be a locker room problem.

    In pure basketball terms, he is little more than a gimmick these days. This is not a man who would be quietly accepting of being told by Pop: “We’re going to play you in about 60 games, you’ll average 12-15 minutes and we want you to focus on rebounding, blocking shots and being a low -post decoy for Manu and James Anderson.”

    Even if h could do thos things, I don’t think he would.

    He is a black hole offensively and a liability on defense.

    Instead, let’s sign, oh I don’t know, a 6-11, 25 year old Eurpoean League MVP with 6 to 8 years of solid upside. Anybody like that an option for us?

    We don’t have the resources to pursue both players and frnakly, I don’t want both. Even if we had the resources to sign both, I’d rather have someone like Brad Miller than Shaq. He can knock people over six times a night too and at least he can extend the floor.

    This kind of rumor really irks me because it’s so antithetical to what the Spurs are about. It’s the kind of thing Mark Cuban or Dan Snyder would do. Ooh, shiny big name player past his prime. Must have on team! Give money!

    When July 15th rolls around, I’m hoping Splitter is a Spur and this Shaq thing was just one big bad dream.

  • td4life

    Jim Henderson,
    The thing about selling tix the old fashioned way by getting to the Finals repeatedly is easier said than done. Whereas selling tickets through a star show such as described here is just sales and brand building, and if the opportunity is genuinely there, then it’s a good business move. The more money Holt makes, the better it is for us fans in the long run, because the more potential there is for him to spend over the cap during his tenure as owner.

    That said, I don’t expect this organization to make a move like this Shaq one unless they see at as a good basketball move. The only way that happens is if we sign Splitter first, and Shaq is a role-player.

    When mac first commented on these scenarios in the other thread, he said “I am not saying that this [Shaq acquisition] is the best roster we could parlay an RJ to Miami trade into” and he also mentioned a scenario netting us Morrow and Wright instead of Shaq and Wright.

    In my past posts, I have stated a preference for 2 out of 3 from Morrow, Childress, and Wright. So I would prefer that deal to the Shaq one. I have also repeatedly stated that I don’t expect much to happen (unless we get flat-out outbid on RJ, which would be great by me). On paper, mac’s fantasy roster (who knows what’s doable) is something that approaches the value that the GS trade of weeks past offered the Spurs. Does it make us older? Yes. But with so many high IQ vets on the team, we could see accelerated development of the younger guys, including Anderson. I think mac has a point there. If we maximized the Duncan era, and Anderson, Wright, Hill, Splitter, and Blair all became championship-tested vets, we would be in fairly good shape going forward. You and I have always disagreed on this point: the Spurs aren’t gonna open up a post Tim & Manu championship era without an intervening, and extremely lucky, trip to the lottery. I say stack the deck if we can. Though I doubt we can.

    (And of course if LBJ goes to Miami, then their interest in RJ vanishes, leaving only NJ, NY, and maybe Cleveland to throw money at RJ.)

  • BigJ

    What about TD in this discussion? Shaq’s comments refer to a farewell season after the next. How does this relate to Tim’s time line for his career end? Are the Spurs going to usurp Tim’s alignment alongside Shaq and throw that curve out the window by signing O’Neal?

    If Tim approves of the deal, sobeit. I would hope that these factors are accounted for prior to any suggestion of signing Shaq. He has constantly taunted Tim through out his career and beaten the path that Tim is partially inferior to his own. From a Spurs’ fan’s eyes it has appeared to be one of Shaq’s inferiority complexes. That is to say he criticizes Tim for sake of the reality that Tim’s function over his form is better in the long run and more appreciated by most purists of the game.

    The great shame would be to not only sign Shaq but also diminish Tim’s career achievements in the process. It seems inevitable that comparison’s will be made and given Shaq’s need for the big lights he would take away from Tim’s just applause.

    That, more than anything, would be unacceptable.

  • Bushka

    I really really don’t like that deal Jim. I would be on board with bringing in Wright somehow……don’t ask me I just don’t see us getting anyone.

    To be brutally honest I think right now our development of a small forward internally is how the franchise is looking at moving forward this season.

    Pietrus is a hell of a player when healthy and focused, but he is very rarely both at the same time.

    Great athlete but constantly missing games. Weird thing is i keep picking him up in fantasy leagues and tearing my hair out with his fluctuating performances despite already knowing this.

    As far as the shaq thing goes, I feel more inclined that it’s shaq using us for leverage.

    One thing about Shaq that stands out is the necessity for him to feel like he is the big show. Taking the mid level exception must kill him. Having very little interest in his services at all is probably more humble pie than he will happily consume.

    Trying to leverage further offers from Atlanta or maybe let other contenders see that he is available at a discount is what he is all about.

    Anyone that promotes their services by offering to fill stadiums on his farewell tour smacks of a towering arrogance.

    The kind of towering edifice to ego in which humans like Shaq and L.B.J are well ensconced.

  • Bushka

    Iv when Jackson was available we’d already swung for the fences with Jefferson.

    You don’t like Manu? Because if we had of pulled Jackson in as well we were 100% not resigning Manu.

    The way Jefferson was crashing and burning there was no way we were going to get a taker for 2 years at nearly $30 million to take him off our hands.

    I am not saying the front office picked right.

    I am saying that when they traded for Jefferson they gave away bugger all and the move was lauded around the league as an absolute home run smash.

    It started the whole arms race in the West mentality.

  • Dr. Who

    @ Jim
    Interesting…. Is there any way that the Knicks would be dumping Lee? That would be a terrible move for the Knicks. They would just gain another 20/10 guy that fits the up tempo system but is injury prone. I certainly dont’ want to see Lee in a Suns uni.

    As far as Shaq we can sum up the whole thread with this: “If he’s willing to take the LLE or vet min (means Tiago is still coming) and check his ego at the door… why not?”

    Likelyhood of all of that happening??? Slim and none. that’s not in his nature. If this was 2005, sure I’m all over it. His P&R defense is horrible, he only played like 50 games last season. How many games did we flame out with free throws? Yeah that’ll help… His minutes would hamper Blair’s development unless he took a really unselfish attitude and came off the bench like our other superstars have (he won’t he’s got an uberpseronality). He’d probably nickname himself the Big Jalapeno or somethign like that. He was great but so were Nique and Moses Malone. We signed them and they brought zero championships our way. If you are getting schooled by Noah in the playoffs, the magic 8 ball says “outlook not so good.” No thanks unless we get Splitter and the Big Fiesta. The Celtics are expressing interest in him now so maybe it’s off the table. It would be a media circus and how long till that gets on Pop’s last nerve?

  • Jim Henderson

    Okay, I’ll go out on a limb. I just don’t buy the rumors streaming across the internet that LeBrons going to the Heat to play with Wade & Bosh. They’re a long ways off from winning a title with those two anyway. I say he stays in Cleveland.

    Here’s my point: LeBron is really into enhancing his marketing potential. What bigger PR blunder could you make than to go on national TV to stick a knife into the back of a “sports-world demoralized city”?? That doesn’t ring true to me. And second, LeBron is a MAJOR capitalist. He’s NOT going to leave 30 million on the table to go rotate Batman & Robin roles with Wade in south Beach. No way, LeBron likes to be THE man. And he REALLY likes money, he LOVES “image”, and he’s going to want to come out of this like a HERO. What better way than to go on national TV to turn down the HEAT offer to stay with the downtrodden city of Cleveland, AND, having the benefits of his “dog & pony show” go to the boy’s & girl’s club of America? And it’s not like LeBron would be staying with a crappy team or anything. The Cavs won 60+ games last year. No, the ruse is just about over:


  • shaq

    Shaq is a 300lb rock who will sink whichever ship he gets on to. Yeah you can not pound this rock. AI, Tmac, Shaq: all should retire. that would be the best free agent class to retire simultaneously.

  • Bushka

    Jim you are missing one very salient point.

    Lebrons also an exhibitionist wanker.

  • BigJ

    That he is Bushka. And a game 5 tanker.

  • td4life

    Regarding Jim Henderson’s list of potential Spurs:

    Most of those guys wouldn’t help us become a truly elite team, but nevermind that.

    Tim Thomas shouldn’t even be on this list. He is gonna be well paid by Charlotte, who doesn’t need RJ. So, I guess this is a TP to Charlotte scenario. Anyway, given Larry Brown’s and Thomas’ mutual desire to work together, I don’t see him leaving, unless somehow they get outbid by NJ or Mia. All the other teams with money have starting PFs already, but the still have more money and more PT than the Spurs. For similar reasons, I think Amundson is as equally out of reach as all the other PFs listed.

    I’m not saying this just to be critical of Jim, but sadly, I don’t see any way in the world that Utah doesn’t retain W. Mathews. And worse, there is a very strong possibility that both Chicago (esp. if they don’t get LBJ) and NJ bid very high on Anthony Morrow and make him their starting SG… how does Morrow sign for the LLE?

  • Dr. Who

    I was with you about Lebron staying in Cleveland. No way he puts on a dog and pony show just to stick it to every loyal fan there. However… I did say yesterday that if his press conference is in his home town he stays, if it’s at a neutral site… then all bets are off. If it’s in south beach then it’s a no brainer. SO his conference is in Greenwich Conn. Supposedly it’s pretty darn close to Madison Square Garden. So my bet is New York. Which is what I thought was the most inconceivable place for him. I swore up and down he’d never end up in NY. Now… well I just might be eating some crow.

    P.S. David Lee is reported to do a sign and trade with the Warriors for Anthony Randolph IF Lebron doesn’t go to New York.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Well said!

    July 8th, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    “The more money Holt makes, the better it is for us fans in the long run, because the more potential there is for him to spend over the cap during his tenure as owner.”

    Yeah, well, the ends don’t justify the means for me, as a fan, or even as a businessman. I’m not participating in a circus just to sell some extra tickets. The franchise/owner isn’t hurting that bad.

    July 8th, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    “I really really don’t like that deal Jim.”

    You really don’t think Gortat could be a MAJOR boon to our front line? Duncan – Blair, and Splitter – Gortat. That line could deal with the Lakers, our major competitor in the West.

    Dr. Who
    July 8th, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    “Interesting…. Is there any way that the Knicks would be dumping Lee? That would be a terrible move for the Knicks. They would just gain another 20/10 guy that fits the up tempo system but is injury prone. I certainly dont’ want to see Lee in a Suns uni.”

    What would be a terrible move? The Knicks got Amare, now there’s talks that the Knick’s are going to get Randolph, Azubuike, & Turiaf for Lee in a sign & trade. That would be a very good start for the Knicks to show dramatic improvement. They would still need to make another move to shore up their guard rotation, and they’re too top-heavy at the SF spot.

    “As far as Shaq we can sum up the whole thread with this: “If he’s willing to take the LLE or vet min (means Tiago is still coming) and check his ego at the door… why not?” ”

    True, but that’s a big if, isn’t it? And then you have the risk of distraction. After all, Shaq is a BIG personality.

    The rest of your post was pretty much spot on.

  • lvmainman

    @ Bushka,

    I get the vibe that the front office after trading for Jefferson, signing McDyess, drafting Blair, purposely decided no matter what happens, don’t do anything. (Especially since Holt is negotiating the new CBA).

    The front office knew with 6 expiring contracts, moving them would be the only way to get better. That if they all 6 left, the Spurs would be over the salary cap and unable to improve the team. Plus the opting out by Jefferson was foreseeable due to new CBA crackdown.

    So, yes, they would’ve resigned Ginobili.(Contract is cheap relative to production) Again, if they hadn’t remained inactive, the team salary would only be at salary tax threshold of $70 mil by resigning Ginobili!

    Now the team is literally forced to do absolutely nothing because they have no wiggle room except for Parker’s contract.

  • Bushka

    But if they were on the hook for Jackson, Jefferson & Gino that is what 30 million for 2 slots? Not including Parker & George Hill?

    With Tony, Jack, Jefferson, Manu you are at nearly $50 million.

    You need to get minutes for George in there somewhere as well.

    That’s without 20 mill for Tim.

    You have 5 guys under contract and you are already well past the cap and the luxury line.

    That’s too much money for this franchise to support mate.

  • Episode IV: Manu Hope

    Shaq has always admired the FT shooting prowess of Tim Duncan.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    “Jim you are missing one very salient point.

    Lebrons also an exhibitionist wanker.”

    Got a chuckle on that one.

  • DorieStreet

    To: lvmainman- about Mahinmi, Jones- And who makes the decisions about playing time?- the coach. Mahinmi had 8 games where he logged 10+ min and had somewhat decent stats in most of them. Jones- 3 games, 20 min in 2007-08 for the Spurs. U state: “The Spurs have proven the ability to help players grow and improve.” Until Hill last year, the staff hasn’t done that since TP and Manu. (I thougt Ime Udoka was coming along in ’08-09, but he’s not here.) The FO has been asleep for some time now (since ’06), settling for past-their prime 4s & 5s and but drafting Euro bigs and marinating them 5 years (Scola, Mahinmi, Splitter–he’s on year 3 of this plan). This is a major reason the team is in this predicament today on how to contend with the back-to-back NBA champion.

  • Dr. Who

    “What would be a terrible move?”
    The terrible move would have been if the sign and trade for Amare was with Lee. It wouldn’t make any sense. They would be getting the same player except Amare is injury prone as opposed to Lee (thus far in his career). Knicks have made some horrible moves in the past so I put it in the possibilities category. Looks like Lee isn’t the S&T guy for Amare since he’s linked to other deals which should make them (Knicks) better. If Lebron lands there Lee will stay… curiouser and curiouser.

    “True, but that’s a big if, isn’t it?”

    Yep that’s why I wrote… “Likelihood of all of that happening??? Slim and none.” Shaq can’t check his ego at the door. His personality is bigger than life. Last person we had in town with that kind of personality had green hair and fit in like a turd in a punch bowl. Plus General Popovich wasn’t coaching either. Not a good fit those two. Plus wouldn’t’ it be a shame to have a media circus around Shaq when Tim is in the last few years of his career. We’d remember the spectacle that was Shaq’s farewell tour and not the class that was TD in his final years. Perhaps Timmy would prefer it that way (to go off in the sunset un-noticed) but I’d hate for that to happen.

    I hate to agree with you but I do. Kinda bleak as far as FA’s go… gotta hope Tiago is NBA ready and a real steal. Maybe we can get the better part of a strong trade. Not sure how quick the FO will be to pull the trigger on a trade seeing the debacle that was RJ.

  • Mason

    The only team in the way of San Antonio is LA. Would Shaq help against Bynum? Yes. Will Splitter help. I don’t know. Is Splitter to Spurs a done deal? No.

    Do the math.