Shaq in silver and black?


Could Shaq join Tim Duncan on the Spurs in a quest for a fifth ring?

AOL Fanhouse’s Chris Tomasson has published a report saying that Shaquille O’Neal’s goal is to play two more seasons, and the team he is targeting is your San Antonio Spurs.

He’d really like to go to San Antonio and team with Timmy (Duncan), and try to win one more title,” said the source about O’Neal, who starred in high school in San Antonio.

Spurs general manager R.C. Buford declined comment.

The source said O’Neal, 38, plans to play two more seasons and then retire. He wants there to be a farewell tour in 2011-12, which he expects would be his 20th and final NBA season.

“He wants to sign a two-year deal,” the source said about O’Neal, who made $21 million last season with Cleveland. “And then the second year will be a farewell tour. He can tell a team that you would sell out all 41 games (that season).”

The story states that there is interest on both sides, from Shaq’s camp and the Spurs front office. But the kicker here is that Shaq is reportedly willing to play for San Antonio for the midlevel exception.

But wait, wasn’t the midlevel exception supposed to go to Tiago Splitter?

Well, yes. The latest on the Splitter situation is that the Spurs have yet to offer the Brazilian a contract. But with the cap figure finalized just last night, and today being the first day that teams can officially sign players to contracts, there’s little rush. The Spurs have exclusive rights to Splitter, they don’t have to worry about another team swooping in and offering him more money. The only deadline they have is a reported July 15 deadline for Splitter to complete a buyout from his Spanish team.

San Antonio’s interest in Shaq is somewhat baffling. Outside of Phil Jackson and Mark Cuban, there has been no greater villain for San Antonio Spurs fans than Shaquille O’Neal.

I’m skeptical that RC Buford and co. have plans to add Shaq to the frontcourt rotation. For a team whose pick-and-roll defense led to its demise this past season, adding O’Neal doesn’t help. At all.

One possibility in this is Tiago Splitter’s camp is looking for the full midlevel exception, while the Spurs front office is only willing to part with a portion of that. Showing interest in signing Shaq to the midlevel may be San Antonio’s way of putting pressure on Splitter and his agent to lower their expectations.

The next few days will tell if San Antonio’s interest in Shaq is genuine, or just jostling for position in negotiations with Splitter. But I think one thing’s for certain, Spurs fans would rather have a 25-year-old Spanish league MVP in Splitter than a 38-year-old Shaq looking for one last ring and a “farewell tour.”

  • dean rivera

    why in the world do they need shaq?..spurs needs to get tougher and younger to compensate with the league that is becoming younger and faster..

  • quincyscott


    Nicely said.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    If you read what I said, I said the list was a list of FA’s that were expected to “move” soon after the LeBron spectacle is unleashed, and that that the Spurs MAY still have some interest in JUST the players with an asterisk next to their name. Ty Thomas DOES NOT have an asterisk next to his name.

    “For similar reasons, I think Amundson is as equally out of reach as all the other PFs listed.”

    We may not be able to get Amundson, but he’s by no means out of reach at this point. He’s got some good qualities, but he has NO offensive game. He won’t be commanding a very high salary. If it’s above the LLE, it probably won’t be by much (maybe 3 mil. for 4 years should be his ceiling).

    “how does Morrow sign for the LLE?”

    I didn’t say all these guys could potentially be gotten by just using the LLE. I also said that trades could be involved to acquire any of the players with an asterisk next to their name. And of course, the odds aren’t high that we sign any or most of these guys, but are you saying we might as well pack up now – we’re simply not “players”, at all in this off-season market?

    Dr. Who
    July 8th, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    “I did say yesterday that if his press conference is in his home town he stays, if it’s at a neutral site… then all bets are off.”

    Perhaps, but making the announcement at a home site would take some of the drama out, don’t you think? And we all know, LeBron is all about drama!

    “P.S. David Lee is reported to do a sign and trade with the Warriors for Anthony Randolph IF Lebron doesn’t go to New York.”

    That’s correct, and if I was a betting man, I would NOT bet on NY. Not out of it, but I’d be surprised.

  • Dr. Who

    Ime Udoka was coming along in ’08-09, but he’s not here.) The FO has been asleep for some time now (since ’06), settling for past-their prime 4s & 5s and but drafting Euro bigs

    I agree with most of the post but Udoka is not a good example to use. He was pretty horrible before the Spurs let him go. He was a D-Leaguer brought in to be a semi-Bowen and it didn’t pan out. The corner threes were not falling and his D was not solid before his exit. He’s in Sacramento with Beno and doing a whole lot of nothing there. You are correct that we haven’t developed any talent and don’t get me started on the fossil and man love that existed between Pop and Finley (how he got minutes I never knew)… But we do need to give the FO some credit. Keep in mind how good we’ve had it year after year. It’s hard to develop talent when you keep getting draft picks way outside of the lottery since the season was a championship one or close to it. Searching in Europe is a good plan when you are drafting in the late 1st and second rounds in consecutive drafts. How strong would the Lakers have been without the Gasol trade? Odom and Kobe were on a boat to nowhere before the trade. It’s very difficult for a small market team to stay competitive with such late draft picks. Hill has emerged as a player worth developing and credit goes to the FO for the faith in Blair as well who shows promise. It’s a tall order to find d-leaguers aka Udoka/Devin Brown and develop them into Manu or TP. I think it’s a case of doing the best with what they had.

  • td4life

    With NJ throwing money at the streaky and unfocused Travis Outlaw, they just took themselves out of the “Richard Jefferson Sweepstakes”.

    The good news/bad news is that almost every team in the league is deep at SF. If LBJ goes to Mia, Wright is expendable. Hopefully Cleveland doesn’t S&T for him. If LBJ doesn’t go to South Beach, Miami is maybe the only team that’s targeting RJ.

    Wright may be attainable by SA, and we could offer him the starter’s job. Is he worth it? I don’t know. But I think we can make a better pitch than the Clippers, Cavs, and Wizards. Though he might be swayed by the PG talents of Jazz, Suns, & Hornets.

  • lvmainman

    @ Bushka,

    Exactly, the Spurs ARE @ the salary cap without Jefferson now, without Bonner/Mason or Jackson! But, adding Jackson, Splitter, Mahinmi, Jones would have left the team @ the salary cap tax threshold of $70 million.

    If Jefferson was on the team for the $15 million, the Spurs would pay the tax only for him!!!! If he’d opted out, which he did, the Spurs would be exempt from the tax and have a much improved team!

    The team if the Spurs front office were on their game, the team would be the following:

    PG – Parker, Hill
    SG – Jackson, Ginobili, Anderson
    SF – Jones, Gee, Hairston
    PF – Duncan, Blair
    C – Splitter?, McDyess, Mahinmi

    Team Salary?
    Assuming the full MLE for Splitter, $70 mil – right @ the salary cap penalty threshold

    Expensive(over $8 mil per) – Parker, Jackson, Ginobili, Duncan
    Mid($3-$7 mil per) – Splitter, McDyess
    Cheap(under $2 mil per) – Anderson, Blair, Jones, Gee, Hairston, Mahinmi, Hill

    Old(27 & up) – Parker, Jackson, Ginobili, McDyess, Duncan
    Young(26 & under) – Anderson, Blair, Hill, Splitter, Jones, Gee, Hairston, Mahinmi

    That team would be able to compete for a championship, unlike now.
    Bigs – for Lakers – Splitter, Duncan, Mahinmi, McDyess, Blair
    3 headed matchup for Kobe – Jackson, Ginobili, Jones

  • Dr. Who


    The only team in the way of San Antonio is LA. Would Shaq help against Bynum? Yes. Will Splitter help. I don’t know. Is Splitter to Spurs a done deal? No.

    Do the math.

    Really? So you’d give the MLE to Shaq over Tiago? Shaq was the most dominant big man of his era and was lazy and didn’t want to work. Now he’s 50 cheesburgers heavier and still lazy. Is he big? Yep… would he love to put the screws to LA and Kobe? Yep. But you seriously think he’d come to SA, check his ego at the door and listen to Pop rip him apart in practice like he does the rest of his stars for missing their defensive rotations? That wouldn’t last long. It could be ugly in SA if he were here. The only way I’d even entertain the offer is if Tiago was a done deal. Even with Tiago here the risk with Shaq would be huge. He worked out awesome in Phoenix when he was past his prime and went out and got Lebron a championshi…. oh wait no he didn’t. He couldn’t handle Noah in the playoffs. Could he pound on Gasol and Bynum for a while, sure. But would it really be worth it to have a media circus in this town and another aging vet who was slow of defensive rotations? He’d have to come for very very little money and agree to “play nice.” Tall order for Shaq.

  • Jim Henderson

    Dark horse pick for where LeBron ends up:


    If he actually wants to win a title quickly & be the main MAN, that’s where he goes. Then he apologizes profusely to the fans of Cleveland, and makes a pledge to erect a statue of himself at the city square.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    “The good news/bad news is that almost every team in the league is deep at SF.”

    Not the Clippers, Heat or Magic.

  • Lenneezz

    “He’d have to come for very very little money and agree to “play nice.” Tall order for Shaq.”

    Agreed. The odds are not good that he would do what is necessary.

    The only reason it might be worth it is because of Kobe. Kobe has five rings and Shaq might get motivated out of sheer rage. I know it sounds a bit far fetched but Shaq could get really serious about winning just to stick it to Phil, Kobe and Buss.

    Otherwise, I’m sure he was thinking that TD and himself were the greatest big men of the decade. What fun it would be to play with him before retirement. Not good.

    If Shaq is serious about getting thumb rings for himself, TD and screwing LA in the process than he will sign for the vets minimum. He should have more than enough money.

  • td4life

    First you say, “the ruse is just about over:
    LeBRON STAYS IN CLEVELAND!” Then you later post, “CHICAGO”

    Who the heck knows what he’s decided! All season long I’ve been of the very very few saying that he stays at home. But after the postseason they’ve had and the moves by other teams, and the fact that Bosh (and perhaps Boozer) spurned Cleveland outright, I am found myself in the minority again, with people crawling out of the woodwork to say he stays in Cleveland, just as I have changed my mind and said he leaves.
    Miami 44%
    Chicago 43%
    New York 10%
    Cleveland 3%

    “are you saying we might as well pack up now – we’re simply not “players”, at all in this off-season market?”

    Yes. To the extend that it changes our playoff outlook next spring, yes, that is what I have been saying for awhile. The caveat is if we are outbid on RJ and pull off a S&T, which I still don’t see putting us over. I don’t see upgrades over McD and TP, and I don’t see swapping either of them making any us better next year.

    “Not the Clippers, Heat or Magic.”

    I addressed the Heat and Clips in my post, saying that we can offer Wright a better situation as a starter (if Heat have either LBJ or RJ starting). But you are right, I overlooked Orlando.

  • lakers#1

    ATTN QUINCYSCOTT , keep DREAMING your crappy lil spurs team will never get your filthy hands on KOBE !!! Keep dreaming !! Spurs dethrone Lakers LMAO !!

  • Lenneezz

    LeBron to Miami


    Did Jordan ever consider teaming up with Barkley, Ewing, Malone or Thomas? HELL NO.

    Sellout wussy thy name is lebron.

  • ThatBigGuy

    He’s never going to win a championship. Simmons was right when he said LeBron was more Dr. J and less Jordan.

  • mac

    Well, td4life, looks like you called it.

  • bduran

    Sadly, I think this makes the Heat prohibitive favorites going forward. If D-Wade can stay healthy through the playoffs that is.

    There’s a lot of talk about how the Heat spent all their money on three guys and the rest of the team they’ll be able to put together won’t be enough. That they’ll be a 50 win team. No way.

    First off, we’re talking about the best player, stat wise, since MJ in Lebron and one of the current best in D-Wade. Then you add a great big in Bosh and you have far and away the best core in the league. Sure they’ll detract from each other somewhat. They all can’t grab every rebound and score every point, but they will still all put up great numbers.

    The thing is, you don’t have to surround these guys with great players. You need tough rebounding defending types. 3 point shooting would be nice too, but Wade and Lebron have proven they can create without it. Other teams need better role players because (like the Spurs) because their stars aren’t nearly as good.

    Also, I bet they end up with some good deals because players won’t to join these 3 guys on the court so the cap situation is probably a little better than it looks.

  • daspurs

    just an fyi.. is a 10X better spurs blog out of all the spurs blogs. They have soooo many more spurs related posts, at a much quicker rate.. just some food for thought

  • td4life


    now watch and see my other predictions come true… among them, that Amare’s Knicks do not win ANY championships. All those years of ESPN saying Lebron and Bosh were going to New York. New York media believes their own reflections are puppet masters and prophets. I hope Dolan and company trade D Lee for Monta Ellis, just to show how stupid they really are. But then again, at least they will sell some tickets and (sort of ) put the Isiah era behind them.

  • td4life

    It will be VERY annoying if Mahinmi thrives in Miami.

    I expect Udoka and Tolliver to play in Miami as well.
    Oberto, too.
    Possibly even Bogans, and maybe even Devin Brown has an outside chance.

    Oh, and that kid Bobby Brown. (I know his agent is a Spurs’ fan who posts here on 48MoH, so that it’ll piss him off… then again, if he’s B Brown’s agent, he’ll be getting paid and happy.)

  • philip fletcher

    Splitter options are the same as richard jefferson we can sign him for whatever, we don’t have to give him the mle. I see him getting 4or5 the 1st year and more in the years to come. Shaq can get the mle. Then the spurs will have 3 seven footers to contend with the lakers.

  • mac

    If you asked me the Cleveland Cavs had it coming. They traded Andre Miller for Darius Miles as soon as they won the LeBron lottery. Then they handled the Carlos Boozer contract as rank amateurs. If they hadn’t done those two things this would never have happened.

    No, Jordon didn’t leave the Bulls, but he had a legitimate sidekick, for one. Also, it was a different time. The ’08 Celtics laid the precedent for this. Nobody was crucifying Clyde Drexler. Or Bosh, for that matter, for leaving a crappy organization. Shaq left Orlando. Barkley left. Nash and Nowitzki have showed too much loyalty. Houston threw Hakeem under the bus, and the Spurs almost didn’t resign David Robinson in favor of Chris Webber, except for his injury history. Tim Duncan was soooo close to joining Hill and T-Mac in Orlando. Soooo close.

  • idahospur

    The amount of players who remain true to a lousy team are very few indeed. I can’t really blame LeBron but I hoped for loyalty, especially because Cleveland needed him to succeed. But who wants that pressure anyways? I’ll be upset unless it’s Miami beating the Lakers in the Finals.
    So let’s put together a Spurs team that will beat both!
    GO SPURS GO!!!!

  • philip fletcher

    3 seven footers!!!!

  • ribanez1

    Shaq even at the advance age of 38 is a space eater. If he can report in decent shape, play a few minutes ala Kevin Willis, it would be a welcome addition. The Lakers’s twin towers want no part of Shaquille. Look at the games where Shaq played against them and they are nowhere nearly as effective. They back down, specially Gasol,because of Shaq’s physicality. With the departure of Stoudemire the Spurs move up by default. The only real concern is the Lakers front line size and Shaq would be a plus against it. It all depends on his condition and willingness to do the little things like boxing out, occasional shot blocking, rebounding and passing.

  • Ryan Schroeder

    So whose left after all this mess? Wade, James and Bosh in Miami. J. O’Neal to Boston, Outlaw to the Nets, Lee to GS, Boozer to Chicago, Duhon to Magic…

    I’m sure the list goes on, I’m just trying to sort out who we could possibly make trades with for S&T (if we could still pull one off that is).

    Also, I know NY is going to come fast and furious after Tony now… this is gonna get crazy here in about a day or two.

  • Lenneezz

    The Celts did make the precedent with signing 2 FA “stars” to go with their best player. James is supposed to be the king, the best, the top dog.

    He folded in game 6 in the East semi’s.

    He is now leaving his hometown team. He is joining a team that already has an established star and leader.

    In my wildest nightmares, Jordan would not have done that. I know there can be only one Jordan. James is supposed to be the chosen one, the future of the NBA. There is no way “the best player in the NBA” should/would do what James just did.

    I actually have respect for Kobe when I think about queen james.

  • Bduran

    Let’s not be to hard on James. He’s a 25 year old who decided to move to a fun town and to a great job and be with a couple of good friends. He’s not Cleveland’s saviour and he doesn’t have a MJ mindset which honestly is better for him even if it’s worse for basketball.

  • lvmainman

    @ td4life,

    I agree Mahinmi thriving in Miami will be annoying!

    The Heat will add Jason Williams as a point guard, since Chris Duhon took his place with the Magic.

  • Jason Roberts

    /Threadjack (do we do that here?)

    David Lee will be traded to the Warriors for Randolph, Turiaf, and Azubuike.

    Think this move was done to acquire some pieces to trade for Parker?

    /End Threadjack

  • este

    I’m amazed at Lebron’s decision. He and Wade do not compliment each other they duplicate each others skills. Bosh is good but I never see him as being a dominant low post player. If Lebron was going to leave Cleveland then the Bulls would have made more sense especially after adding Boozer. With Boozer and Noah he would have had two guys who are capable of doing the dirty work of defending and rebounding without demanding the ball. In addition he would benefit from playing with an all-star caliber point guard who can break down a defense and create a lot of open shots.

    I think Wade, James and Bosh bought into all the hype and wrongly believe they are good enough to carry a bunch of scrubs. Kobe and Gasol have had a pretty decent supporting cast the last few years and it’s still been a struggle for them to win championships with the exception of 2009.

    It was interesting how all the reporters and couple of former players were ready to anoint the Heat as the best team in the East but Van Gundy the only guy on BSPN tonight who I think can be objective and has some credibility sounded skeptical that it will work.

  • andy

    ugh, shaq. i don’t hate him, but i sure don’t love him either. i think it’s a fail without splitter.

    good riddance to the lebron hype. i hope miami fills its roster with scrubs and gets taken down in the finals time after time. t’would serve them right. again, i want to see if a suit could be brought for collusion. just saying.

  • este


    “He folded in game 6 in the East semi’s. ”

    27 pts., 19 Rebs., 10 assists- Yeah he really folded!

  • johnny

    I have been thinking about this, this offseason it would be a very good pickup but not at the cost of Splitter. I always like Duncan playing with an actual center. I will really like it if we can have Splitter and Shaq and have a big rotation of Duncan, Splitter, McD, Blair and Shaq. This would give the spurs a very good big rotation that is very versatile. Shaq would represent the physical beefy center and Splitter more the guy with the quickness and length to be able to guard in the pick and roll. I am for this as long as it does not cost Splitter.

  • Bushka


    good stuff i get where you are coming from now.

    At the time I don’t think it made as much sense. But right now yeah it’d be a nice spot to be in, obviously we didn’t see (hardly anyone did) R.J opting out.

  • Sam

    wait im confused did Ian Mahinmi go to Miami?

  • este

    Shaq made $21 mil last season he ain’t coming for anything less than the MLE and that would preclude the Spurs from signing Splitter.

    I for one don’t see Shaq signing with the Spurs and I don’t think the Spurs would be interested even it was only for the veteran’s minimum which Shaq would never play for, he’s simply throwing out junk to drive up his price from the likes of ATL and Boston.

    So I believe any talk about adding Splitter and Shaq is pointless it would be one or the other and most likely they wouldn’t sign Shaq even if Splitter refuses to sign.

  • fatsocalifornia

    Shaq is a cool guy, I like him over Kobi. But Pop, please understand do not let other teams take Raja Bell, we need Bell for long range shooting and Defending. So without forgetting Raja Bell and if we add Shaq thats nice.

  • td4life


    you lost me with that respect for Kobe thing.

    Kobe had 40 times better management in his organization. He did his prima donna act to drive Phil Jackson, O’Neal, and Malone out of town after he himself underperformed in the Finals versus Detroit, where Shaq played quite well. Then he threatens to go to the Clips where he was demanding they play some games in Anaheim so he has a shorter commute, what a doosh. So Buss accommodates him completely, and gives him his max contract and they end up in the lottery. How often do Conference champs follow that up with a trip to the Lottery? Care to answer that one, Mr. Bryant aka “the greatest of all time”? After 2 more years of 1st round defeats to D’Antoni and Nash, he whines some more and threatens to leave again.
    And would have! If not for the miraculous gift of Pau Gasol, who has taken the Lakers to the Finals ever since he arrived mid-season.

    MVP Garnett turned his back on a crap team. Robinson had to fly out and plead Timmy to stay only one year AFTER they’d already won a title… just imagine if they hadn’t won in ’99. Terrible for us.

    Lebron begged Bosh to come to Cleveland and was denied… the writing was on the wall, no sidekick was ever gonna come to Cleveland. Garnett didn’t want to go to LA to play with the world’s most arrogant teammate, and neither did Ray Allen. Because of Bryant, not because of LA. All accounts and evidence with the Cavs, and his Team USA pals, are that LBJ is a great guy and inspiring teammate. Kobe was bailed out by Kupchak and West. Lebron would be a “hero” if he was as lucky to get the talent around him that Bryant had. Cleveland is what it is, it has it’s own dharma or something. Lebron was never gonna change that. Chicago is a different city, and it always was, and always will be. Jordon was lucky he landed there and had the situation he had. Luck is always involved. My dad, a former Division 1 QB, winning HS football coach, and lifelong die-hard Cowboys fan saying each and every of Lebron’s 7 year career, “That team and that city will NEVER win an NBA championship. Never. NO WAY.” He was always so adamant about it, and he woulddn’t bother to explain. I always thought it was a strange position, and kind of silly, but maybe he’s spot on.

    I’m not even a Lebron fan.
    Think Bosh is a bit over-rated (but now respect his decision to be the 3rd option, which speaks to his awareness of his limitations).
    I do like Wade, though.
    But to say that Bron is a doosh that makes Kobe respectable? What crack are you smokin!

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    Sadly, I think this makes the Heat prohibitive favorites going forward. If D-Wade can stay healthy through the playoffs that is.

    I disagree. In the final analysis, this is a TEAM game, so unless the HUGE three are willing to each play for about 10-12 million, the HEAT have a MASSIVE challenge on their hands to assemble (afford) a TEAM of 13 players that are good enough as a group to defeat the best teams around the NBA. Whatever Miami decides to do about filling out a roster with TEN more players for a total of about 13 million, I’ll take the Lakers against the Heat in 2011 (that’s if the Heat get past Orlando & Boston), assuming that all key players on both teams stay healthy most of the year.

    “First off, we’re talking about the best player, stat wise, since MJ in Lebron and one of the current best in D-Wade.”

    Stats don’t win championships.

    “They all can’t grab every rebound and score every point, but they will still all put up great numbers.”

    Numbers won’t get it done, and that’s just for THREE players that you’re talking about; proper production & teamwork from at least eight or nine players is critical to winning championships.

    “….3 point shooting would be nice too….”

    Unfortunately for the Heat, REAL, clutch 3-point shooters don’t come cheap. Not by a long shot in today’s market. And the lure of playing with the HUGE three will have only a minor effect on bringing in “useful” but cheap players. The great majority of good players are simply not going to play for cheap.

    Finally, I’m NOT suggesting that the Heat won’t be a better TEAM than last year. They almost assuredly will. But win a championship, in their first year, with their given payroll predicament? Unlikely. In fact, as things stand right now, I’d still only give them about a one in five chance of winning one or more titles in the next 4 years. And that’s if they have that something special underneath (“true grit”), which I don’t really see. Sure, a strong & talented CORE is great, but not at the expense of the rest of the team.

    Wade had the chance of being near his kids & winning a title in Chicago (a very talented team). Lebron had a chance of doing something really special by persevering, and having a legitimate chance of lifting the “sports ghosts” out of an entire city, to the glee of true fans from Cleveland that are old enough to be his great grandfather. And Bosh may have had the opportunity to come to a franchise that has always been all about winning, having strong character, and is unafraid of the work it requires to reach the pinnacle: the San Antonio Spurs; and with the opportunity to play with the great Tim Duncan, winning a title before he TD leaves, while leading the Spurs into a new era of greatness. But the three buddies didn’t make such choices. No, they wanted their selfish & personal desires consummated now, and their egos are big enough to think that it only takes three stars to give prosperous life to an entire planet. Let’s see if we can satisfy our egos, “the easy way”, as they nod in agreement.

    Indeed, there’s something a bit unnerving about the whole thing, something that suggests that these guys don’t really have the “character” to do what it takes to win a championship. Their antics throughout all of this congers the eerie specter of three school-age kids in a bicycle shop all wanting to buy three shiny sting ray bikes so that they can take this long awaited bike ride together to a special river with an amazing waterfall that they have all wanted to visit for so long. But instead of each of them saving up for it by working the lemonade stand all summer out in the hot sun with some more “nerdy” boys from their own separate neighborhoods, they decide that they deserve that ride together, NOW, and so they hatch a plan to steal the bikes. They’re not really concerned about what they leave in their wake; each of them believes that they deserve those bikes NOW, and they were bound & determined to make it happen, together.

    As you might imagine though, their “bike trips” never did turn out as favorably as they had expected. And there were consequences. Indeed, there’s no “easy” route to “true” greatness, and personal fulfillment. For example, in my opinion it is very unlikely that Michael Jordan would have agreed to steal a bike so that he could join his friends on a cool trip of supposed glory. He would have taken it as a challenge to work that lemonade stand, and to learn how to help his more “nerdy” neighbors become better lemonade “salesmen”. He would have taken the time to save his money to buy that bike. And he would have eventually had six wonderful and glorious rides ahead of him, that spanned six amazing summers. And he would have found some great new friends to go along for the ride.

    That is ultimately the road that gets one close to greatness. It is a road where the means justifies the ends, not the other way around. Obviously, the HUGE three don’t see it that way.

  • Hobson13

    July 8th, 2010 at 7:09 pm
    “The amount of players who remain true to a lousy team are very few indeed.”

    Surely you aren’t referring to the Cavs of the past few years. They won 60+ games in the past two seasons and got to the finals four years ago. Lebron wanted Shaq. They got him Shaq. Lebron wanted Antawn. They got him Antawn. Lebron wanted a BJ so they did that. They’ve been smooching his ringless arse for the past 7 years. As much as some love to bitch that Lebron had no help, it is simply not true. Mo Williams, Jamison, Shaq, and Varejao are all good players. For those that watched Lebrons last playoff games, it became evident that he quit.

    July 8th, 2010 at 7:59 pm
    “If Lebron was going to leave Cleveland then the Bulls would have made more sense especially after adding Boozer.”

    I agree 100% with your post. So they now have 3 great players and a bench full of clowns. How are they going to win against a team like Boston who has 4 big players and a decent supporting cast. How will Orlando’s depth wear on them in a 7 game series. What about a team like the Bulls who have Rose, Boozer, Deng, and Noah plus a decent supporting cast?

    None of these guys have proven themselves to be able to single handedly will a team to a championship. With this in mind, one thing that I haven’t seen ANYBODY mention is the fact that all three will have to play heavy minutes ALL season long if their little team of 3 is to win. How will this affect them in the playoffs when they’ve all had to play 42 min/game in the regular season?

    I remember watching the 2004 lakers with Shaq, Kobe, Payton, and Malone. Now granted, 2 players were well past their prime, but that little experiment of an All Star team failed. There were too many egos in the locker room and not enough shots to go around on the court. Will this team be much the same? I hear some say Lebron can swallow his ego and sacrifice for the good of the team. Have these people listened to Lebron talk!? He is one of the most egotistical, narcissistic, and self deluded players I’ve ever heard (and I have been a Lebron fan in the past). I won’t go on with Wade and Bosh, but this whole experiment will be very interesting to say the least…

  • Pingback: BallinEurope, the European Basketball news site » Blog Archive » Lebron James yadda yadda yadda (or, Ahem – anyone remember the Los Angeles Lakers?)()

  • Noel

    “I got one more than Shaq.” – Kobe Bryant, circa 3 weeks ago.

    Get Splitter and GET SHAQ!! Big if, but IF he’s motivated, we can use him. Fo sho!

  • Lenneezz

    “He folded in game 6 in the East semi’s. ”

    27 pts., 19 Rebs., 10 assists- Yeah he really folde

    Ahh Este, obviously it was a typo and I meant game 5.

    Game 6 letdown was last year in east finals.

    Don’t get too excited now.

  • Lenneezz

    “he’s simply throwing out junk to drive up his price from the likes of ATL and Boston”

    The Celtics stated they have zero interest in Shaq and made the point even clearer when they signed the other O’Neal. Duh

  • bigtee34

    @ este
    actually turning the ball over 6 times in the last two minutes and having 9 turnovers in game 6 is kinda the definition of “folding” you played a great game and shot 8-21 to get your stats but when it mattered you made bad decisions. oh and game 5 he went 3-14 and had 6 to’s so yeah he quit.

  • bigtee34

    my friend is from elyria ohio and his heart was broke when LBJ quit last year.

  • bigtee34

    david lee gets 13.3 a year from GS sounds like to much to me.

  • Lenneezz

    “Cleveland is what it is, it has it’s own dharma or something. Lebron was never gonna change that. Chicago is a different city, and it always was, and always will be. Jordon was lucky he landed there and had the situation he had. Luck is always involved.”

    Jordan was lucky to land in Chicago?????What crack are YOU smoking. Chicago basketball was horrible before MJ landed. The star was Orlando Woolridge. Jordan has given many interviews stating that the only thing he learned about winning from Woolridge was TO DO THE OPPOSITE. MJ had no support for quite a while. Pete Meyers, Dave Corzine and Brad Sellers ring a bell? In 87, Pippen and Grant came on board and promptly SUCKED. They were horrible as rookies.
    Jordan carried the Bulls until their 3rd year. It wasn’t until 1989-90 season did Cartwright, Pippen and Grant made significant contributions. LBJ had it better than Jordan. He had an owner that was more than willing to spend money and try to bring in talent. Unlike Jordan, who had Jerry Reinsdorf. So please, don’t talk about chit you obviously don’t know about.

    I made the statement that Kobe looked good compared to Lebron because I think tonight Lebron can’t sink any lower. At 25, he has left a top 5-6 team to partner up with 2 other all stars. He showed zero character tonight. He left his hometown organization that is starved for a championship. He feels no responsibility for his collapse vs the Celtics. A championship for the Cavs would mean infinite more than a championship in Miami. His legacy is tarnished horribly. He is not the king or the chosen one.

    I know how horrible Kobe is. That is why I used him as a really bad benchmark. DUH

  • Jim Henderson

    July 8th, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    “I expect Udoka and Tolliver to play in Miami as well.
    Oberto, too.
    Possibly even Bogans, and maybe even Devin Brown has an outside chance.”

    The Heat ain’t gonna win no title with those players.

    July 8th, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    “The amount of players who remain true to a lousy team are very few indeed. I can’t really blame LeBron but I hoped for loyalty, especially because Cleveland needed him to succeed.”

    A “lousy team?” A TEAM that won 127 games in just the last 2 seasons?! And please, don’t tell me that it was just LeBron. Don’t even attempt to validate his over-sized ego. What a pathetic display LeBron put on. Maybe worse than his “tanking” in the playoffs. This guy is afraid of failure. The cancer is gone in Cleveland. Hurray! They’ll lose more games next year, but they’ll be better off in the long run without that prima donna putting the ultimate lid on the franchise.

  • Easy b

    I hate thinking this and don’t completely believe it yet, but with this new “big 3” landing in Miami and with all the other power teams out there , maybe the spurs should be looking for more long term talent now instead of immediate pieces. Not saying blow up the team , but maybe trade for a little more youth and see if they can make the grade quickly whilst we still have 2 or 3 Hof ers on the team to guide them. Maybe we should trade Tony now….but no way ny is gonna nett us the right amount of value