So, what happened on that Shane Battier 3-pointer?


Think of this like our Out of the Timeout series, but the opposite. Not as fun.

So what happened on the play that essentially gave Memphis the win in Game 1 over the Spurs?

A couple of things, really. Mike Conley (1) dribbles the ball upcourt on the right wing. As he’s moving up the sideline, Shane Battier (3) sets a pick on Tony Parker (x1). Richard Jeferson (x3) is hanging back making sure Conley doesn’t drive to the basket.

What is unclear here is if there was any communication between Parker and Jefferson as to how they were going to play it, or if there was already a plan in place. Either way, Jefferson and Parker end up switching on the pick.

After setting the pick, Battier makes his way around the perimeter to the other wing with Parker marking him. Marc Gasol (5) who was trailing the play, sets up near the elbow on the same side of the floor as Conley.

Gasol sets a pick for Conley out on the wing. Tim Duncan (x5) follows Gasol and shades more to the right side of the floor, in case Conley crossed over and tried to go back towards the baseline, I’d imagine. There isn’t much help defense on that side of the floor besides Duncan and there’s more help towards the middle. Although that would bite the Spurs eventually.

Conley goes towards the middle and attacks the lane. In doing so, he forces Tony Parker to leave Battier on the perimeter and stop penetration. Conley dishes to Battier and you know what happens next. One thing I noticed in watching the video, though, is the reason George Hill (x2) wasn’t able to rotate over.

As Conley got to the middle and passed the ball off to Battier, Hill’s man Tony Allen cuts to the middle. By making that cut, he forced George to have to pay him some attention and it kept Hill from getting out to put a hand in Battier’s face.

Relive it if you want, though I won’t blame you if you don’t.

  • Bruno

    What matter is: Parker/Pop fault

  • Bruno

    But, great job

  • Humberto

    Great breakdown of the play. I appreciate the work on that. Relived it, stung wasn’t as bad! I don’t expect another 9-10 performance by Gasol.

  • DorieStreet

    There comes a time and point in many games where players have to forgo the ‘help defense’ scheme/pattern and just single up and lock down on opponents one-on-one. George Hill gave up a couple of 3’s to O.J. Mayo late in the Memphis offensive set by attempting to cheat down & help (for which their is too much spacing for him to be effective). And in the last minute, the only 3pt threat the Grizzlies have is left wide open. The video shows Parker was putting himself in no man’s land–he was too far away to provide any concrete help to stop Conley had he kept the ball. (It would have been better for Tony to keep close enough to Battier to play the passing lane for a steal. He is already giving up height to the guy; he needed to be up on him to truly disrupt the shot.

  • Dbaguy

    The defense needs serious help, too Many times we refuse to simply switch and just follow one guy with 1 players ad get killed on the pick and roll. Pop needs to address his defensive schemes because they aren’t working. Pop is stubborn in his ways, his play calling has been horrible all season, he’s been outcoachrd time and time again in close games. I really don’t think this team has a shot at a title and timmy’s shot for a fifth is just fantasy. Tony likes to play one in five, he is a ball hog. We need some damn shooters on this team, Parker can’t shoot unless he’s 2 feet from the basket. If Manu doesn’t come, we are done.

  • Junierizzle

    I agree. Sometimes people just need to stick with their man. I think almost all of Battier’s points were uncovered. Same with Mayo like you said. I thought the Spurs were actually playing good D which gave them the ten point lead. But it went downhill because they were struggling on offense.

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  • TD = Best EVER

    I agree that’s ALL TP’s fault……. if you go back and look at the play second by second you will see that TD was in PERFECT position to contest a 10ft shot by Conley…… AS well as stay close to the basket for a potential rebound……… Here is another break down of the play…….

    Same set up Spurs up 2 points with under a minute and Memphis has ONLY 1 3-point threat on the court……..2 counting Conley who has the ball so he(guy with ball) will always be guarded

    2 seconds – TP gets picked by Battier – It was a very weak screen that Tony COULD/SHOULD have fought though…….RJ on Conley was always going to be a mismatch

    4 seconds – Gasol comes to screen – TD has to hang back in case Conley fakes the screen otherwise it’s a wide open layup

    6 seconds – Conley comes off the Gasol Screen and is curling to the free throw circle
    1st – Notice how RJ fight threw the screen….. he is falling down but he is giving it all he can
    2nd – LOOK AT TD…..where in the hell is Conley going…….NOWHERE! TD is in perfect position to hold Conley to a TOUGH 10 footer, & still be close to the rim for a possible rebound

    SO the fact that RJ is fighting through the screen, and that TD is in place means TP didn’t need to give help……. He should know the situation and not leave Battier even if RJ wasn’t there…… Because you have a back line of Defense for a reason and he had TD/Bonner both in the painted area….. HE HAS TO SEE THAT!!!!

    Not only did he get out played by Conley….. he makes bone headed defensive plays late in the game that we would be pissed if George Hill or even Green the young guy makes, but this is our veteran 10 year PG…… Inexcusable……..

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