Sources: Splitter, Spurs agree to terms


Via Ticket 760:

Ticket 760 has learned that the San Antonio Spurs have reached a contract agreement with Tiago Splitter. He is expected to sign the deal on Monday. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Well, it was about time this whole draft-and-stash strategy borne some fruit. As details emerge, we’ll continue to update you. We’ll also be along soon with further analysis on how Splitter’s long-awaited arrival affects the team’s ceiling next season.

Congratulations, Spurs fans. Despite having little-to-no financial flexibility, R.C. Buford and Co. were still able to acquire an impact player. Between Splitter and James Anderson, I think that this offseason, given expectations, has been a success.

  • junierizzle

    YES! Finally!!!!

    Can I also suggest Ronnie Brewer and Jordan Farmar?

  • philip fletcher

    Still you gotta love this years new crop Anderson and Splitter. Can Splitter make the grade? I believe he can and he will. In Europe they don’t attack the basket as much, here they will attack, Splitter will pick up a significant amount of block shots and rebounds. His point may not increase just yet, but if he plays 35 to45 minutes a game he should easily climb above 20 ppg. I see him averaging 22 and 12 probably starting next year, but not this year. Anderson if he hits the open shots like he did in college I am going to nickname him Lights out!

  • Bushka

    Bonner played last year because he had to.

    We had no depth.

    The spurs had no confidence in Mahinmi, who was the only other big on the roster.

    So we had Tim, McDyess, Bonner, Blair. We needed to rest Tim and McDyess for the playoffs at least that was the plan.

    This year we have Tim, Splitter, McDyess, Blair then Bonner as a 5th big.

    This is the most productive way of marginalising Bonner. Do it because other better players are in the way.

    Blair played nearly 20 a night as a 39th pick rookie on a team that got to the 2nd round. That’s good numbers.

    If he starts hitting a jump shot as well then yeah Bonners going to be doing 7 to 10 minutes a night…or used in specific slots like a role player should be.

  • Lenneezz

    He just got signed to a 4yr deal worth 14 Mil or so. He got signed to shoot the 3. The Spurs are short on 3pt shooters this year. See how logic works?

    He will not average 7-10 minutes a game at the 4.


  • idahospur

    I think Splitter will fit in at the 5, allowing Duncan to operate more from the 4, unless someone else subs in. RJ will fit better this year, that’s why Pop is already working with him. Blair will be more useful in his 2nd year, just like Hill was.
    Let’s just hope Duncan gets relief in the early season so he isn’t drained in the last month. Get Parker some summer rest to be back on his game and healthy. Give Bonner and Dice minutes in the year, and bench them come playoffs.

  • quincyscott


    Agreed. I think Bonner has a real value to the team, but not when we have to play him a lot of minutes and ask him to do things beyond his skill set.


    I think the Spurs will be better equipped to tangle with the Lakers, who after all nearly got beat by both the Celtics and even the Thunder last year. The Lakers are ver good, but they are by nommeans invincible. Having said that, the Spurs lost to the overachieving Suns last season, so my excitement about them is tempered by caution. I want to see Splitter, Anderson play a few NBA games, and I want to see how Jefferson looks before I start getting too carried away.

  • ThatBigGuy


    So you’d have rather just let Bonner walk? He has the same career 3pt % as Mike Miller. He’s a great locker room guy. He’s smart. He plays quality team defense. He developed a running floater/hook off of a pump fake to counter guys closing out too hard on him. What more can you expect from the 5th big guy?

    Quality move by the FO in re-signing Bonner.

  • charles

    what if we sign and trade jefferson for damion james and a enough trade exception to sign matt barnes
    and with the LLE sign james jones

  • quincyscott

    Bonner is not in any way, shape or form a good defender. This is one reason why the Spurs defense sucked this past season, and why he should be used sparingly, situationally.

  • Joe

    Being a big guy who can run, Splitter should lend much versatility to the lineup. He can probably play 4 or 5.
    The Spurs continue to get younger and more athletics with guys like Splitter, Anderson, Blair, and Hill.
    The question marks are Parker and Jefferson. Do they stay are will they be dealt?
    What are the pressing needs now that Splitter is in the fold? What players may be available to strengthen what should be a solid core.

  • philip fletcher

    Let’s get Shaq, then we will 3 seven footers. Each of our Nba finals came with 3 seven footers. 1999 Robinson, Duncan, Perdue. 2003 Robinson, Duncan, Willis, 2005 Duncan, Elson, Nesterovich.
    2007 well they were shy of 7 foot, but did not need it against cleveland and Lebron. Hah!

  • Jason


    i’m not sure what year you think it is but last year was the 2009/2010 season. In terms of total minutes played Bonner was 10th, making him the 5th guy off the bench. Assuming we play Splitter and Anderson more than Bonner, that will make him the 7th guy off the bench. If we sign another vet big man who’s half decent then he’ll easily be the 8th guy.

    2 years ago when he was 27/28 years old he was averaging 23min/game, which is the highest usage of his career (the year before he averaged 12.5 min/game). Besides, that year he was logging 23min/game his PER was 15.02 which technically qualifies him as an above average player, so it wasn’t a total bust (This past year his PER dropped to 14.94, not a huge drop considering how deep his shooting slump was).

    Now that Blair is a 2nd year player and has proven himself, his minutes which were already more plentiful than Bonner’s, will increase. Now that we have Splitter, and Bonner’s turning 31, it seems likely that he’ll only play fewer min next season, not more. As far as I know he’s not aging in reverse or anything.

    If you really want to know the value of Bonner you can look at some of the posts on this blog from last years playoffs which analyzed the Spurs best lineups with advanced stats. It revealed that when both Bonner and Blair are on the floor together, both players perform better, probably because they have complimentary talents: Bonner spaces the floor and draws out opposing bigs so Blair can own the rebounds and put-backs.

    He’s a role player who logs limited minutes, gives us versatility, and throws a different style at opposing defenses. For our 5th or 6th bigman, a role player, its better to have somebody with a different skill set than the other 5 bigs on the team. Not bad for the 7th+ guy off the bench.

  • smiley

    This is y i luv timmy,r.c.,and pop, and if tony wants to leave lets trade him to new york and land cp3 somebody who appreciates a family as a team.

  • duaneofly

    One thing I’ve noticed and was wondering about is: Are other teams in the league purposely blowing off the Spurs when it comes to trades?
    We don’t have a 3-peat like the Lakers, but we haven’t had any crap seasons either, plus 4 titles, and are totted as a great front office team (not overpaying people, scouting Europe etc).

    What makes me wonder this, first off, is last year’s draft when we tried moving up to grab Blair. It didn’t happen, but luckily he was still there. No team was willing to trade 2nd round picks with us? Seems kind of odd since trading/selling 2nd round picks happens all the time and not many teams are really good at finding diamonds in the rough.
    Then we couldn’t move RJ this past year. Yes he had a player option, so he wasn’t a true expiring. But with the CBA coming up next year, and if he got traded to a crap team like GS, chances are he’d be opting out, which would have cleared a ton of cap, and did in fact happen.

    I know part of is probably because we don’t have that many trade pieces. Duncan/Manu/Tp aren’t going anywhere, and the rest of our roster has been generally filled out by small contracts and veterans, which makes it hard for us to trade for a high quality player making 10 mil a year. But still, just something I’ve been wondering about.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 9th, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    “Tiago is more like a pau gasol but much better….”

    I hope you were joking about that.

    July 9th, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    “The player we needed, and the only place we could have gotten him from for that kind of money.”

    I do agree he “could” be a steal at the MLE or below. Lets hope so!

    July 9th, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    “I’m still in hopes of a trade of Parker that helps land CP3.”

    We’re not going to get CP3 for Parker. Certainly not a straight one-for-one deal.

    July 9th, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    “When you look at what the creative bold GMs pull off, it becomes very obvious that our guys are just way too conservative.”

    Before, when our stars were in their prime, it was crafty & smart to be conservative. Now being too conservative is simply playing out the string on the way to mediocrity. This strategy of essentially standing pat is very disappointing. Hopefully they have a wild card move up their sleeve that nobody knows about yet. But likelihood continues to wane with each passing day. I would not be in favor of getting a new FO at this stage. It’s still too early to make such a rash judgment, in my view.

    July 9th, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    “am I the only one crazy enough to smell championship?”

    Lets hope so.

    July 9th, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Actually, Bonner was 10th on the team in minutes per game at 17.9. I’d rather him not be on the team, but if he is I’d like to see his minutes kept below 12 mpg.

    July 9th, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    “I mean Azubuike was just used as part of a sign and trade for David Lee, who the hell did we have to give up of that ilk?”

    Bushka, the Warriors gave up THREE solid players for David Lee: Randolph, Azubuike, & Turiaf. And to be honest, once again, that was a STUPID move by the Warriors. A crappy defensive team spends 80 million dollars to lock up a crappy defender for 6 years. They should be DUMPING bad long-term contracts, not adding to them. But I guess you’re right, we don’t have good, but wrong types of players that we’re willing to send to a Warrior front office that specializes in lobotomies.

    “Maggette was part of a huge cap clearance. Sure we may have been a player for someone like Maggette, if RJ hadn’t of opted out of his huge expiring trade chip…but he did!”

    RJ did not opt out until 2 weeks after the NBA season ended, and it was AFTER Maggette was moved, so it seems like we could have been offering him and his expiring contract in trades before he opted out. We may have tried to do that, but I just don’t know. The Warriors unloaded Maggette about 5-6 days after the NBA season came to a close, and just over a week before RJ opted out.

    “Bonner was the only player we could realistically sign since we already owned his rights. Despite all the mutterings to the contrary, he basically got a contract right around his market value. We may have paid a little too much maybe a mill per year, but if we didn’t get him who the hell else were we going to pickup?”

    I don’t understand why we haven’t been able to find some trades that would make Bonner expendable, unless the FO just doesn’t want to make any meaningful trades. And if so, I think they’re making a mistake there. But you know, we’ll see. They’ve performed quite well over the years, and they’re getting paid to make these decisions, certainly not me. The thing is, if I was the owner or FO I’d be interested in taking some risks at this stage try to better assure a “shot” at a title. And I don’t see how anyone can look at our team, even with the addition of Splitter & a number 20 pick, and rationally suggest that we have a better than 15 to 1 shot at winning a title in the next couple years without looking to shake things up a bit. With the right moves, I think we could lower those odds. Even with making such hypothetical moves we might not end up increasing our odds much, if at all. You never know. But if we try, we have a chance, and to me that’s worth it, even if we end up making our team a bit worse off in the near-term.

    But, just to make clear, I would have NO interest in moving our FO at this stage. That would be silly, in my view.

  • Jim Henderson

    philip fletcher
    July 9th, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    “Splitter will pick up a significant amount of block shots and rebounds. His point may not increase just yet, but if he plays 35 to45 minutes a game he should easily climb above 20 ppg. I see him averaging 22 and 12 probably starting next year, but not this year.”

    Lets get real. I’ll give you a million dollars if Splitter puts up a 22/12 in 2011.

    July 9th, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    “Give Bonner and Dice minutes in the year, and bench them come playoffs.”

    Yeah, and one less three-point shooter in the playoffs makes a lot of sense.

    July 9th, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    Wrong. We need to upgrade our SF spot with a three-point shooter & DEFENDER. We should drop the stretch 4, and sign a shot-blocking/defender big as our 5th big. These could conceivably be accomplished through RJ sign & trade, other trades, and use of the LLE.

    July 9th, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    “what if we sign and trade jefferson for damion james and a enough trade exception to sign matt barnes and with the LLE sign james jones”

    Wouldn’t work because NJ has already taken care of their SF needs with the signing of Travis Outlaw. Plus they have Terrence Williams as well.

  • Hobson13

    Jim Henderson
    July 9th, 2010 at 10:19 pm
    “I don’t understand why we haven’t been able to find some trades that would make Bonner expendable, unless the FO just doesn’t want to make any meaningful trades.”

    This has had me frustrated with our FO for years. To me, it appears that we really do very little in the offseason. I know we got RJ last year and we all waved our hands, but in reality, RJ was not that bold of a move. We traded 3 expiring contracts (all of whom were well past their prime) and got back a decent player. Sure RJ’s salary was large, but it wasn’t a long term deal. Now we have a huge and talented free agent class (and I’m not talking about the Miami trio, we had no shot at any of them) and the FO just seems content to add 2 decent pieces and quit. In the meantime, good free agents are disappearing by the hour.

    With that said, I will admit that our FO is a tight ship. By that, I mean that no one on the outside knows what deals the Spurs are plotting. I recent heard a podcast with Chad Ford and he stated that the one team he knew nothing about when it came to draft selections was the Spurs. People really have no idea what the braintrust is cooking up and this works to our advantage. Of course this sucks if you are a fan, but it is a powerful advantage on the negotiating table. I just hope we can add one more decent piece with what is left of the MLE (if anything) plus the LLE.

    P.S. It looks like Morrow has signed with the Nets. This leaves only Ronnie Brewer (IMO) as the FA who can come in and make a significant contribution outside of simply filling a roster spot. I’m sure some will disagree, but Brewer is a proven commodity who played for a good team. Most others still left are simply “potential”

    Final thought: Can you freakin believe the Bobcats gave Tyrus Thomas a 5 yr $40mil deal?? In his best year (2 yrs ago) he averaged 11pts and 6 rebs!! This guy hasn’t proven ANYTHING in his career outside of being good “potential.” Unreal…

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  • grego

    Spurs have used their exceptions well. With RJ and Bonner, they have bird rights so they can leave their MLE for Splitter (who probably takes most of it).

    They still have their LLE to pick up a big 3. Dorrell Wright, James Jones and Rasual Butler would be guys who play D and can hit the perimeter shot. I’d chose in that order.

    If they could get one of those guys and keep RJ, the team will be solid in terms of talent and depth.

    @Ryan – Matthews is a little smaller (more of a 2/small 3). I think the Spurs should go after forwards first and work their way down from the list of players I posted above.

    @Rob – no player listed above had greater shoes to fill than RJ though. Having said that, people wanted to basically chase Horry out of town after the Laker series. Even though Finley played well in his first post season, a lot of fans were still harsh on him. Barry’s first year was considered subpar and was thought to be a disappointment. Those 3 all had solid careers with the Spurs.

    Honestly, if RJ was a 7M contract and he was brought over, I doubt he’d be considered as bad. Spurs took a bad contract. He was no where near that. Having said all that, RJ did get better as time went by and he it was very noticeable in his defense and his activity on the boards. He also had more blocks than Blair or Dyess. He’s been working out with Pop this summer. Who knows how that’ll pay off.

    And best of all, he did the best thing for the team by opting out and taking a much better contract. They definitely saved more than 15M because Spurs would be in luxury tax even before all their exceptions.

  • bduran

    “Yeah, and one less three-point shooter in the playoffs makes a lot of sense.”

    Well, the hope is that it does. Bonner has proved he can be helpful in the regular season, but so far he hasn’t shown that in the playoffs. I’m hoping that Hill can become more proficient shooting from more than just the corners and that Anderson can contribute some come playoff time. Then, if Parker’s jump shot is back this year we’re not looking so bad. Throw in RJ at 35% and maybe a Blair jumper and Bonner’s 3 wouldn’t be so crucial. Of course, this is what I hope. If it doesn’t turn out this way then I hope that Bonner finally get’s it figured out in the post season. Not gonna hold my breath though.

    Oh yeah, we can also hope that Malik or Gee steps up to help at wing. Right now there’s no guarantee, but it looks like it’s possible that we can address most or all of our issues with what we currently have. I would like to see us use the LLE to pick another wing up.

  • grego

    ^^ You also have Temple, who’s a decent 3 point shooter. He’s most likely to make it out of the 3 (Malik and Gee). I think more than one will make it but if I had to chose one, Temple is probably the strongest one, due to his versatility.

    The key to Bonner is his release. It’s slow. When he feels like he has to rush, he tends to miss more. In the post season, defenses tend to get back faster and this is why Bonner struggles more, since the teams usually are the cream of the crop.

    Having a strong amount of penetrators helps things, so they can force the defenders not to sag or they’ll pay for that.

    Also, there is less pressure on Bonner this season if the Spurs have other shooters. Basically all hopes depended on Bonner, and he’s not “the guy” but more like “one of the guys”

  • Jim Henderson

    July 9th, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    “Now we have a huge and talented free agent class (and I’m not talking about the Miami trio, we had no shot at any of them) and the FO just seems content to add 2 decent pieces and quit. In the meantime, good free agents are disappearing by the hour.”

    Yeah, and how about trades? I still say we should be looking to trade (in package deals if need be) any of the following players:

    RJ (requires S&T)
    Mahinmi (requires S&T)

    How is NY not ripe now for a TP trade? They have several pieces that could be very appealing to us, and you know that Dantoni would love to have TP running the pick & roll with Amare.

    These are all players that NY has that we could use:

    B. Walker

    NY now has FOUR good and very promising SF’s, which is exactly the position we REALLY need an upgrade in. Three of the four shoot the three at 38% or higher, and play solid to good “D”. Why not Walker (or Azubuike), Douglas, & Turiaf for Parker? Why not?!?!? Instead we sign Bonner as our 5th big because he can hit the three during the regular season at about 39-40%?!? Why would we want that when we can get 15 mpg. shot-blocker in Turiaf, a young promising wing that can shoot and play “D” (Walker – 22 yrs old – 43% from three – Azubuike – 41% from three), and a PG with good potential in Douglass, who can also shoot (23 years old – 39% from three). Sure we’d be a bit weaker at point for at least the next couple of years, but we’re STRONG at guard with Manu & Hill, and look at the benefits. TWO young forty percent shooters that fill out critical positions for us, AND a part-time shot-blocker, which we NEED. We are now TWO shot blocks per game lower than we were during the heart of our championship years! We simply MUST get better defensively to compete (THAT”S WHAT WE DO!), and shot-blocking is part of the equation.

    I just don’t get it. Would NY really not do that deal? Or is it us that wouldn’t do that deal?


    Chandler, Curry, and others off the bench. NY wouldn’t like that? Are you kidding me? They could probably use a couple of more BIG guys, and a back-up point, and they’d go from a crappy team to a playoff team in the EAST in their FIRST year. In year two, they lose Curry’s albatross of a contract (11 mil.), and should be able to sign another top FA. Is this rocket science or what? I know I’m acting like an arm chair GM, but common here. Am I missing something?

    Hill, Douglas
    Manu, Anderson
    RJ (?), Walker, Gee
    Duncan, Blair
    Splitter, Turiaf

    McDyess, etc. in reserve

    That doesn’t give us a better chance, and improve our future prospects immensely with a solid injection of quality youth? We need to be thinking beyond the Duncan’s window, NOW. Otherwise we’re going to sail off into mediocrity for awhile and risk crashing, which by the way, is not an inevitable outcome every 10-15 years, as some on this blog appear to assume, so that we can have the privilege of gambling in the lottery. That is silly. The goal is to avoid the lottery as long as possible and keep on rebuilding as you go, through trades, free agency, and your own mid-to-late round picks.

    “This leaves only Ronnie Brewer (IMO) as the FA who can come in and make a significant contribution outside of simply filling a roster spot.”

    Yeah, I’d be happy to get him. At least it would indicate that were getting more serious about defense. The signing of Bonner & RJ (I guess?) doesn’t.

    “Final thought: Can you freakin believe the Bobcats gave Tyrus Thomas a 5 yr $40mil deal?? In his best year (2 yrs ago) he averaged 11pts and 6 rebs!! This guy hasn’t proven ANYTHING in his career outside of being good “potential.” ”

    Yeah, that type of deal has been par for the course during this FA period, so I guess I’m not too surprised. But yes, I think that’s overpaying. For some teams he might be worth their MLE, but 8 mil.? No.

  • Jim Henderson

    July 9th, 2010 at 11:28 pm

    “They still have their LLE to pick up a big 3. Dorrell Wright, James Jones and Rasual Butler would be guys who play D and can hit the perimeter shot. I’d chose in that order.”

    The problem is none of those guys are really good enough (accept perhaps Wright), and none of them are likely to go for as low as the LLE.

    July 9th, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    “Well, the hope is that it does.”

    Yeah, I get kind of tired of the word “hope” around here. Don’t take it personally, but do you know how many times you used the words “hope”, “if”, or “maybe” in this relatively short post? Seven times.

    “Right now there’s no guarantee, but it looks like it’s possible that we can address most or all of our issues with what we currently have. I would like to see us use the LLE to pick another wing up.”

    It is unlikely that these needs will be “sufficiently” addressed to allow us to be truly competitive for a WC championship. Also, that quote above is a very equivocal sounding concluding paragraph. And I can’t say I’m surprised. As things stand right now, I’m not too “confident” in this teams ability to challenge next year either.

  • Ivander

    Why did we have to resign Bonner…..come oooonn!!!!!! He won’t get better, I don’t understand it,I just don’t!!!

  • rob


    Thanks for the history of veteran pick ups over the years. And you’re correct. Jefferson had some big shoes to fill in this system. I too hope…with the personal help from Pop this summer and the correct additions to the team in Splitter and Anderson that he can be more comfortable thus allowing better production in his second year as a Spur.

    I agree with you somewhat regarding Bonner and Jefferson. Another defensive, sharp shooting wing player would be a huge bonus for the team. But who’s to say what Jefferson is going to be like next season? As stated before…Jefferson at 7 to 8 mil per year for what he produced last year is not a bad contract. But the expectations of 15 mil per were not being produced.

    If you look at the current list of available wings through free agency…IMO Jefferson (if he plays better this season than last) is still in the top 6 of who’s left out there. Conclude that Splitter and Anderson provide immediate impact with their respective strengths…that takes a lot of pressure off of Jefferson in what he was asked to do last year.

    What bothers me the most is the size (lack of) at the wing. Jefferson is the only SF on the team taller than 6′ 6″. Out of your scenario posted above…I would be on board with that trade. Though I’m not convinced the Knicks would do such a trade involving Turiaf without somehow getting size in return.

  • td4life

    “I don’t understand why we haven’t been able to find some trades that would make Bonner expendable, unless the FO just doesn’t want to make any meaningful trades. And if so, I think they’re making a mistake there.”

    My thoughts exactly. Some of you guys attacked me for being so disappointed in paying Matt Bonner. I like MB as a human being, but we NEED defensive bigs. A third true big is not at “redundant”; in the playoffs, it is a must. And defending Bonner as our 3point shooter is insane. A one-dimensional 3 point shooter at the 4 is a liability for us in the playoffs (esp, when that guy bricks in the playoffs). A shooting big is great if his name Bill Lambier. Bonner is vastly inferior to Robert Horry. I don’t really want a one-dimensional shooter at the 2 or 3, certainly not in our front court.
    Bonner is great in the practice facility and as a minutes sponge in the regular season, which at this point is a luxury for us, when we NEEDED to go out and get a true big. At 10 regular season mpg, I can live with Bonner, but we really should have gone after someone else. I think a bolder GM would have pulled that off. To contend as is, Blair needs to be Kurt Rambis. Shaq and Chandler are currently available, but are obvious long shots (S&T Robert Horry?), and are potentially major risks.

    I am not at all surprised T Thomas got paid, he’s still young. Let’s see how much growth he shows under Larry Brown, and then see if he’s really a bust.

    “The Warriors unloaded Maggette about 5-6 days after the NBA season came to a close, and just over a week before RJ opted out.”

    This is what I was saying. And yes, I like Maggette’s aggressiveness and defensive ability which was virtually coached out of him after his first few years. Big strong aggressive guys like him would really help us match up against Kobe and Miami far better than what we’ve got. He still draws fouls better insanely well. And even the GS fans who were ready to cut cap space above all else, acknowledged that he has been the consummate pro since he got there, disproving his reputation as a malcontent. New York wanted Randolf far more than Azubuike, NY now has a substantial log jam at SF. We could have offered GS better cap relief than they got, a good fit in RJ, and they still could have acquired Avid Lee, no problem. But apparently our FO sat on their hands, or were just in love with RJ, which I don’t get.

    As far as I know, D. Wright, Childress, and Brewer are still available. We currently have the less depth at SF than pretty much everyone else in the league. So that should be attractive to those guys.

  • Bushka

    I wasn’t attacking you for that TD. I was a bit confounded mostly with the KP reference.

    You obviously are dissapointed because you generally are not the kind of poster who just comes on with an agenda and lets rip.

    I think the front office has been hog tied with regard to trading.

    Because of the Splitter situation, any trade for a big of any particular stature that gave away valuable assets was a big risk of being redundant.

    The smart play the whole way through was to wait and work on Tiago. Now we get a top quality big for the MLE, a great new rookie to work in to the team, summer league to watch and a solid base to jump from.

  • td4life

    Oh, and then there’s this from the TrueHoop Network:
    “The Golden State Warriors aren’t expected to match the offer, a league source said. They have seven days to make a decision after Morrow officially signs the sheet.”

    Wow. GS isn’t matching 3 years at $4M per for a terrific shooter. Every single one of the players we discussed potentially getting from GS heading into FA has been let go. All of them.

    I’m not saying Morrow is the perfect player, he has loads of development ahead of him, especially defensively. But I wish all our guys were as committed to constant improvement as that kid has been.

    I did call Morrow signing with either NJ or CHI, and CHI has Korver and is pushing for Reddick, to boot.

  • doctordoom16

    I think we should give RJ another chance… There were a number of games that he showed explosiveness and athleticism. I think that he has not yet adjusted to the Spurs’ system. as for signing bonner… I think we could let other guys do the 3-point shooting… G.Hill has showed some accuracy from behind the arc and has been quite a defensive stopper since bruce bowen. for now i think that we need to develop our young guys… hairston… gee… james gist… blair will be a beast someday.. anderson might be also another player to watch out for… best of luck and wishes to the spurs.

  • quincyscott

    I have never warmed up to the idea of trading Tony Parker. George Hill is great, and getting better, but Parker has been a big part of championship teams. Hill still has a learning curve, and I don’t think Duncan has the legs left in his career to wait for Hill, or another point guard that we bring in, to develop. Far better to keep Parker, let him take Hill under his wing so to speak–not like last year when Parker wasn’t healthy.

    Until Duncan rides off into the sunset, or until some unforseen health issues greatly degrades any of the big three, I don’t see the Spurs front office making trades with these guys. And I think that’s the right decision.

    I know that the counter argument would be that we have a young point guard in Hill, so Parker’s skills are somewhat redundant. And Parker is at an age where he is still a valuable trade asset. In two years, he may not be. I get all this. It is a reasonable argument. But Manu, Parker and Duncan have a championship pedigree, and I think the organization is going to be very hesitant to break that up for the remainder of Duncan’s career. There is a risk here that it’s already over, that the three of them don’t have what it takes to get the job done with some added pieces like Splitter, Jefferson, Anderson, etc. But I would far rather the Spurs err on the side of caution.

    As a historical example, think about the 90s Bulls. Did Jordan and Pippen have another championship or two left in the tank? We will never know.

  • rj

    if bonner doesn’t play, his shot doesn’t fall. i don’t understand moving bonner to the end of the bench and expecting him to be automatic from 3 when his number is called.

    we have 2 big on our roster that must rest. how are we going to manage that with bonner, blair, and splitter picking up the slack?

    we need some kind of auxillary big to activate on back to backs to rest dyess and duncan.

    maybe signing bonner to a 4 year deal will also benefit the locker room culture and he can pass on his hardworking, self-less mentality to the young, future spurs.

    so…. what next? re-acquire rj? get another big or shooter?…..

  • Jacob

    First off, really excited to see Splitter on track!!! Thank you RC / Pop!

    Secondly, would it be possible to nab Childress at this point through anything we’ve got? What about a respective sign and trade of Hairston, Mahinmi and Mason to the Hawks in exchange for him?? I openly admit that i’m no expert at the CBA or general procedure for managing an NBA team effectively, but I’m wondering if we’ve got anything that we can offer them for his rights. Can anyone come up with a realistic scenario where this is possible(or propose a better one)?

    My main motivation if securing an additional wing with length, size, defensive prowess and a 3 point range. I do think Dorrell Wright could come in and help out, but he might go Bogans on us instead and I just think Childress is more likely to succeed based off of his previous play history.

    I’m living a dream world where I greedily want to aquire yet another big man and a wing, even with the signing of Bonner and Jefferson (allegedly). I would really like to see us with this line up:

    Parker – Hill – Temple
    Manu – Anderson
    Childress – Jefferson
    Duncan – McDyess – Bonner
    Splitter – Shaq – Blair

    Not realistic to get Shaq, I know, but like some others have mentioned already; if he’s willing to play a bench role, take the LLE or Vet min, and check his Ego, I would love for him to come in and get 15 mins and 10/5 a night. On the other hand, I dont want DeJuan to ride the pine just so that the Leviathan can flail around on the court some more. I’m torn

    Either way I believe, shaq or not, that we need another Wing defender with a 3 pointer. Hill, Manu, and Bonner are our only proven three right now…

  • bduran

    “Yeah, I get kind of tired of the word “hope” around here. Don’t take it personally, but do you know how many times you used the words “hope”, “if”, or “maybe” in this relatively short post? Seven times.”

    Hope springs eternal. That’s why you have a guy like Bonner, you sign him, because if you need him you need him. Yes, you hope you don’t. I hope our big 3 stay healthy, I hope Splitter is good. Some of things I hope for are likely, but not guaranteed. There’s a lot of chance and risk in basketball. Winning a championship isn’t just having the best players, it takes some luck as well. You do your best to manage risk but you can’t get rid of it. That’s why we sign Bonner.

  • mjs2377

    what type of player is tiago
    can he play “D”??
    is he just a scorer??
    What role is he going to play for the spurs?

    I felt after last year we didnt have a problem scoring compared to years past but our Defense sucked. I felt all we really needed was interior defense. A SHOT Blocker.

    Having a shot blocker helps the team defense. LET’S BE BORING AGAIN.

    If Tiago is going to help on “D” I feel championship. Even If Kobe decides to join Miami

  • Daniel B.

    Do we get to see Splitter in the Summer League? I sure hope so! That’d give me some ball to watch here soon!

  • spursfanbayarea

    With Lebron signing with the heat the spurs need to go into a win now mode. We need to go all in. In a few years its going to be very difficult to beat the heat when they are able to add even more players to their roster. Not to mention all their players are under 30. We have a two year window to win championships. The front office has done a good job of rebuilding on the fly. But trying to build for the future to win championships is not in our cards. The landscape of the NBA is changing. Big time players are not going to come to a small market team like the spurs. Top talent players like duncan only come to small market teams if they win the lottery in the right year. You have to be lucky in the years that you hit the lottery. Many years you get flameouts. Kwame ,Olawakandi, Barginini to name a few. Top players know that to win championships you need multiple stars. Celtics have started the trend, Miami was second, and in a few years you will see stars without titles jump onto teams to avoid being ringless. Players know that despite whatever numbers they have they wont be considered great without rings. Players today are scared to be an ewing, barkley, stockton, malone etc. Bye Bye to small market teams in the hunt for championships in the future.

  • Bentley


    Miami might be able to add a few more pieces as the years go on, but they’ve really strained themselves and their cap space by signing close to three max contracts. Plus the fact that they’ve traded away future draft picks in the sign and trades with Bosh and Lebron. They are going to be hard-pressed in adding players, and a championship will likely ride on just three players, and I’m not too high on those chances.

    I am happy to get Splitter. But I’m one of those guys that remains somewhat skeptical until I see hard evidence of Splitter’s performance in the NBA. I will admit he looks like a great role player already, and does have skills we need. I think that at worst he could be a good role player on this team, and at best, a top 5 center in the league next year.

    I’m hoping that the Spurs do have one more move left, even with Splitter, we are noweher near competing for a championship. We need some perimeter defense. We need length, and sho-altering. And we need someone to be able to consistently knock down the 3 at a 40+% clip.

  • td4life

    Heading into the summer, in addition to the development of our young guys, I have been rooting for adding 4 key players to our rotation, perhaps as many as 3 starters: Splitter and another big + 2 wings.
    That’s how dramatic a change we need to really demonstrate that we are in win-now mode. Last summer Holt spent to supposedly contend, so I felt it was not unreasonable that we would go for it again.

    For over a month now, I have been working on accepting that an improved RJ may be one of those wings, and realize that of the free agents at least, there aren’t a lot of better choices, but would still take a two for one swap. Splitter is on board. We are still 2 other guys away. Blair and McD should be our 4th and 5th bigs, not 3rd and 4th. But even so, our 5th Big should be more dynamic than Bonner. And that other wing may turn out to be Anderson, which is nice but has to hurt our chances for contention.

    So I am still hoping for that 3rd Big, or at least a guy that easily pushes Bonner down the bench another seat. And at least one more good wing.

  • johnny

    I never hear about Al Harrington going anywhere. I think the spurs should get him if they can with either the LLE or a minimum sal if they can. At start of offseason I thought there was no way this guy would be available for that little money. But if he is we should jump on him. He fits as a stretch 4 and a big 3. He can hit the 3 and is very skilled and is not a star but his skills could really fit on a good team like the Spurs

  • Joe

    One thing I get a kick out of when I read any message board is how easy some fans seem to make dealing for other players is. Other teams will gladly take what the Spurs have to deal just so the players can get who they need. If only the real world worked that easily.
    You give us Boardwalk in exchange for Baltic Ave, the Water Works, the B&O Railroad, and one Get Out Of Jail Free card.

  • philip fletcher

    Jimbo Henderson, you try to argue with everyone, but based strictly on numbers. If Splitter averaged 16 and 7 in about 30 minutes a game, he can average 22 and 12 in 45 to 48 minutes a game. The things I say are not set in stone so stop making an issue out of it. People only say what they can reasonably see happening on the positive side.

  • Tobias

    Well done. Btw Tiago’s former coach in Caja Laboral was a control freak, disciplinarian, team first, no-nonsense, very candid, Yugoslavian origin, winner mentality, with some military background( his nickname his the sargent), very profesional, with very little ego and terribly protective of his players. Does this profile sound familiar?
    Do you think that he will feel at home with his new coach?

  • SAJKinBigD

    I was looking at the Summer League Roster and noticed Bryan Davis – What are the thoughts on him? I remember him being pretty solid for A&M two years back and I thought last year as well, but I can’t remember what dropped his standing for the Draft. Could he be what we’re looking for or is he another under-sized PF?

  • td4life

    philip fletcher–

    You expect Splitter to average between 45 and 48mpg???
    What is the guy, Superman?

  • SpursandAggies

    I think that trading TP is the only real option that we have at this point if we want to be in a position to win now and in the future.
    1. TP was NOT a major part of the 2003 title, he was benched for Speedy Claxton when faced down by Jason Kidd. I understand he was young, but he was not the key. Manu has been (and will continue) to be a major key for Spurs success.
    2. There is no guarantee that TP will resign next year with the Spurs. Rumors have abounded that he may leave for the Knicks. I know that rumors are just that, but it makes sense for someone who has a famous wife and would like to be more of a “national star.”
    3. With many of the moves that are being made, how will the Spurs be able to afford to keep Parker? Resigning Jefferson and Bonner while adding Splitter will but us well above the cap again. Parker will probably be seeking a max contract that will be much more than the $12 million he makes this year.

    Finally, I think that an infusion of youth is in order. Trade TP to Knicks and throw in Bonner. D’Antoni likes bigs that can shoot and it would provide the Spurs (potentially) with 3 very talented players. George Hill can run the point with Jerrels as a quality back-up. TP can leave and is only aging (and losing his only real weapon, quickness). Trade now and get the younger players you need.

    One final thought, the title still runs through LA and not Miami. We have to be able to knock them off and will need SIZE, SHOOTING, and BETTER DEFENSE to hope to accomplish this. Additionally, do not sleep on what a maturing Thunder team will be capable of. They have many of the criteria the Spurs used to (Superstar, Stars, and great role players).

  • SpursandAggies

    Bryan Davis is 6’9″ and a legit presence around the rim. His defense was good, but he had several flaws: foul trouble and free-throw shooting. That said, he was able to bang with Cole Aldrich and Dexter Pittman just fine during their matchups. Maybe stash him in the D-League and see what comes of it?

  • Hobson13

    Some of you guys are killing me with these Splitter predictions. We need to realize that there are only about 3-4 players/year who sport a season average of 20-10-2. If Splitter were to come in and average that level of production, the team would win 60+ games and probably be raising a trophy in June. A much more modest and realistic expectation would be for Splitter to come in and average 10-8-1 per game. If he were to produce only at this level, the Spurs would be a much superior team compared to the squads we’ve had in the past few years.

    I think it’s possible for Splitter to be at least as good as Joakim Noah. He may not be as good defensively, but I think he can score better than Noah who has a horrible shot. I also believe it is entirely possible for Splitter to be the best PF/C (whatever you want to call him) that we have had since #50. Splitter should be able to revive much of our old Twin Tower scheme that we perfected when Tim came to SA yet have been unsuccessful to reimplement since Robinson left.

    I would be very interested to know how much of the MLE (if any) we have left after signing Splitter. I sure wish we could use the remaining MLE along with the LLE to sign a good defensive wing like Ronnie Brewer. A move like that would go a long way in our attempts to become younger and more athletic.

  • fatsocalifornia

    Please get ride of RJ and get Raja Bell to Joint Timmy, Manu, Diego and the Team.

  • philip fletcher

    There are several player averaging when necessary 45 to 48 minutes a game even for entire season. Nevertheless I am saying that at 45 to 48 minutes he could average 22 and 12 okay td4life.

  • lvmainman

    Shaq will probably join the Heat again.

    Imagine if their starting 5 was Jason Williams, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Shaquille O’Neal!!

    They’ve already got Mario Chalmers, Mike Miller, Joel Anthony, Dexter Pittman, Jarvis Varnado, and D’Sean Butler on the bench.

    Udonis Haslem might join.

    The Heat have to be the NBA favorites next year and for the next 5 after that.

    This is the Celtics big 3 at 10 years younger coming together. If they’re not good enough to win at least 3 titles in a 6 yr span, something is seriously wrong.