Spurs 2013-14 schedule released, includes Christmas Day game against Houston


The last time the Spurs stepped foot on the court on Christmas Day, Roger Mason, Jr., hit a game-winner against the Suns in Phoenix. Five years later, San Antonio will welcome Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets to the AT&T Center on Dec. 25.

Here’s a look at the 2013-14 schedule in its entirety, a slate that looks a little less insane than it did last season. (Though it does include a game played … IN MEXICO.)

Other notable dates: The Spurs open the season on Oct. 30 against the Memphis Grizzlies in San Antonio, followed by a Nov. 1 trip out to Los Angeles to face the Lakers. The first look at a Finals rematch will take place Jan. 26 when the Spurs travel to Miami to face the two-time champion Heat.

The Rodeo Road Trip will consist of nine games, which is about on par for the typical February excursion. From Feb. 3 through Feb. 21 — broken up once again by the All-Star break — San Antonio will travel to New Orleans, Washington, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles (Clippers), Portland and Phoenix, in that order.

Altogether, the Spurs will have 19 back-to-back situations and will be on national television 21 times.

Again, at first glance next season’s schedule seems a little more manageable than the 2012-13 version. There are no ‘Hell Weeks’ like the Spurs saw during a 10-day stretch in late March and early April when they faced the Rockets, Nuggets, Clippers, Heat, Grizzlies and Thunder.

The NBA does it right, doesn’t it? Even during the doldrums of summer, the release of their 2013-14 schedule just keeps the interest piqued.

  • jamberg

    This is so #BitterSpursFan spouting off “WHERE’S THE RESPECT” crap, but really? They don’t give the Spurs the primetime game on Christmas with a Finals rematch? When was the last time that wasn’t the case? Mavs/Heat? It’s ridiculous. And the fact that the Lakers are a part of the opening double-header instead of either the Thunder or Spurs is just insane. I’m really going to like watching all those Lakers games on ESPN and TNT in February when they’re 7 games below .500 and Kobe can barely walk!

  • DorieStreet

    Both Spurs games @ Staples on ESPN (Nov 1- w/o Bryant, Mar 19 – with him).
    Both games @ Oracle on national TV.
    Starting Xmas night, 5 of the 6 national TV games are at home; the one exception–Spurs
    going back to the scene of the [ ______] on January 26th, which is the first Sunday with no football (between week of NFL conference championships and Super Bowl). On ABC.
    Only 5 games on TNT (6 on NBA TV).
    Only one national TV game in March–vs. the team with older stars than the Spurs -Brooklyn.

  • DorieStreet

    At least an 8-1 RRT record. Our “old” stars will beat the Nets’ “older” stars, despite it being the 2nd game of a back-to-back. Play the youngsters against the Wizards the previous night and eke out a win, then go mano-a-mano at Barclays Center.
    After the all-star break, a Clips/Blazers back-to-back; Pops will get the win @ Staples but play an Aussie/Toro lineup in the Rose Garden (and when was the last time the Spurs won there anyway?).

  • Titletown99030507d

    Since Brown is on his way to Philly I’m wondering if a Baynes and Mills trade for Holiday (Justin not Jrue in case some of you don’t know he’s gone yet) and Moultrie would be out of the question?

    Brown would get a spot up 3 point shooter/PG in Mills and a Bruiser PF in Baynes and we would get an up and coming wing man that can play the 3 and back up KL in Holiday and a decent 6’10” PF in Moultrie.

    And if Brown’s really feeling generous add Lavoy Allen C for Matt Bonner to that package.

    3 players for 3 players and you still haven’t filled the last roster spot.

    Wishful thinking and dreaming hard.