Spurs vs. Bobcats Gameday 3-on-3




Could Tony Parker be in for a big game? Could Tony Parker sit out the entire second half? Both are possibilities. (Photo credit: aaronisnotcool)

Okay, the tea leaves aren’t showing this to be an exciting game. The Spurs have the league’s fourth best record at 24-11. The Charlotte Bobcats are just a smidge behind at 30th, with a 4-29 record. There’s a good chance Cory Joseph will play a lot of minutes tonight. There’s a good chance you’ll be asleep by the end of the third quarter. We got Spencer Percy from Charlotte Bobcats blog Queen City Hoops of the TrueHoop Network here to provide support, answering three questions about tonight’s matchup between the Bobcats and Spurs.

1. What is one matchup for Spurs fans to keep their eye on?

Spencer Percy, Queen City Hoops: There aren’t any matchup’s Spurs fans should fear tonight, but enjoy watching Kemba Walker when he’s in the game. He’s the most exciting player on the Bobcats roster and plays hard every second that he’s on the floor. Kemba loves to push the tempo even though it’s usually him against 2 or 3 in the open floor- he’s not afraid to try and make a play on his own and who can blame him on this team.

Andrew McNeill, 48 Minutes of Hell: I’m going to say the DJ Augustin/Kemba Walker combo against Tony Parker. I can’t imagine either is quick enough or disciplined enough to keep up with Parker defensively; the Spurs point guard could be in for a big night.

Jesse Blanchard, 48 Minutes of Hell: Can we get Michael Jordan and David Robinson to suit up for a one-on-one old-timers game at half-time? Other than that, Tony Parker on Kemba Walker. Augustine will probably get more time on Parker, but watching the rookie will probably be more entertaining. Both should get torched.

2. What needs to happen for the Bobcats to have a real shot at winning?

Spencer Percy, Queen City Hoops: Two things- compete in the rebounding category and limit San Antonio’s points in the paint. Charlotte gives up more points in the paint than any other team in the league (47.5 per game). Charlotte’s starting center and rookie Bismack Biyombo is listed as day-to-day (strained right shoulder) and may not play tonight, so that will certainly make these two tasks closer to impossible for Charlotte.

Andrew McNeill, 48MoH: The Bobcats would have to shoot lights out from 3-point range, and Tony Parker would need to be struck by lightning.

Jesse Blanchard, 48 MoH: One or all of three things: 1.) Popovich resting Tony Parker and Tim Duncan in anticipation of the Denver Nuggets the following night, 2.) Boris Diaw taking Tony Parker out for some bad food prior to the game, leaving Parker with food poisoning, or 3.) an overconfident schmuck of a blogger tempting karma with his dismissive attitude towards the Bobcats.

3. What would it take to send Tyrus Thomas to the Spurs?

Spencer Percy, Queen City Hoops: I don’t think there’s any doubt that Charlotte would listen to offers, but moving Tyrus’ contract isn’t going to be easy- he’s owed $26 million over the next three seasons. If San Antonio would be willing to take on that bloated deal, then I believe it’d take someone such as a Gary Neal and the Spurs first round pick. Is Tyrus Thomas worth all that? I don’t think so, but he is a former #4 overall pick so the Bobcats would likely try and get that much for him.

Andrew McNeill, 48MoH: Richard Jefferson and James Anderson? Eh? Eh?

Jesse Blanchard, 48MoH: (Checks ESPN Trade Machine…) Given what the Spurs would have to send back to make salaries line up, too much would be my opinion.

  • theghostofjh

    “Charlotte gives up more points in the paint than any other team in the league (47.5 per game).”

    Sounds like a good game for the Spurs front three of Duncan, Blair, and Splitter.

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