What’s the Story: Spurs throttle Clippers at Staples Center


  • Graham

    Wow, just read in the ESPN postgame and noticed why Jax had missed so many games for ‘Personal Reasons’. My condolences to his family.

  • NYC

    PG A: 31 PTS, 7 AST, 0 TO, +31 (in 28 Mins).
    PG B: 1/6 shooting + 2 FTs = 4 PTS, 3 AST, 3 TO, -31 (in 27 Mins).
    Who’s the MVP?

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  • DorieStreet

    Is Kawhi’s condition something that off-season surgery can correct, or it’s just that it will get better with rest and strengthening during the offseason?

  • idahospur

    Liked the tweet about our country running more smoothly if we acted like the Spurs. Too bad many of them are ineligible for POTUS. Can Duncan be President being from Virgin Islands?

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  • Titletown99030507d

    God bless you and your family Jax.

  • Titletown99030507d

    PG A

  • Titletown99030507d

    Nice beatdown. I am slightly surprised. I knew we could win but like that against the overhyped Clippers? “Take that look off your face Vinny” – Charles Barkley.

  • Titletown99030507d

    Splitter’s scoring numbrs have dropped drastically since Duncan has come back but he still held his own defensively against Griff. He may have fouled him but he denied him any posters last night. Not to mention they were well contested defensive plays. By the way why does Blake, Barnes, and CP get away with tons of obvious calls like the one where it seemed like Splitter turned over the ball out of bounds on a rebound but only to see in the replay Blake pushing him under the rim making Splitter look like he did it all on his own. These refs need better vision insurance.