Spurs cut ties with Sam Young after one game


For the San Antonio Spurs, the preseason is mainly about practice. With 14 players already under contract and a 15th roster spot they almost never fill out of training camp, it would typically take an extraordinary performance from a camp invitee to earn a place on the roster moving forward.

There was some hope for Sam Young as the Spurs entered Wednesday night’s game against CSKA Moscow, especially given the void behind Kawhi Leonard at the backup small forward spot. That hope has quickly diminished, it appears. Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report has reportedly heard San Antonio has already cut ties with Young after a dismal performance in his preseason opener, and the Spurs have since confirmed it.

Young went scoreless on six shots in 18 minutes off the bench, and looked completely out of place every second he was on the floor. Apparently the Spurs saw enough, and if you read into body language at all, Young did not look good in the team locker room following the game. The former Pitt Panther was thought to have perhaps the best opportunity to make the team — however slight that chance may have been — and was the only training camp invite to play in last night’s 95-93 win over CSKA Moscow.

I guess it was even worse than it looked.

  • merkin

    Yeah, the Spurs don’t need another guy who can’t even make a lay-up, they already have Danny Green for that.

  • nrojb

    He was the Pacer’s worst player in the playoffs last year.

  • ThatBigGuy

    I wonder if Corey Joseph gets a bunch of PT, then gets traded for a back-up SF. That would seem to be the only way to gain a decent player to spell Kawhi.

  • Mark W.

    So… are Tim, Andrew, and Graydon still alive or did last year’s finals do them in? Haven’t seen a post from any of them in about 4 or 5 months (although there was a podcast).

  • EdnaMillion

    Don’t know if anyone will get the 15 spot. Not really Pop’s style

  • td4life

    Well Danny Green is a decent player to spell Kawhi (Boris, too, in spot minutes), and there are few good options to spell Danny at SG. And then next year, the Spurs can bring over some overseas talent to bolster the depth at forward. .

  • Titletown99030507d

    If they really want a SF then CJ/MB would be the prime target for a trade. I would like to get Travis Outlaw for Matt Bonner. Stranger things have happen before right Memphis?